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AI: Summary © The importance of learning language and reading through the mirror in learning to gain lessons related to learning language is emphasized in a chef course on the art of reading the story of the processor upstream. Teachers look at individuals and try to determine their potential and use it to determine success. The importance of human behavior in relation to animals is also discussed, including the President's approach to the job and the use of words and images to determine the truth of the beast. The importance of praying five times a day to receive a blurb on the internet and true faith in gaining power is emphasized.
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Big Brothers slam slam amico.

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I'd love to work with everyone to open Islamic community center.

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We have a special guest tonight.

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I'd like to praise Allah, Allah, for first of all making us Muslims, and for giving us the opportunity to be in this gathering of knowledge. The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam said,

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the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, If anyone travels on the road in search of knowledge, God will cause him to travel on one of the roads of paradise.

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The angels will lower their means in the great pleasure with the one to six knowledge

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and the inhabitants of the heavens and the earth. And even the fish in the sea. In the deep waters will ask Allah, Allah for forgiveness for this learned man.

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the superiority of the lemon over the devout is like that of the moon. On the night when it is full of the rest of the stuff.

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The lemon or the hairs of the profits,

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and the profits leave no monetary inheritance. They leave only knowledge.

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And he who takes it takes an abundant portion

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of the world.

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So I'd love to introduce the chef, just a brief intro.

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Chef. Come on command Mickey is a young dynamic speaker and lecturer in the United States of America, who dedicates his time and efforts into educating the people through his various talks.

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He teaches a number of intensive courses designed for the youth and also specializes in the field of Islamic history.

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The most famous of his talks is vironment. Our workshop called out to give shy the 10 minutes, which has led hundreds to extend with the permission of Allah.

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He has served as a member of George Mason University, and he has recently joined a team of instructors, and among his courses will be those focusing on methods of giving out.

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tonight's lecture will be about the life of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his life in Mecca. Without any further ado, of locked in

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Matthew to start tonight's lecture.

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I mean,

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notice he said in the introduction as a young

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you can tell that was written a long time ago.

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So you know, I was here, maybe in April a few months ago, and we did a course for Coco's called our power. And let's kind of it's basically an extension of the 10 minutes you have a course that I've been teaching for the last five years. But this time around, I'm here for another course that doesn't really have an incredible amount to do with data. It's on the CETA of the LM. And most people want to be focusing on the meccan error of the sphere of the prophets of Allah.

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just a few things about this year, I know there are so many ways to get

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the different ways you can look at this here, right? One easy way is you can just enjoy it as read the story of the processor lambda companion in just love it. That's it. Just enjoy it left for you should laugh, cry, worship, cry, feel anxiety, feel relief, and, and there's nothing wrong with that.

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Everybody can read this poem and enjoy it when you read it again and again and again. And you can never get enough. Now there's another deeper level if I can use that term of reading the Sierra and that's when you try to learn something

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From. So beyond just enjoying it from the storage aspect is one we want to learn and get lessons from the syrup.

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And the most amazing thing about it is that it's very deep.

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And you can never gather all the lessons from the story you cannot. That's one thing we try to do constantly during the course, you see that you can never get everything from this year and and everyone now in the room, you can do this, you can read and take any part of this you and read it. And through whatever lens you're looking at it, you will get lessons related to learn language learning by lens, meaning for example, whatever is your discipline, whatever your field of work or your field of study. If you happen to look at the see that through that lens, you will get lessons related to that, or whatever it is that you will be cared about very much. And you might read the

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story and this course we will look at one story. And then we'll show you what are the wisdom is what are some of the lessons that you got from this story. And you'll notice that the out in the audience, you will get our lessons. So I noticed, use this technique and use that technique, then you'll see the instructors and the teachers in the audience. Because the teacher most of the time they look at individuals and they either they assess or evaluate, you know, their intelligence or their ability, or they have a way of looking at everyone under a positive light. Teachers always looking for good potential of students. So you'll find teachers, they look at the same story, and

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then come up with the same

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job. And so and so to do this task, he chose me because of something in his personality that made him successful in it. So they'll look at it through that, like people were very concerned with.

