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without taking the next life into account, then your pain will only increase. But when you consider the reward of the shahada, not only does it bring ease to your heart, but you yourself will also desire a level, from the levels of martyrdom that we're going to mention in the hotbar.

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But it's important to say this, that this chutzpah is not to encourage people to go out for a jihad. That's not the purpose of the hunt, but to encourage young men to go out for jihad. And this is not out of fear of any government or any entity.

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But what happens is people and especially the youth when they hear about the greatness of martyrdom, they want to go out and to attain it, without knowing any of its guidelines. And so they end up doing things that are outright haram or harming civilians or harming the innocent, or leaving without their parents permission, or joining the wrong group. And the list goes on and on and on. So this hook was about bringing eastshore heart knowing what insha Allah The people of Philistine are experiencing, and that there isn't Allah shahada with Allah azza wa jal. So the first thing is why this name? Why was the martyr called a Shaheed and Shaheed Shahida, Yesh. hadoo, which is someone

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who witness witnesses or testifies or experiences something. And you mama Noah, when other scholars gave a list of different possible wisdoms, behind them being named shahada or being a person being named shaheed. And they said because Allah and the angels use her doing Allah Who built Jana, because Allah and the angels bear witness and testify for them, that they're going to agenda and that's why they were named shaheed. Or the other explanation lay under who Hi Yun Enderby, because

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it's a narrow who Shahida I how there are so because they're still alive with their Lord. So it's as if their raw their soul is present. Shahida present still, because he's not dead, just killed.

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The other explanation says, because when they're killed, yes, hadoo he witnesses MA or de la Humann Kurama they get to witness what was prepared for them and they get to witness what was prepared for them in a Jana. So that's why it's called the Shahid because he gets to witness his place in a Jana.

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Likewise, other explanations say because Allah subhanaw taala testifies Yes, her doula who behaved in any year to heal a closet that Allah subhanaw taala testifies for them that they had good intention and they had sincerity and other explanations amongst them.

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Be that the that people testify for them? And who Shahidullah who Bill Eman? Well, with the good end and with having Eman because based on his apparent situation and based on his external situation, other explanations because he has a witness the another who SHA head be a cuddly Yeah, as a witness, not a witness here it means an evidence or a proof that he was killed What is the proof his blood because he's also buried in his clothing with his blood without washing. So that comes as the proof the evidence that he was killed for the sake of Allah. That's his Shahid and that's why it's called the Shaheed or another explanation. The Unruh who touched her do Dar Salam because his soul sees

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touch her due to Shah who witnesses and sees Dar Salam a al Jana because his soul goes straight into Jana and experiences and gets to see a Jana, while other souls don't get to experience that.

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And the and the final explanation, then there are many others actually. But the truth is, whichever definition you look at, you see that the shahada is actually something great, something great.

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there are many levels of achieving shahada and martyrdom and the greatest one is the one who dies in battles. So what are the virtues of the Shaheed in saltiel Bacara Allah azza wa jal says wala Taku, Lima Yokota Lo Fi Sabine Allah He M wa Tone Bell here on wala can lotta Sharon and do not say about those who are killed in the way of Allah that they are dead rather they are alive but you do not perceive it. They're alive but you're not able to perceive that. in Surat Al Imran Allah Subhana Allah says Allah

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Subhan Allah Dena Cthulhu feasibility Allah here I'm whatton Bella here on Endora Brahim Euro zone and do not think that those who have been killed in the cause of Allah are dead and as always says killed but they didn't die. They were only killed in this world but they're alive rather, they're alive with their Lord receiving provision, their use of Hoon receiving provision from Allah subhanaw taala. In such a Muslim,

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Master Oxford, I asked Abdullah Lebanon was the companion about this verse. And He said, We also asked about that verse and we asked the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And the problem described so how, where are their souls? How do they witness how do they receive provision? He said their souls are in the crops. I need the bellies of green birds, which have lamps hanging underneath the Throne of Allah subhanaw taala. And they roam freely wherever they want in Paradise, and then they return to these lamps. Then their Lord looks down upon them and says, Do you desire anything to the souls of the shahada in the bellies and these birds that were dressed in these lanterns hanging from

