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AI: Summary © The success of Islam has been highlighted, including the return of the Conqueror and the return of Hurocamp. The importance of acceptance in one's life is emphasized, along with the use of "row ons." Multiple marriages have been discussed, including one where a woman is not known for her beauty and another where a chef perform an interview. The benefits of multiple marriages and avoiding shaming pride are also discussed.
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Even the ground under my feet, meaning this area that we're in will be under his control.

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Go and wash his feet now. So now he's convinced that this is a genuine profit.

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But then what happened is that at that time, a letter from the province, I said to them, and you remember after the debut, the prospect started to send letters to Kings and rulers and, and so the letter came, and it was delivered by my mind, to the governor of Busan, and you see v usra.

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But this is Busan, it's another city in a shop. And it's not, why not?

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Yeah, it's not that the Muslim era because

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because back then they had not established the city yet.

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later on. So here, this is Muslim,

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it can be given to the governor of Missouri, and he forwarded to her often to read. And then he mentioned the contents of the letter. So now this happened while they're in the court.

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So they come in with this letter, and he reads it out. Or it's read out loud, and says, Haman, the name of the Beneficent, the Merciful, this letter meaning is from Mohammed, lm, the slave of Allah and His apostle,

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the ruler of the Byzantine, peace be upon him who follows the true guidance or the right path. He says, I'm about I invite you to Islam, and if you becomes, then you will be safe, and Allah will double your reward, what doubled his reward?

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He will, he gets one reward for becoming Muslim. But why why

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use a ruler, when he becomes Muslim, guaranteed a large percentage or large number of people will become Muslim after because he's the ruler. And that's why he tells him,

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Allah will give you a reward twice for you, because for those who becomes the following. So now here, again, we can just read it and pass through it. Or if you stop and contemplate, you'll see that

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this is also a technique in devil as well. And we don't totally disregard the

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the poor, and give their power to the leadership or the wealthy. And we don't do the opposite as well. Some people know they make it a rule. You know.

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Some people know they make a rule, the only way to get to the,

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to the people in charge

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offices and political places. But then

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Can everyone hear me like this?

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So is there a benefit in giving out to people in positions of power? Absolutely, there is, we're not going to deny that. Because these people affect a large number of their followers, leadership, and those in positions of power, they will affect those who are

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subordinate to those who are beneath them.

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So but of course, at the same time, we don't focus on them so much that we leave the other four or we don't focus on these people, to not get down to those. But the fact here that

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the fact that

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you get your reward twice is showing you that they will affect people. And historically, you might know that of some of the Muslim countries now. Where if you look at how the history of how hijab was removed, and things of that sort, you'll find certain countries where you know, the king, his daughters, and everyone in the street needs to wear the niqab. And then the king his daughter went to study in Europe, and then they are coming back from their studies from abroad. All the people gathered and news cameras and you want to see now two princesses not returning. And when they go to the plane, they go out.

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And that was kind of one of the the events that catapulted people just taking off the hijab, acceptable. So those who are in power, they're role models, and they have a lot of effect on their followers. And that's why it's totally you get your reward twice the number of people, if not all will enter the religion with you. And it doesn't and if you and if you reject this invitation of Islam, you will be committing a sin by misguiding

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the peasant and then he mentions in the Koran

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a lot of people of the Scripture come to a word, a common word between us in you that we worship none but Allah, and that we associate nothing in worship with him. And it will take others as long as besides Allah. So no shift, no hate, no shift, then if they say, if they turn away, say, bear witness that we are Muslims in from those who have surrendered to Allah. So here, and this is Yeah, this is one of the finishes speech and had read the letter, and f is finished speaking to us. Then he read that letter that he received, it was a great cry in a lot of commotion in the real court. So we were turned out of the court. And I told my companions that, that this affair or this issue of

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urban agriculture, which is kind of a derogatory name, that they would call the process along with

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the prophets of Allah has become so prominent that even the king of money as part of the winning Byzantines is afraid of him, then I started to become sure that he would be the Conqueror in the near future, until I embraced Islam, or until

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so even piano became sure that person would become victorious, but he still remains with his level of animosity until the conquering of Mexico and he becomes a Muslim.

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So basically, that was the end. That was just the end of that discussion. If you've seen a lot of wisdom, intelligence, and you might think, Well, okay, now Huracan was convinced the person was a genuine prophet. So why didn't he become Muslim? the seminary author explains it, continuing on the same, meaning the same

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story. He says, that, in a nutshell was the governor of Jerusalem and Huracan was the head of the a sham, and it will not do that once was rotten was visiting Jerusalem, he got up in the morning, in a bad mood, or like a satin wood. And some of his priests asked him why he was in that mood. So

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he was like, a foreteller astrologer, like a clairvoyant, someone who kind of tried to predict the future looking at astrology. So he replied, at night, when I looked at the stars, I saw that the leader of those who practice circumcision had appeared. So this is one of the signs that they know that his followers will all be circumcised.

