Kamal El-Mekki – Signs of the Hour #10 – Minor – Jesus Christ, The Messiah

Kamal El-Mekki
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of authentic hadith in writing and the use of the M Hospital as a means of protecting citizens. They also touch on the history of the calif impression, including the fall of the Prophet Muhammad and the use of the waif to cover up actions. The use of the M Hospital as a means of protecting citizens was unclear, leading to the group becoming nervous and hiding in the rooms until the army finally returned to free the huddle.
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Salaam Allah capitola workato Bismillahirrahmanirrahim at hamdulillah hearable alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah meanwhile Allah, Allah He was a big man about and welcome and thank you for tuning in to signs of the hour. I'm your host come out and Mickey and we're talking about the method if you remember last episode we spoke extensively for a good while about the melody. And then I promised that this episode we're going to talk about some of the false melodies that have you know, that have risen throughout the throughout the ages. So let's just go with let's start with this hadith here. The prophet SAW Selim dissidents, a Muslim, said, you do his own bait, you do. Just

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like when you say our own divinity, you seek refuge you seek the protection. So your own his own building Bates, so someone seeks to protection with the house meaning the cabin makeup, or the more characters a person will seek refuge at the house meaning the Kaaba in Mecca for you, but as he lay his bath, so an army will be sent to him meaning sent to kill him. So he back fader can obey de minute out so when they reached the open ground, okay, and then an area called the beta, which is just an open area, open space with no houses in it, who sees him the earth will swallow that army up? All right, so someone seeks protection at the house, and then an army sent to destroy him. And

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when they reach this open area of beta, the earth will swallow up that army. The layers of law to the companions, they asked Yasser Allah for key for women, can I carry one? What about those that were coerced to be part of the army? So the earth swallows up the whole army? Not everybody's a bad guy there? What about those who were forced to come up with this army? They didn't want to, but they just compelled this Okay, I'm going to go but I'm not going to do anything. I'm not going to hurt anybody. And then when they get to this open area, the earth swallows up What about these people? Carla Yosef will be he ma home joaquina hubris, human creativity. Alani at Prosser him said he will

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be swallowed up the earth was follow him up as well, he will be swallowed up with them. But he will be resurrected on the Day of Resurrection on human kiama upon his based on his Nia based on his intention. So those who went there with ill intent to intend to kill and do this and that there'll be resurrected based on their intention. And then others who went there because they were forced to, but they didn't want to harm anybody. They'll be resurrected on the day of judgment based on their intention as well.

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We said if you put them all together, you get a more complete picture of the story of the malady. Which also is something interesting. When you put them all together, you see a story that makes sense chronologically the events makes sense. It's a complete story. You understand? You know, like when, when you have, let's say, 10 people, and each one of them just by themselves, gives one part of a story, and then you put it all together, is it going to be coherent? Is it going to make sense? The answer is no. What am I really saying here?

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There were some people you know, some of the contemporary You know, I'm not gonna call them scholars, but just I don't know p speakers. All right.

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And this is like in the Arab land specifically. And a lot of them challenged the the story or the authenticity or even the idea of the malady. Even though we have authentic hadith, we have weaker Hadith and we have plenty of authentic hadith that speak about the MADI and his coming and everything. They said knowledge stuff we just put together was fabricated there was not you know us just glued together made up by people who are deviant and people who are intending to scare and terrify the oma. Then how do we have such a story? A complete story with no contradictions. That's the real question. If random people with bad intentions throw the oma fake these ideas about the

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Maddy, the story wouldn't make any sense. It wouldn't have a beginning, middle and end it will just be okay. One time I had these here one time is over there. But that's not the case. Something to think about. All right.

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Now last time, one of the things also we wanted to mention, this is an authentic narration again, and

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by the way, another argument they made is that none of the ideas of the MADI are in a Muslim or say Buhari. Alright, what's the problem? These are not the only authentic books of hudy. The example I have here, this is an authentic narration from sunon. A widowed

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the pasilla mentioned that a halifa dies, then a civil war will break out so as so a person from my original bait will leave Medina running away from it to Mecca. Okay. So what do we have so far, we have a halifa that dies, so we there's got to be a philosopher, and then the halifa dies, then there is a civil war. Another Hadith says three sons of a halifa. You know, they pull the oma into the Civil War, the likes of woodstone has never seen. So a person from my debate from my family, meaning from my lineage, will shall leave Medina running away from it to Mecca, from Medina to Mecca. And the fact that he was running away the scholars mentioned that it indicates that he was targeted that

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someone was interested in him or had something about him. So they were looking at him carefully and he's targeted. So they send someone or a group after him. So he leaves Medina, and it goes to Mecca, and he shall reach the Kaaba, and people will force him out of his house. Remember what I said last time, people forced him to give the beta whereas everyone who claims that they're the madeon you should follow them. They're asking you for the beta. He doesn't want it they force him out of his house and give him bi between the rokinon the Blackstone and the Malcolm Malcolm Ibrahim, so right in that area, he will stand and people will force him to accept the buyout then the dimensions then

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Muslims from perasaan will go to join him and he says when you see the army give back to the MADI. Okay, well the Hadith mentions that if you see him if you if you know I'm here with the MADI get to him and quote, even if you have to crawl over snow to give the pledge to him.