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underneath the Throne of Allah azza wa jal? So Allah Allah, we will ask them, Do you desire anything? And they said, What could we desire when we can roam freely wherever we want in paradise? And Allah subhanaw taala asked them three times, do you want anything? Is there anything that you want? And then the Prophet Salam said, and then when they realized that they would not be left without being asked, and you have to give an answer, they said, Our Lord, we want to you to restore our souls to our bodies so that we may be killed for your sake again, but what's the big deal here? And you understand that Sakura will Mote the pangs of death experiencing death. This is something

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that is difficult. This is something that is difficult, even the righteous suffered and had difficulty when their soul was leaving. And can you imagine that there will be individuals who would wish to go back to earth to die again?

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So the Hadith ends when Allah subhanaw taala when he saw that they had no need, they were left alone after that. In another Hadith in Sahih al Bukhari, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said,

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There is no one that enters a Jana that wants to go back to Earth

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and have nothing to own on Earth. I know but it goes into agenda and wants to come back to earth as a as with nothing, no possession, not owning anything, not having any wealth. Then, except, maybe saw Selim said Illa Shaheed, except for the Shaheed your termina your GI Illa dunya. He wishes to return to the dunya for you, Tella Ashura Murata in Lima Euro, mineral Kurama. He wants to come back to Earth and be killed 10 times over because of what he saw from the graces and the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala.

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You know, Muhammad also narrates another Hadith where the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, the soul of the believer is a bird that purchase in the trees of paradise, until Allah may be blessed and exalted restores its body restores it to its body on the Day of Resurrection. And then

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another Hadith says the martyrs are on the banks of a river at the gate of paradise in a green tent, and their provision comes out to them from paradise in the morning and in the evening. So we've got the ones that their souls are in the bellies of green birds that perch in these lanterns under the Throne of Allah subhanaw taala. We've got the ones that the the martyrs are on the banks of rivers at the gates of paradise in this tent. And we have the other Hadith describing that the souls of the martyrs are birds that perch in the trees of Al Jana. So some scholars tried to reconcile between all these other narrations, and some scholars said that you will find different rewards for them for

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their souls in a Jana, because they were at different levels. So not all the martyrs are the same. They vary based on their courage in the battlefield, whether they were in the front lines or the back lines, whether they were very sincere or slightly sincere or not sincere at all. And that's how some of the scholars reconciled that different Hadith describing different blessings for the souls of the shahada in a Jana

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in Surah Nisa, Allah subhanaw taala says, Will my youth or Allah Allah Rasool, for Allah iqama Alladhina, Allahu Allah him Mina nabina was said the Athena was shahada was solid pain. We're Hassan Aquila, ecography, aka whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger, then they will be with those whom Allah has bestowed His blessings and His grace upon for

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On the prophets, and then the sub the goon, those who follow the prophets were the first and foremost to believe in the prophets. And then the Shahada. And we're mentioning the verse to show you that the shahada are at this extremely high level with the prophets and with the sub the coin, and the scholars said that being with them does not make them equal to the prophets. But it means that they will share either some of the levels of paradise or they were share some of the blessings along with or they will be along with them, but it doesn't make them equal to profits in case anyone is confused about that.

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And there are many a hadith similar to that. But it doesn't mean that they're at the level of a profit equal to a profit, but they could be sharing the same level of Jannah as those higher ranking individuals

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play so

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one of the favors that Allah subhanaw taala bestows upon His servants is that he will also cause their children and their wives to come and join them at their high level in a Jana. And it was reported in this hadith by Madame ignem idea crib or Maddie you carry that the Prophet sallallahu sallam said in Leisha heat and Allah subhanaw Hassan that the martyr with Allah subhanaw taala gets seven blessings.

