Kamal El-Mekki – And Few Of My Servants Are Thankful

Kamal El-Mekki
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the negative consequences of not trusting Allah and the importance of only sharing blessings. They stress the importance of trusting one's own abilities and doing good deeds to achieve the best results. The negative impact of people's wealth on health and success is discussed, along with the benefits of dotox treatment. The blind man describes a situation where he saw a woman in a vision who killed him and is unable to walk. He also tells the woman not to make the dams the greatest of their concerns and to not make this dams the greatest of their problems.
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When we learn we show

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Oh Praise to Allah, we praise Him and seek his assistance. We seek refuge in Allah from the evil within ourselves and from the evil of our deeds. And so ever Allah guides none can misguide him, yet whomever he allows us to go astray, none can guide.

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And I bear witness that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah alone. He has no partner. And I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger. Yeah, you have intervened.

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For you who believes, Fear Allah as he should be feared and do not die except in the state of Islam.

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Yeah, you

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can either use

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or you who believe fear Allah and speak the truth. He will direct you to do righteous good deeds, and will forgive your sins. And whomsoever obeys Allah and His Messenger, he has indeed achieved a great achievement, and my bad for enough

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to show my

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brothers and sisters in Islam.

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If there's ever an ayah, in the Quran, that is heartbreaking. And if there's an ever an if that should put us to shame when it's recited, and when it's read, it's where a loss of power

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will clearly illuminate a body of shampoo. And few of my servants are thankful.

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There are so many blessings that Allah subhanaw taala blesses us with, by night, and by day Allah is providing for us and protecting us and pushing away harm and giving us as many boundaries. And yet, very few people think of lots of hands on. And this is sad, because Allah describes his blessings. And therefore I'm saying, we're in trouble do nematology

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and if you were to try to enumerate if you're trying to count the blessings of Allah, you will not be able to enumerate them, so many blessings of Allah is that we could not even count them.

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And yet, very few people think of us

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and those who defend Allah, so again, they thank Allah subhanaw taala, for the usual things, but there's so many things we take for granted. And very few of us hardly ever remember to thank Allah zildjian for specific things, who remembers to thank Allah to Allah for having good skin. It is something we have taken for granted. But there are people who don't have good skin or have irritable skin, so who has ever once woke up and thank Allah to Allah for having good skin, who thanks a lot for having good hair. Who when they open their closet in the morning, and they look at older clothing, who thank Allah subhanaw taala for that, most people they look, and they only complain

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that they have nothing to wear.

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Who remembers to thank Allah so just for the teeth, things that we take for granted. But if one tooth gives you an ache, and a head splitting headache, and causes excruciating pain, you rush to the dentist, and he will pull it out, remove it and throw it in the trash. And you thank him for doing that. Who remembers to thank Allah for all the teeth we've had, and for all the days and hours and minutes that they never caused us any pain or any problems.

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Who thinks Allah subhanaw taala for having a car or thanks Allah for having heat in their car or having air conditioning in their car. So, so many things, so many blessings of Allah xuejun that we have taken for granted? Who remembers to thank Allah constantly for this great blessing of eyesight.

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And we know the greatness and the weight of this blessing from the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam where he described a man worship Allah

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Good quality and good quantity for 70 years is worshiping Allah in good quality and quantity. And then on the Day of Judgment, Allah will tell His angels to take him to paradise based on the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So then when he hears this word, mercy, he will ask to be judged, not based on the mercy of Allah, but because he did a lot of good deeds. So Allah will give him the choice, would you like to be judged based on my mercy, or based on your deeds, your act of worship? So the man saw that he had 70 years of good quality and quantity of worship. So he said, I would like to be judged based on my worship. So then Allah subhanaw taala told the angels to take just one

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of the many blessings that we cannot count, just one, the blessing of eyesight, and they put it on the scale on one side of the balance against the 70 years of good worship, and the one blessing of eyesight outweighed all the 70 years of excellent question.

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So then you begin to understand the area.

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And few of my servants are thankful. And Allah subhanaw taala. With his wisdom, he has distributed his blessings amongst his servants. So some people are allowed to give them wealth, but he did not give them physical strength. Others Allah gave them strength, but they have less wealth. Some Allah gave them beauty, but they have poor health, while other people are loving them very healthy, and they have a lesser share in beauty. Allah says in the Quran, a homie up similar

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vein, even higher to dunya.

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And Sophia, what

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do they need out? Do they distribute out the Blessings of your Lord, we have distributed the provisions amongst them in this worldly life. And we have raised some over others in ranks, so they may test one another. And

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the mercy of your Lord is greater than what they can amass.

