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The speaker discusses the importance of the Surah Valley and its references to the Muhammad sallali-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-Andah-

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As his old earnings or his old treasures, right in one of the Hadees the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the surah Valley is wrong el Surah Surah Maria Surah Taha in Surah Al MBR from my first earnings meaning from the earliest revelations. So tonight we will be reciting surah Bani Israel and part of Surah alkaff in tomorrow night to the rest of surah Alka Subramanyam infura Taha, and the night after that allambie So, these five students and Professor Lloyd some group them together, and from these IDs, we know that they share something in common. Number two, we know that they are definitely early mock consumers, right. And what we learn on these tours are the

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foundations of our religion surah Ali throw and throw a golfer to Florida we are going to recite tonight, they will actually reveal together so, early in the early modern period, the Quraysh were trying to figure out, how can they prove the Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is a false prophet, because in their view, he was a false prophet. So he wanted to prove him to be false. So they went to the Jews of Medina, and they asked them to give him some questions that only real prophet will know the answer to. So the Jews of Medina gave them three questions. Question number one, tell us the story of the people of the cave. Question number two, what can you tell us about

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your coordinates? at question number three, what can you tell us about the soul? And the third question was meant to be a trick question. Because what did you have in mind is the true proper to say, only Allah knows the truth about the soul. And so Surah illustra was revealed. At the very end of the surah, we have the verse which allows you what handleless is they ask you about the soul, say it is Allah secret is Allah is with you, somebody only Allah knows, and you only know very little about it. And then the next Surah Surah Al Kahf, was revealed, which begins with the story of the people of the cave, and ends with the story of to coordinate. So all three questions were answered.

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And the correlation was silence. And we could not proof the proposal is actually false. So these sewers are proof of property, they will reveal at that time as a proof of property for those people. One of the striking qualities of sulamani sort of By the way, the sewers, we recycling actually has three names right? surah, bunnies, rah, rah, rah.

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Right? So this surah what's interesting about this is that it includes the earliest laws of Islam, we know that most of the laws will reveal the Medina. But there were a few laws revealed in Makkah, and those laws are all in Surah. So in the sooner For example, we have to go to worship Allah, Allah. And immediately after that, to be good to your parents, and then to take care of the orphans, they care of the poor. These were some of the earliest laws of Islam. And it shows that certain things were emphasized from day one, certain things we emphasize from the very beginning. And so this is a very, very important sutra. And yet even stories of some of the markers coming to the

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Prophet oystermen asked him about what his messages and he say to the person suitable for you and the end up converting to Islam. And the Surah Surah is personally one of my favorite students in the Quran, it is sooner to recite it every Friday. The prophets allow subsidies ever besides Raka from the Friday, it serves as a light for him from one Friday to the next meaning it is a source of guidance for you for the week. What the What is the main theme of

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the main theme of Surah Al Kahf, is that it prepares us for the test of life. In the very beginning of the surah Allah does that he created this world to test us and then he narrates what four stories, and each of these four stories tell us a blueprint test that you will face in life. The story of the people of the cave, tells us when we will be tested regarding our religion, right? The story of the two men in the garden helps us It will be tested regarding route or not hiking route. And then the story of Musa Elisa, all the things that they saw and witness tells us they will be tested with calamities and things that we don't understand. And then finally, the story of who for

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name teaches us that we will be tested either with how or when others having power over us. And so these are the forecast of life and reciting the surah every Friday and reflecting on it every writing prepares us to handle the test of life. And not only that the Student Help us to handle the test of life but even the greatest test of all, because the prophets like some said whoever memorizes the first 10 verses of surah cow this will protect him from a job in memorizing understanding, implementing the surah with Project one from the job. So these are very, very important. So whether we are reciting today, take some time to think about it to reflect to go back

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and read the translations that you're studying. Further to Bahama Rockies, seafood or Salama.