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Almost 100 in Radha le Mohammed Ibrahim Ibrahim Amita Majeed always good to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I bear witness that the last only one worthy of worship, and Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam Islam lost on Final messenger by the brothers and sisters.

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It's estimated about 200 million Americans are uninsured, somehow, they have a kind of insurance, it's car insurance, or it is

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some type of life insurance, health insurance, you name it, or the insurer merchandise. This is a huge industry in the United States and in the worldwide.

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And if you trust the history of the insurance, you will see this is a growing business. It's a huge business, it's estimated to be $1 trillion.

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That's that's that's huge. That's a huge amount of money. You know, just the, if you look into some of the areas of the insurance, you will be shocked that, for example, personal auto insurance, we spent maybe two years or three years old, that our numbers are wrong, that you can make the guess in auto insurance that we spent $160 billion $116 billion.

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That's $160 industries are

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so huge industry to use business, property and calculator 200

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It's estimated to be $200 billion as well. Life insurance, health insurance on these areas, it's estimated to be around 500. So $1 trillion industry. It's basically a big chunk of our economy of our economy and this is increasing increasing.

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The Department of Labor estimated an average household in America 2.5

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will spend every year we'll spend every year $2,664 $2,664 that's an average household in America.

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What I'm trying to say insurance is something people are so fascinated with the idea the idea to be insured to be protected. When you invest when you basically even people insured weird things. There's a very famous funny case in Florida of a guy who had a Cuban cigars who insured his Cuban cigar with $25,000 in the insurance company. We're not very smart but we go to the basically the the contract because part of the insure you against fire

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and he ended up smoking a cigar and bring it burn. After he finished he said this was on fire. And he got his $25,000 25 $25,000

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and the insurance company hired a lawyer and they sued him for purposely putting it on file and we got some money out of him as well. So it's weird. This singer I was reading a little bit about the insurance how crazy people got insurance. This singer she and I thought she will insured her voice but she showed her legs and I don't know why until now in Asian sugar legs for $1 billion

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that's even the said that's what all the football players paid for their insurance or like masala

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spend them their own

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lens which is they needed for their sports. You know, there's this famous James Bond actor in one of his movies in 2000 2008. The Quantum he basically insured himself because he is the producer insists that he will do that no stunt he will do it by himself and the insurance him for about $5 million.

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So in in in every area you will see people fascinated with the concept of insuring themselves getting some kind of protections. But we all know what happened in Katrina. We all know what happened with the insurance company. You know how when you before you received the contract, everything is fine and nice employment to get them to pay. You know you have to have some big fight to get your

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Money Back to really do fulfill the terms and conditions. You know, we ensure you have the water comes from the top and pump water come from the bottom, initially insured again us hurricane but not Florida.

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And all these stories which are familiar with and people look there was looking for somebody looking for health insurance itam schokolade Oh, don't use this health insurance company, these are better, they provide a better protection, there are Blue Shield, shield, black shield, double shield, triple shield, you name it, and everybody looking for the best type of insurance to cover him or her in the time of need.

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I'm not here to talk about insurance, I don't have an insurance agency, and I don't promote anyone in particular, but I talk about a different type of insurance,

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that I found it is very fascinating that human beings in nature wants that production.

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Then when you look at a loss of power with the artist names and attributes, you find one of his name, and has seen

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which is the one who ensured his creation.

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That he can have unsigned with you a policy of insurance, that is beyond any kind of policy that you can think of. There are lots of other

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capital of the Kula awani, Allah subhanho wa Taala ensure and protect and guarantee his protection to servants 24 hours 24 seven.

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And by the way, which is so unique, with so unique, then the protection of Allah to us comes initially from Allah, you need to pay anything, actually, every single human being part of the production because Allah provide for you, he protected you when you were in your mother's womb, he protected you and he got you out of your mother.

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You think you just yourself, think about that as millions, I mean, hundreds and 1000s of possibilities for things to go wrong. You know, this famous program, people watching TV talk about 10,000 ways to people to die, you know,

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to this shows, you think you know nothing safe anymore, you can die

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for any reason, so, but who protecting you almost. And one of the production that Allah provide that he said in his book,

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he actually

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accounted for each and every human being no matter how

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good or evil, you are a Muslim or

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a disbeliever. No matter how's your relationship with him

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as a human being allowed, assigned and appointed free angels of production to protect you.

