Mirza Yawar Baig – Akhlaaq of the Ummati #11

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of Islam's rule on retaliation and apologizes for the use of his name is discussed, along with advice for not retaliating and not saying anything to them. The conversation also touches on the difficulties of living in a shayteology community, the natural tendencies of human beings, and the importance of testing one's health and family members' finances to determine eligibility for forgiveness. The speakers emphasize the need for testing and finding the value of being loved in a way that is rewarded, as well as avoiding confusion and being a good person.
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escuela Rahim Allah, Allah alameen wa salatu salam, Allah shuffelin David mousseline,

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Hamza Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi, wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam just leaving the theater and

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my dear brothers and sisters,

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in our

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class of a clerk of the Almighty, we were looking at the first of the qualities that Allah subhanaw taala mentioned, with respect to those of his slaves, and May Allah make us among them, who he called La vida wash man, who Allah said, these are my slaves, my brothers and sisters, and when myself I knew that there is no honor greater than to be called the slave of Allah.

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I pray for this for myself and for you, that we are known in this world, as the slaves of Allah as about the law.

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And that we are resurrected as a man when we meet Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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These, remember and notice that it doesn't have to tell us specifically, Allah could have certainly bought and used any of his glorious names and attributes, but Allah used, especially a man a man. And this itself is something that speaks to us and speaks wonders to us. Because it shows us and tells us the

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the value of our Rachmat, the value of the mercy of Allah

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and the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala is His forgiveness.

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So I remind myself when you and that we ask Allah Subhana Allah for his forgiveness, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to be pleased with us and never to be displeased.

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My brothers and sisters, as I'm speaking to you,

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the sky is

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sky becoming cloudy.

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And the Swift's are flying low.

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So it looks like we're coming in for some rain. I'm hoping that we don't get washed out in this particular episode. I like to record these outside because it's so pretty and so nice. And also I will, I'm sure you hear the the song of various birds that come and visit me while I'm speaking. And they add their voices to whatever I'm saying in the glory and magnetism.

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So we were talking about the quality of the people or quality of the believers quality of alibis.

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And we said, Who are they they are the ones who do not retaliate? Who

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when they are with

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Carlos Salama, that when they are

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addressed in an inappropriate way, when they are abused, or they are in any way challenged by those who want to challenge them, then they respond to them by just saying salah and moving away.

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Now, you might say well, you know, I mean this is

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and it feels very difficult. I mean, remember this is one of the most difficult things to do. Because you have a very justifiably

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justifiable reason to retaliate, you feel justified in saying something or doing something to show your very righteous displeasure. And yet here is Allah subhanaw taala telling us don't do that. Do not do that. Leave them alone, don't respond, don't retaliate. Don't say anything to them. Just let them be. Now,

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think about this unsafe. So therefore what, therefore what

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I mentioned his I think also in my previous for the reminder on this, but it's really worth, you know, repeating these things.

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So I just wanted to mention this specific thing as a seller in certain Muslim, but almost all the we live in the shaytani r rajim. was one hour Joe Biden and Jimmy was Ernie. Well, mocha zbnf

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inala Dana oncologia Hema was also to

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be patient.

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Allah said, be patient with one

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They say,

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and hazard and jameela. Now, the important thing is that if you are being provoked,

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then remaining in a place where you are being provoked, only adds to the problem, because if you stay there long enough, then

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this is going to continue and obviously, everyone has

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a threshold and beyond that threshold, the person will break.

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And then you will say or do something, which later on you might regret but then you know the damage is usually done.

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So, instead instead of that the, the best advice is the advice that Allah subhanaw taala gave to his Nebuchadnezzar so license Salaam, which is he said, Get away from that, leave them Hydra jameelah. And when you get away from them, don't go with a parting shot. Don't go with, you know, trying to get back at them, just leave with dignity, Solomonic or leave, just leave them with dignity, and then a lesson and let me deal with them. lasing Leave me alone to deal with them. Those who travel you those who, who try to harm you, those who are being nasty to you, those who are opposing you for no reason. It's not that you have harmed them, you did anything to them, they just don't like your

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face, they don't like what you're saying they don't like your message, even though your message is for their benefit that they don't see it that way. They see it in a different way and they want to

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hurt you and to insert to Allah said, leave me to deal with them.

