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Kamal El-Mekki
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various narratives of the story of the Jewish Church, including the woman of the hill, woman of the river, and woman of the sea. They also discuss the reasons behind the woman’s decision to become a Muslim after the Prophet sallahu Sallam gave her the choice. The importance of the beast in Islam is emphasized, and the importance of protecting one's quirks is emphasized. The segment also touches on the woman’s actions and her importance to the culture of the world.
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Santa Monica Hello Ricardo swindler him and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah and I mean he wasabi edge Maine. Welcome to the mothers of the believers and this episode inshallah we're talking about Sophia, winter Fay

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and Sophia rhodiola. On her. She was of the Jews of Medina. So how did this woman become a Muslim and become one of the mothers of the believers, especially since her father and her uncle were severe enemies of Islam? We'll find out when we begin this episode in sha Allah

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Welcome to the mothers of the believers. As promised today we're talking about Sophia the daughter of hiei.

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And haven after her father, he was basically a leader of the Jews, but he was like almost like a king and his status in his place, with the Jews of Medina. Now the Jews of Medina, they were expecting a prophet to come. And they were, they knew that was the time of a new prophet to show up. But they were expecting that the Prophet would come from amongst them, that he would be from amongst the Jewish people, and so on. The Prophet came from the chorus from the Arabs, they were upset about that very much. So as with joy, Maria, Sophia de la Anna, she was married to the process alum after the victory at hayver. And before of that, she was before that she was married to Salaam, Michigan,

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and then they were divorced. They said that they were incompatible is what the books of history say. So she was married to lambda, Michigan, but they were incompatible. So they became divorced. And then she married Kiana had been a rabbit. And it was after the the battle or treated her davia that they thought the Muslims were weak. And so they tried to like they basically that her tribe tried to invite all the the neighboring Jews and other people to join forces and attack the Muslims with about 1400 in the army, and they were going to attack the Muslims, but the Muslims were actually camped right outside of their doorstep. And they attack the Muslims attack them surprise attack them

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right after Frederick. So they started running to their homes, and the leader who was killed, and the husband of saphira della Han Hakuna, he was also killed. So now, the Muslims just captured this entire tribe and captured a lot of wealth, all the women and children, the men, all the livestock, all these things were captured. And it was narrated that Bella was seen with two women, and he was taking them through, like all the dead people, basically all left at the end of the battle. He's got two women's women who are captives, and he's pulling them through is like taking them leading them through. But he took them through the battlefield where they could see all that tribes men and their

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relatives who were dead and killed. So one of them was screaming and shrieking and putting sand in her hair from seeing the dead people. The other was just silent in shock. The one that was silent was Sophia rhodiola, Juan and the daughter of their chief,

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and the one that was crying was her cousin. So then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam reprimanded bill and he said be dad has Allah removed mercy from your heart, that you let these two women pass by those of their menfolk but of their relatives who have been killed. Now, the interesting thing is, so that may seem to you like while the program didn't really yell at him, he just said to him, did Allah remove the mercy from your heart that you let these two women pass by their dead relatives? That's all he said. But the interesting thing is this from the process that I'm this is a severe rebuke because the proxy lamb used to never fault people for what they do, even if it was a mistake.

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We have the very famous narration from Ernesto de la Han, where he said I served the profits of selling for eight years. Not once did he asked me about something that I did. Why did you do it, not just yell. He'd never, ever once in eight years asked him, Why did you do this? or Why did you not do that? Not once. So the fact that the pro Selim says this to be that it's actually a very strong rebuke from the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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Now, the proposal and then he told someone to take care of her cousin who was screaming, and he recognized her being the daughter of their chief or almost their king. So

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The Postal and put his garment over her. And that was a sign that, you know, he recognized her and he wanted her for himself. So this is one of the nation's there about three different narrations of how she came to be with the prophet SAW settler, the first one the person and put the garment over her. The second one is that she actually when two people were distributed the prisoners of war were distributed. She fell to the here and killed bureau gala Han who, and the process alum actually bought her from him. This is the second narration. The third narration is that the problem just took Sophia from the healthcare bench and he gave him some other captive in her place. But in any case,