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They read the Syrah or whatever story and they'll see in grid grid, for example, just a short example, when the pasta lemon or whatever, and others are on their way to the on the edge right on the way to Medina. So they start by that, and they asked they share this old goat that was too weak to even go out and graze with the other groups. So the person who asked her, you know, does it have any milk? She said, No. He said, Can I try to like milk it? And she said, Yeah, she can get anything.

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he goes, and he milks that goat.

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Americans have pasilla he milks that goat, but then what does he do? He gives her to drink first. Then you can read the story and just you know Mashallah miracle they drank, everyone drank it, and they left. But notice he gave the drink first.

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Excellent. So why skip this little part? He gave us a drink first. And it's like you go to someone now. And then you know, he has an old car and the youngest drunk. In example, there's an old car in the driveway, and it doesn't run it says any gas in the tank. Maybe gas prices are high in the US. So that's why it exists. And guess what, if you find anything, it's yours. And you find something, give them first. They said it's yours. So you see, superb. So and you look at one before he would come and try to debate or talk to the facilitator, or give them some some ridiculous option so that he could live preaching according to smell. Excellent. He will just wait while they're saying the

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most ridiculous things. Right now someone came and said the most ridiculous things to you would cook them up, right? When you start learning and habit, knowing him a little bit, right. But most of them will just wait when they're done.

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Are you done? and complete? Have you said everything that you want to say?

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Now listen to me, and then give us a response. Excellent. So you see, you see, the President could see the potential in people, even the way you like the person you're given a task to, based on their personality. He's the right person for that job. Remember, when

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we met this area, an expedition and it were booked. And the thing that made people a little uncomfortable was that

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like 46 months, I recently just became Muslim, is put in charge of this army that has some of the people witness. Some of the people were Muslim since Mecca.

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And there were a lot of incidents that happened on the way that I became very uncomfortable and he would go into play.

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He tells him

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that he's better than you, if you if he had not been better than you in this position to meet this specific explanation.

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He knows what to do with choose the perfect person for the job. And when he came back

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to them, ask them about all the complaints that you were brought against him and every hour

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The person accepted his explanation why chose the perfect person for that job. So anyone so this is the seat and this is how rich and how deep it is. If you read anyone else's Sita in the world, after you read, you know you can read, pick any person, no matter how great or not when you read the first book and the second book and then one that is just repetition, you know, how many times can you read anyone's here?

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Two, three books and after that, Okay, that's enough. And you can only analyze the words of human beings so much. And then they've done all the lessons are out and there's nothing left. But the words are the puppets. So you can keep looking at them, you can keep looking at them. And every time every generation in every era will find a reason to benefit and look when you use this specific word.

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I'll just give a quick example. Like the heyday of dogs. For example, I love to give this example. So the processor learned, he said the one of whom Allah call it the result of a coup.

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If you put your reliance on Allah, in the true sense, you will provide for you the same way he provides for the birds who enough so

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that they leave with empty stomachs in the morning, they come back with a full belly. So

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okay, so I've had it about, okay, you can just keep going. But don't ask by any word of the Prophet says, Why did he give a comparison with the birds? And you know, when we talk now in English, when we say this person needs like a bird, does that mean?

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The President

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even even Arabic in certain places, eats like a bird means eats very little. One more

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story. But you know,

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and then we use this word compared to a bird Ross is trying to tell us have a lot of love. Don't worry about why would he then give an example of an animal that eats very little, it does have a lot of talk with

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anybody. It can't be personal doesn't make mistakes like that, even with unique gifts comparisons with nature with inanimate objects, the most accurate. And so some scholars have said, and this is where it now we're going to try to show you the point where we said like every generation in every era will come up with more and more lessons from the words of the Prophet saws and learn from the seed of the events of the profit zone. So there's a lot of scholars will comment, excellent commentary on this Friday. And let's recap what some scholars say why the birds because they see the birds, they don't worry about tomorrow, they have to look good, they don't worry about tomorrow. So

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we don't see a bird staying up early. And by asleep, you know from one bridge to like,

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going to go tomorrow find worms and go over this. But they don't do that. They just leave in the morning, they go and they look for the rest, they find it they come back with their bellies full.