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And Allah says that they are doing all of this, because I have given them some good things.

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Unlike saying that they have this courage,

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they feel that they are so they are they feel they are so strong, because they are wealthy, because they have some political power and authority because they seem to have some

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you know, some of the cheerleaders who are around them. Yeah, and they are saying and doing all of this because they think and they forget that these are things I gave them which Allah said I gave them these things. And we give therefore they have the they are in possession of some good things of life because Allah gave it to them, but they forgot that and they're now using it against the Rasul of Allah Subhan. Allah, Allah, Allah. And Allah said, and so we give them respect for a little while Allah said, don't worry.

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Even if punishment is not visited upon them instantly it will come to them. They don't realize that but it is going to happen. And Allah said and then very with us with meaning with Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah said, we have with us fetters to bind them chains to bind them and a raging fire in which they will be put and food that chokes and which is a painful trauma. My brothers and sisters please remember this and May Allah forgive us.

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Allah declared war only on two kinds of people a lot declared war on those who deal in interest and those who travel his Olia his pious slaves. Abba hora de la Han, who reported from rasuna Salama hadiza hotsy were rasulillah salam Salam said Allah subhanho wa Taala has said, I will declare war against him, who shows hostility to my family to a pious worshipper of mine, and the most beloved thing with which my slave comes near to me now please understand this, this is for all of us, right? So Allah is saying, the most beloved thing, what do I like the most the most beloved thing with which my slave comes close to me, comes nearer to me is what I have enjoined upon him,

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it is what I made for upon him, and my slave keeps coming closer to me, through performing now I feel in addition to the fluoride, so the prayer or whatever it is, whether it is the Hydros whether it whether it is extra sadaqa whether it is over and above Zakat, whether it is extra fasting, outside of Ramadan, all of these things which we do in addition to the five. So for the fourth is the boundary condition, we come close to Allah subhanaw taala by ensuring that we do whatever Subhana Allah subhana wa Taala enjoined upon us. We don't leave that we do not leave our Salah we don't delay our Salah we don't, we don't miss out our fasting. We don't try to

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to, you know, cut corners on Zakat and so on so forth. We do whatever is

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following us when the hedge becomes performed on us immediately, we hasten to make it we don't say don't wait, I'm young, I will do it when I'm old. No, we hasten to do these things we made sure that we completely and totally fulfilled for our eyes we fulfill whatever Allah has made for us. And then in addition to that,

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the idea of Allah for those who do more worship, not less worship, please understand this, who do more worship who do more Nirvana, Allah said, when they do that, my slave come, keeps coming closer to me through performing of his Navarre, Phil, until I love him.

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My brother and sister every time I hear these hobbies, I read his hobbies, I mentioned his hobbies, I asked you and I asked myself simply to stop here. And not to speak not to do anything. Just think shut your eyes, sit quietly, think and reflect and say, What does it mean? If Allah loves me?

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Right? What is the meaning of that? Uh, what meaning me? I'm not saying obviously, I don't mean the translation. I mean, what is what does it do to me? What does it do to you?

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What is the the benefit of the love of anybody?

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That if somebody loves me,

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what do I expect? What can I legitimately expect? If my wife loves me?

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Then what can I legitimately expect from her?

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The first thing I can legitimately expect from my wife, if she loves me is that she will be constantly concerned about my welfare.

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Somebody who love you don't even know

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the top of the mind for you. They are somebody about who you are most concerned. So if my wife loves me, or if I love my wife, then the first thing is that I would be most concerned about her welfare, she would be most concerned about my welfare.

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Second thing is, I would like to spend as much time with her as possible, because I enjoy that. So therefore, I would like to be in her company. And if she enjoyed that, she would like to be my company.