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He had appeared or become the conqueror. And then he asked, Who are those practice circumcision. So the people replied beyond or accept the Jews, nobody else practices circumcision, so you should not be afraid of the Jews. So then he said, just issue orders to kill every Jew present in the country.

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So the Jews were gonna get it for no reason. They weren't the intended group. So his advisors didn't know that Arabs also were circumcised. Now here, while they were discussing it, messengers sent by Sun and you know, a sun right there.

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The sun, setting over from the Arabs and they had, a lot of them were Christian, and they were close to the Persians or had like a path to deal with the Persians. So this is

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a messenger was sent by the king of Assad to convey the news of the prophets.

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And having read the news article, ordered the people to go and see whether the messenger was son was circumcised, so this maximum lasagna is an error. So he said, check it.

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Because the profit came from.

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Okay, you understand what's happening, man from last time, you said, Look, a profit showed up in Arabia. And this is the night after he saw the profit of the leaders of the circumstances come up. They thought it was from the Jews. But now this messenger says he's from the Arabs, I said, check that the maximum of a son because he's checking his circumstances. Now.

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Sometimes, they will say that they went and saw that he was circumcised and but in the Arabic can be they can verify it doesn't mean that they saw it. If it's kind of awkward.

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Check something.

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So they asked him, obviously it's not. And that's how they saw it. Because the news? Yeah, so.

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So, the messenger, the messenger, then replied, Arabs also practice circumcision. And so after hearing that,

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said that the sovereignty of the Arabs has appeared, and then he wrote a letter to his friend in Rome. Okay. Get to the, to the end of the story, basically, he then decided that he should become gathered all his priests, bishops and all the important people. And he said to them,

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oh, visiting his success is your desire and if you seek the right guidance and want your empire to remain then give

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pledge of allegiance to this prophet. He's telling them enter into Islam embrace Islam become Muslim. And when they heard this, the people who ran towards the gates of the palaces,

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basically, they described that they ran like like donkeys basically to the gate to the palaces, doors were closed, and then hit up, no one noticed there or saw the reaction and realize that they would never accept this, even though he tells him and he's earlier, this is the truth. And if you want victory and success before this religion, he started running for the gates trying to get up. He says, Then he reverses it. He says that,

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what what I just said was to test the strength of your conviction. And I've seen it, I was just testing you. And now I'm sure that you that you're strong upon the religion, and he decided to stay upon discovering later on, sent armies to fight the Muslim in the process, Allah convinced initially, that this is the truth, and he should follow it. But he chose the dunya over the truth, shows you the effective devil

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is a king. Gonna leave all that? And he chose the dunya over that, and he fought against someone that he knew to be as one of the prophets or the prophet of God.

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But anyone want to add anything there? He's probably

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not the gun. But but a question. Please excuse me? If you already answered the question, why abusive PR didn't lie about Prophet Muhammad? Why did he say everything? Because he said, I didn't want my people to say, to label me as a liar. And this was the kind of person that he was, is a leader of a corporation, this is going to be labeled a life. And that's what we were saying is that you look at how they cared about things like that. So Muslims are doing character calls are labeled the life that he didn't want to live just so he's not gonna lie in front of people. And this was part of the truth.

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Even though they were the same.

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Anyone else want to add to comment or something

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that you may have caught in the store while we, the rest of us overlooked it.

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Those who attended

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our course last April. It's an exercise that we did, where it's kind of $1 tool where you sit with a

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blank piece of paper and a pen out. And you say you describe the situation in Arabia? How long ago it was the wars and all these things. And you say, Okay, now, if someone is going to pretend to be a prophet in this kind of environment that we just described, what would be his motive? How would you present to the Prophet, and then write down all the motives that the person tells you? So

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if they say that you want money, write down money for women or young women, you wanted luxury, write it down, power

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recognition thing, whatever it is.

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And then you can come back and using what you know.

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You're going to refute every one of those

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potential motives that he

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will have to stop Exactly.

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Okay, so that's an example someone might tell you well, it's clear that he didn't want one. Because you know, live

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rooms or houses or just a small room, not much furniture, we always give all this money to the poor and come back empty handed until the family problems or marital problems. So then what if he tells you what but it's clear that his motive was to get women and the purpose he had a woman at one time? Let's prove that's why he pretended to be a prophet so you can get one. So now, from what you know, of the Sierra, you can refute any kind of allegation, any kind of accusation against Muslims. So let's just take this one example. How would you?

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He had just one one. But now even this, let's analyze it some more. Even though

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she was older than the processor, right? How many years older?

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So he was

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not just 15 because if he was 50 to 65, you know,

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I'm speaking out of my butt, for 25 and then she's 40 minutes.

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difference, right? So then the first thing you see the age difference, that's not the mark of someone who's a womanizer. woman doesn't start like that. Right? They look dumb.

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That's one thing. Another thing about the same marriage. She was

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she was a widow already, twice with a bribe.

