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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. I mean, what are the early he was a big Marine, I'm about

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our hobo today is about using the Quran for Dawa.

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And the Quran is actually the most effective, our tool. There was a double organization in New York in the mid 2000s. And they used to distribute 1000 copies of the Quran per month. And they used to receive 300 Shahada a month from that distribution, meaning 30% of those who received the Quran became Muslim, this is not counting those who never read it or never opened it to begin with. There is no other booklet or document or book in Islam, where 30% of the people that would read it would become Muslim.

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And so in that sense, then the Quran is the most powerful tool, we want to see how you can prove that the Quran is from Allah subhanaw taala to a non Muslim, or to a confused Muslim or Muslim who has doubts. And one of the reasons behind this clip as well is that a number of parents approached us asking, How do I prove to my child that Islam is the truth? How do I prove to my child that Koran is from Allah? subhanho wa Taala.

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So the question then is, could the Quran have been written by any man, or by a group of men or a committee of men?

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And that should be easy to prove that the Quran is from a large religion? Because if you were told that a famous unknown author has written a piece of work, and the other pieces of work, were by children, would you not be able to clearly discern the work of the author of this known author from that of children? What it doesn't matter, Allah, we don't compare Allah to his creation. But there is no way the work of Allah subhanaw taala cannot be clearly discerned from the work of a con man or a group of con men or a committee of common you should or devils or anything else, you should clearly be able to tell the work of Allah subhanaw taala from others.

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So the answer then would be no, the Quran could not have been written by any man. And the reasons are the following. The first category we'll look at is the style and the structure of the Quran. And for those of you who haven't read the scriptures of other religions, they read like normal human writing, whereas the Koran does not read like human writing other scriptures. The next day, he woke up in the morning and he saw a tree he walked over to the tree. These are actual passages, but the Quran doesn't read like that doesn't read like normal human writing. The other thing that's interesting is that if anyone accuses or says that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wrote the

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Koran, the question would be, why is it that the Hadith sounds different than the Quran? The Hadith doesn't sound like the Koran. And if both are from the same source, then the Hadith in the Quran would be very similar and very similar in style as well.

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So the style and the structure of the Quran, as we know it was revealed over a period of 23 years. What does that mean? It remains consistent for 23 years. If someone asked you to write a book, start writing it today. And don't finish it until 23 years from now, will that book look the same will the beginning and the end of that book look the same, or your wisdom increases towards the end, your knowledge increases even your language, your vocabulary, and your grammar improves by the end of the book. So the fact that the Quran was revealed over a period of 23 years, yet it remains consistent. It reads the same way all the way through is proof that it was not written by any human being.

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Besides the fact that there are no grammatical mistakes, no linguistic mistakes in the book. If it was written by the prophet sallallahu sallam, it would also reflect the emotions and events that he goes through in his life, meaning the death of Khadija was something that was very important for the profits of the Law Center. Can you read the Quran and figure out where Khadija Golan had died? Because the writing suddenly became very sad. Or after the Battle of burden? Do you see the Quran being cheerful as a result of that victory? or it gets more sad after a hood? You don't see any of that. Can you read through the entire Quran and catch the year of sorrow? A year with a puzzle of

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went through immense sadness. Can you

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Catch it because the Quran is sad and the writing is sad and melancholy during that period, you can't. So it can't be that a man wrote the Quran yet he it remains consistent for 23 years, it has no mistakes in it. And on top of that, you cannot there's he did not inject his emotions and he was not affected by things that happened to him. And that did not reflect into the writing

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other things, the historical accuracy of the Quran, and this is a big deal. Number one, the Arabs, they were not a studious type of people who translated works from other nations and kept libraries. So where would all this knowledge and all the history in the Quran come from?

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The stories of the prophets mentioned in the Quran, the Arabs did not really know those stories of the prophets. And they were not there was not much of a presence for in Mecca in particular, for Jews and Christians. And one of the interesting things one of the scholars said something very interesting about what aka Abner nofal as you know, and maybe Salaam Salaam, when he received the message from jabril de Zavala took him to her cousin what are called non orphan who is a Christian, and also a knowledgeable man or a scholar within the Christian religion. And then you don't hear anything about what often Overlander scholars say because he died almost immediately thereafter. We

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never hear any of his mentioned anymore, but one of the scholars mentioned a great wisdom. He said part of the wisdom behind the death of what are called an orphan so early on, so that no one can say that he taught Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam what to put in the book, or that he gave him lessons from the scripture of the Jews and the Christians are taught him the stories of the prophets, part of the wisdom and he died early so no one can make that accusation. So then where did the Prophet Lam get this material from? Where did he get all this information from? And the historical accuracy? In one example, Allah subhanaw taala says we'll call it a hoodoo was a European law. And the Jewish said,

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Hosea, Ezra is the son of Allah.

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One of our teachers, one of the great scholars of Jaffa, this Hello, Hola. He said, a Jewish rabbi came to me and he said, Your Koran is incorrect. Because your Koran says the Jews said, Hosea is a son of God. But we never said that Jews never said that. So the chef told him to go and check again. And if you google this today, you will not find any answer to this. It's not even on the internet. Nobody even knows this. If you Google it today, you will get 1000s of websites telling you the Quran is wrong, but they don't know. So this Rabbi went, and he dug deep into old libraries and old manuscripts. And he found that there used to be a Jewish tribe that believed that that was a was the

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son of Gods for Allah. And that tribe has disappeared ever since. He only found that in their old libraries and an old manuscripts but it's not available even on the internet, if you Google it. So this is an example of this detail, and historical accuracy. That How could the Prophet sallallahu Sallam have known this if anyone accuses him of being the author behind the Koran. On top of that there are other points, such as all the science that's in the Quran. Now with this, we have to be careful because a lot of times people present the Quran as if it were a science book. It's not and the stretch and exaggerate the scientific miracles in the Quran. But there are many things in the

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Quran that were not known back then. And some of them were only recently discovered will only take one example.

