The Quality that Makes the Poor Wealthy

Ammar Alshukry


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This river, contentment, this attributes that

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a person who has wealth without contentment is impoverished. And a person who has poverty, with contentment is wealthy.

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A person who lives in comfort without contentment is miserable. And a person who lives in difficulty with contentment is happy. You know, last week and fall asleep we met a doctor, right? And this doctor that I mentioned him last week.

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What did he say though? I'm so amazed at what he said. He said, they asked him, he said, I asked him, Are you happy? And he said, I'm not comfortable, but I'm happy. He said, I'm not comfortable, but I'm happy checkpoints and stress and chaos and death and disease and I'm not comfortable, but I'm happy. And he said in the US, you guys are comfortable but people aren't happy.

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People aren't happy. And so what's missing is contentment. Imam Shafi says either contact the Colombian Colombian for anto America dunya. So he says if you have a heart that's content than you and those who own this world are equivalent. There's nobody who has more money than you or has more than you if you are content if you can get this heart of yours to be content with what you have. Also the last the last seven says listen to dinner because obviously the other day we're not gonna lean again enough's. He says that richness is not in having a lot of things, but richness is contentment of the salt