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the prophet SAW said lamb, he said to her, he said choose. He This is now the choice he's giving Sophia. So let's pay attention to the narration to see if there's any threat to her life if she's forced to do anything or not. Or if she's also Jewish, when she marries the problem as sometimes you hear speakers say the President had a Jewish wife. So let's listen. The Prophet said to her choose, if you choose Islam, I will keep you for myself, meaning I'll be married to you will be one of the mothers of the believers. And if you choose Judaism, then I will set you free to join your people. I mean, look at a choice like that. If you become Muslim, you get married to the process alum. If you

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choose Judaism, I will set you free. So if she's someone who's already of Jewish origin, and she says I choose my religion, then she just chose her freedom. And you might also be asking, why is it that that the Muslims are capturing these prisoners of war? Part of it is that the Muslims when they would be captured, they would be put into slavery, and so on and so forth. And so when they captured people, they also kept them as prisoners of war. And that kept it equal, just so that the Muslim prisoners of war are not like, made as like servants and workers. While there is no nothing on the other side. So this is part of to keep it balanced. But here we see that the process lm now is going

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to come up with a way by which he will have all the Muslims free all of the Jews that were just captured, because it was especially unheard of that you just capture a tribe, and then you let them go without ransom without anything in return. And then because let's go back to our story, and we'll come back to her tribe being freed.

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So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave her this choice and Sophia della Han has said, the Messenger of Allah, I desire Islam, and I believed in you before you called me when I went to when I came to your writing animal, she says, I have no desire in Judaism, and I have neither a father nor brother, anything further. Family passed away. So she says, You give me a choice between this belief and Islam. I prefer Allah and His Messenger, in over returning to my people. So might ask now, why did she so quickly accept Islam? Why was it so quickly that she immediately said I choose a line His messenger? And why was she saying a line His messengers, she convinced already at the bottom is a

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genuine prophet of Allah, that he is the messenger sallallahu sallam. There is a reason behind that. As I said, the first one I said in the beginning of the episode that the Jews of Medina, they were anticipating the arrival of a new prophet because their books had mentioned and this basically looked like the time when the new prophet is going to come. And they were hoping that this new profit would come from amongst themselves, but they were surprised that it would come from the corporation. This is the first reason the second reason a very strong reason something that happened when Sophia or the law was only 10 years old, something that made her convinced that the Prophet

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sallallahu wasallam was a genuine prophet. What that is we'll find out when we come back from the break inshallah

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everybody's got experience. He didn't have to.

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Oh, my God.

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All right. Welcome back to the show. So we're talking about the one of the reasons that jewelry or soft saphir Okay, not to confuse anybody. We're talking

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about the reasons why Sophia or the Aloha so quickly decided to become Muslim. The first reason they were expecting a prophet to show up. The second thing that happened when she was 10 years old. She described it herself. She says I was my father's favorite, and the favorite of my uncle. Yes, sir. And they could never see me without one of the with one of their children without picking me up. So she was their favorite every time all the kids were there, they would pick up Sophia on the low on hand, and they would greet her. She says, when the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam came to Medina, my father and uncle, they went to see him.

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And it was early in the morning between dawn and sunrise, and they did not return until the sun was setting. So they spent the whole day her father and her uncle with the profits of the Law Center. She says when they came back around the time of sunset, they were walking very slowly. They were very depressed. She says, I came to them. And I smiled, as I always did. But they did not take any notice of me. They didn't pay attention to me. And they look like you know, in a miserable state. Then she says, I heard Yes, sir. asked my father. Is it him?