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All right. He says I saw in a dream something very strange.

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The pasilla mentioned this Howdy. Asana dream something very strange. A group of people from my oma will intend to attack the Kaaba because a man from my descendants has sought refuge in it is very similar to the other ones just seeing it from a different angle. As the army is kept at bay that

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alone will cause the earth to open up and swallow the army. Hmm. Okay, so let's do a quick recap here. Combining the narrations together, we see that the mahadi will seek refuge in the Kaaba, they'll be some political turmoil civil war he leaves Medina to go to Mecca. And when the army is sent to destroy him while he's in Mecca, and then while they're at this open area of beta the earth will swallow them up. And

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then he will lead that people give him bail between the Blackstone and the mahkum of Ibrahim, then people will we said unanimously and just everyone will know this is the MADI though not be you know people on the sidelines and righteous people is that him or not? Everybody will start to give pledge to him and when you hear of him you have to make sure you go cross whatever distance and you pledge to the MADI. He will lead the entire oma and the hole omo be united in this will be the greatest healer forever. Some scholars said he will give money to everyone and he will. You know there'll be peace and there'll be you know come you know what have you safety and all that for the first time in

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a long time. Instead of widowed the process I mentioned yesterday Lu sobre. sinning he will rule for seven years and then the gel comes so this happens all this happens and then the gel comes during

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The time of the MACD and the MACD then even though he knows he cannot kill the gel, he puts together an army and they fight against him on day one now

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with the gel and stuff of course we're gonna get to all these details when we get to the gel but our point today was the MACD and then on so they have a fierce battle against the army of the john. Then on that so they they go to sleep at night that morning that fudger they make the karma and right before the Maddy, you know moves forward to lead the Salah. All the believers they look up and they see a Silas Solomon I said no Miriam coming down. And the problem specifically mentioned with one hand on the wing of one Angel, the other hand on the wing of another angel, he describes the garment he'll be wearing its color his hair, what it looks like, and he comes down right amongst the

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believers. And so they rush to him. They rush to a salad salad and he wipes over their faces and he tells them their their rank their place in agenda. And then

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and Maddie tells a sub memoriam Taka Dum Yarrow holla but as of now Marian pushes him from shoulder like this, and he tells him to a comma was made for you. Now a number of things here one, why is that? Why does he lead what is the MADI lead the Great Prophet Isa is Salah, because number one, the scholars mentioned that the Maddie has the Koran, and he Salah Salaam has the Injeel in which one is superior, no doubt, it is the hold on to they said to indicate that he's not coming as a new prophet. Rather, he is coming as a follower of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam that's why some scholars said something interesting about a Salah Sarah, they said this actually makes him a

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companion as well, because he saw the process. How during the ascension journey, he met the prophets of Salaam Of course believed in him as a prophet. And so in that sense, he fits the bill of being a companion as a hobby. I said that in class one time, and a student put their hand up and said, okay, in the people who Syriza did they become the type of aid? And of course, the answer is no.

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But also so those are the two reasons. The third one is that also as a as respect this man assemble his whole army and he's leading them, and they already made the account for him. So as respect he let him lead. And what's interesting is after this point, we do not have a single word about the malady after this. Not a single word about the man. We don't know if he lives until the time of a silent Salaam continues living and just goes into retirement as children gets married. We don't know if he dies, we don't know anything about him after that. And explanation is built. The real star is early Sarah has his shown. So at that point, really, nobody cares about the Maddie right? There's no

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comparison between a Maddie and a prophet, and Maddie and one of the five greatest prophets of Allah at that, so.

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But since we're more or less kind of done with the malady, let's look at some other quote unquote, maladies that have

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that have shown up in in history. All right.

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There was a let's start with what we mentioned last time that some of the rough at least what they used to be called back then today we call them the shear claimed that

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the Maddie is the last of their 12 imams. So these are the 12 her she has. The mat is the last of the 12 imams. And his name would be Muhammad, Hassan Allah scary, and they believe he's from the descendants of Saint not al Hassan. As we said in his belief.