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So one of the scholars says For example, The birds

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are comfortable instead of worrying about let's add one more thing. So anyone here like

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Australia? Thank you, sir. All right, so I like animals very much as always reasonable animals. So one thing you discover about birds, that birds because they need to stay afloat, to flood them very fast metabolism. So because of that the burn up food very quickly. And a bird for its size eats more than an elephant does. A bird can eat half its body weight a day, in food, habits, its body weight. So look at the elephant in many ways how many times it maybe eats 4050 pounds of food per day, it doesn't eat half a ton or one ton. With the bird, it can eat half its body weight, and a little birdie your whole weight in food per day. So now we see that the wording across 11 the comparison is

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most accurate. That is giving us a comparison with an animal that for its size, it eats a whole lot more than many large beasts that we know. The bird eats so much. So the person is telling us yes have a lot of dog could dislike this animal that eats a lot, for instance. So you see where I'm going with this, how the the CETA learning over the

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very rich and very deep.

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And this is kind of what we'll be trying to learn during the course how to get lessons over this year, and how to keep looking at the same store you can come back to it again and again and again and put and see different lessons and you can try this at home. If you don't believe me. You pick any story from this era and then you get to

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Get a piece of paper, and you read it once, and then you put down, read it once looking at it through the eyes of someone looking for good luck, or good communication skills, and write down all the points, then look at it again. And through the eyes of someone looking for the Dow from them and read it again. You know, sometimes some of the students who are psychologists in the audience, they will notice things that they studied in psychology, people will do marketing, public relations, they'll notice things related to public relations. So, in a nutshell, it really the seat is so amazing, it's so rich, and it's so deep, and you can never get older lessons, you can keep looking

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at it again and again and again, beyond the enjoyment, you can still keep getting so many lessons. So I wanted to ask something recently in this mystery.

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Have you done the deed? JOHN, and his discussion?

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After we done it recently?

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If you've done recently, then I'll do something else. If not, then we'll discuss it. So now.

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those familiar with this today, that's in the beginning of the book of Buhari, it's fairly long. And it's a discussion between corruption

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and certain questions that he asked about the profits or losses. And there is so much depth and intelligence in our techniques in this day. And so I want to go over this fairly quickly, and get the different feedbacks and the, the ideas that you get, or the wisdoms that you can see from the kind of questioning, and then look at the reasons why we ask these questions. Everybody familiar with the headache? Yeah. Okay. Super. Excellent.

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But, so it's like I said, from the beginning of the book of Buhari, and what

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he asked him was to try and ask them certain questions to see this, this new prophet in Arabia and this new religion. Is it a true religion? Or is it just a false religion? true prophet or false prophet? And so pay attention to the types of questions that he asked and think, think to yourself, Why, what's the reason he's asking a specific question? And just to throw the scenario now, if somebody walked in this door right now, and of course, we all know there's no profit after the hammer.

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But if someone walked into the property, now, if, if you were just to, to ask them questions, to see if they're telling the truth or not, how many questions would you need to ask before you find out if they're speaking the truth or not? What kind of questions would you ask anybody? Somebody entered right now? And so on the profit.

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Question just to see.

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What kind of questions would you ask? Yes?

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Good. What else would you ask? And what would you ask him? There's no right and wrong question.

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What proof do you have the Prophet? Excellent. Because when I remember this one time, we were in the US, someone should do something.

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Why is it every time I tell somebody on guard, they tell me to fly or something? expect you to do something beyond the ordinary, I mean,

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you should float a little bit.

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Okay, what else would you ask?

