The Story of Rafi’ ibn Umair

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The speaker discusses the history and importance of good manners, including trusting and allowing one to move in a difficult path to reach a sham. They emphasize the need for strong reinforcements to prevent attacks and the success of Han Han and book the return of the desert. A woman named Anna Kudrin describes her experience on a mission to find desert plants and killing cowteys, while a man named Roth describes his experience eating desert plants and killing cowteys, and describes the difficulty of finding them in the right place. Roth also talks about his experience with Jesus, who was supposed to be a teacher but did not work for him.

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mean he was on the edge mind about Today we're going to look at the story of one of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. His name was Rafa Morocco, he rhodiola Han.

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And we'll look at the benefits and lessons from historic Rafi.

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He was a known thief before Islam. And they used to call him the moose or Rahman, the moose is a kind of worm that finds its path in the sand. So they nicknamed him because he knew his path through the desert like no one else. And they also used to call him lists of Sahara, the thief of the desert. And he would only steal camels and only steal the best ones, not just any camel, but quality camels. And he would steal alone, he didn't have a band of robbers or a gang of men with him, he worked completely alone. And he was never ever caught. And it was known that if he stole something from you, you completely give up hope because there was no way of finding it. Because he had a

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technique, he would take a lot of ostrich eggs empty, he would fill them with water, and go deep into the desert, and he would hide them there.

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And he would go into the dangerous deserts that people know there's no water and there's no way out. So they would never dare to go into them.

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And then he would choose his camera, and he would steal them and go deep into these dangerous deserts. Then when the people notice that they've been robbed, they start to follow the tracks of the camels. And then when they see that it's heading into this dangerous area, and that no one comes out of this area except that he dies of thirst, they would give up and say this man is going to die anyways, and they would turn back. And he would continue until the place where he hid the ostrich eggs. And he would uncover them and he would drink and allow his animals to drink. And then he would continue to wherever he wanted to go.

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So he never considered Islam this entire time until the ninth year after the hedgerow when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam sent an army Under Armour of no loss. And in this army and the loss, what is interesting, he had only been Muslim for six months, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam puts him in charge of an army and the soldiers in the army were Abu Bakar. And Omar, every one of us would have put a worker in charge of that army. But the Brazilian puts someone who's only been Muslim for six months in charge of someone like him and someone like Omar and the rest of the companions. And if one thing you notice in the Sita, the Prophet sallallahu Newson, never ever once

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chose the wrong person to do the job. He always picks the perfect personality, the perfect person for that job. And he chose us who made a lot of decisions that were strange during that battle. And they infuriated Omar and he would come and complain to Booker and then I will Booker stopped him. He told him Jamar, had he not been better than you in this particular position, the prophets of Allah wouldn't have chose him over you. And there are more calm down and when they went back to Medina, the process agreed with every single decision of entrepreneur loss. So further proof that the Prophet Allah always chose the best man for the job.

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So they were supposed to trek across a very dangerous area of desert where there was no water. So I'm not alone Han who suggested to the army and to the leader that we need to find a delille someone who knows the way a guide who can guide us and they told them no one knows that desert like Rafa Eben Amir, and even though he was upon shock at that time, they hired him and he went with them on the journey. And they spent obviously days together days or nights, but he saw the companions and he saw their excellent, excellent mannerisms.

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He saw their characteristics, he saw that they were fair and just people. He saw how loving they were with each other and how kind they were with each other. So he immediately loved them. And that's the other lesson here. The effect and we mentioned this a few weeks ago the effect of good manners on people, if someone claims to have the best religion, but then when you deal with them, and you observe them the only display the worst of manners, the worst of etiquettes, then they will not be impressed and nobody would dare to or bother to even further investigate what is their belief system, but Rafa, for the long run home. He saw their behavior, he saw how they were. And he saw

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their prayers at night, and how they would recite the beautiful Quran. And he would so he saw how they would cry at night when they were doing their theater. And then during the day, there were lions in battle. He says, I looked at all the companions of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam looking at their faces carefully. And I chose one of them to be the one with the most hair. And I walked up to him. And that was a subject of the Allahu anhu says, I walked abubaker and I said, Gianni Sahaba Make me your companion. During this old trip, I want to be with you. Camp next to you sleep next to you. So I will book her agreed immediately. He said he was so kind to me, he would make he would

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make me sleep on his bed, whatever he would lay out. And he would give me from his clothing. And he was very gentle with me in his speech, and he would serve me. And he had never seen treatment like this before in his life.