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So then everyone will be given from the blessings of Allah, due to the wisdom that allows

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and everyone then will be asked about the blessings that were given by Allah subhanho wa Taala. So the wealthy people, the wealthy person might be asked why he left his neighbor go to bed hungry every night, or he may be asked why he never gave to help and to donate to the message. The strong person may be asked how he spent his strength, his physical strength and his health, that he spent it in Salah that he spent an hour or so or she had to force fourth person will not be asked why they did not give to the masjid.

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And likewise, the paralyzed person will not be asked why they didn't go out, could you have the Prophet some of them describe that the poor will enter Paradise 500 years before the wealthy. And part of the reason behind that is that the wealthy, they have a lot to answer to, they will be questioned by Allah about how they spent every single day or every single dollar that they earned. So in that sense, then the less wealth people have in this dunya the easier will be their judgment on the Day of Resurrection. And this is all from the wisdom of Allah. Allah

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on what a book is

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worth and you lower it he creates whatever he wills and he chooses meaning he chooses for his service.

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So then Allah gives us so many of his blessings and we sit against him by night and by day and on top of that we don't even thank him properly for his blessings. For that reason Mr. Mathematical humble Allah. He used to say lol and masa de la cadena yo mocha Yama tema felice, he used to say had it not been for calamities, these difficulties, these trials and tribulations who would have come forth bankrupt on the Day of Judgment.

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And even though we cannot enumerate the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala. We find that whenever someone disobeys Allah, he is using a blessing given to them by Allah to disobey Allah subhanho wa Taala Have you ever seen a blind person who is watching a movie that has something in it? He does not use the blessing to disobey Allah? But those who do they're using this blessing? Have you ever seen a mute person backbiting or lying or spreading tales and rumors about

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for Muslims, have you ever seen a deaf person listening to music? Or have you seen a paralyzed person playing an instrument?

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A man came to Him.

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And He said to him that I sinned constantly against a love. So give me some advice that will help me in this. So when Abraham, Abraham, Allah tells him, if you're going to disobey Allah, go ahead and do so. Except do not use any of the wealth of a loss of time or time while you're alive, do not use any of the money.

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So he says, How can I do that? Well, everything belongs to Allah subhanaw taala. He tells him, does it make sense to use the blessings and the many of Allah and then to disobey him? He says, No, he says, then if you're going to disobey Allah azza wa jal, while you're using and taking from His provision, then do not disobey Him on any land that is so limited says this is even greater than the first, everywhere on all the land belongs to a lots of

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so for him, and tells him does it make sense that you use the word privilege,

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and then you disobey him on his land. So he says, Give me another advice, he says, Then, if you're going to use the work of a bazillion and disobeyed him on his own land, then at least go where he can see. So then the man says, then that is even more difficult. And Allah knows what we can see and what we reveal. So then Abraham,

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so if you're going to use the blessings of Allah, His provision, and disobey him on his land, and disobey him while he sees you, at least when the Angel of Death comes to you,

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tell him to give you time to repent to Allah.

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He says, Then he won't allow me. He says, then when the angels are commanded to throw you into the Hellfire, tell them that you won't go. He says they won't let him. So then the men realize the value of the admonition given to him by Abraham.

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And so many will fall into that category. And I asked a lot

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of those people who are lots of time to allocate some of his blessings, and he provides for them, and yet, they disobey and they sin by day and by night, and they hide the sin from humanity, and they hide it from cameras, and they make sure that no human being would catch them, but they do not care in the least that allows a legitimate season.

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So with that, then it behooves us to understand the five characteristics of those who are grateful to Allah subhanaw taala. When you're grateful to Allah azza wa jal, the first thing that comes naturally is that you submit to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is something that comes naturally, especially when you realize that your wealth or your income, or your provision, or your sustenance, comes to you and is linked to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is something that's strange to us, because our employer, when they tell us to do something, even if we disagree with it, we do it. And we submit to them to a certain degree, because we recognize and we link them to our source of

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income. So what if we make a loss of Hakata to every good that comes to us, then we naturally will submit to Allah azza wa jal.

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So the first is submission. And the second is the love of Allah azza wa jal, and this comes naturally, when any human being, or any, any area or anything brings you much blessing or much good, you naturally will then have an affinity towards that object or towards that person. So when we recognize that all the good we have comes to us from a large religion, we naturally then begin to love a loss of power to Allah. And the love of a large religion is not something that we proclaim every now and then or that we boast with, it is proven by and expressed by how much we praise Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so then we we come to our third characteristic of being grateful to Allah so

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we did that we make constant decay, constant remembrance of Allah.