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And it's when does he get the seven blessings He says, Yo for Allah who fie Awali def Artin, meaning from the first drop of blood. Every single thing committed in their life is forgiven, not from the last, from the first drop of blood that falls off of their body. Every sin they've ever committed in their life is forgiven immediately. So this is the first of the seven blessings. Then the Prophet Allah says then he will be second one, he will see his place in agenda. Immediately he gets to see his place his palace in Paradise, then Allah subhanaw taala will protect them from the questioning of the grace, not mean fitna will cover from the trial of the grave the questioning the punishment,

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that test in the grave, they don't get to experience that and that was the third and then he will be caused to feel safety and security on the Day of Judgment. How many times in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala describes the fear that people experience on that day, and how their eyes will be looking down in fear hotshot on absorb, absorb ha ha ha sha Allah as well as describing this day and how difficult it is. But there will be people and they are the martyrs who will not be experiencing any fear and there will be saved from the fear of that day. So every one of these so far has been magnificent. Then the profs Selim says, then they will be given a crown, it will be put on their

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head. And then he describes also love that one of the jewels on this crown is better than the whole world and everything that's in it.

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And then, over the last two, we use a wedge and he's given in marriage to or they give him in marriage 72 from the woman of a Jana and he is allowed to intercede for 70 of his family members. This is in one Hadith, seven blessings that the martyr gets. And because of that, we see that it's a big deal to die as a Shaheed and because it's such a big deal, it's not up to you to die Shaheed it's a blessing and from the graces of Allah and that's why Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, way at Turkey them in come shahada, and he chooses shahada from amongst you is a great blessing that not everybody has the honor to become one of the Shahada. So, but there are other ways and other levels

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of becoming a Shaheed insulin. A Buddha would also mentioned by necessity and the mother Hmong Allah, Javid hypnotic, he says the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, ma are doing shahada, the what do you regard as martyrdom? So they said look it out of Isabella, Isabella heeta Allah, fighting for the cause of Allah subhanaw taala and then the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that martyrdom is seven things besides being killed in the battlefield, besides being killed for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, so he mentioned an Madrona. Shaheed and Matan Hina doesn't mean stabbed, as we understand it today in Arabic and makan. Yanni, the one who dies

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From a Torah own, who dies from the plague, and the scholars made the chaos. They said, Anyone who dies from anything similar to that they mentioned tuberculosis dimension, even COVID Based on what kind of complication killed them as a result of COVID but that kind of person is a level of Shaheed

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Well, a vertical Shahid, the one who drowns is a Shaheed, but the scholar said, it's not just anybody who drowns Yeah, and it's not someone who is on a jetski with a female companion, he drowned or Shaheed la he is not a Shaheed, but anyone who is doing something that was not haram that was obedience and they had righteousness, they drown we say that there are shaheed in sha Allah

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was not him without in Jambi shaheed. Okay. So that this is the refers to an illness known as pleurisy. And it's a pain from the side and also an inflammation and in the membrane between the two lungs and it causes pain in the chest. Someone who dies from that dies with Shaheed as well. Not only that, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said all mob tono Shaheed well mob Tony and is someone who dies from anything in the stomach any stomach disease. And the scholars other scholars even said anything in the abdomen in general including liver Some scholars say even someone dying from some kind of liver disease is a level of Shaheed and others say anything related to the stomach or to the

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bowel. Some of the classical scholars specifically mentioned when you when someone's stomach is running and they die as a result of that or dehydration, or Dropsy or any pain in the stomach. That person is a Shaheed well Sahib would hurriedly Shaheed the one who was burned to death, yeah and he he dies from the fire he is a Shaheed not someone who got burned and then 20 years later died but but died from the fire, the one and then from that look at the mercy and Islam. They said from that even the firefighter if he dies in the fire would be considered from a Shaheed because he died in the fire and he died while trying to protect and assist fellow Muslims or others.