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Twice with. So that's another thing. a womanizer doesn't usually go after widows of people, or older than men. She was richer, this could be seen as a negative thing. Okay, it's possible lived in a woman being rich and can be a negative thing for that possible. What else? Yes.

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Uh huh. So then only one was a virgin. So now we're skipping ahead to other marriages. But just one last thing regarding fidelity alone, she proposed to him. Right. So another thing that's important. So when you start to put the facts together, you don't come up with let's use this fancy word, you don't come up with a profile of someone who is a womanizer. So skipping ahead, yes. Only one of them was a virgin is

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the rest all of them are either widowed or divorced, widowed, or divorced. Okay, what else then the second marriage after

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second marriage at the age of 50. So the

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narrations will tell you anywhere from 50. Some go as high as

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the point is 50. and above, this was the other way and by the way, so the love honor was the only one that was not, like known for her exquisite beauty or anything like that. He was the only one who was not known for that, with all the rest work. And I'm making this point because a lot of times you find Muslim authors, because they're so ashamed of this issue of their multiple marriages, the processer Muslim things like none of them were known for their beauty. They were all old ladies. We don't accept that for ourselves, right.

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So why would you accept that that is not true.

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All of them would know, exquisite beauty, the only one that was not described as swift one, so that will be low on Hmm. All the rest were extremely beautiful area.

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When I first saw her, she said,

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when he stayed here, when he would see her he was wanting to marry because she was the leader of the tribe, and she was beautiful. And his benefit. Yes. And that marriage, but still, you were beautiful. So that's kind of when we're too ashamed of it and trying to explain it away and things like that. So, so secondary was so good. She was widowed. Right, she was much younger, and she was old as well.

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Third was die showed Ilana anything about the marriage to Alisha to have anything any benefit from those marriages.

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I just want to go back to that, given the environment at the time, it was Xena was rampant in

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Islam, by the age of 25. Any young men, they had multiple girlfriends wives and things like

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that is also one of the things

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which is an important thing. Because if someone was to pretend to be a prophet, because he wanted the women marched up at night, here the Prophet right, what's up at night? Because you know, in the Quran, Allah revealed that

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women were not permissible free after this, that he was the limit, he could not marry anymore. Someone's an imposter. Why would he add that verse? And then the impossible basically write things in his book, like, you know, bring your wives to be blessed by the prophet, bring your child to be blessed by anyone. We have people, unfortunately now in Muslim countries to do that, and they call themselves Muslim.

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Brings white for blessing of the chef. Jeff up in the morning.

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We'll get rid of the

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Muslim countries now. People bring their wives.

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So anyways,

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if you look at it again, womanizer, that's not how. So let's for example, Mary is to, to

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be showed the position of these two people in their closeness with other marriages like Sophia Jovi and other unknown Habiba with Rama, adorable Sophia, they had, let's say, a kind of a vow of benefit in them. They brought closeness because Sophia was the daughter of faith, who is the leader of the Jews, and when now because the married is

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the daughter of the chief, you know, gotten that much

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the bonus too, so later on

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mekka his daughter now is married to the person brings the people brings the gaps closer. So there are benefits in some humane reasons and some like

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a woman, and she just came back from adversity and where she wants to stay

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humane kind of wedding. So there are different benefits, just non

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benefits that become apparent later

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on and stays for 56 years after the death of teaching people teaching people the religion, one of the major scholars of Islam. So all these are benefits that come later on. And like I said, it's not true that all of them were, you know, old woman and three of them were in their 20s, or in their 30s. There were about about three or four generations or two that were under the age of 20.

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And some narrations over jewelry also.

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So a lot of them were young, some of them 20s 30s. All of them beautiful. So it's we shouldn't be ashamed of this issue and tried to kind of, you know, wash it the water down just to make for please, lot of times people come to me with an issue, especially if someone who believes in the Bible has an issue with multiple marriages. Abraham refer to the Bible as how many one

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to two is the you know, how about

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a man according to Allison, according to the Bible, he had, how many wives

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700 wives

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complain about this first before he complained about nine.

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But again, that's important too.

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So but the thing is that anywhere you look at it, whatever accusation they say, did it for luxury did for this did it for recognition, you look at it, and you analyze it from what you know, the Syrah, and you can say clearly wasn't done for that, because he didn't have that motive. And that motive is not reflected in the book that an imposter was write his own book, it's not reflected there. Anyways, you get you get the general idea. I'll stop here

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for your input and for being a responsible audience. So let's move on.

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coming all the way on your busy schedule here to hold them.

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First of all, we'd like to thank the chef to come for coming to obon and we'd like to remind all the brothers that

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CloudFlare Institute,

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which I'm sure from America is having, of course, which is called mercy to the world's Sierra, one on one. So it's on October 25 and 26th. And it said the building 23 main theater at UWS milperra so any brother who would like to increase his knowledge on the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam then please, you know, don't waste this special gift that we have.

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And come down to UWS on October 25 and 26th

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and remember

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