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I would like to share whatever I have with her, I wouldn't, I wouldn't feel hesitant about that, I wouldn't feel you know, as if I'm losing something. Or whatever I have, maybe maybe more, maybe less, I would like to share that with her, I would like her to use that. And if she used what I had, and she enjoyed it, that would make me feel very happy.

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And then if anyone troubled her if anyone bothered her, then I would immediately

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rush to her protection and I would retaliate. Even if in that process, I lost my life it will not matter I would say you cannot touch my hair on the edge of my wife, as long as I'm alive.

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Nothing think about this dialogue. This is not a matter to illustrate the greatness and glory of allow the love of Allah but point is that if you take these things and say, If Allah loves me, then who can harm me? He loves me. Then who can take away what I have? Keep Allah loves me. What can I can company? If Allah loves me, how can I be hurt in any way?

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Right. Now you might say well, you know, at the same time we have the Hadees of masala Salim where

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Xavi asked him jasola, who are tested the most. And as well as SLM said, the people who are tested the most are the MBR les mussalam. They are the souls and the Amir of Allah. And then those who come next and then who those who come next meaning who are closer to them, who is closer to the MBR and then who those who are closer to those who are closer to them. Yeah. So Allah basically Allah who sought asylum

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in saying that tests come the most to those who are the closest to Allah because there is no one who is will it is not more than that. These are all kinds of

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funny concepts that have come into Islam. The Wali of Allah is less than the navvy of Allah, the levy of Allah subhanho wa Taala is maso and morphos is free from sin and is protected from sin.

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The Wali of Allah is somebody who Allah subhanaw taala forgives, and because he seeks forgiveness, but the worry of Allah is not somebody who is sinless, who has who never commits a sin No, we are human beings, while Allah of Allah are people who do commit who may commit a second but immediately they seek forgiveness and Allah subhanaw taala forgives them and a lot of watch them so therefore, that's a different level. Anyway, we are not discussing here the the origin of the Gambia And the idea here, I'm

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saying that when you look at this hadith where a surah, Selim said that the ambia are tested the most and after the Aamir Khan, the earlier of Allah and after them others who are close to the earlier meaning closer to the earlier means people who not only who love the Gambia and the Olia but also people who are close to them in action, I mean, who are pious and who, who respect the boundaries of Allah?

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Now, there seems to be a sort of contradiction between what I said before that if you if Allah loves you, How can any harm taught you How can any calamity touch you, and this is where I'll be saying, those who are the closest to Allah are tested the most. And what do you understand by test mostly, test is painful. That test is of course, also in another way, which is, and in a I believe, that is probably the more complex and more complicated and more difficult way of being tested, which is by plenty, tests comes in two ways, you are tested by plenty and you are tested by by little so Allah subhanaw taala, tests some of his slaves by giving them money and wealth. I mean, money isn't so

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wealth and power and authority, which is even, it's an even bigger test. And you know, good health and a good family and everything else, all the within quotes, all the blessings of this life, Allah subhanaw taala gives and this is a very big test. In many ways, this is a much, much bigger test, and a much more dangerous test, then illness and loss and pain and suffering and you know, things like that, because the natural tendency of the human being, when he is facing loss is to call to Allah,

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is to call to Allah. Allah mentioned in the Quran, also, Allah says that when you are sailing your ships on the high seas, and you get caught in a storm, then immediately you start calling to Allah subhanaw taala. But when Allah delivers you from that, and you come back to shore, and your feet are firmly on the earth, then you go back to your old ways, and you go back to worshipping other than Allah and to joining partners with Allah. So this is a natural tendency of the human being that when he or she is tested, when they are in trouble when they are in difficulty when they are in pain, when they are suffering, that they called Allah subhanaw taala. Because it seems to them they're all

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their normal resources have come to a close that all the normal ways, the people and the means, which would otherwise have supported them, these have abandoned them. And so they call to Allah subhanaw taala. But when you have everything, this is dangerous, because when we have everything it is the very nature of this dunya that it involves itself. It involves you in itself to a level where you forget a loss of hanos eligibility. Yesterday I was