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And you will agree that whatever you love in this dunya it is constantly on your mind or you're constantly talking about it with your companions or with your family. Those who love cars, talk about cars, those who love real estate, talk about real estate, those who love

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will constantly mentioned about

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the fourth, then, is to acknowledge that the blessing comes to you by way of a loves economy. That the blessing comes from Allah azza wa jal and not from the sweat of your brow and not because of anything else, but ultimately, it came from Allah azza wa jal and the fifth is

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When Allah subhanaw taala gives you a blessing, you use that blessing in obedience to Allah subhanaw taala. And we have already explained that most people when they disobey Allah, they're using a blessing given to them by Allah to disobey Him. So the characteristics of a believer that is grateful to Allah, is that when they're given a blessing By Allah, they use it in the obedience of God. And when you use it, in disobeying Allah, you risk losing that blessing.

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Allah, so this is beforehand.

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We're in

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the in Chicago, as even

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in leadership, and your Lord decrease, that if you think if you're thankful, I will increase you were in consumption. And if you're in grades, if you're ungrateful, that verily my punishment is most severe, but was almost hard to assess for kurumi, moto

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moto lovey.

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So Allah says, so when he from what Allah has provided for you, hello, and good, and thank him for his blessings, if you are true worshipers of a lesson.

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So that means that then from these,

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when you think Allah subhanaw taala, he increases you in a blessing. And it remains or you get more of that blessing. So that means that when you thank Allah, you get more blessing. This means thanking Allah is itself a blessing. And that's why the Prophet alayhi salam, he used to say, oh, Allah, how can I thank you enough, when thanking you, is itself a blessing that is deserving of thanks,

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Allah, how can I thank you enough, when thanking you is a blessing that is itself deserving offense. And then the scholars of Islam added a sixth characteristic of being grateful to Allah azza wa jal, they said that if a blessing comes to you, by way of another human being, then you also must show gratitude to that human being. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said in a hurry, there is not

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enough that we who does not show gratitude to people who does not show gratitude to Allah, and the profits have a lower incentive showed us the best way to thank one another and detect an individual saying consumer

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Jazakallah higher on

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the profits have allowed him said, If anyone or whoever has something good, don't you, and then you say to the one who does it Jazakallah hyaluron then you have given him his due praise.

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Allah who used to say, in an AMA masuleh, be sure that the blessing is connected to things, we're super into Allah COVID-19 koponen codename for the new minima has

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allowed us to say that thinking is connected to that lessons are connected to thinking of love. And when you think a lot he will increase

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and and the increase in blessings will not cease until thanking a love ceases.

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Ideas For the love of

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history should say keep firm the blessings of Allah by thanking Allah, because when you thank Allah who will keep that blessing for you, and He will increase you and blessings.

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So then when it comes to the blessings and the things of this dunya, you look at those who have more of the dunya and more of the blessings of this dunya than you because that way you feel that you have less. So you look at those who have less than you and you feel that you have a lot. So when you're driving your car, you do not look at those who have a better car than you or a more expensive car than you and then you will feel less that you have less than a blessing. You look at those people who are walking, and then you can thank and appreciate a love for the person that He has given you. Likewise, if you have a home and it's a small home, you do not look at those who live in

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mansions and palaces, and then you feel they have less of a blessing. You look at those who have smaller homes than you are those who do not even have a home and that way you feel more of the blessing of Allah azza wa jal.

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Well the opposite is when it comes to the religion with religion, you look at those who have more than you who are more religious than you or have more couple. And you do not look at those who have less than you. So you feel that what you have is enough, you look at those who have more so you can aspire to become like them.

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Also one time saw a beggar. So the beggar was asking people and he was angry and almost complaining from the situation that he's in. So he was displeased with what Allah has decreed for him. So let him Allah He told him, why don't you thank Allah for his blessings. So the beggar was angered. And he says thank him for what? So then Abraham tells him, cut off your arms and sell them to me. And I will give you 100,000 Gold Dino's not Durham's, but Deneuve's. Would you agree? So the man refused. He says, Then give me your eyes, and I'll give you 100,000 Gold deals for that. Will you agree? The man refused, he says, cut off your feet and sell them to me, I'll give you 100,000 Gold denotes the

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man refused. And he offered to buy the man's mind he refused his tongue, he refused his hearing the men refused. So then it sets

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up with the following. He says, I see that you own hundreds of 1000s of dinars, and yet you complain that you're poor. So with that, when asked to make use of his servants who are thankful.

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first of

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three, ask Allah Subhana Allah for his forgiveness, surely those who ask for his forgiveness.

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mentions a story in his book. And the story is about a man his name is Abdullah, Mohammed,

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Mohammed, he was one of the righteous men on the side of him that lived and the generations before us. And during one of his travels, he was traveling, and he got lost in the desert. So he was looking for any human being to ask for directions, so he would find his way back. So he got to the top of a hill org, and he saw an old tent from the distance.

