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Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The importance of finding one's spirituality in finding one's own success is discussed, along with the need for finding one's own success and the difficulty of pursuing one's spirituality. The speakers emphasize the importance of finding one's spirituality in transitioning between sex roles and bringing out spirituality in the transition. They also touch on the lost of joy and the importance of staying in a healthy environment, as well as the need to avoid losing one's face and not giving up on one's opinion.
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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Rasool e Nabeel Karim.

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I praise and thank Allah subhanaw taala for the means and the opportunity and I praise and thank Allah subhanaw taala today, not only for my health for the energy that we have, not only for being able to sit with two wonderful scholars in the speech before, but I think Allah, Allah today because genuinely If I were you, I don't know if I could sit this long for lecture. And I'm not joking. I think you people are amazing. I didn't grow up like this, I didn't grow up with the ability to have this much

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knowledge and to be that available. I don't know, I spoke what, twice today and I was up in my room with my leg legs up. Like,

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I can only imagine how you all feel. So if it's okay with you, our talk is going to be a lot shorter, we want to impart and just get straight to the core of things. We spent a lot of time this morning setting the precedent. So if anyone could quickly run me through and if you're not in the mood, just say I'm not in the mood, and I'll do the talking. Genuinely, I only have about eight minutes that I really want to get Thanks a lot. I was like, when did I turn blind?

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So are you all in the mood to answer a few questions you just want me to talk?

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Question? Like we're lazy.

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We live in Texas. Okay, friends quickly. What was the first the series? What's the premise of the series? Just throw out information. I'll organize it for you.

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You have what was the thesis?

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Okay, activism is one that's number three. Knowledge spirituality, okay, why? why these three things? What's the first revelation? If not, what's the what was the second revelation? And why do we want

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Surah 73? is number four about being connected with Allah, Allah in the night about being connected spiritually with the last data. Today's topic. Number three, what was

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74 activism, standing and warning the people if you truly believe in something, you're going to stick by it? I don't think that's fair. On the knowledge note. What could you give me from musala salaam stock knowledge is this not knowledge? But what kind of knowledge Do we need sisters? beneficial knowledge, things you could do stuff with? Number two brothers. What was the first and biggest component to seek knowledge? What did the man who sorry Salam said What did he say it was going to take and he wouldn't have enough of it. Patience. Good enough. Wow, thank you.

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There we go.

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Our yellow anything randomly Sorry, sorry, sir.

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Now, today, I want to give it a completely different angle, the second component to the complete believer and I found out that I will not be able to complete this. So I want you to coin this term, complete believer, the one who has beneficial knowledge, knows where to seek it and has the patience to get it the one who is connected to a las panatela in Surah number 73 io one through six. This means learn. Learn you he

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calls to his beloved wrapped in his cloak, who mean

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he calls to his beloved, and what does he want from a pseudo loss a lot is on friends. He wants him to meet Layla to stand in the night to stay standing in the night All night or some part of the night. And how should the Koran be recited I am number four. Eau de

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de Boer

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to recite on slowly calculated and with a rhythm. I want to take a completely different angle on this. I want you to look at spirituality in a different lens. Yes, undoubtedly we have to connect with the less power with Allah. But let's be real here that I am going to be upfront with you spirituality if I was going to talk here about the night prayer on night. I didn't pray the night prayer last night. I didn't pray the night before and I didn't bring it the night before.

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So I'm not going to get up here and lecture you about the importance of the 100

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undoubtably, it's very tremendous. I am going to talk to you about an internal spirituality which I believe will help us get to the night prayer. So point number one I'm going to make a connection between prayer spirituality

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And controlling. It's an it's it's 930 10 o'clock I can say whatever I want sexual desires. Now I was praying and hoping that I wouldn't have to be dealing with first and second graders. So if you feel Goofy,

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then then then then I got some worse.

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I got some words for you. For real for real. If we could do this properly, I would really appreciate it. If not, I'll give you a talk about

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am I okay to keep going.

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I'm not playing around fam. Like, I have to make a direct connection between inhale swallow that then

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that the Salah, and I'm gonna ask Milan master to stop me if I'm wrong here. The salon is a repeller of dirty, lower desires, my wrong

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the correct prayer and I'm not lying. I went back and prayed my mother differently. And he was like the example that he called dumb. Or the example that he called like it was so it's gonna sound dumb if you started speaking Tamil, and then you would get bored, right? If I started speaking in some other language, you would get bored. But I went upstairs. I was like,

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Imagine standing there. And I thought to myself, the only thing that occupies our young people's thought process is the pursuit

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and the ability and I'm giving you the Messiah. amount. So this was speaking to us, this is the man.