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They believe that he entered the tunnel of Samarra in the year 260 after the hijra, the Maddie was alive. So in the Sunni belief that if you're not living at the time of the mid, he's not born. And if you added 500 years ago, then it was not born. We don't believe that he's alive on earth and hiding somewhere. But these people here they said that he went into this cave in Sonora in 260 after the Hydra, so he was alive one to that cave, and he's not going to come out until it's time to come up. One very important thing to remember when you do something like that, like that, or extreme Sophie's who say, well, Heather, the profitable Heather who is met with musasa is still alive. When

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you say that Maddie is alive and well or the other is still alive in amongst us or like some extremists also say the proxy element is still alive. And he was here and he prayed with us and all that.

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I'll tell you the story. There was one of one of the shows that I studied with. He was in Medina. He said and

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After the Salah, we prayed there and after the Salah I saw someone turn towards the prophets of Allah Salem and make dua to the guy was a redhead so I thought he's a Westerner, so I want to speak to them. So when I got to him, it turns out his Arab just looks like that. And he said that I told him, Hey, you should always make our daughter to Allah azza wa jal and to Allah, Allah alone, do not pray to anyone else, no intercessor is nothing. And because as you know, the process has passed on. And he tells him No, the problem is not dead problem is amongst us and he actually just presidencia with us. So like, what do you say to someone like that? So the chef just said, problem just spread

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he said, Yeah, he said then once you make sure the healer the Sala

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makes sense, right? Like who is going to leave the salon The problem is in is in line somewhere.

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So no use don't use the word be. So anyways, the point is that there are these people who believe the President is alive and and they like and they try to make it look like it's an honor. But what you're doing let's pick any here and the MADI, the Hodder and Mohammed sobre la sala, if you if you say any of these three are alive and like the she I say the maybe even knows what's happening on Earth right now, then Is this a plus or minus? It's a huge negative, so huge minus to be alive and see all the destruction and all the death that's happening to the Muslims. Muslims are dying by the millions, by the millions. And you just sitting there and you're not saying a word of holder? What

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is he doing?

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Every time in Sudan every few months, they write an article in newspaper that they saw either in the vegetable market in this city or that city. And he's always at the vegetable markets because he's had other green vegetables green.

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So you told me, you know, millions of people died in Iraq, and he just walked around the vegetable garden vegetable market with some leaf

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lifts and

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radishes doesn't make any sense. It makes the person careless. Tell me the problem is alive. But let's consult the profits or sell them on all the 1000s of problems afflicting the oma right now not just wars economies everything

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doesn't make any sense. Or the mighty is alive. But what are you waiting for? And he goes to a cave 1000 years ago. What do you do in the cave? The punching bags and training in that cave or what? This make any sense? It takes away from the greatness of the individual when you make them alive and careless. Right? Anyways

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now the what's funny is they believe that when he entered the tunnel, he was five and the cave. He was five years old. So like a five year old. Just what walking to a cave is like Okay, see in 1000 years. I'm gonna stay here for a while, like even a five year old. As an adult going in house you contemplate you make a five year old what is a five year old? No estland to prepare.

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Anyways, that was some belief about the Maddy.

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Others there was a man who said by the name of Abdullah having a server and he claimed that olive oil was the avoided Maddie and for earlier of the law and they said he was the man. Right? They said he was supposed to be the natali for the Prophet. Then they said stuff for the Muslim group during his lifetime said he was Allah stuff for Allah. Then some people said he was the Dabba that was the beast that comes towards the end of time we're going to talk about inshallah, they said he was a dub. And the scholars argue there's no there's never a time ever in the Arabic language when you refer to human being as a dub, but they're just trying to make everything

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the third

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this man by the name of Mr. Ignore obeyed a theocracy. He claimed that Mohammed hanafy was the man he of course didn't have he never said that. But we kind of mentioned that last time. We said Mohammed Anivia was the son of Vitaly, but from not from Fatima from another woman Her name was hola been to Jaffa co living to Jennifer she was his mother and she was from Belo hanifa. So she became he she was known as a Hannah Thea. So he became known as Muhammad the son of an Hanafi

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Of course he was a righteous man he never claimed to be the halifa but they people are this man specifically said he was the halifa then we have

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we have a man who was given the nickname Mohammed the knifes zakia. His name is Mohammed Abdullah. Al Hassan. Eben Olive now Vitaly, so this was the son of a person. Right. And his name is Mohammed Abdullah. Now what's interesting here is that look at the name Muhammad Abdullah and then he is from the lineage of Al Hassan and his

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Abdullah Al Hassan immediately banally. Very close. Linnaeus right there. But too soon, don't you think like just few generations later is the man at the end of the gel supposed to come like it's supposed to be the end of time that quickly right? What I told you, in the beginning of this series, people are always guilty of thinking all the signs are going to happen in their world in their lifetime.

