A Story – How To Keep Envy From Ruining Your Life

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How to protect yourself from an asset because listen, if you're gonna be out there

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doubting everyone and some Muslims By the way, they have this paranoia

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of invade me, or this brother looks at me for this brother did this

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if you're gonna go walk out deal with that you're gonna live in a nightmare.

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It's a nightmare really.

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But how to protect yourself from an asset a

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pile of money Allah said

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that you continue to be good to the envier

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and that kills him.

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That kills him.

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There is a story out there and I, I wish I can translate it in an RV like the castle story.

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There was a king

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and this king can Allah who had you and has you below or at least

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you know, the kings, sometimes they like certain people to sit with them.

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They just like the Presidents sit with me as I'm happening.

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And normally this man of whom the king loves and enjoys his company so much.

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When he enters into the code into the room of the king, he would make that statement for no reason.

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Kevin, Siena,

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Joaquin Valley musi is

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the good doing have a good door will protect him.

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And the evil of the evil door will harm them. That's good.

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He always makes that statement for no reason.

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So there was a minister, one of the ministers who works for the king. He didn't like the closeness of this

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layman, normal man to the king. He envied him for this, man, this guy's always sitting next to the king is like

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he has that status. I wish

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he blocked it.

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To do he wanted to do something about it.

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So he went to the king and he said, Listen, I know Mr. King, that you like that person so much, and you enjoy his company.

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But this person is circulating a rumor about you in the community, and NACA

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that you are a part of the one who has a bad smell, mouth.

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odor, schoolwork odor, bad breath. But that breath is is really not because you didn't brush your teeth is some people they have a gum issue, that it's gum disease and they say that you're upset

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and after. So the king asked him, How do I know that you're not lying?

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He said Ask him to come and speak to you close your eyes when he comes in ask him to get closer to you. And he will see.

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So he gets out of the king's code and he takes the poor man

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you know

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what Elon said about the one of the characteristics characteristics of the table of gender is it good Allah Lupo Allah Allah agenda, Shall I show you the people of gender? kuruma who will come

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to hackie de

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la Yamaha someone who's walking around the people and people are plotting that he doesn't care. He just he's good intention, good heart and he's just

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he's just doing the right thing. You know, he doesn't. He doesn't think evil.

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Went out after he informed the king of the lie. He went out and he said to this poor man. Listen, I would invite you for food.

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To my house I really respect you the king really likes you a lot and I want to you know you must be a good man and I would like you to come to my house out of goodwill he went with him he cooked for him

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Guess what?

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on here and garlic

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huge meal of audio

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and he said by the way, go to the king because he needs to do

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so he entered into the king room and he said the same statement

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Kevin was in a sandwich. We're careful musi

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the good doing the good deeds of the good dog will protect him

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and the evil of the evil duel will inflict harm mobile

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following the king so I'm gonna

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come close ends and we'll Melinda

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forget about that last statement that is a cup glows or blue.

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Of course his mouth what

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stinks. So he didn't

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call a soda tell was he?

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He was he was right that the minister was right. It was not Allah

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sakata Bakhita and

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he wrote a message in one of these seal books

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that comes from it all again.

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To see

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that is not supposed to be opened up at the execute someone to execute and for Pinilla it was the abbot of the scheme that he never arrives one of these letters Illa except with a grant.

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He never in his history, wrote a bad letter. All those above give him $100 give him

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who's standing by

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them and

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what is written in this book.

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The bearer of this book, hope to

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kill him.

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So Musleh who

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then separate his skin from his body self?

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So maxo Buckner who Tipner

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then fill his belly with a dip below and stroke

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trashier bring him back to me.

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Phase exiting the king's coat

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Guess who was by the door?

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The minister he saw the seal Book

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Of course immediately he thought this is a grand man

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give me that book.

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symbol for the new prop for the big blue

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he went to the address

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where the book is addressed to the authority he got in there he shut the door

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what is written in that book?

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execution is stalled whining crying is not me is not me it was a mistake it was Roger and Mary

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please go back and verify it with the king Are you crazy cater

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the book of the king is not to be review

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is to be executed you want me to be executed?

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Is the

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the poor man symbol man. He's doing his habit. He went back to the King serravalle guy you are married

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salovaara Kumar you are married. What are you gonna say Robin? He is amazed that he's back. And he's saying cafe books in a

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cafe. He said within the same words as he observed the same statement.

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The good doing have a good door will always protect him.

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And the evil of the evil dude will inflict harm upon him. What are you doing here?

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The you don't want me

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what happened.

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And then he said to him, the Minister

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told me

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that you're circulating a rumor about me that I have a bad stinky mouth.

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And you confirm this

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with you covering your mouth when I asked you to come near me. He said, that's all. I never said that. And the reason why I covered my mouth because the minister invited me to his house to eat garlic and onions and I was trying to be respectful to you.

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He said to him ageless, sit down. Careful more

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careful musi is

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everybody got his * down? That stable man is so like, sit down.

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Again, we're talking about the protection. Just have a pure heart, clean heart.

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About people around you about your surrounding.

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Yes, we're always we're lucky the best people, the people who expect the best from other people.

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Even if you know that they intend hard for you from you.

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Just expect the best from them and act based your relationship

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with them on that basis, not on the basis of work.

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That's the first protection out there that you can pursue in order to protect yourself

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from an asset