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Does your

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favor just

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these angels responsibility to protect you from diseases from insects from viruses out there, unless agreed upon for whatever reason, a lot has to happen to you, then the angels won't let it happen. But other than that they are protecting from all these waves that can come your way into harmony. How many times we have seen your kid you see, Whoa, that was so close. Wow, that is almost lost, this is just

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one one inch this way that way, maybe it will be worth almost half of our product.

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So this is an issue that the profits are seldom used to thank Allah for it. In a daily basis, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as a Muslim reported to us that

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every time he goes to his bed, he used to say Alhamdulillah

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Allah Subhana Allah

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was the one who have provided for us food and some things to drink, drink and also how became make us of his hour

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The tea is our protectors.

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And let's go through these few minutes go over certain things that you will find it in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

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was mentioned in the consulate to guarantee you extra protection

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Through protection

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and support from Allah subhanaw taala

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which is we call it amplifier.

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first thing that it will guarantee you the protection and the protection of our first born. And

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I was

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single, and it's a lot of caffeine

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as well as efficiently but

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he is the one who's going to protect and to aid and to ensure his

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servants are the one who is performing better video to server to to Allah subhanaw taala

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simply means to say I am a servant to the law

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simply means you debate a lot

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about judgment when people

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argue almost

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all human being a minute kind of children if I have

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to say that you don't wash it so far. I mean, how many people have seen in your life at a satanic worship are very few

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which it means don't

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to obey when you worship someone or something you basically obeyed follow.

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So the more you adhere to the command of Allah and His Messenger,

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Allah subhanaw taala guarantee, the more

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the worship, the more he will be protecting you. The more you will insure, the more you will show. Always he will serve as my power to protect you and save you in a time of a great woman in law.

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Those who have Taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala.

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provide for them

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a young man who married

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a new Muslim, a new Muslim female. She's from Russia. He said, we are a part of a family. She's old. She's was kidnapped by a family because she became Muslim and untied

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the picture in their home for similar days, family miniature take it out of the house. And I want to get across with the only reason we traveled to Russia to get out your password.

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So he said, for several days, we insist that you

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cannot take a passport in the picture for the passport with

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them back and forth, back and forth. He refused. Then you

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have to step out of your job and take a picture. Let's leave. We want to go back. He works in Dubai. He said I want to go back to my work. She said no. Things will change.

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That's my

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And she said for several days, one day, she wakes me up in the night and the motel and she stands

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up and she told me I found it. And I said maybe she changed your mind she gave up. She said tonight I was making

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I was reading

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your book, the one that you memorize is that you and I found the solution. Instead of us spending the night sleeping.

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And she said each one of them just randomly was looking into the pages of the massage. And they came across the verse

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we're still

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connected, submit surrendering himself or herself to law. Those who feel the watchdog warns the option to watch everything they do and they make sure that they do according to the right way, according to the way that you please.

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The more you do that the more protection and

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support you receive from Allah spata. So she said

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given an exit in a time of calamity and a provision when he needs a provision the most. And he said well why is she broke nothing to me but tears that I found which

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Amanda so strong and she just a few months Muslim, too similar month was over six, seven months old, he ain't gonna smoke. But every man is so strong.

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And he said, not.

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I was after that. We went back to the opposite

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officer, is it I've seen you guys come in every day. What do you guys want? She told me and he said we are sitting in his office, her passport finished in less than one hour.

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And we came back together to debate.

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Yes, Allah Subhana Allah to worship Allah subhanaw taala in a time of calamity, in a time of Allah see how you serve.

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By being patient, by being content with what I was given you. Don't show Objection, Your turn, say

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and see how we

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also making the time of our children the time of ease and the time bestowed upon you want you to be protected.

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Protect the count is the blessings of Allah by being grateful to to the to law that will protect your assets that will protect whatever good things that you have, that will protect your talent that will protect you, that will protect your children, the more you are grateful to Allah subhana wa.

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Then also

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the second thing that speaks about love,

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protection and aid and support that you put your trust in the last part.

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A lot to depend on.

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Say that

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those who prefer trust and

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I was there sufficient.

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You need no one else.

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You put your trust in Allah subhanaw taala in your heart while you're taking the necessary