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and her father, I even asked him, he said, Yes, it is. So then he said, Is it the messenger? Or is he the Messenger of Allah? And he said, Yes. So he asked her said her uncle said, How did you know him? Her father said, I recognize him very well. He has all the signs. So now he's saying, Is it really the messenger? and his father saying, yes. So how did you know? He said, he has all the signs, I recognize him extremely well. So then, yes, sir, asked him, so what have you decided to do? And her father says, I have decided to fight him, ever the dare for all eternity, I'm going to fight against him. How what kind of wickedness is this? He sees all the signs and all the evidences and

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he's sure that this is the awaited messenger, but he rejected him. And he goes, is going to fight against him. Even though he recognized this is a prophet sent by Allah. So again, so then, so fear of the law, Hannah, even though she was 10 years old, she says for wakaf enough * Dallek, or Mandela can walk, she says, so it kind of like it hit me from that time and t. k phi akun. Who and nibi were Corona? How could it be the he's the prophet and to hate him, too. So this is something that is affected her since that time, she says, How can he be the prophet and they hate him so much, didn't make any sense. So this is another reason. A third reason is that she saw a dream that we

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mentioned before, and they will keep mentioning she saw a dream in which the moon came and it fell onto her lap. It's also narrated that when the prophet SAW the loss, Allah married her, there was like a greenish mark, near her eyes, greenish colored Mark near her eye. And so when that Mark was basically that because after she saw this dream, she told it to her mother, she says, I saw the moon come from your trip, the moon came from Medina here trip and fall into my room. This is the dream, the moon came out of Medina and fell into her room. So when she told this dream to her mother, her mother hit her. And that was that greenish mark. He hit her, she says, You you would like you're

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hopeful to marry the king of the arrows, meaning you're hopeful that you want to marry the prophet SAW Selim. So her mother had her. And basically, I'm going to go back a little bit to her when her mother and father they had her married to Canada, she was about 11 years old. And now when he passes away, she's about 17 years old. And she was wed to the processor lamb, when she was about 17 years old. This is just to give you an idea of how young she was. So again, it goes back to the description of the wives of the processor them, some of them are under 20, some of them are in their 20s, somewhere in the 30s. And some of them were over that, that number. So Islam first enters her

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heart when she was about 10 years old, then she gets that vision. And that's why when the prophets of Salaam asked her immediately, she was so willing, and they were married when I she was 17 years old. This was the seventh year after the hedra. And the process of selling at the time was 60 years old. So she was a young girl. And because she was young, sometimes things would issues would arise between her and the wives of the Prophet SAW Selim and others amongst them were young as well. And so just out of jealousy, they might say something to her that would hurt her feelings. So one time, they called her daughter of a Jew. So this was what they said to her. He said, he told her you,

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daughter of a Jew or us, a Jewish woman. So basically, I mean, obviously she's become she was a Muslim, so they call her daughter of a Jew, just despite her something of that sort of maybe some jealousy happened. So then she went crying to the prophets have said

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Because she was younger, so she was crying to the prophets. I said lamb, they said, she said, some of your wives called me Daughter of virtue. So he said, Why don't you respond to them? And she said, with what shall I respond? And here we see the wisdom of the prophets. I send them in fixing these kinds of issues, these kinds of problems. So she said to her, respond to them, she said, with what should I respond? He said, tell them my husband is a prophet. And my father is Aaron. And my uncle is Moosa. So I'm the wife of a prophet, and the daughter of a prophet because she really was from the lineage of Coronavirus, Salam. So I'm the wife of a prophet, the daughter of a prophet, and my

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uncle is a prophet Fermin, Kunta mahalik. So which of you has this honor, this is how the problem fixed just told her something to say to them. And of course, they will never try to find any any fault with her like this. And she can be linked to three of the prophets of Allah and some of the great prophets of Allah. So of course, after that, none of them will try to, to ever say you're the daughter of a Jew or anything of that sort. And especially since she accepted Islam.

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So this is how the Prophet cillum fixed things. And this is how the prophet SAW Selim fixed problems. And of course, if this were to happen today, someone has co wives and they fight like that, immediately, what he's going to do is going to take off his belt, and then you know, they take the belt away from him. And then there is a big, huge problem. But the problem is that I'm used to fix things in such a nice way. And he also though he used to be strict with any of his wives, who mocked her or made fun of her or called her Joe, like tried to say your, your lineage is Jewish, or something of that sort. But like I said, these things just would happen at the moments of jealousy

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and so on and so forth. But in general, they there wasn't like animosity amongst the wives of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but she lived for four years with the prophets of Allah Salam. And she remained part of the social and political life of Medina for 39 years after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had passed away.

