All About Zakat Al Fitr (Why, When, How)

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The cat will fit we're gonna cover

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four areas. It looks like it's three there, but it's for the higher aim of its legislation. Let's always look at the wisdom behind you know, if there is a wisdom out there that the text explained why. What is the wisdom Allah legislated the capital sets the higher aim of the cuttlefish. Okay, that's the highest aim of the characters, what to pay, when to pay, how to pay it and who to pay to? Those are the questions that we wanted to answer. Today in sha Allah v the lab brothers and sisters in Islam.

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Let's move on, shall Allah

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the higher aim of its legislation howdy tabula hobnob best rodier love Ron Houma. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned two meanings behind the catalyst.

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Number one it is mandatory. The brother or the sister we asked a minute ago, whether it is mandatory or optional, no, it is mandatory thought Ah, thought although Rasulullah Hadid sobre la Rasulullah when you hear the word faraja or Qatada, we know that this this had him in alpha.

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salvia will loop these are words which are used to mandate something so it is mandatory.

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For Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Zakat sada till fifth, it's called sort of a total in the Hadith or Zakat will fit either all about we always have to seal filter to distinguish it from the regular zecca or the cattlemen, the regular sadhaka or the cattlemen sada cattle fit to distinguish it from the regular sadhaka their donations, and their cattle filter to distinguish it from the cattle net. And it's exclusive, exclusive to Ramadan, exclusive to the month of Ramadan, exclusive to the month of Ramadan. Now, in the Hadith, the prophet explained the wisdom behind it. First of all, Allah Subhana Allah knows that we are human beings, and we will make mistakes. And we may even

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though we're fasting and we were warned, against,

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you know, vain talk,

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bad language,

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losing temper, but Allah knows us Allah knows we're human.

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So hon Allah you can expect yourself to be perfect. I cannot expect myself to be perfect. I can only try. Imagine Allah Subhana Allah already is legislating. Zakat will fit to say okay, this is how you make Toba from the shortcomings,

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which you ended up doing during Ramadan, hopefully unwillingly. Hopefully somebody pushed you to the limit. Hopefully you found yourself in a weak moment and you ended up doing bad things you know Alhamdulillah here is Allah subhana wa tada Allah is telling you, this sadaqa is cafaro

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is an expiation Matata? It will purify the fasting person. Again, brothers and sisters in Islam, you really have to look in depth of this. This is a fact that Allah Subhana Allah Allah knows I am weak and human, you're weak, you're human. And we may have to do this.

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For like Allah subhana wa Tada, ladies cluding Toba.

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You see if Allah Subhana Allah Allah

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knows that we're going to be perfect or we can achieve perfection. Why the legislation of Toba? Why?

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Toba was one of the things the first things are legislated

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when Adam ate from the tree, because Allah knows what we need off, that don't ever disappear, don't ever disappear. And this also shows you brothers and sisters in Islam that when you're about to finish the month, don't be like it please. You see Satan brothers and sisters in Islam at one stage was righteous and pious.

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But Subhanallah his piety and righteousness,

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made him develop arrogance in his heart

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and allow knew that and that is why the whole test of Adam and understood was meant to be

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Bring out his arrogance and pride to show it. No, I'm not going to bow down and especially one. You see

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why Satan ended up developing arrogance and bright because of his piety and righteousness. That is why brothers and sisters in Islam A lot of you wanna have that feeling that I did a perfect Ramadan No, don't do that. Always question your act always. But be careful do not allow

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the questioning, to take you to this to despair because that's again another thing, another end that you don't want to go to. You see Satan already disappeared. That's why when he asked for the inspite

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when he asked to live, he didn't utilize that time to make Toba. No, because he already given up that Allah will take him back let let you see the unbeliever lives between two conditions feel and who

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wanted when I saw the lawanna look.

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When when this verse was revealed, will levena in a chapter called the moon will Medina tuna

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Tao work boo boo Mattila. Another ihlara be him Roger own one of the attributes mentioned in this chapter. And those who give or do what they do.

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What he doesn't identify good or bad identify what they do. Is it good or bad? It doesn't say a man doesn't show that type.

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But here it is, while they are doing it. Their hearts are trembling.

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or afraid. what you learn

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in watch, I'll have marked avviene fear mixed with love with for the one that you feel. You're getting that respect

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for the one that you feel, so they're hot. So I shall not be alone and say Dr. rasulillah does this verse talks about those who steal? And they are afraid that they they the Allah is gonna punish them in the day of judgment? Does it talk about those who who lie? He said no. Yeah, I 100% intermediated What can fissara do chemica. Yani there is some talk regarding its chain of narrators. But the Hadith is good. Only the meanings of good. The Prophet said to her layer is a layer built of sub deep, no, I know you have been so deep, rather those who pray those who fast those who were formed.

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And their hearts are concerned that it was not accepted. You see when you live between that's a beautiful feeling.

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Allah deserves more than what you and me can do.

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The hydrosol man in fact, he said of the allow a few more so that I can hack him. Allah Subhana Allah will set the scale

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and that one pan of the scale will be enough

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to accommodate the heaven and the hill, I'm sorry, the heavens and the earth, not the hill, the heavens and all the and all that creation can fit in that 10 of the scale.

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Because our head at one pan only of the scale, if you please the heavens and the hill and the heavens and the earth, not the elegant, the heavens and the earth, it will fit in that 10 of the scale. So the angels will say to Allah Subhana, Allah yarp Who in the world is going to come with an act which will fill the

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the the scale of the sides

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a lot will say some of my sleeves will do this. Some of my sleeves will do this, you know the angels will will go down and they will say so panic, Glorified and Exalted you are mahabubnagar diabetic. We have not worshipped you the way that you deserve to be worshipped. Imagine this. angels who do not disobey Allah, yet they still feel they have not worshiped Allah enough.