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And he went towards that tent. And it was a tent that was broken and worn and torn from all sides. And the wind was entering this tent from all sides. It was absolutely dilapidated. So then he peered inside this tent, and he found an old man sitting on the floor, this old man, his description was that he was blind. And he had no hands, and he could not get up, meaning he was paralyzed. So this man, and in this template had no wealth, and it had very, hardly any items in it protect itself was torn, is an old man who is blind and has no hands. And on top of that he is paralyzed. And yet this man is sitting, and the only thing he's saying is, and Hungary. For Poland, he

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is saying, oh, praise is due to Allah, who has preferred me over so many of his service. So then, Mohammed, he came closer, and he went, put his head in the tent, and he kept listening. And the man kept saying, and hungry.

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So then he said,

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The woman said, Who is that? He said, I'm a traveler who got lost. But I have a question for you. So the man tells him, I will respond to your question, but you must do a favor for me. So he agreed. He says, Why is it that I see you in this situation that you're in, and you're not able to walk? You don't have hands and you're blind, and you do not have any work whatsoever? And you're thanking Allah for referring you over so many of his servants. So then the blind man said to him, Do you not see that I am of same mind? He said, Yes. He said, How many of the servants of Allah are insane? He said many, he said, then 100, who has referred me over so many of his insane servants? He says, Do

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you not see that I'm able to hear? He said, Yes. He said, How many of the servants have a love or death, he said many he said then and hungry, who has preferred me over so many of his Deaf servants. And then the man mentioned his speech, and how many of the servants are mute? And then the man mentioned Islam.

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And how many people are worshipping idols, and believe that he said, the son of Allah or worship trees. So then

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he said, You have spoken the truth. So what is this request that you have? So the blind man tells him, my entire family has died. And the only thing I have left is a small boy. He's the only one who brings food, who helps him with anything else, I'm not able to bring food or even feed my own self. So he says, yesterday, the boy went out, and he has not come back until now. So go out and find him for me. So then

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he says, I went out, and I found a small hill. So I stood on top of the hill. And I noticed in the horizon, some vultures, some birds were circulating, and I know that they do not circulate except over a dead body. So I went to that area, and I found the small boy, the wolf had attacked him and killed him. And

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so I thought to myself, then, how do I go back and tell this poor man who has nothing left in this dunya except this small boy? How do I go back and tell him that the wolf has eaten the only thing you have left in this world? He said, I even thought to not go back to him. But I couldn't do that.

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So then he says, On the way I remembered the Prophet of Allah you.

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So when I entered the 10th, the man said, Where did you find him? He's so sure that he would have found the boy. He said, I will ask you a question first, who is more beloved to Allah? You are his prophet, are you? So he said, no doubt is prophet au. He said, then who has has had a more difficult test, a difficult trial, you are his profit you He said, no doubt, his profit is profit for you. He tells him then seek the reward with Allah, I found your boy at the top of the hill, the wolf attacked him, he had killed him.

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He said when I said that, the man lowered his head. And he started to say that

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he kept on repeating these phrases. And then he started to take these deep breath, like he is going to die. He says, so then I took his head, and I kept giving him water. And he kept saying I should love him

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until he died.

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He said, When he died, I waited for a group of traveling people to pass by so they can assist me. And we watched him. And we wrapped him and we took his grave and prayed over him. And then I went on, in my journey traveling that night, when he went to bed, he saw this man in a vision, and he was looking good. And he was in excellent health and in excellent condition. So I asked him in the dream, how did you get to this situation? How did you become How do you change so much? So then the mental thing, my lord entered me into his paradise, and it was said to me, salaam aleikum.

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Fernando, it was said to me, peace be unto you for what you have been patient upon, and what a good end you have.

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Brothers and sisters in Islam, there is not one of us except that we have a long list of problems and complaints from which we need solutions from Allah subhanaw taala. So we have to be patient. And we're not to forget that there are others who have been tested more than us who have had difficult or more difficult calamities than we have. So with that, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us as servants who are thankful and to make use of those who realize that their blessings come from Allah azza wa jal overflow, we ask you that you do not make the dunya the greatest of our concerns are allowed to not make the greatest of our concerns, to not make this dunya the greatest of our

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concerns, and we ask Allah to Allah, to give victory to Islam and to the Muslims. And we asked him to give victory to the Muslims who have been dealt with unjustly around the world. And we asked him to send this solid, final messenger Muhammad and upon his family and those who follow them upon righteousness until the Day of Resurrection.

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we will have he had an ghasemi

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