Doubting the Quran is from Shayatan (part 1)

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The transcript describes a segment of a transcript where a man is discussing a man named Moebab who is mixing up the Hadith into a different one. The man is also criticizing a man named Moebab for not speaking about the Prophet sallavi, which he claims is a liar. The man suggests that people should not say the Prophet's statement, as it would affect their reputation.

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And we have Abu Yusuf

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Abu Yusuf, please make a video on

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the different recitation in sha Allah beetelite Allah will respond to the brother May Allah subhana wa Taala

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guide him your blog I mean, you know

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there is a saying out there a poem

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meta Diablo will boo neon Yeoman mama who either content Ebony wahaca wha eurocon demo

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mata apollonia ano Yeoman mama who is a quintet Ebony lava Eureka demo,

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when will the building

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will be completely constructed built, when you are trying to build but others are destroying, others are breaking it down.

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So Pamela, it seems like

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you know, the Muslim Omar has to pay

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for the brother going to Yale, you know, and studying in Yale and and these people casting these doubts into his hearts now. We as Muslims, you know, have to pay for that, you know, the price for that and, and, and amazing brothers and sisters in Islam.

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You know,

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it's very interesting.

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And now you're taking me off subject completely.

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We read in the biography of some of the mohabbatein the

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the people who use to narrate the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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And according to the scholars of religion, what daddy

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there are certain scholars who validate the narratives. They say this narrator is strong, this narrator is weak. This narrator is a liar. This narrator is.

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So, this famous narrator

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towards the end of his life, he was perfect. I mean, his grading is is top of the line. But towards the end of his life,

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he started developing something which the scholars of religion what are the other scholars who assess the narrator's of the Hadith, something called the steel up tala tala, meaning that he would narrate this Hadith, but he would mix it with another Hadith. He would mix up the narrations,

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meaning his half of his memorialization is no longer

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solid like it used to be.

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So you see, he had a daughter who was very smart.

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Her father spent so many years narrating Hadith and Nabi sallallahu alayhi salam,

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and now

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his narrations are accepted, he's gonna get the reward for conveying the knowledge, the proper knowledge to the people.

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But now, the scholars who will assess him now they will notice that he is mixing up the Hadith. So they will write a palapa, meaning what he's mixing up,

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he will destroy everything that he has done in the past, you know what the daughter said to the dead to her father,

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what some of us may consider it to be crazy. She bought him inside the house and refuse for him to go out. Okay, you're staying home until you die. I'm going to get you food, I'm gonna take care of you.

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Because if you go out there and spread these ahaadeeth which are not solid,

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that people are going to assess you that you lost it, they are not going to take knowledge from you anymore. And guess what this will affect? I think if there is someone out there who loves this brother, he should do this to him, you should take him outside the room.

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You need to understand this. And you know, having doubts is from shaitan having doubts about approval Koran, or about the reservation at the preservation of the Quran, about the the art of the Quran. It's from shaitaan and it's there. And you know what? People have doubts about a law during the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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you're not like one of a kind. We all have these doubts sometimes. Imagine inside a memorable query, a group of companions came to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and he said, your rasulillah we find in our chest things about Allah that we cannot say. The Prophet said this is faith that you should not

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speak about it the faith that you should not say it.

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You know, if you're having a Why would you say it? Especially if you're followed by many people? Why are you saying it?

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keep it to yourself.

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There are a lot of laymans out there who will

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I don't know who got me going here I will use I'm sorry, but inshallah we'll address that after have been busy let me be the night of the Quran inshallah.

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But really, the brother needs Hill will lie, quite frankly, if somebody can convey this message to Mr. Olympia, Kareem is telling you, you need to heal and stay at home, don't do a whole lot, you know, otherwise, you're gonna destroy what you have done in the past. You know, the guy has good heritage before you before the ill he has good stuff, you know, and one of the brothers came up with with a little video out there saying the brother is refusing the brother. So imagine that. He's saying things that he said before he ate and said things after you is like you don't need me to explain things the brother is having issues. But quite frankly, if if I have a say over him, I will

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do like the dude did to her father. Come on, don't destroy your work. Come on, don't destroy it. This is no benefit to nobody, no benefit to nobody. Imagine he used to buy a car. A companion. One of the predecessors came to NACA, he is still in Hermia obey. And enough enough sushi. I have some doubt about the other subject of

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not the reservation, the preservation of the Quran that imagine subjects which are based on elkader.

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And brothers and sisters in Islam.

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The Arab

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on moody

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Yes, the Quran was left written, but really the the main source of the preservation of the Quran is the memorization of the Quran.

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So isn't that sufficient that you have this book passed on now? 1400 plus years later, word by word, letter by letter.

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You want to tell me all these millions of people