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And he said, sometimes young people don't realize, and I want you to go out on a limb here with me. This is gonna be awkward.

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peacocks, animals, baboons, they have colors on their body, they have muscles or they have beauty or they sing, and it attracts. It attracts the opposite gender. And at the end of the day, what is the objective of attracting the opposite gender, you all know it is to reproduce. And I thought to myself, I was like, we spend so much time lining it up. We've spent so much time and it's not so that you can get attention but at the end of the day, we put on EC Miyazaki and we do all of these things. Genuinely, you could laugh at it now. But you won't laugh at the end of my talk. Spirituality today is being murdered under the guise of I need to look fly and I need to look fresh.

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Now you're gonna say I think brother you're taking this out too far. I would like to myself and Rob did not so I'm going to actually shifted over here to the table. I would like to discuss the life of Miriam said I want it from the doula that her mother made and if you want just so you can follow along it's surah number three, I a number and there's so much I'm going to start you from 30 but we will read

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we will read from Isaiah number 35. So when Maryam Salah when it has mother would make La Nina down to la cama.

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She's not even born yet and her mother's saying, I give my feet balcony what's in my stomach. Well, how do all I'm burning?

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Guys, do you think someone sat down Marie and said I'm on Haley Han said to her? Do you think someone sat her down and said, modesty is really important. You should wear a job. Do you think someone sat her down and said you should speak to boys with etiquette? You should walk on a stand? Yeah. Did someone sit her down and say, well, poking on Facebook is like this. And it's like this? And after a wedding? No, really, really? You think someone sat her down? And do you think she went up to her mom and said, you know, at my wedding, I was thinking about not wearing a job because it's just one day. But guys, in order to really, really

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comprehend spirituality of this pinnacle of spirituality at 90% of the conversations that we have, guys,

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we just got to get left on the side.

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And I say if we don't look these things dead in the eye,

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if we don't look these things, then in the eye then when they come to us when promiscuity calls you and when promiscuity sits there on the end of your iPod or at the movie theater or in some message or some MSA event.

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If you're not prepared the way Mary and Sarah want it, how was prepared and you will see this in the transition between the two is that we do guys, there'll be nothing left of us. We won't be able to deal with these things. So I'm not going to talk about you hijaab I'm not going to talk to you about man woman relationship. But I want to talk about spirituality is between you and who you are and Allah subhanaw taala right. That night is a is a black veil. It's a cloak.

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It keeps things dark.

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I wear this cloak, this actual cloak that I'm wearing, so it could cover my body.

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Spirituality for us now in the United States is not only going to be the night prayer, I'm actually going to say more than the night prayer, it is going to be us, protecting ourselves from lewd and promiscuous talk, activity. gestures that I want you to go to your parents and explain. Just explain one thing. I was sitting with my dad.

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And somebody evil poet said, and I'll let you lick the rubber

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barbell for

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so my dad asked why is he licking the lollipop? If the rapper is on?

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You laugh? Cry explaining that, then that's your to your baby sister. Explain that. Why? Why is she doing that? Why does she wear it like that?

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Explain to your younger brother. Why does it? Why does she look like that? Why is she walking like that? Why is she doing that with her. But think about those things.

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Walk down the grocery store aisle and ask your little brother or sister Do you want RB tour that you want. You want me to wear those things and look at the fifth or of the child look at the nature of the child, the immediate detachment to that and then turn to yourself. Remember when you were 12 and all of a sudden girls were achy. Or now we live in an age where maybe it's a different age. So what I'd like to do is give you this one example and then B is now we'll take it to the table. I'm not going to come to this example of Miriam Sarah Menotti. As an example of spirituality and modesty alone. I want you to see the fluctuation

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know the appropriate fluctuation of her spirituality. Let's take the example here. I in number 33. We started 3435. So he came and she was studying she spent her whole life by the time she was a mustard going girl. She was religious. She was modest. No one sat down marry him and said look, I think the clothes are a little bit too tight. She took the initiative on her own. She didn't need to get some guy with a beard to be like look baby girl.

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Everything in here tells me you can just like that.