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I was on a board. And we went through one place in a marina. And I saw this two magnificent yachts. There was one was black completely and the other one was white, absolutely fabulous, magnificent yachts. And just up from that Marina on the hillside. There are mansions, the beautiful houses, huge houses, with big ground and so on. And when you do think about that,

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one of those yards costs 10 times the the

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the cost of one of the houses even though the houses you will be mentioned, that house costs one 10th the cost of the yard. So that yard will only is somebody who's super wealthy right? Now think about that, if if I had a yacht like that,

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then I would be so involved in it. I mean, this is the reality of life. And it's very strange. And he also if you think about that, if you own something like that, first of all, you would have to shell out some very serious cash to buy that.

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Given where I am in America, nobody shows that out in cash, which means that you are getting that from some load from some bank, meaning that now your pings are very serious interest payments, month after month on that yacht, number one. Number two, buying something is one thing, maintaining something is something else, you know, in the old days is to say, There's a famous proverb of white elephant, white elephant is something it's an elephant that you can't use, but you have to maintain and this was evidently something that the kings of old did with somebody who they wanted to teach a lesson but they didn't necessarily want to punish him in a in a in a bad way. So they would send him

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a gift and the gift would be a royal elephant. So now the guy stuck because

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This is a royal elephant, it's a gift from the king, which means that he has to look after it, he's got no choice. He can't sell that elephant, he can't, you know, kill it or something. What is going to do the elephant what what is an ordinary person going to do with a huge big elephant. So that elephant is worthless to him, he can use it in any way. And he has to feed that elephant and to maintain it. And that would you know, bankrupt you. So it was a way of punishing so this is this thing is like this, when I look at it, I'm thinking that somebody who is

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who owns a boat like that Illa Mashallah was different than the exception, but everything bilateral, somebody owns a boat like that is earning some serious money. But to earn that serious money, he can't be sitting on that boat cruising around the world, he's got to be sitting somewhere in Wall Street or wherever, earning their serious money. So his boat is sitting in the marina for which he is paying, believe me, though those boats come with Cruise they come. So you've got to pay the whole crew. And no matter whether the boat is sailing, or not, everybody's got to be paid, the boat has to be maintained. It has to be, you know, kept up to up to speed because otherwise it goes back. It

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loses value plus you can use it when you want to use it, the boat is not Nazi worthy. And all of that including the rental space is all of it, we are talking about some big dollars. So this person now even without touching the board, even without stepping on the board is spending the big bucks. And to spend those big bucks, he's got to earn them, he's got multiples of them. Obviously, he's not putting everything he has into that board. So he is sitting somewhere in Wall Street or wherever earning those big bucks. And then he is he will get some time to go and take a ride on that on that board. So for that one little ride, he's paying all of those big bucks. Which is why I've always

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been I've always spoken against acquiring within course assets like this, right holiday homes, big boards, whatnot, I always say cheaper for you to rent, when you want to go to someplace anyway that's it, that's not part of the discussion, but I'm just saying that these as tests from Allah are far more severe than pain. Because when you are in pain, it is natural that you call us. So when Allah said Matthew surah with the with the difficulty comes the ease, the difficulty is the suffering but the ease is the turning towards Allah subhanaw taala is when we ask Allah Subhana Allah but when that difficulty within quartz is not seen as difficulty when that difficulty is seen

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as wow fantastic I have now in this position I am now you know head of this organization I am now yeah you know whatever right? So you've got this great position of winning courts on and and some of those positions have to be if you become the head of the of the malakpet Racecourse in Hyderabad, some of some people might think it's an honor but seriously ask yourself is it really an honor? You get elected as the president of your club and his exclusive club somewhere? Ask yourself if it is an honor. So everything takes up more and more and more and more of your time which means you get drawn further and further away from Allah subhanaw taala to a test of wealth is a far more difficult test

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than a test off

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of deprivation or pain or suffering and of course, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to save us from all tests. We don't even want to go into the area of passing the test we draw we want to be protected from the test itself and we say Allah, we are too weak please do not test us Do not you know what we have it please do not test us we accept we make is the foreign that's why it's the foreign Toba is so important because you are not even going into the area of test you are asking Allah swatters, forgiveness straightaway using ally made a mistake in his offseason been Catherine but fairly fine.