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Instead of to know Allah subhanaw taala says, is giving the parable of darkness for the disbeliever Oh, because little mountain fever in Luigi in Yahoo. Mojo menfolk, the heat Mojo menfolk. He's the hub. This was discovered in 2007. How recent is that? In 2007, scientists discovered that in very deep oceans, and this only happens in deep waters. And that's what the verse says he by Luigi luciani, amit means deep. So the waves in deep oceans because when you stand in the in the beach, you see waves one after the other, but in deep oceans, the waves are on top of each other. So 50 meters below the surface, you'll find a wave and another 1500 meters and 1.5 kilometres deep.

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There'll be a wave and these waves are so huge that they can be seen from outer space, something discovered in 2007 but tokar the Quran described it accurately 1400 years ago, a simple example of of indisputable things are knowledge in the Quran that could not have been known back then. Likewise, there is knowledge of the future in the Quran. So if anyone accuses the prophets or sell them of being the author of the Quran,

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or a group of men being the authors of the Quran, they have to explain how they were able to know the future. And there are a number of verses that mentioned things that will happen in the future. The famous example is that in the beginning of a room, Allah subhanaw taala mentions, says, will liberate a Rome, the Romans have been defeated. Fie Adnan out in a nearby land, will home member adekola be himself in a boon. And after this defeat of theirs, they're going to be victorious, feeble gresini in an odd number of years, and certainly in an odd number of years, there was another battle between the major ones and the Romans and the Romans were successful. But yeah, it'd be it'd

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have been with a knowledge of the future, because there were many enemies of Islam. But this verse came in early Mecca, and said that Abu lahab will be in the Hellfire, and yet he never became Muslim. No verse came like this condemning other soufiane who became Muslim much later on after the conquering of Mecca. That's knowledge of the future.

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Surah Al Fateh Allah subhanaw taala gives the glad tidings and indicates the conquering of Mecca. But SoTL, Fattah was revealed at the strangest time in human terms the strangest time, on the way back after the return of from holiday via where the treaty was signed, and all the points in the treaty were against the Muslims. And who would think a normal human being would think here's the victory after a time when we're at a low point, but sort of what was revealed after that, not only knowledge of the future, but also not the style of human writing. If someone says, What if it's a committee of wise people who constantly over the years, improve and remove mistakes from the Quran?

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I will say that, number one, we only have one copy of the Quran, if it was something that was revised over the years would have the revised version and the New Revised Version, as we do with the Bible. The second thing, the story has to make complete sense. What would be the motive of this committee? Why are they doing this? What did they get out of it? And that motive would be reflected in the teachings of this book that they're writing but we don't have such a thing? Then how would they still you have to answer the question, how would they know the future? How would they have all this knowledge of history and science that wasn't discovered at the point?

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And why doesn't it look like human writing? And if multiple people wrote it, would it look like one person wrote it? Or could you clearly see the difference between the different writers all this shows that the Quran could only be from Allah subhanaw taala if anyone claims the Quran came from somewhere else, and they have to give us a story that's complete that explains all the questions we just asked. Of course Holla Holla Holla Holla The money will come in Jamia? Nope. First of Pharaoh, Pharaoh frozen, Mr. Fairey ask Allah Subhana Allah for his forgiveness, Indeed, those who ask for his forgiveness to prosper

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. I mean, what are the other he was happy about the last scenario we'll look at. And this has been brought up by people. They said, How do you know your Koran wasn't dictated to your prophet by a devil? devil who wanted to steer people away from Jesus or steer people away from anything else? And and came to him pretending to be an angel and dictated this whole caught on to him? And the response will be, what kind of devil is this? Look at the Quran. It's commanding good, and forbidding evil, and encouraging to give to the poor. And to respect parents warning people of the Hellfire, calling people to Jenna. revering the prophets of

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Allah subhanaw taala revering a sub memoriam himself and speaking badly about the shaitaan what kind of shaitaan would dictate a book this wonderful? And then they claim to have the book of God and it's nowhere near as wonderful. What are you saying then about the difference between the devil's writing and the writing of Allah subhana wa tada any which way you look at it, you find that there's no explanation except that the Quran came from Allah azza wa jal, we begin with and like we began this cookbook, the strongest Dawa tool you have is the Quran, you can prove just through this analysis that Allah exists to an atheist and it's been done. You can explain to the Christian that

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this is the truth. This is the new religion of Allah subhanaw taala. And it's been done. This is how you do it. The Quran is the strongest tool that we have the strongest tool that we have, and there are many different ways to prove we have the truth. But for those who say we don't have the truth, give us a story that makes complete sense. Explain to us one man how one man can write a book.

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Like the Koran, and it remains consistent, and it never once offers a solution that actually doesn't work practically, and so on and so forth. Explain that to your neighbors. Explain it to your friends and family members and explain it to your children. We ask Allah to make some of those who recognize the truth as clear truth and follow the best of it, and to make use of those who recognize falsehood as clear falsehood and abstain from it. For lahoma Coronavirus alternativa well, Rnl bartylla battilana Versace Nava for LA Mata Giada de Nicola homina Well, I'm a blogger Elmina water in anonymously run up for lahoma Brenda Hello Matamoros didn't used to be here. Hello, Patrick. Why

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does he animosity Murphy Bill Maher Oh, are you unhappy La Mancha mar de la Mubarak

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alameen wa sallahu wa sahbihi wa como se como como la