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Is what would you ask? There's no wrong answer. What would you ask? Now? Revelation, right? What's your message? You tell them? What's your message? Now, show us, show us a miracle. What's your message? What if he says, you know, his message, he told me his main message, there's nothing

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you can quickly XML because every single prophet spoke about okay, right? When you tell them who is the angel that comes and gives you these messages from Allah says Malik,

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XML because all the angels were

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correct. So that means until today, there are ways you can ask certain questions and analyze the life of the Prophet Muhammad, Allah says specifically for anyone who claims to be a prophet over what had claimed in the past, and will the information available, you can come we can do the analysis and come up with this solid answer whether or not the person is genuine or not. So this is exactly what I was working on is doing is asking certain questions to see is this real, or is this fake? So it's nice about blah, blah, blah, and this is the first book

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in the beginning. So he says that

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the leader of operations

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he informed me that he had sent

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a messenger to him. Well, you

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had been accompanying a caravan of the Quraysh. So basically they were doing business in, in a sham. Sham is the name they give the areas of Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan. So anyway in that area, and they're often sent to them, and found that there was an Arab group of traders in the area we sent for them to come because he wants to ask them questions about the profits of our center. So this is the time when the process 11 had a truth with demonstration and the forum before he is now at the time of the day via so I will see him and his companions went to India, which is Jerusalem, and he often called them in his court, and he had the senior Roman dignitaries around

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quick shots, and everybody around him. And he called for his translator, who translating iraq news, or Iraq was question sent to them. Who amongst you, is closely related to that man who claims to be a prophet? So this group of Arabs from the area of this man who is saying he's a prophet, which of you is closest related in, you know, in times of family and so forth? And Ellucian replied, I'm the nearest relative to him, meaning from the group now. So this is the first question and and what do you think this question Why? What asked the closest relative? Anybody?

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Okay, good. probably knows more. For sure. By the way, who's very wise, very wise man. He was also had knowledge of Scripture. He wasn't just, you know, regular ruler. So he had a lot of knowledge. And he had a lot of wisdom as well. So the first thing, so the brothers of the head is saying that he probably knows more his relatives, more Anything else?

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He knows.

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Okay, so it's more probable, not necessarily so but more probable that his relatives won't want to lie against a family member or maybe not have that kind of addictive hatred. It's possible, right? What else Anything else?

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is not just nosy now more aware even knows how he grew up. And that's very good point, because he will ask them questions about the past, and the family, the processor, anything else?

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I can think of one more thing.

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And if you look at it from the prospect of Huracan, himself, the most credible one, from his side will probably be what is the relative? Not only does he know him more, but maybe from his side, the most credible one will be the one who's also more related. All right, anyone want to add anything else?

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Okay, so then again, this is just

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where I can see.

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Maybe the closest by blood type and ancestors? Yes, he did, actually. And you're right, because he will ask him about his ancestors. Very good. But so now we get an email. Now this is how you can read it. And you can say, you know, who amongst us most closely related to the man who claims to be a prophet. And then we just keep reading the honey, but then you stop. And then you see why they ask that question. And you see, the wisdoms so.

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So then hit up and said, bring him up and close to me, and make his companion stand behind

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the camera, because

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after he became Muslim, the same director told us or told his translator to tell my companions that he wanted to put some questions to me, regarding the prophets, Allah said them, and that if I told the lie that they should contradict me.

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In front, his friends are in the bath. And he's asking him these questions if he likes his friends and about chips.

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Now, but look here, I was a fan. He added, but

00:24:09 --> 00:24:15

had I not been afraid of my companions labeling a liar, I would not have spoken the truth about the problem.

00:24:17 --> 00:24:40

This is really amazing. And again, you can read it and just move by. But another a number of interesting things. First of all, even though we said possibly are the closest family member wouldn't lie. It turns out it's a possibility is nothing wrong with that, right. But it turns out here that he would have had not been he didn't want to be labeled. But the fact that he doesn't want to be labeled a liar by

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It's amazing. And that's why some of the scholars explained the idea of the Prophet.

00:24:50 --> 00:24:53

When you said the best of generations is my generation in Medina.

00:24:56 --> 00:24:59

County, they said the cost of them said the best generations he didn't

00:25:00 --> 00:25:13

See the list of Muslims. And so the scholars say that even the Kufa at the time of the porcelain, a very beautiful flower today. And if you look, if you look at it, it's very true, right? And, look, he didn't want to lie here.