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Of course, there are a lot of incidents or specific incidents that we want to mention. One of them has to do with earthman, or the Allahu anhu, when the the people of fitna came and they besieged him in his home, and they were armies that were coming. This was later on, of course, during the reign of birthmark, so there were armies that were coming from all around all over the regions of the Empire, to support the halifa. And these people had besieged him in his home, they were hoping that a man would die, before these armies would come, and then they would be killed. So one way they thought to kill him was to prevent him from water. And so they said, no one can bring water to the

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halifa. And they didn't let him drink. And of course, as you know, especially in hot, dry Arabia, three days with no water is enough to kill a human being just three days with no water. And so this mama dilemma was prevented from water. So Sophia dela Ana, she immediately saw that there's something she could do here. So she took some water with her, and the people open the path for her, but then one of the people of the fitna, he stood in her way. And he said either at, he said, Where are you going? She said, I'm Sophia, and meaning the mother of the believers, Sophia, and I want to enter upon the Emir of the believers zone to enter upon earth man. So he said, What are you

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carrying? And she didn't answer so he uncovered and he saw that she was carrying a pot of water. And let's take the narration from the narrator. His name is Kiana. She says, I was leading Sofia lohana to defend Earth man meaning to assist Earth man, and then an ester know how he met her. And he struck the face of her mule until it turned aside and another narration, it ran with her and it had it not been for people who stopped the animal. It she would have fallen off the animal. But the great thing that she says she says, Take me back. This one will not disgrace me, I won't let this person disgraced me. It's a very, very important thing and an important thing for for all the

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sisters today. What I'm going to explain what that means when we come back from the break and shut up.

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The journey of Abraham alayhis salam is geared as an educational documentary that will take the audience through the footsteps of Abraham and the Muslims today as they perform the once in a lifetime journey of Hajj. The story is told by some of our well known scholars of today, as they review the importance and significance of the Muslims Hajj, and how it relates to the journey of the father of religions. Ibrahim

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All right, welcome back to the shows below 100 salatu salam so Allah. So we're talking about Sophia Gila Han when a man was being besieged in his home, that prevented water from him. So she tried to get water to him. But I still don't know how he said, he stopped her, when he saw that she had water. He He, in one notion, he broke the pot. In other narration, he hit the face of her riding animal, and animal ran away with her, and had not been for the people to stop it, it would have she would have fallen off of it. But the interesting thing, and the other is that, you know, he hit the animal, the animal turn to its side, like meaning turn, like a, you know, what, 90 degrees. So then

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she said, Take me away, or take me back, this person will not disgrace me. What does that mean? So she's basically saying that, you know, she's going to remain dignified. And she's not going to stoop down to a level of someone like that, who is not even respecting the mothers of the believers. And he would, if she stays there and argues with him, he might say to her things, that will not be befitting. And this is then an excellent, excellent example and an excellent,

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like role model for all the women today, simply because the mother of the believers to fear of the law Haha, she didn't want to be disgraced by this person. She didn't want him to say things to her in public, and she wants to keep her dignity. This is so important for sisters to do, because today, perhaps due to the over exaggerated sense of the of the radical, radical feminist movement, not the other feminist move, but the radical one, where it's all about challenging the male, why should I run away from him, he should run away from me. And that's why a lot of sisters will get into fights with men in public. And the man his sister should never do that, or any respectable believing woman

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should never get into a fight with a man in public because the man will start to use very disgusting and very dirty words. And then sometimes you find women responding within dirt when dirty words to these men in public in response. But this is not the proper way for the believing woman to behave. Of course, it's not the proper way for the man to behave. But it's not going to be any any worse for him. But for the woman to do something like this in public to fight with a man to stand there. While he insults her. While he says that things have a very disrespectful nature to her. It's not for her to lower herself to this level to lower herself to this low standard. And here it brings us