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He said, when the mission was over, of course, I have to part ways with them, they're going to go back to Medina or go back to where I'm from. He says, a stew and home sales do not matter.

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He said, I felt that when they leave, they're going to take my heart with them.

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These were the companions of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he couldn't stand the idea that he's going to be separated, like separated from them that he wants to be with these people, these great men. He said, I felt that they're going to take my heart away with them. So he says, I went to Abu Bakar. And I said, Yeah, you can hire a companion of good in Nita was some too.

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And he says that.

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He says, I have to have some tacos. I have chosen you and I had a good feeling about you. And I chose you mean Benitez, hardik, from all from amongst all your companions? How does one become like you?

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So bocadillo and he says, you know, your five fingers. He said, hold them up. And I will work through the law. And I told him the five pillars of Islam and others that will benefit here. We always tell people when it comes to telling people about Islam, that you tell them about the five pillars. Some people want to get into multiple marriage and get into all kinds of issues and philistin just the five pillars, but hold up the foundation of their Islam. So Booker went over the five pillars with him. And

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and then he says, Did you memorize them? Did you learn them? And he says Nam and let me listen for me. Let me say them back to you. He says I bear witness there is that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah and that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is his servant and His Messenger. He says Salah I will never leave it for the rest of my life. He says, If I have money, I will pay it. He says Ramadan I will fast as long as I'm alive and Hajj if I'm able, I will make the journey in sha Allah. So the thief of the desert became a believer in Allah subhanho wa Taala and he remains a Muslim until the falafel of Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu. Abu Bakr sends armies to a sham to fight the

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Romans. And they were victorious. And they took a lot of land away from the Romans. So the Romans saw that these armies were too strong. So they asked for reinforcements. And they received reinforcements and their army came up to be 250,000 warriors, an army much greater and bigger in size than that of the Muslims. So and they want to return the land that they lost to the Muslims. So the Muslim commander sent immediately toward Medina tumblebook or the halifa. And they said we need they said an oath an oath. We need help. We need assistance. A larger larger look, hurry, hurry quickly and we need assistance quickly. So I will work rather low on who sent to harden Walid who

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was leading other armies in Iraq. He seems to have been worried and he tells him to immediately go as reinforcements to the armies in a sham. crowded Molina had an army

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10,000 warriors. Amongst them was our companion and our hero for today Rafi abnormal. And he says he wants to get to Syria in the shortest amount of time possible that army of a quarter of a million is approaching and they don't have time to take the safest and longest route to get there. So they want the shortest time possible. So he said, who knows that desert well, and they said no one knows it better than Rafa.

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He says I want to get to Syria in the shortest time possible.

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So he tells him that there is a path, but it is a very difficult path. And but they have to take this path in order to when they reach a sham, they can join the Muslim army. Because if they take the regular path, the Roman army will be between them, and the army they're trying to assist. So they have to get around and be on the other side of the Roman army. But this path is fast, it will take them to the right place, but it's extremely dangerous. They said that one man traveling by himself could barely make it through this path, let alone an army of 10,000 with their horses that need to drink and everything else.

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So the other generals around Harlan worried were concerned and they said that you're going to lead the believers to their death. And you should not take this path. And then hide it all day long on who spoke to them and he spoke to them beautifully. He said, Yeah, I'm not sure all Muslim in LA California. hajikko. He says, basically, all believers don't separate in your thought like have the same idea. have the same path, what I have often not.

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And do not let your certainty become weakened. Well, under my own terminal Ah, gee, Anna Kudrin Nia,

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what animal under Marana, tamanna la Tatiana Kudrin Nia, he said, no, that assistance from Allah comes

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in equal measure to your intention, and you're near meaning he's saying, turn to Allah subhanaw taala. And when a slave turns to Allah subhanaw taala with certainty in their heart that Allah subhanaw taala is going to assist Allah subhanaw taala is going to help them, then the help will come to you at the same level of how much you trusted in a large religion. And that's what his words are so powerful. And that is our next lesson. So trusting and allows again, and this similar to when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, would allow one to move, you know, and I've been asked a lot while you're certain of the response coming to you, not just I'm just doing what I have to do, or

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let's see what happens but you're certain that Allah subhanaw taala will respond. So he tells them your assistance from Allah will come as much as you have your certainty in Allah.