00:25:14 --> 00:25:21

Because he's not liberal in the life. You think bush is afraid this cabinet might label Him a liar. You just lie.

00:25:22 --> 00:25:32

No honesty whatsoever. No. Now you're faced with an enemy who's a liar. Back then you had enemies who were being honest as well. She normally doesn't lie

00:25:34 --> 00:25:49

is very truthful. But we don't want to follow the very honest that please remember when the conquering of Mecca, apostle of pledges from the woman, and one of the conditions that they do not commit Zina, and then Hyndman Well, she just becomes slim. She's saying our

00:25:50 --> 00:25:57

freedom and commit Jenna. And this isn't a pagan time. She's not a slave girl, or anything like why would she?

00:25:59 --> 00:26:08

Is that miserable for that time, and now, Muslims of our time. So that's one of the reasons, explanations of this generation is my generation

00:26:10 --> 00:26:33

than the ones that coming after them, and the ones coming after them. So men should get him some of the scholars said that the cabinet with allies it will spread will be like the innovations in the grid, and so on, and so forth. But it's just amazing that he didn't want to be labeled a light, and they probably would have been on the side. And they wouldn't have you know, he's their leader also. So heraclea asked for who's the closest

00:26:34 --> 00:26:48

ties of kinship. to him. It is the leader of the group. And it is know that this is the leader, and he forgives, he lied, his followers probably won't expose him. But he still didn't want to be a liar.

00:26:49 --> 00:27:03

But so then he says the first question he asked me about in was, what is his family status amongst you? I replied, he belongs to a good noble family amongst us. So okay, anything from that question?

00:27:08 --> 00:27:37

Yes, so now look, he's trying to see does this man fit the mold of a prophet or not? So he said it because all of the brothers and all the prophets came from noble family and good lineage. So this is the first question is asking, because if he if he didn't, it would be the first question mark, if not the first x with the first question mark, at least. And that's why our manager wanted to walk in and say he is a prophet. First thing would ask, you know, is does he have ties to Ibrahim alayhis. Salam or not? You know, if he doesn't,

00:27:39 --> 00:28:16

we'll talk we'll deal with him after he, as we said, right. But then he roughly is further asked, has anybody amongst you ever claimed the same meaning to be a prophet before him? And I replied, No. Anybody here what, why that question. Pretend to be a prophet. He's trying to copy. Yeah. Maybe he's imitating somebody, maybe this village every five days, some guy gets up. And today, everybody in profit. So then, you know, what's the difference here? So that's, that's another wise question. So then he said, was anybody amongst his ancestors at King replied, No.

00:28:18 --> 00:28:21

There? What's the big deal? Yes, yeah.

00:28:24 --> 00:28:42

Yeah, there's someone trying to get the, you know, get the throne back again. So pretending doing it through this avenue to pretend to be a prophet. So then he asked the nobles, where the poor follow him? And I replied, It is the poor, follow him. And just hear some scholars explain this word poor.

00:28:43 --> 00:29:31

Here to explain it means the non arrogant doesn't necessarily mean the very poor, like no one. And in their arguments for that, is that if you look at the numbers of the early Muslims, they say, out of the first 67, early Muslim, earliest Muslim, 13 of them were freed slaves and non Arabs, only 13, which is like one fifth of that number. So when we looked at that, and they said, Well, why is it so popular that, you know, it was all the early conference where the poor and the freed slaves and the people who were tortured and so on? And the answer is that the people who are richer, or from noble families like our work, and so on, they had their tribes to protect them. And those didn't. And

00:29:31 --> 00:29:39

that's why even though there was a small number, when they were tortured, and they were punished, they're tortured in this story that literally became so popular Billa

00:29:42 --> 00:29:54

sumaiya and yes, have a family of years of torture is more popular because obviously the person was done in public. But we know for example, with my son, he was tortured, but he was tortured by his uncle, right?