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That is why he is that the Sharia of Islam is telling you listen, you must have done something wrong. done something wrong. Okay.

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At the end of the month of Ramadan, the way that you ask Allah to forgive you is to get sada cuttlefish,

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fara Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sada qatal filtri Natalia saw me min of Rafi will level it will purify the fasting person from a rough, rough Earth is anything that leads to illegal, immoral relationship.

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From texting, from looking from thinking from flirting from anything, or rather that leads to the Haram relationship and love. Love was the language bad language that could be lying could be backbiting could be hopefully, if you have not inflected her, imagine, this is the brother you know Subhana Allah when we pray, and we say As salam o aleikum, wa rahmatullah As salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. What is the first thing we say, right away? What is it? I stopped for a lot of stuff a lot of stuff for imagine this. So that the practical aesthetic for a lot of Ramadan, so

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the practical stuff for Omar is set up.

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So that should be your attitude when you give it it's not about you going online and and, and paying $10 or $12. And no, no, you got to have that it's an act of worship. Look, look, look at this brothers and Sr. Allah has legislated at the end of Ramadan as an act of worship. This is how you should associate in your heart these feelings should be there when you give it Subhana Allah right now is amazing, is amazing.

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People do it, like it's a payment, they are making monthly payments or something no brothers and sisters and stuff. That's how should you feel insha Allah, Allah prescribed it, to purify the fasting person from vain speech and sins, and to fulfill and to fulfill the needs of the poor and destitute so have a look at the beauty of Islam. Meanwhile, you take care of your sins, you help the needy of the oma inshallah you hidden that you help the needy and the poor of the oma to take care of their needs. Yeah. And he there is an offer out there that Muslims should not be busy on the day of aid,

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asking others that they have to provide for their family. So Meanwhile, you expanded your shortcomings in Ramadan, and you help the poor and the needy, Allah made it mandatory, abundant, Diane, the old, the male, the female, the three, that's everybody. It is an obligation also, upon those who had execuse not too fast. Let's say a man saw a brother who's old, who could not fast at all, because of his age, he still have to basically have a sister who's pregnant, who did not fast at all, she still have to pay the cattle first.

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There is an opinion out there brothers and sisters in Islam, that even the newborn, the unborn children, which is the opinion of horsemen have now found or their loved one, if you want to follow it in sha Allah, kids who are not born yet, babies who are not born yet, you should give on them insha Allah zeca

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who is responsible for paying it and Muslim pays it for himself. And for those he is responsible for, such as his wife, children, and others, who he is obligated to provide for some opinion out there. If somebody lives under your roof, even though you're not providing for them, somebody came to visit you you have to make sure that they paid themselves if they don't, that responsibility goes under you because the head of the household the one who's responsible for the house hold is in charge of this you make sure that individuals who are independent financially from you have to pay it otherwise you will have to take care of it inshallah. It is recommended to pay it on behalf of

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the unborn children, like I mentioned a minute ago. This is an opinion of automatic, no offender of your loved one. And that's why it is recommended. You don't have to do it. If you want to adopt the other opinions, that's fine. It is to be paid in food not in cash or clothing except except and I'm going to talk about this exception in a minute insha Allah next, it is to be given can I send it abroad, it is to be given to the poor of the land where he spent his Ramadan. It is not permitted to send it to another country while there are people of need and

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deserving in his own land. If there is not in his land, people who are in need and deserving, then he can send it to the poor of the land which is closest to him. In that case, he may appoint someone to hand it on his behalf on fourth, let me expound more on this. Brothers and sisters in Islam, if you know people who are more deserving there, if there is more need Dave, less need here, that's fine, it is permissible that you send it but give it as money to one person and make sure that they disperse it as food. They disperse it as food in order to maintain the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam Alhamdulillah cmcc we accept your Zakat And fifth, and then Hamdulillah,

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it goes out as food, we take money from you. And we take on the responsibility of giving it out as food to the community, to different communities, some local heroes some abroad as well, who are in dire need by the grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala we help them out during the month of Ramadan. If you want to trust us with this, you can use the same links By the way, and we will but make sure that you mentioned the capital on it. So we make sure that this is going towards the capital for inshallah,

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when can I pay it, the time of its distribution begins from the setting of the sun on the night before eat, like when the Ramadan is done. But now, if you're going to do money, and you're going to give someone else the responsibility, then it's a lot better to do it early. So those people can manage it. Like we already saw. panela as we speak well, I don't want people who are distributing food from the amounts that we collected from Zakat as we speak right now. You know, Subhanallah I just saw the get the message and the video is like, just, I was actually looking at it right before coming live. Why? Because brothers paid money and we already right away we purchase stuff and we we

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got boxes and food and, and and brothers and sisters in Islam. Gotta make sure that you give it in food, or the person you you put in charge of it gives it in food, not only reviving the sooner, but it feels good to ally It feels good. Yeah, well, how do you feel somebody comes and drops $10 in your bucket, you know, or $12 or $15 you know, but when you go to the marketplace and and you buy either food for the brother or for the system, and you carry this in a good spirit. You see these institutions especially of Zakah were meant to connect us together to make us love one another look at my neighbor look at my brother He cares for me. You know he loves me, you know he is he went to

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the market and he bought me What a beautiful thing in Sharla. That's the intention behind it. Be careful brothers and warning Be careful. You cannot delay this until after Salatin ate. The cattle fitter have to be made before salaat will eat otherwise,

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it's going to become regular to delay until after salata aid without an excuse is not allowed brothers and sisters Is that who deserves it, the one who deserves the cattle fit are the poor and the destitute. One can give the food directly himself or give somebody on behalf inshallah. So this is once it comes to the cattle fitter. Hopefully we covered it in sha Allah