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Violent, Li Mei committed mistake committed a crime committed a sin. I transgress against myself usually Allah forgive me before there is nobody who forgives except yourself. So we seek the forgiveness of others.

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So as far as these deaths are concerned,

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these are things that come to now where we talked about two things. One is we say, Allah protects his his NaVi, but then at the same time, you're saying those who are closest to the to Allah them beyond the idea. They are the test they tested the most. So how do these two connect and that's how they connect which is that with those tests, they come closer and closer to Allah subhanaw taala so we ask Allah for closest to him without the test but this is the son of Allah and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us and to protect us. Allah subhanaw taala draws people closer to him by testing them and by helping them take the in our lesson on evil. I'm Elisa Lam. We'll see all of

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this in detail inshallah. But just

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something I want to say here.

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Take the life of grammar is Allah it is us.

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series of tests, a series of tests right and each one is more difficult than the previous one, one after the other one after the other tests after test after test, and the result of that is Halima kalevala. Take him take his life his blessed life, it from the from the time in Makkah to the time in Medina and if you read the Sierra, you You do realize that Medina was not really from test. One Nina was simply a different kind of test. in Makkah, the type of tests were different in Medina, the type of tests were different, but there was there was he was still tested, both in Makkah and in Medina now, series of tests, one after the other, one after the other one after the other. So we ask

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Allah to save us whatever the point is, that with these tests, Allah subhanaw taala is raising, they're

00:25:50 --> 00:25:57

drawing the Olia closer and closer to him. And then Allah subhanaw taala said, that

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my slave keeps coming closer to me, through the novel and so on, till I love him. And when I love him, I become the hearing by which he hears his seeing with which he sees and his hand with which you he strikes and his leg with which he walks. And if he asks something from me, I will give it to him. And if you ask for my protection, I will protect him and this is in Sahil Buhari, my brothers sisters, please think about this. What is the value of Allah loving me? The value of Allah loving me in one line one word is that my daughter becomes accepted? What are you and I willing to do for the acceptance of others?

00:26:40 --> 00:26:47

And that's why I'm so particular and I'm so dogmatic about always, always always eating and drinking, Helen.

00:26:49 --> 00:27:02

Do these two things don't let anything doubtful I know you will not do something which is haram. But don't let anything doubtful pass your lips and do not let anything doubtful come into your income.

00:27:03 --> 00:27:17

Please, fulfill a variety. Stay away from everything which is dark for nothing, which is doubtful you must eat or nothing which is doubtful, you must earn. So earnings and

00:27:18 --> 00:27:33

food must be 100% without doubt they must be valid. Now if you do that, what is the biggest benefit of that the biggest benefit of that is that your RA is acceptable? Don't

00:27:34 --> 00:28:01

tell me is it really is it not worth it? Or you love that that doubtful chicken I would love that coke and that Pepsi so much that you don't care if your door is not accepted. I'm not saying everyone who's drinking Coke is does not accept we're not saying that I am saying that hold yourself to this standard and say that I will not eat or drink anything which is doubtful and something which has got a secret formula, no matter what anybody says that is doubtful.

00:28:03 --> 00:28:09

That is not fun. And if you are a Muslim, how do you eat or drink something where you don't know what you're eating and drink?

00:28:10 --> 00:28:19

The minimum requirement before you know it is halal or haram is to know what it is. And if you don't even know that how do you say it is permissible?

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Seriously, ask yourself and if you are praying safe, then you cannot say it is it is you know it is permissible until you verify what it is.