00:29:55 --> 00:29:59

who stayed in there and others who were tortured by their parents. So

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Those who had a track to protect them the track to care their punishment, but those who didn't have a dragon the speeds and punish publicly and that's why we hear of that more. And so we tend to imagine that the majority of them are just for the destitute and on average.

00:30:17 --> 00:30:17

So here

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increasing or decreasing, they'd like to increase with a decrease. And I replied, they're increasing. He then asked, Does anybody amongst those who embraces religion become displeased and renounce their religion afterwards? I replied, No. Then he says, Have you ever accused him of telling lies before his claim to be a prophet? And I replied, No. So why is it important if people leave their religion or not?

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Because they felt

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they felt more comfortable. So now they intimate and they know the details and the know, whatever the inner workings, if secrets, if any, and they still remain, probably a sign that there's something good there. They're not leaving. Now. Remember, this was a technique that Jews used in Medina to get people away from us not remember that? They will become Muslim in the early part of the day and leave Islam later on. Yeah, this is in lm ROM for 72, Atlas, mantises. makalah luminaria kita.

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So the Jews here, this was a technique, they will become Muslim in the morning, 10 1513 sector shot at night, same day they leave Islam. Tomorrow, 10 people becomes at night painting this same day. So what does this do to the pagan, non Muslim non Jewish person observing this, there's probably nothing good there. people enter and they leave the same day, not the next day, the same day, there must be no substance in it. So they use this as a deterrent, the Jews but then of course, when the the ruling for rip that came what happened.

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They did, of course, didn't pretend to be Muslim.

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But that was a funny story. A true story, one of the philipa or the oma in the past. He was sitting in the in the head with him a friend who is a Christian, and he has been as core to store. This is the metaphor that he becomes. The man says, I like your religion. It's the truth. But I like wine too much. So then, from the hikma of this ruler, he said,

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become a Muslim, and keep drinking your wine.

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Doesn't matter

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if you drink wine with you.

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so you see they use it as a deterrent. enter Islam live, there was a look at his wisdom. He's saying to people leave the religion when they enter it or not. says no, that's just another check. Point. So

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have you ever accused him of telling lies before he's claimed to be a prophet? Chances I would find? No, I think you all know why. He's asking that question. Yeah. Anybody?

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Have you ever accused him of telling lies? What if he lied about something? Because they were checking the data is is a just a line every time it's always just for the first time is lying below the poverty line before this is just another line. Right? But if you didn't lie, what does that mean?

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If you never lied before about the price of tomatoes, and how much of what the candle for what on earth with the light against a lot.

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And this see, again, this point you take us to another analysis point of analysis is to look at the law on

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Windows, the start of the conversion of a book.

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Yeah, but you know, but definitely the story of the conversion of a book or a few people No, because there wasn't a story. It really wasn't really much of a story. Most of them said I've never called no Tesla except a kind of low carb word like he frowned or disagrees or argued a little bit.

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I totally believed why sometimes you'll find some authors electric portray or just constantly submitting and whatever they say.

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That's actually incorrect, obey the law and was extremely intelligent and he always do these quick tests in his mind and that's why he would come up with the with this

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Conclusion as or shift was saying, after the Night Journey of the facility after work, how could you believe, I believe in something greater than that. And just he went from here to another city on Earth, I believe about the news that comes from the heavens from a lesson. In moments. This is a bigger journey than this one. You made this pair. So here, and that's why we believe the process if someone doesn't lie about, you know how much you bought the camera for where he put that item? Why would he lie against a guy doesn't make any sense. This is the same thing where Apple is checking for him. Someone doesn't lie about anything. Why on earth? Would they lie against a lie? Doesn't

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make sense whatsoever? These are the these are the wise person is asking. Then he asked, Does he break his promises? And the answer is no, we're we're at the truth with him. But we don't know what he will do in it, then comments. I couldn't find any opportunity to put something in except that he found nothing bad to say the word processor is the only part that can inject some kind of doubt and say, right now we have a truce. We don't know if he will betray us or not. But it hasn't been retracted. The only place you can put something in, but you will see where it isn't even register with that.