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But then everything that the religion says no is better if you don't dress that way. Everything in my Dean is saying man go kicking, do what you gotta do, you know? But then the religion tells me otherwise. But watch the fluctuation here. So she's not in this Limbo of is it halaal to watch brothers and sisters. Is it halaal to go out to this concert? She stopped she's not stuck in this halaal haram business. She's in the fluctuation of if I do this, will they get me to Jenna quicker? If I do this, if I read this if I stay by the law and I fast will I enter Jenna and be closer to the province. That's the status. So number one lesson of spirituality. Stop asking whether it's halal or

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haram ask me ask the Mufti will it get me that

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I could convince you that

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that these sounds holla

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and then you're going to convince me that candy shop is allowed to it doesn't make any sense. Start asking me the question stop asking is it okay to chat with girls online whether it's normal chatting with girls online getting to gender brother some will music will 50 cents a 50 cent little Wayne will they get me to gender will watching these things with just one bad scene it's just a little bit of * will that get me to gender watch the fluctuation and the ability here. So is the Curiosity Sam finds Maryam Salama they have by the Mayflower by the the the police in the masjid? And he says to her on Mount reimo and Maliki

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he Where did you get these fruits? So I want you to visualize visualize. In December she had mangoes Okay, in the middle of a cold month she had summer fruits, the angels were bringing her fruits. So the Prophet is asking a young girl

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Where did this come?

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And she said, she responds and she looks back to me. She says, oh, let me know

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that this is from Allah subhanaw taala. But look, she looks at the questioner and she says in Ohio Zoo Puma, yes.

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She adds the little lesson. Why does she add this lesson? Is the questioner, a pious person who wants to learn? Yes. So profit

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So sometimes we get we preach to the choir a lot. We talk Oh brother, why am is really important you should go to them why am meeting? Well

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the point is we preach to the choir a lot. We preach to the choir a lot and sometimes we get lost in that. She looks in the property is asking her Zakaria actually answers now. I'm going to leave that with you. You can do with it as you will. we fast forward to the part where now she's grown up. She has built spiritual tolerance, and she is intolerant. So when the angel comes to her right, the angel now we're going to move to Surah Maryam i a number 16 to 30. Of course, we don't have time to tackle that Maryam which is a surah. Number

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19 sold to the man in the purple hot

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suit number 19 cycle affair. Surah number 19 is 16 to 30. A man comes to her she's in the middle of the desert. And he says to her it's an a man, a form of a man that I have been brought glad tidings before he speaks. What does she say? I seek refuge with Allah subhanaw taala I'm not about that. Did she wait for him to introduce himself? She made her stance known a bee. She goes through the pangs of death. She She has umbilical fluid all over her. She's sitting there. No pitocin nothing. She gave birth to a child. Keep this in mind. Allah subhanaw taala says her tap on the tree. Any one of us would have to tap on the word.

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Did someone not send the memo? Did I just get a baby? But she trusted Allah subhanaw taala. And she tapped this tree but we've done this talk already. Now watch what happens. She walks back with baby in hand. She's coming back to her community. Now remember the average community? What do they want? There are us weekly magazine people there People Magazine. They want the tabloid to read and Mary.

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They want the one someone to say something right? Oh, did you hear what happened? She had a baby. You know Maryam, she did this. Bah bah, bah, bah, bah. Now they asked her where did you get the baby. So now she's holding the baby, she comes back to the community. This is readiness of spirituality. She could have said to the grimy people. And you all know me for my whole life. You all know that I wouldn't do anything like she says nothing. She holds her mouth. They say so where'd you get the baby? I thought you were honorable. I thought you were you know, your father wasn't like this. Your brother wasn't like this. Your family were good people.

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What did she say?

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La La. She points at the baby. And the people say, what are we supposed to do with a baby?

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And Allah subhanaw taala allows the baby to speak and what is the first thing that Jesus says to all of the world just said it twice yesterday.

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All in me.

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Even he didn't say I'm unabie. I'm a prophet. I'm a messenger, I'm going to have him. He said I'm the slave of Allah being prepared, so that when indecency spirituality of the lower part of your body, covering it,

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when that comes to task, you're not doing it on the fly, you're not doing because you heard a lecture, you're doing it because you've been holding yourself up protecting yourself for this month. So I'd like to ship it. But did anyone notice? When the Prophet asked her a question? You see how wise she was? She gave more information. But when the US Weekly people came around, they're like, so what happened once you get a baby

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And she was like, what, why Hispanics? What's going on? We're in the middle of the desert.

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She didn't say that.