00:28:30 --> 00:29:01

So what is the value of Allah you might say? Well, you know, this Alia thing applies only to the great names that we know of our great scholars and the Olia insha Allah, and I'm saying earlier inshallah, because again, please understand this, this is another problem with us, we designate, and we say so and so is a great value of Allah, and so and so is a greater worry of Allah, and so and so is the greatest value of Allah, please understand this, what are you saying? Since when did you get the authority to give ranks to people need Allah subhanaw taala tell you,

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here you are free right? Here you are free. And here is a list of my slaves, who worship Me and so on and so forth. Now I am giving you the authority you decide who is my family and you decide who is a bigger family and who you decide who is the biggest family? This has been given to you has Allah said this to you please.

00:29:23 --> 00:29:39

And if Allah did not say this to you, and you know, he didn't say to you, how do you say how do you make all these categories and differences? How do you even say about somebody specifically as a with a name and say that so and so is a great valuable? How do you know that? So therefore always say, insha Allah.

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Only Allah knows. We know the ambia How do I know that Musa alayhis salam is an Abbe of Allah because Allah said so how do I know that Muhammad Rasul? Allah Mr. Ravi avalide. Because Allah said so.

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But if I name any of the names where we say so and so is the value of Allah and I'm not doing it

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deliberately that's not my it's not my job. But if I name somebody and I say that this person is a bully and this person is the saddle Alia and this person is the greatest, On what basis do I say that? What is my delete? And in Islam there are only two which is the Quran and the Sunnah.

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Which, which Wali of Allah. Which of the Olia who we call earlier is named in the Quran, or in the synonymous or by definition that cannot have.

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So please understand this. Don't fall into that. However, having said that, Sita Rama follows.

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So if you ask me, who is the Valley of Allah? What is the lead in the Quran? that people are Alia of Allah? There is there in the Quran, Allah is the value of people. Allahu

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Allahu Allahu LA. Vina mano, Allah is the Valley of the believers.

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But what is to say that the believers are the audio of Allah, Allah subhanaw taala set to the set to us and told us that in sort of the newness, a last word and I said Allah in Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah Dena MANOVA can no

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longer Boucher dunia Villa para la de de la de Cali Mati LA.

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Liga who will foes will Ozzy

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Allah subhanaw taala said that verily and truly no doubt, the Olia of Allah.

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who have no fear and they have no grief. I know only Allah La, la Hoeven, Allah him.

00:31:53 --> 00:32:03

Verily The only of Allah those who have no fear and they have no fear is with respect to the future. Grief is with respect to the past.

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And Allah is saying about his earlier My only are those who have no fear of the future and who have no grief in the past. Why? Because Allah has forgiven them. So therefore whatever they did is forgiven and hamdulillah because they are on the right path Allah has promised them Jen so in the future also there is no

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fear that they don't fear the future because they believe in Allah subhanaw taala they had the land Allah subhanaw taala and therefore Allah subhanaw taala has promised to support them Allah make us all among them, and they do not grieve about the past because they have made us different Toba. So even if they made it committed any sin, the sin has been forgiven. And Allah Samaritan has a lower Bushra phylogeny of Allah. Allah said for them there is glad good tidings and glad news in this dunya and the ACA. So Allah is not saying if you are is well he will suffer the know you may go through tests and we ask Allah for relief from the tests and for protection on the test also, but

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but I'm not saying even if you go through the test, it is something which is temporary Allah supports you and so on and so forth and the religion and India Coronavirus Jana inshallah la vida de la de Cali Mati LA, Allah subhanaw taala said there is no change in the Word of Allah. La Liga, what follows him, and Allah said, this is true success, right? This is true success. Now,

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I remind myself I knew that Allah subhanaw taala did not name anyone specifically and say so and so is nobody, but Allah subhanaw taala gave us the general understanding and description of those who are his audience. Now it is for us to make ourselves among that. How do you do that? By staying away from haram by ensuring we don't earn haram by ensuring we don't eat and drink haram by ensuring that we

