Karim Abuzaid – A Story From The Sunnah – Juraij & His Mother

Karim Abuzaid
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a story of George Carlin's false assessment of a woman and her mother, causing her to lose her job and be hospitalized. She eventually becomes a woman and becomes a woman again, but her mother is not loved by men. She eventually becomes a woman again and becomes a woman again, but her mother is not loved by men.
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I always reflect upon the story of George.

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George was so truthful

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and magical, someone who wanted to be so devoted to Allah subhanho wa Taala 24. Seven, he builds a sanctuary on top of a tree, and he refuses to have any connection with this world except through our own.

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He comes down with our open

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and when he goes up, he pulls it up.

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But, look, he made the wrong assessment. He should be visiting his mother.

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He should be going and visiting his mother. His mother missed him. So she came to see him. She called upon him Yes, he did like this. Yeah, George Carlin near me. Talk to me my son. I miss you. I haven't seen in a while. Talk to me.

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This work? He was praying.

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He started deliberating on me um seletti should they answer my mother? At the end? He made the wrong call.

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That's the wrong call. Absolutely.

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Voluntary Salah interrupted on Sir, your mother. That was your duty to begin with.

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He prayed. He refused to answer his mom. Look, the following day. His mother came again.

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My son I miss you.

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The parents have for their kids. Is fitri were born with it is is a trait of the nafcillin pretending.

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Again, he ignored her

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three days in a row

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she made the law against

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a loving mother to meet to hot Yara Whoo. How many of you love the movie set? Oh Allah not make him die until he looks at the faces of the prostitutes.

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So that supplication of his mother against him?

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The community

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you know some communities when? When they see some guy, you know, yeah, up there. Bring him down.

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They don't like role models, icons in the community. And that's a bad sign. Ben Israel had it. But Israel actually used to sit together and talk Monday July just so righteous and pious. What? man this guy is so good.

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We like that we

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who can bring him down?

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One woman stood up prostituted, I can do it. So she went out there.

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She sat in front of His sanctuary. He opened the window on hero. He shot it said I'm not even gonna look at your stuff Rola. She got upset. She went and slept with a shepherd. She got pregnant, she delivered the baby out of wedlock. Who's the father joy?

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Well, I want to show you

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so July, contributed to it.

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So they dragged him, by the way along the way, you look at this application of his mother, all the prostitutes who live across the road, because they wanted to see that guy who's you know, who doesn't fall into the traps of women. Women normally would love that person. The women guy, by the way, is not loved by the women. They like the guy who's stays away from the theorem stuff. So they, so as he was dragged, he was looking at the faces. And he said, this is the supplication of my mother.

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Brothers and sisters in Islam, they're about to execute him.

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He said, Please, give me a chance to work as he breaks through rockers. Look and now being truthful.

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Europe I was through full Europe when I decided to get him that sanctuary and worship you. Yes, I made the wrong call. But I was truthful there.

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He hid the infant in his side. Who is your father? The baby said the shepherd.

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He received because of his truthfulness.

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For less Allah subhanho wa Taala said funnier

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of a llama banana mean Apollo probably has stopped for a lot of you

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