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So then, you're not gonna ask Have you ever had a war with him? He said, Yes. What was the outcome of the battles? He said? He said, Yeah, like, sometimes we were victorious. And sometimes he was victorious, alternating victories, and then hereafter said, What does he order you to do? And look at the answer here now.

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So he's telling what is what's his main message. And Ellucian says, He tells us to worship Allah and Allah alone, and not to worship anything along with him, and to renounce all that our ancestors had said, he ordered us to pray, to speak to the truth to the chest, and to keep good relations with our pit.

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What strikes you about that statement? Notice now he's a non Muslim at the time. And he's asking, what's the main message of Islam? And he says this sentence? Does anything strike you about that?

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No, wrong answer. Just your thoughts?

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None. Okay. You see, again, same basic formula, you see a lot of the commandments in, you know, being good to parents, relatives, you go here.

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is the sign of messenger of Allah? That's very true. It's one of the signs of the Prophet of Allah.

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denounces other religions otherwise, okay, so there is a there is a there's nothing in it. Right. So there's a Fermi, nine and 11 is always saying leaving the ancestors and other things.

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far we're actually listening to the message. Okay. Good. They got the message. Yes. That's a very important point that I was thinking of that. But it's interesting that

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the very important aspects of the message, which means the progress element, the Muslims gave them the important message first, and everything or the more important message for because everything is important in this map. But there are things that are more important. You know how long someone becomes a Muslim now, then they meet people in the masjid. And then they want to tell them something about Islam. And they begin with something quite beginning with that. I remember that becomes the one time is a counselor at a university. So we had a dinner for him, it was stuck for him

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10 years ago, so one doesn't want to sit next to the new Muslims. I cannot impart some wisdom on that. He says to tell him look what he wants to struggle with them.

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In Islam, when we don't have water to clean ourselves, we clean ourselves with dirt.

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What what religion is this?

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So look at the message that the most important message

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there's no substance of

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the whole message. Oh, very nice. Excellent points. Yeah, I wasn't thinking about that either. You don't see anything about personal gain here. And imagine that what the order is to give a fifth of our income to him immediately question marks right.

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personal gain happening. One of the most important messages is asking for money and taking care of him until luxury wise and everything, but nothing personal here.

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When I was in South Africa, we're giving the courses

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all over the CD, ROM ROM ROM, and every one of

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the monkeys running under.

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Someone else had their hand up.

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Is it the same message as previous prophets?

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He's taking this message is it is in line with what prophets have been saying in the past. But now you don't have to be amazed by it, right? Because I keep saying it's amazing. You don't have to be amazed. And sometimes some person will hear a story and you'll be so amazed, the other person will hear it. That's nice. I appreciate it. But I'm not amazed. Right? But this is What amazed me, because I'm just sharing with you What amazed me is that he says is that you see that? Okay, let's let's put it this way. If right now we go to the streets and we start to ask

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non Muslims, what's the main message of Islam? What do you think they'll tell us? No, no, beyond the negative. Someone who knows something about Islam beyond what they hear in the media? What do you think they

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know someone who knows about Islam? You're right.

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But someone who knows about Islam, what do you think they'll say?

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pray five times a day because that's what we get. Give them Netflix, they go get a quick,

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quick blurb on the internet, we pray five times a day, what else?

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Can we

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Now, okay, most likely, if you might, if you've seen an analyst who knows something about Islam, they'll tell you, you believe in one God, you pray five times a day, and they might know the five pillars of Islam. Right? The amazing thing here and first thing another thing, amazing thing here is that he says he ordered us to pray, to speak the truth. What does that mean? This was a message that Muslims were telling people

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you know, you think any non Muslim, if you stop worrying about Islam, you might stress the * out of Islam. You think, sir?

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You're right, and I'm wrong.

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You're so good about saying he's wrong, or I'm wrong. But it's very positive. It's possible, right? But do we stress the * up so much that someone before he told us to fight fillers will tell us you know, you stressed honesty, The Good night, we think it was, I don't know.

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Maybe in Sydney that's coming from somewhere else where we're

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good here.