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All right. So he was actually a very righteous person who you know, is a devout worshiper and always praying and worshiping. And he, he was he led a revolt and this was a very popular revolt of Muhammad Yunus is akia. He tried to overthrow the diomedes, right? No, no, I think that Ambassador sorry. He tried to overthrow the ambassador. Why? Because one of the one of the things is that amount of money for him, Allah used to very much support him verbally monetarily. He wanted him to overthrow that because our buses were being very unjust and very unfair to the to Al Bayt family, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam anyways, without going on for too long. Muhammad Yunus is a key

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revenge. he rebelled against Ambassador hollyfield mon Sol, and the rebellion failed. But many people started saying or were saying that he was a madman, of course, clearly he wasn't. There was another individual this man his name was obeyed. The law had been mamoon and he was

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they mentioned his grandfather was Jewish. He was the leader of the chronometer and I told you about the kilometer if you remember the episode when we spoke about the destruction of the stealing the Blackstone killing the adjudge, and all that stuff that happened by the Karmapa. And they also said, you know that he was the Maddy.

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and the the falsely claimed that he belonged to debate like they basically

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what's the word like they faked his lineage to the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam.

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Now we have this was his this one, his name was he is famous as even tomorrow, even tomorrow. All right, and he was his name was Mohammed Abdullah Al Burberry. So he was from the Berber, not an Arab. And that's why he is known as avian tumor. And he appeared in the year 512, or 513, or 14 after the hijra. And

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it was, first of all, he claimed to be a descendant from Alibaba.

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And he actually traveled for a while and sought knowledge and became, you know, the fairly knowledgeable, but he also picked up from those, the average the takfeer, if you commit a major sin, you left Islam, and he became very relaxed with blood with executions, very relaxed with Muslim blood.

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And he was very strict even with his own followers, he had a rule that his followers, those who believed in Him and follow them, they have to make damn every night. And if they don't, they get whipped in the morning. And he employed a number of very dirty tricks. He tricked people in very dirty ways to prove to them that he can do something out of the ordinary so that they can believe he's something special. So one of the things he would do is that he would come and he'd bring his followers and they would dig graves in the cemetery. And then they would bury his friends. So you know, your friend is going to help you out here. So we've got six friends, we dig six graves, and

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then we put them in and we not very kind of a shallow grave. We cover it. But we cover it real grave, right? Yeah, maybe it wasn't that shallow. They cover it really well. Then he goes to the market. And he tells people that

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I will show you a miracle. He'll just come and bring a whole crowd from the marketplace. And then he'll bring him out to the cemetery and he'll stand there and he'll tell people Oh dead ones Oh deceased. respond to my call. And then his friends from inside. they yell you are an MA D or the MA D that the awaited Maddie. So people are standing there and then they hear like from these different graves people are speaking they'll go to this great two graves here and two people said you are the awaited Monday he'll go over there. Oh, deceased ones speak to me. You are the awaited Maddie, they go to another sock. Do that a number of times right. Now here's the thing.

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Now he has to let his followers out. Right? He has to get them out of there. Because they help them in this. But if he gets them out, then people come back to show their friends. We stood right here he did it. I heard a song from this grave then they look at the ground and they see that the Earth has been moved again.

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And like the grave has been basically exempt and then recovered, they'll figure out what he was doing. So out of fear of risking that he would actually just leave his followers there, he would just leave them to die. Really evil, really wicked. But at the same time, you know, he's deviant, they're deviant. So I don't know if they got what they deserved or not. But then there was another person who claimed to be the Maddie. He claimed to be the body when he was 38 years old Mohammed Ahmed, Abdullah, and he was from Sudan. And this was no recently basically, when in like, around 1885, basically, when he was because

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to a number of issues, number one, he said he was the the Maddie, he was 38 years old, as I said, but one of the things like he also changed, for example, he added to the five pillars, change the Shahada around, and he said anyone who doubted that he's mid becomes a Kaffir becomes a disbeliever. And it's obviously clear that he was not the Maddie, if he did anything good is that he did fight and help expel the British people out of Sudan. So given a credit, because anyone who gets the British out of anywhere seems to be a good person. The point is that, like I was saying last time, some people said that it's so clear that he's not the madness when you ask someone, was he the mid

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Delta? You know, clearly he wasn't mid, but he was a muddy, like, there is such a thing that there's a muddy, there's a digit and all that anyways.