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we live our lives according to the way that Allah subhanaw taala prescribed what is that way? What is it called? It's called the Sunnah of Muhammad Rasul Allah is awesome. So as long as we are doing that in sha Allah, we ask Allah to include us among this idea. What level Allah chooses to give is with Allah subhanho wa Taala but believe me, even if you are the last name on that list, in sha Allah you are going into gender I mean this is there is no value of Allah which will go to jail no matter what. So don't worry about the data. That's why Allah subhanaw taala to give even if you are the last of them even if they are that the list is ended with your name on my name as the end the

00:34:43 --> 00:34:59

last of it Alhamdulillah Our future is assured and it's a beautiful future. My brothers sisters, I buy myself a new let us get here with life. And getting real with life means to understand that this world belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala it does not belong

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on to this one or that one, many have come and many have gone.

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All of whom

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all of them thought that the world belongs to them. They had far more than what people do they have. And history teaches us and that is why the Quran has so many stories of the people of the past. History teaches us that it doesn't stay, it goes whatever you have, is to be left behind. And therefore it is a good thing. I always ask Allah Subhana Allah, Allah do not make me more attached do not make me dependent on anybody. But I don't want with I do not want to get stuff in this dunya which will make my departure from this dunya difficult. I don't want my soul to get stuck in every brick of my beautiful mansion, or to get stuck in my boat or my car or my aeroplane or my, you know,

00:35:59 --> 00:36:24

my favorite horse or favorite dog or whatever, I don't want that. I when I when my time to go comes, I am waiting to meet my Rabbi ask Allah Subhana Allah to call me and I asked Allah to make it easy for me and I make this I make those ends on. May Allah make it easy for you. Right? This is what I am. I asked Allah subhanaw taala for you. And this is what I asked for myself as well.

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There are two morning dubs. I don't know why do they call them morning dubs? What are the money? anyway? So the point I'm making here is that the sign of the value of Allah is somebody who has no sadness and somebody who has no fear. somebody whose past is he has no sadness, because doesn't mean he didn't commit as he may have committed, he may have committed and believe me sin is not I mean, you might say, Well, you know, so and so. I mean, what haram not haram for a person of that level, even a a moment of, of attention away from Allah subhanaw taala amounts to something. You know, in order we have a saying, Jin ki rutabaga, Siva anco. Siva Masekela the people whose job and whose

00:37:12 --> 00:37:26

levels are so superior that for them there are no exceptions. I mean, every single thing, count for the Allah subhanaw taala. If you look at the Sierra, for example, and you see what how the Sahaba what Allah subhanaw taala did with us.

00:37:28 --> 00:38:01

Any kind of within quartz mistake was immediately corrected by lasagna, right? This is why the Sabbath is after the MBA, there is no one who comes to even close any any hobby, who has an as hobbies, diviner, somebody who in a state of Eman, who saw or who spent time in cyber blind, he didn't see but he spent time with him. And he died in a state of mind, this is the definition of Sahabi. So any Sahabi is superior to the rest of the oma combined.

00:38:02 --> 00:38:06

I'm not even talking about the the the great ones, the kabiri like

00:38:08 --> 00:38:41

Delano before him, and so on. I'm talking about anytime and see what happened with anything like I don't have the time to go into details here. But just think so therefore, you will find that tests will come and so instead what is so very important, make sure that I remind myself and you let us make sure that we make cassata with tips to find more and more and more, how much is different, as much as you think you need, how much do you think me? How much do I think I need? So let us

00:38:42 --> 00:38:45

let us you know really think about

00:38:47 --> 00:39:19

this and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to to forgive us and we ask Allah will make us defer to him. We asked him not to forgive us. I asked Allah to forgive you I asked for forgiveness and forgiveness forgiveness of myself today is Juma and you will see this you won't see this on our time recording it on Juma May Allah subhanaw taala accept the Juma May Allah give us that particular moment of Duma where he accepts to us and

00:39:20 --> 00:39:32

inspire us and give us the words to ask him for that which he wants to give us. Or sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi may be erotica. Amina hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa home when it comes

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