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Well, Livia moved to

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then the porcelain said that anyone who dies beneath a collapsed building, so we're seeing different levels for the shahada of philosophy and right now, people dying underneath a collapsed building. That is someone who dies a Shaheed and from there look at the mercy of Islam. The scholar said, even someone who dies in a car crash rolled over because essentially the car collapsed upon them. They died in a car crash, the car rolled over, or they so they're saying they could get that level of shahadah provided they weren't racing or speeding or drifting or doing these things that you do that way you're just risking your life somehow risking your life. Then they even mentioned the the plane

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crash. But unfortunately, you know, we have to say this now in our world. The you don't cause the plane to crash. You cause the plane to crash you'll be in the hellfire. But

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any of these things they said as long as you're not in a state where you are drunk or doing something haram you die any of these deaths, you can become a Shaheed and the last one mentioned in this particular Hadith, while Mara to move to be Jemaine Shahida, to be Doom and what does that mean that a woman dies in pregnancy. So if she dies in her pregnancy, she's a martyr, she was a Shahida. Then we have another Hadith, which we'll skip for brevity of time, where the prophet Selim says even if she died, so not only if she dies pregnant if she does, while delivering during delivery, and if she dies, what if she dies 15 days later, after giving birth, to had this other narration mentioned

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even in the postnatal or the postpartum period, and it during the new facade during that period, anytime she dies within that period, she's also a martyr with Allah subhanho wa taala. This is from the Mercy of Allah azza wa jal from the mercy of Islam and the scholars mentioned, obviously, this is a halal pregnancy. Unfortunately, you have to say that these days. Other Hadith mentioned someone who is killed and stung by a venomous animal or an insect dies or Shaheed, someone who is killed by a predatory animal, and that's not an easy death, and to be attacked while you're alive, unconscious by a lion or by some predatory animal until it kills you. If you fall off your writing animal and

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you fall off a camel and you die. You're a Shaheed a traveler that dies alone in a foreign land is a Shaheed someone who dies at sea is a Shaheed someone who falls from the top of a mountain and in our times that would be from the top of a building, and it dies falling down

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I will be a Shaheed and again the scholars say provided it's not that we're making some YouTube video where they're jumping from one building to another, risking their life that's not a shaheed.

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And Mama No, he says all of these they have difficulty in them there are difficult deaths and that's why those people attain the level of shahada or martyrdom. Likewise, in another Hadith the Prophet Salam says if you die man Mata

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Mata doing family he for who are shaheed whoever dies defending his wealth is a Shaheed woman Cool, man Cotulla doing a dummy for what Shaheed whoever dies defending himself. If you're defending yourself and you're killed. You're a Shaheed

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woman hotel or Dona Khalifa who Shaheed whoever dies protecting his family, whoever dies because of religion, because he was killed, or she was killed because she was Muslim. And we know that happened recently here in the area of Dallas, where a woman was stabbed to death, may Allah subhanaw taala accept her as a martyr. So you're killed because of your religion. You're killed while spreading your religion. You die Shaheed and that's why, as we all know, the family of Yasser they were from the first of the shahada in Islam. So the idea is that we understand the virtues what happens to the soul of the Shaheed what happens to them on the Day of Judgment? Because we hear the shahada of

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philosophy in the shahada of Gaza? Let's understand all are just some of the great blessings that they achieve. And perhaps since we many of us feel unable to do anything and feel helpless, at least that might ease our hearts a little bit knowing what they achieved. We have Nila Akula Cola, that was tougher all the money welcome in Japan, for stock through fire Faisal Mr. Vereen, ask Allah subhanaw taala first forgiveness Indeed, those who ask us forgiveness shall prosper.

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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah I mean, what he was a be a Jemaine about.

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So part of the proper language and the other is that we don't guarantee and Jana Nora shahada for any particular individual, meaning it's fine to say the shahada of Gaza, the shahada of Philistine the shahada of any battle or conflict, but you don't specifically say this person is a Shaheed or guarantee them just part of the other good Allah subhanaw taala is that you don't speak as if you're guaranteeing the Shahada. We even though historically there were people who are known as a Shaheed Fulani, the Shaheed so and so, meaning we hope they're not trying to say we're guaranteeing a shahada for them, and