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So and then he says, and it is also an author who's leading us and no one knows that desert like so Roth has plan. In short, he said, Get me 20 of your your healthiest but oldest camels. And then he made them drink a lot of water. And the report that the way he did that, he made them drink from this plant that was very salty. So after they ate from it, they instinctively went and filled themselves with water. And then he, he packed them with as much water as they could bear. And then they started to truck. And everyday they would stop and he would slaughter slaughter for of the camels. And he would take whatever water is in their bellies, mix it with their milk and give that

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to the horses. And whatever water was on their backs that he packed, he will give it to the soldiers. And then when they got to the fourth day, they ran out of all the water supply, and everyone became thirsty. And on top of that Raja Raja lo and his eyes were afflicted with something known as a Ramat, where he couldn't open his eyes so he couldn't see now the guide can't see.

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So while it doesn't, what are we going to do? He says, Look around carefully. There are two hills or two mountains that look a specific way. So he described them to him. And most mountains are jagged and have a peek at the top. He said these two around it and they're next to each other, how to be alone and kept looking until he found them. He says I can see them. He says between them. There is a tree of our such outsides tree is known as desert Thorn or Arabian box thorn. It's a very thorny kind of brush or can grow up to a tree. He said there is no such tree between the two. So the companions went and looked, the soldiers were looking and they couldn't find it. So they came back

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to him. And they said we can't find them. He tells them Allah have mercy on the tree is there and if you don't find it, you will die and I will die. You have to find it. He said search, every shiver every hand spent on the ground searching. So they went and started this

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And they found that the tree had actually been cut. But they still found the base there when they removed the sand. So they found it and they told him, he says, Now dig right at the base of that tree. And they started to dig and they found a great amount of water from which they drank. And all the horses drank. And the army was saved through that action after a loss. So Jen has been worried was so impressed by him. He said, How did you know this idea? How did you have this information? He said, Well, I have only seen this tree once. 30 years ago when I was traveling with my father. But his excellent memory, he remembered it. And he sensed when they were near it, even though he

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couldn't see and he was able to save that army with the grace of Allah azza wa jal, and they were able to serve as reinforcements to the Muslim army and they were victorious in that battle of cola cola was tough for a lot of our local minima. First off, zero failure, false or missed offering ask Allah, Allah first forgiveness Indeed, those who ask for his forgiveness shall prosper.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah I mean, he was a big mind about it during that battle Rafa rhodiola and who was given the standard as well of the army, which is a great honor. And after being known as

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the thief of the desert, he actually became known as Rafa, Rafa, which is the good, and he was given that name because of the care he had for poor people.

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They said that he would feed the community of three different massages, because the Muslim Empire had grown at that point. Three, the communities have three different massage and he would take care of feeding them completely, and is famously known about him that he chose to have only one garment with him for the rest of his life, he would wear it at home and outside of the house, because all the rest of his money was given to the poor. An excellent example of a companion of the prophet SAW Selim an excellent example of the the environment that they created when they were there through their good luck, and they're good manners, and an excellent lesson for us to follow that excellent

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example. So we see this great change that happened in this man and this is what happens when someone believes in or acts upon what they believe, and how he became from being known as the worst of the thieves to being the best of the people. With that, whereas colossal gel to make us of those who recognize the truth as clear truth and follow the best of it, and to make us of those who recognize the false hood as clear falsehood and abstain from it, for long Martin and haka Hakuna Matata, bah bah bah bah bah, for lahoma rajala dunya Kumara homina while I'm a blogger elemina Ilana Remo sirona Paloma

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robotic well you know ma sciatic Murphy hibben model were you unhappy animoca Yesenia de Sala Mubarak rotten la Meanwhile, de wasabi hedge mine were como se como Han como la.

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