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She said, she pointed the baby. What I want to do now and I really want to get into this. I really want to get into controlling and understanding the lower desire. Because if you all think spirituality is waking up at night, and that you're going to wake up at night. But then you're going to go spend the whole day doing this all day. It's not going to happen. We're not going to be able to make that connection because you can't have too hot and cold at the same time. It becomes maybe lukewarm or you get really sick. So be it in Allahu Allah, I want. And I want this opportunity. And I will say this away from Alana and Nasir, so that there isn't any difference, brother. Why do we

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because we don't we don't have to wear a hijab on our head. Why do we forget about the true meaning of hijab, the true meaning of the looseness of our garment? And the sternness of our tongue. Sometimes we Oh yeah, you can say whatever you want. We have more lewdness and perversity in our mouth, and in our

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Mind, why do we yell and say, Hey, I got to work your job.

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Let's go eat some meat, scratch our belly, but we lose, we lose that. We lose the fact that a job is the way that I speak to a sister in the way that I communicate and brothers, I give you the one thing, the person you're looking at on that screen, ask yourself the same question as to the loss a lot. So this is all about spirituality. As the same question that he asked him and he said, I want to become Muslim, but I just want to be able to you know, get it on every once in a while. I want to be able to commit Zina, a man came to prophets, Allah Islam and said I want to commit Zina. The prophets a lot is some said, How would you feel if someone did this act with your? And who was the

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first one? Well, no, no, it was it. He said mother or sister? He said, Would you like someone who would have done this with your mother? And I want you to take this Prince, please don't laugh at this. It'll hurt me.

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We they lived at a time where the Prophet asked a man would you be okay, if someone did this act with your mother, we live a very sick American Pie world

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where there's a phrase for this. And we think that it's

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I lose track of that.

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And at the same time, sisters, please listen to the words that they put into our mouth. The internet is called www What did that sound stand for? worldwide? What? web who spins a web

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spider does Why does he spin a web to catch you. And when you wriggle in the web, you get deeper. It's called the it's called the inter net.

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So they can capture and sisters make up.

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You don't need to make up for anything. You're beautiful the way unless

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you don't need to make up for anything. Are you making up because you feel ugly? So I have to make up something.

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I see you embellish. beautified make better? Well, your beauty for the man who's supposed to see it.

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Because when the treasure is held in a beautiful box,

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and it's in the box, then the person says Wow, that's amazing. When there's a piece of happy chocolate on the street, you're like, That's disgusting. When there's a wrapped piece of Ferro Shea with the golden outside with a sticker on top with the little tinfoil at the bottom. You say that's a treasure. You call it expensive. You have nothing to make up for last creating more beautiful than anyone else. But we live in the complete opposite society where you're out, look but don't touch.

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See these words back to yourself. See these concepts and then pursue spirituality. I turn it over to our shift so that we can discuss together please understand that Milan and Austria and I have done this on many occasions but on the east coast. We've never been able to do this. We're not going to speak separately. We're going to finish each other's thoughts we're going to work together because sometimes you lose in just one person isn't Allahu taala Maryam Salman Ali has spirituality was part and parcel with her modesty. And if anyone took from any my talks that I want you to dress a certain way. then guess what? I only have one job and I'm going to wear a shirt and pants tomorrow. You're

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losing a job as allies intended. So please remember, and I'll leave on moosari salams when moosari salams tongue was green from sucking leaves when he was banished from Egypt. His feet were blistered, and he saw the girls who were trying to water their flock when they watered their flock and we'll do this in the evening talk. How did the girl who he wanted her flock How did she walk to him?

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What did she say?

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That's the most important thing. A lot in his book shows God Himself chose to reveal that once she walked over to him. She didn't walk in large and in charge. She didn't bang her anklets. She didn't say well, my dad wants to see you.

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All that and a bag of chips.

00:24:26 --> 00:24:28

No, you laugh though. It's funny now.

00:24:30 --> 00:24:53

But this is the culture we're fed. This is the culture we're learning Alice DPA. She walked with modesty. She didn't walk harshly. She didn't walk too modest so that she was seen as overly spiritual. She walked as a woman walks as a woman that creature that is a treasure from Allah Subhana Allah. And how did he respond to when we hold the door and we hold the elevator, we make sure to make eye contact and say

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mustards over there.

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We can do

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Better than that Bismillahi dolla, I give the mic over to Milena Nasser. He is now we will share my son opseu brother bounnam Mohammed and a good friend that I just met and that was a great honor to meet him as well. His brother Omar, where they're from Are you here?

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So I got the law. Good to see you man. I woke up afterwards. And now we're not done. We're just gonna move it over here. shipment of the nastran I will continue this talk there isn't any need to either or Sarah Marie Kumar.

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