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the Prophet sallallahu sallam said in a hadith and this is so Hallo hurry. Mount Baha Rahim Allah He named the chapter, it cannot be said that so and so is a martyr and a guarantee that this person is a martyr. And he mentioned that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, Allah knows best who was wounded for his sake and Allah knows people's hearts and he knows who is truly sincere and who is truly a shaheed. And another Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu sallam was at the burial of a young child, a young child died, and our mother I shall not be Allah on her. She said, Your rasool Allah, glad tidings for this boy. And a good for him one of the little birds of paradise. He did not do any evil

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or even reached the age of doing evil. And the Prophet Lam told her it may be otherwise he's not speaking about the boy. He's telling her that we don't speak this way, guaranteeing for anybody even if it's a child, we don't speak just and even out of other you don't confirm for sure what Allah did not confirm to you.

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that from that then there's something else that's important. You can die a Shaheed in your bed, and those are the words of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam call us Allah Allah Salam, Mensa Allah Allah has shahada Bisset whoever asked Allah subhanaw taala in being truthful with sincerity, but love a hula who manners you the shahada were a matter Allah rasool Allah subhanaw taala will have attained the level of the martyrs, even if he dies in his bed, because he asked for it sincerely.

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another narration mentioned whoever asked Allah subhanaw taala that he be killed meaning in the path of Allah while he's truth

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Food. Then he just dies naturally. He doesn't get to go to battle he dies naturally, or he is killed by someone else not in battle. For in Allahu ADRA. Shahidan he gets the reward of a shaheed. We have the story of the companion Haritha had been Soraka and he was hit by a stray arrow. And his mother heard that he was just killed by a stray arrow. He wasn't even in the battlefield. So she came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and she said, Is he in a Jana? Because if he is, I'll be patient. If he's not in the Jannah, you'll see what I'll do. This was before it was forbidden to wail and cry excessively. So the Prophet sallallahu wasallam told her yo, Omaha Aretha in her Gina known Phil

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Jana, he told her it's multiple levels of Jen Janeane of Paradise is not just one, it's multiple levels were in nibh, Nikki ASABE. And for those Alana and your son has attained and for those who,

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and so hard that wasn't even in the battlefield, and this is just a straight arrow that came and it killed him. And he is in the highest levels of agenda, because people might be asking, what about those who are just killed? What about those who are as we,

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as we call it today? In a political correctness and the or they call it? Collateral damage? Right. So the even those people, they get that level of Nila soldier, the last thing, it's ridiculous that we are now living at a time where we even have to mention this, all the shahada, all these levels of shahada for an you'd imagine I wouldn't have to say this, but it's for the Muslims only for the Muslims only, but you find, quote, unquote, shifts now on the internet. And they're saying the I didn't specify, and it says whoever dies like this is a shaheed. So anybody, no matter what religion, if they die drowning, or in a fire or Qaeda, they're in a Shaheed, and they will be they

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even said there'll be an agenda? No, they won't. Now they want. This is for the Muslims and all these Hadith are speaking about the believers, speaking about the believers who believe in Allah azza wa jal, these are the ones who will be from the Shahada. With that we ask Allah Subhana Allah to make us some of those who recognize the truth as clear truth and follow the best of it. And we ask them to make us of those who recognize falsehood as clear falsehood and abstain from it for Lahoma, and they'll have a hard conversation, Atiba will earn about bolted on verkligen Alba, Aloha mulata Jalla dunya Guerra Homina. Well, I'm a blogger Elmina Wella, Ilana Tomasi Rana Allahumma and

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Surah one and if you follow steam, Allah hoomans require and if you follow steam Allah mapping the Muhammad Allah humma humma Matakohe but shahada home alone my

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wife Vanessa whom Allah

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Allah home with a bit home era Bella Alameen Allah who has a bit home era Bella Alameen with a bit a lot of them and today Akademie him Allah hamara animal Bella walk with Him era but Al Amin Allah have mercy on human Bella Roca with him era but Al Amin, Allah Houma, conda home own and one of Sierra Allah Houma con la hermana Juana of Sera. Hola Hola, Obinim lucha de Hello Matsuyama Rushden you atrophy. Luka Arctic. Where you Duffy here hello Marcia, tick