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Ahmed Hamed
AI: Summary © A man named Allah Almighty gives a personal example of investing in one's life to make it the best of it and to make it the better world. Investing in one's youth is crucial to achieving success in Islam, as it is crucial to learning and applying knowledge to one's life. The importance of finding sources of earning, learning and applying knowledge to one's life, and using it in a positive way is emphasized. It is crucial to not just be a result of money and to find sources of earning, learning and applying knowledge to one's life.
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My dear brothers and sisters,

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Allah Almighty is giving us chances after chances. This is a reminder for all of us to come back to Allah Almighty.

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So what should be what should be the solution how we should be prepared, there is a beautiful Hadith of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, which summarizes what and how we should use this last chance this life as the last chance.

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Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says, On the Day of Judgment, the feet of the Adam will not move, unless he is asked five things, five questions, we all will be standing before Allah

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and will have to answer five questions will have to answer Allah, there will be no escape,

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there will be no exit, they will no exit, there will be no Google for your information. There will be no WhatsApp, there is no phone a friend, you and me will be standing alone

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before Allah and will be asked five things, five questions. If we utilize these five things now.

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We would be successful inshallah. And what are these five things? Number one, Allah Almighty is going to ask you and me, how did you spend your life? Number two, how did you spend your youth? Number three, how did you own? Number four? How do you spend? Number five, the knowledge that you have? How did you apply it in your lives? Let's analyze these questions. Very powerful questions. How? What have you done with your life? As this question to yourself, my brothers and sisters, now, what have you done in your life? Is our life chasing just the dunya? Or are we saving and investing something for the hereafter? Because I said, as I said, the preparation, the investment, then the

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efforts that we have to make for the hereafter is in this dunya in this world. If you lose it, we lose it forever.

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This is the last chance. So what have you done with this life? You see Allah Almighty, He has shown us our approach towards the life How should be our approach towards this beautiful nehama Beautiful blessing of life? Allah Almighty says in Surah Mulk surah number 67. Iron number two, Allah the harlequin motorworld Hayato Diablo welcome, are you, us and who am Allah and we have given the life and death so that we may test you who is in Best of conduct.

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So the approach towards life is that it is a test and it is a test for what the purpose of this test the purpose of your own mind state in this world, the purpose of your and my traveling in this world as Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said that we in this world as if you're a traveler, what is the purpose in this short time that you and me are having in this war? Allah says in surah Zarya, Surah number 51. Eye number 56 wama Calico Jana will insert Illallah Abu dune we have not created Allah says I have not created the jinn and mankind except that they may serve me and serving Allah in all aspects. Gives the meaning of the worship to Allah Almighty, anything and everything that you

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and me do in this life. Make sure that it is linked with your sole objective to please Allah. Because Allah says in surah an arm surah number six I number 162 all say to them in more certainly Shala T one oh Sookie, we're Ma Ma Ma Ma T Lillahi Rabbil Alameen my prayer, my sacrifice my living my dying for Allah, the Lord of the Worlds your life is valuable. It's precious value aid now before you lose it because disguised as the last chance. So Allah is going to ask us what have you done with your life? This is the first question. The second question is

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How did you spend your youth? You see youth is the best portion of our life. It is the most productive phase of our life

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wherein we invest.

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Frankly, we will be guided. If you lose this face, we would regret in the old age, because we have the best of energies. With us. We have the time the valuable time with us, we have the resources with us. These all are the investments, catch yourself, be conscious, be conscious. And make sure make sure that you deliver the best of your body of Allah, in your age in the youth. Make sure that you deliver the best of Salah in this time in this age. Make sure that you make the best of the treatment to your parents in this age. Make sure that you deliver the best of manners to the mankind. Make sure my brothers and sisters make sure that in this age, you invest your time. Being

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conscious to Allah, you invest your time in making something productive for the nominal head for the matters of God. Make sure that you invest your skills

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in promoting the beautiful message of Islam. Your tomorrow brothers and sisters is one of the beautiful phase of life, you might not be able you might not be able to bow down in your old age border now. You might not be able to prostrate to Allah and do sujood do it now. You might not you might not be physically fit in doing the worship of Allah do it now. You might not be able to strive to make this world the better world, the peaceful world, do it now. This is your age. This is your investment. This is your energy that needs to be optimally utilized, because this is your last chance. Be conscious of your youth. And be conscious of your body. Be conscious of your eyes. Ask

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yourself what your eyes are seeing. Is it busy in watching something unlawful? Or is it busy reading the Quran? Is your ears, your ears?