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I haven't seen anything bad.

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But is this you're just afraid to speak the truth, to be chaste. And to keep good relations with our kids, and keep good relations with a family. I'm just amazed that this is the message that you would give meaning this is the message he got. That's being stressed. And this is what it's all about. The main message is not you know, prayer, worship one God, speak the truth be good to your family?

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I don't know did I get there and see what I'm saying?

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Isn't it amazing? That in the most important things that he can tell him? He mentioned you mentioned good behavior, which means he kept seeing that and he kept hearing that as well.

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and then I think that's a very

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very enticing aspect of Islam to anonymously focus on good man as many explained fasting you know, usually when I explained fasting to anonymous them I don't tell them I tell them yes, we don't even drink from sunup to sundown, but more importantly I always say that but more importantly, you also watch what comes out of our mouth because people they focus so much on the eating aspect of it. That's all they focus very much on that these are guys that when they make will do

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when when you make

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100 times you're no witness remains in the mouth because it's all about stuff coming in. Right? Some people you know, some people even go to extreme so you don't take a shower. Water will come in three is and some like we usually drink from here, you know

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all these things, and don't do

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And don't smell that don't walk near the kitchen. All these things because we're always concerned about this, but they're not concerned about

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what comes out, which is the bigger deal. They've only explained, you know, fasting Tell me if it's not eating and drinking some more importantly, what what comes out of our mouth more so than what comes in. And so there's no line, no backbiting, no no cursing and Ramadan. And, and that attracts people that is attractive to people, when you mention an aspect of a flower also dealing with them, when you when you explain this to

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anyone else want to comment on that sentence?

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And there is no end to the comment, feel free.

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But so then he says it often or interact with the translator to convey to me The following is not telling me why I asked you this question. And we'll see our assumptions were correct. He says I asked you about his family. And your reply was that he belonged to a very noble family. In fact, all the profits came from noble families amongst their respective people.

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That was correct. I questioned you whether anybody else amongst you claim such a thing meaning claim to be a prophet in your reply was in the negative? If the answer has been in the affirmative, I would have thought that this man was following the previous man statement. I think one of the brothers said that correct. And like we said, the village every five days, some guy's a prophet, so they just following the guide before him.

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Then I asked you whether any one of his ancestors was a king, and your reply was in the negative. And if it had been in the affirmative, I would have thought that this man wanted to take back his ancestral kingdom, just trying to get stronger, to pretend to be a prophet. I further asked when he was ever accused of telling lies before he said before he said what he said, and your reply was in the negative, so I wondered how wise he was. So I wondered how a person who does not tell a lie about others ever

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made an analogy here.

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Someone doesn't lie about others, why would he ever lie about?

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So now he's getting all the signs that this is actually a genuine property, all the questions are coming up, positive.

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Then he says, I then asked you whether the rich people followed him or the poor, you replied that it was the poor and followed him. And in fact, all the profits have been followed by this very class of people. Then I asked you whether his followers were increasing or decreasing your reply that they were increasing. And in fact, this is the way of the truth until it is complete in all respects. I further asked you whether there was anybody who after embracing his religion became displeased and discarded the religion, your reply was in the negative and in fact, that is meaning the sign of true faith. That is true faith, when is the light enters the heart and mixes with it completely. And the

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sweetness of true faith enters the heart and mixes with it, you don't leave it

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at whether he had ever betrayed and you replied in the negative, and likewise, the prophets never betray. Then I asked you what he ordered you to do. And he replied that he ordered you to worship Allah and Allah alone, not worship anything along with him. And he forbade you to worship idols, which is the way of all the prophets and all of you to pray, to speak the truth and to be chaste.

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If what you have said is true, you will very soon occupy this place underneath my feet. And I knew of meaning that this coming of profit from the scriptures that he was going to appear, but I did not know that he would be from you meaning from the Arabs. And if I could reach him, definitely I would go immediately to meet him and if I were with him, I would certainly wash his feet. And then so then, so now here we came to the conclusion, this is a genuine profitable, is going to become victorious. He's going to conquer

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