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something important about basically, and higher, you know, higher is this having this bashfulness being shy, you know, being modest in front of Allah subhanaw taala. The prophet SAW, Selim said, a higher charbonnel a man that higher is one of the branches of a man. And the interesting thing is that, you know, a lot of sisters, sometimes they lose their heart because they say, I don't want to be afraid of the man. Why should I be afraid of him? Why should I move? If he's coming out of the road? Why doesn't he move? What if he's staring at me? I'll stare at him back until he puts his head down. No, no, we don't want you to be afraid of the man. And we didn't say you should be afraid of

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the man. But you shouldn't lose your hire in trying to get back your rights. You should never leave your dignity, because you know, I'm trying to get back. Some, he insulted you and insult him back before leaving. So it's even know. And this is so important. And this is something we learned from Sophia, Aguila, Juana. She's the mother of the believers. When this man didn't respect her position, she immediately left because he doesn't respect her position. He's already hitting her writing animal, he might do something worse the next time. So again, for you the believing woman, when a man doesn't respect your position as a believing woman who is charged, who is modest, who is well

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covered. If he doesn't respect that position of yours, then you can expect him to go to worse levels with you. So do not put yourself in that situation. Do not fight with men. Do not exchange insults with men. Remember the Hadith the famous hadith of when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he passed by a man who was admonishing his brother, he was telling his brother don't have too much higher maybe he's telling him be a little aggressive. Maybe he's telling him fight for your rights a little bit. Maybe he's telling him be a little blunt with people

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The problem tells this man who's giving the advice, he tells him leave him fell. Because I A is part of a man, it doesn't leave him because he was part of a man. So this is someone advising someone else to just not to be, like rude to people, but just maybe a little bit more assertive, or maybe a little bit more like, you know, a brace of maybe a brace of is too strong. But in any case, he's not telling him to overstep his bounds. But yet the person I'm saying leave him

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is part of him. And so what then kind of advice can we give for the woman, you know, from the hire a violation of the law was that when the film was buried in her home, and then our book was buried in her home, she would say, it's my father, and my husband, so she would not cover too much or have to put on her hijab. She said, When Mama was buried next to them, I could not stay in the room without wearing Hijab out of hire from oma. So this is your mother, I shall be alone on your role model, the mother of the believers, she has so much higher, that she can't not wear hijab in front of a man who has passed away, he's dead. Not only that, he's under the ground, even if you and if he wasn't that

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he couldn't see dead and under the ground, she said I couldn't enter my own room without proper clothing, out of high up from Alma. So here is one of the aspects that a sister should guard guard very much and not lose. And this is something that we learn in this story with Sophia for the ohana.

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So, in the end, she was 21 years old, only 21 years old when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam died. And she died in the year 50, after the hedgerows and books say up to 52 after the hedgerows. And she was buried in the famous cemetery or the garden of Buckhead during the life of Malia or the love on

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the line. Whoa. And she was noble by birth and noble by nature, she was God fearing she was very intelligent. And she was very beautiful. And this is again, she was extremely beautiful and extremely intelligent. And she was very tolerant and very dignified. She cared about her dignity, as I was just speaking, and what an important thing that is, for all sisters to guard their dignity, to not allow anyone to debase them, or to lower them, especially especially if this is done publicly. And the reason I mentioned the radical feminist movement is that in this movement, it's all about challenging the male. And this is not actually at the heart of

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the believing woman to be wanted to want to like challenge the male into exchanging insults. And even though this is kind of now, it's what is becoming a popular, and women use bad words in public and things of that sort. These are all not from the actions of Bolivian women, and definitely not from the actions of the mothers of the believers so that we come to the end of the life of Sophia, or the Allahu Lionheart. And we hope that you enjoyed this episode and you know, Sophia or the llama and a little bit more. So Until the next episode, I would like to thank you for being an excellent audience. Well, so lahoma robotic Edinburgh here on the line. I mean, he was like the main was Salam

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Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

The Mothers of the Believers – Safiyya Bint Huyayy by Kamal El Mekki

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