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Are they busy? Listening something haram something wrong, something unlawful and illegal,

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something prohibited? Or is it busy in listening to the kalam of Allah Al Quran?

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What about your heart? Is your heart enticed, attached

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with this word, or it has the remembrance of Allah. Allah says

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indeed, the hearts find rest in the vicar of Allah in the remembrance of Allah.

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My dear brothers and sisters, this is your

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inverse now.

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Don't wait for tomorrow invest your youth. Now. So this is the second question. The third question how did you own

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for us we have the whole world open, you choose what you want, but the believer is conscious in finding his sources which are halal, which are pure and permissible. And he does everything to earn in the pure and permissible ways. Be conscious, the whole world is yours. Choose the direction choose the sources of earning, which is permissible. This is your last chance. And the fourth question is how did you spend? This is a big question. You see most of us and hamdulillah are one off.

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Allah would ask us on the Day of Judgment. Where did you spend

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the well the money the amount that you have? You were the agent? What did you do with dat?

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Did we spend extravagantly and became the brothers of shaitan? As Allah says in surah, Bani Israel surah number 17. Number 27. Or are we the ones who are the most hated to Allah as Allah says, in Surah Surah number seven is number 31. In which Allah subhanaw taala says in Allah law you must refrain. Allah says in Allah Now

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Are you able? Mazel Tov EAN? Allah does not love those who spend extravagantly. Be conscious when you're spending, Allah says in Surah Furqan that believers are those who do not spend extravagantly. Neither they are miser, they follow the mirror. We are the metal whatta we are the balanced OMA of Rasulullah sallallahu onsen. So watch and be conscious. Where are you spending? Be wise. It's an amazing and painful situation where the millions of people, children, women, men are dying every day with no food. On the other side, we see tons of food being wasted. Where are we spending? Be conscious my brothers and sisters now because we will be asked about double spending. The last

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question, the prominent question is

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the knowledge that you have, how did you apply it in your lives? Now we know we have a problem that most of us, we don't see much of knowledge. That's the problem. But the bigger problem is the knowledge that we have, we don't apply it in our lives. The scholars have said knowledge without those learners are those only who act.

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Actions are the fruits of knowledge. There is no action without knowledge, not the knowledge that you and me have. Whatever it is, Allah will ask us on the Day of Judgment. How did you apply your knowledge?

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We all know Allah Almighty is the greatest, greatest in everything, greatest in worship, greatest love, greatest in servitude, and and everything.

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And when we get the matters where we have to please Allah, or we have to please the people or the things. Whom are we choosing? We're choosing this one.

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Allah will ask us, you know that Allah Almighty is the greatest, we know that but are we applying it similarly? Allah the Creator of the heavens and earth. He has said for you and me, our beloved Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as the best example. Allah says in the Quran, leper the cannula confy rasool Allah de hacer una The best example for you and me in this life is the example of Muhammad peace be upon him.

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Are we emulating are we coping? Are the following Avi obeying the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, if not time is now.

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Allah will ask us you know it, you used to read as Hadwen now Muhammad Rasool Allah, I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, have you applied it in your lives? Allah is going to question us about the Quran, the value of the Quran. Unfortunately, we have made the Quran as merely the book of Baraka, although it is no doubt about it. But there is much more beyond that Quran has to offer.

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We know that the Quran is the criteria in the judging manual, it does a decree from Allah. It is a book of Allah, it is a guidance of Allah for every issue for every matter that you and me have. Allah is providing the solution for that. Are we applying it? Allah is gonna question us. We know about the Quran we respected, we adore it. Allah will ask us

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the knowledge that we have. Have you applied it? We all know my brothers and sisters. * is horrible. is no joke. * is no joke.

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hen is no joke. Allah will ask us You knew it. You knew the * is no joke.

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Have you worked to protect yourself from it? We know Janna is the best and bone the best place to live in forever. Allah will ask us you knew about it. Have you worked to achieve it? Have you worked your best to achieve it? Allah will ask us the question. Your parents when they are old. They did everything best to make you best now

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are you treating them in the best way now?

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Allah will ask us for every bit of knowledge that you and me have on the Day of Judgment. My dear brothers and sisters.

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You use your life before you lose your life. Use your time before you lose your time. Use your belt before you lose

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Lose your belt. Use your youth, before you lose it. Use your Tober you repentance, the time is now my brothers and sisters. The time is now come back to Allah nag Allah. Allah says, Allah, come back to Allah rush towards Allah The Time is Now

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