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And the last one that we'll spend our last five minutes on, this is something that happened about in 1979. Okay, in 1979, someone claimed to be the mighty, but if you want to see the story from like,

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why would it Why would young people who are righteous otherwise that were righteous young men do something like this? So let's put it this way. There was a young man, his name is Muhammad Abdullah, and he had the aquiline nose he had this prominent forehead he looked like them idea, the name of the Medina not sure but his lineage. And imagine one day someone just comes to him this happens, someone comes to Him, who has never met him before. He says, Hey, I saw you in a dream. I saw you in a dream. We were in the Kaaba, we were pledging to you as the Maddie, it was you?

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What happens when someone says that to you? Like, okay, whatever, I don't know. And then A while later, someone else a complete other stranger who doesn't know you and there's no the first guy comes to you and says the same exact dream. He saw the same exact dream people pledging to because you're the man and

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then a second or third person sees that who doesn't know the first to a completely random fourth person says the same thing. 6789 1020 times what will happen after a while you believe you pledges to yourself through the mud. So that's one of the things that chiffon had a role in this. And he brought this dream to a number of people, a number of people had seen that dream. And there was the the really the brains behind the operation, a man by the name of Joe Heyman had been safe, a little TV, who was very convinced that this is the MADI, and they had about 200 people. And on

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an awaited day, this is November 20 1979. They at fudger prayer, they entered with some Genesis, you know, so the Genesis we're on the what is it called the beer, it's called the beer that you could hold the janazah on. And see in the good old days things were beautiful and innocent, right and every time someone does something wrong, new safety measures are put in place and there's more paperwork back then you can just come in with the deceased on a bed and leave the salah and then leave and have the salon lead over them. And then now you need certificates and all that has to come through channels because of this incident incident really where they came in with these Genesis but

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they were actually not Genesis they were just ammunition and weapons that were covered. had them covered like that. So they after the fudger prayer, this man Hey man, they've been safe a little baby he got up and he grabbed the microphone. And he began to pontificate and give a long lecture about the corruption and the evil and all the things that are happening and then he says and I have with me a man who is the MADI and we're all give pledge to him. Now the amount of the Harlem was able to sneak out at this point and then

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they got up they brought the the MADI which now already doesn't fit the story right doesn't fit the story that he leaves Medina fleeing to Mecca. That didn't happen. It they bring him out

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have his home and force him to accept the pledge. That also didn't happen. He didn't even have a home in Mecca. And they forced him to accept the pledge. But he wasn't forced to accept it. He wanted the pledge. Why was he there? Why was he part of this 200 people who had this plan. So then they they went, and they now have the harem under, they have snipers on the minarets and they have weapons and they have people everywhere. And they trap like 50,000 people inside the huddle. And they sent the army. So in the beginning, it was chaos. People were confused. People weren't sure what was going on. Even some respectable scholars started to think this may be is the melody, right?

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And then others then it took people a while until everyone realized, okay, this is definitely not the melody. So they ordered the army to go in and to basically return to free the huddle, but the army refused to go. Why? Because they know the Heidi of the MADI being in the Kaaba, the army is sent to destroy him and then it's swallowed up when it gets to by that so they refuse to go in the beginning and then after a while after a while it became clear you know, these are a bunch of people young people with with weapons and they're really just bringing fear into people's hearts and destroying the harm and and killing innocent people. So it became clear to them this is not the

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malady and then they went in with their tanks into the hot tub into you know down those steps and and the this would just took two weeks by the way the two weeks that were barricaded in the Ottoman. So what happened was then the Joe Haman and his people not gonna say them it but Joey man and his people, they went down into the basement of like where they have Zamzam and all that and they burned like they smoke them out with like burnt tires. That's why if you ever see pictures of the capitals that had like black faces would sit on them, then they flooded that area, they electrocuted it. And in the cot, I think about 60 I can't remember it was 68 or 6363. I think of of them were captured

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alive, including Joe Heyman himself, but the man who is supposed to be the man he died in the firefight. Some speculate we'll never know for sure Some speculate that a man himself killed them because

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that man realized and he was just a righteous young man, but they were all misguided. And he realized that this is not the story of the malady. And maybe we want to turn himself in maybe to him and kill him. We don't know we can speculate. But the point is that he didn't make it. And then the others, the 63 that were captured, 58 of them were executed in different parts of the kingdom. And then that was the end of that fit. Now wood became known as fitness and harm or fitness to a man.

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That was the a little bit about the malady and a bunch about the false maladies until next time, where we finally get to start with

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