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Kamal El-Mekki


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Standing Firm in Justice by Sh. Kamal Elmekki @ the ICNA-MAS Convention

May 28-30, 2016. Baltimore, MD

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The definition of justice in Islam is based on equal and different things, including communication. There are differences between men and women in terms of communication, and the church's actions, including the use of punishment for bribery, are discussed. The importance of having a strong balance between men and women is emphasized, and the need for justice in society is emphasized. The Church's actions, including bribery, involve police and the use of punishment for bribery, leading to deadly deaths and opportunities for wrongdoers. The need for people to act like their own workers is emphasized, and the Church's actions are discussed as mini abhairk and mini qad systems.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. Meanwhile, he was up at 9am about.

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So let me begin by asking this question. If tomorrow Allah subhanaw taala puts you in charge of a Muslim nation. How many of you as you're sitting right here right now, if Allah subhanaw taala puts you in charge of a nation tomorrow, you would plan to run that nation like Abu Bakr and Omar Abdullah Han Hama?

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Show of hands. Yeah, you would like to run it just like Obama, it'll be fair, you would not steal the money of the Muslims. You would not order Muslim soldiers to fire upon innocent Muslim civilians. And basically the word we're looking for is that you would be just with everybody. It would be a land where there's justice, and no one is mistreated. And no one's rights are trampled correct.

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How many of you would, as you're sitting here, your plan is, you know, if tomorrow Allah azza wa jal puts me in charge of a nation, or I'm gonna run it just like a Daffy and Mubarak. And I'm going to give billions to my family members, and I'm going to have people killed and people in tortured in jail, we're going to do some creative things with torture and yank nails out electricity, you know, the rest. Any show of hands, just in case someone really is putting their hand up? Nobody. Okay. Excellent. Excellent.

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I'll get to that in a second. This verse is so amazing that our reciter mentioned and and it was just announced just now, it was the title of the lecture, right? Yeah, you're Latina Armando. kuno kawaman. I believe this Shahada, Allah, what are other unforeseen, or you who believe stand firmly for justice, as witnesses to Allah, even if it's against your own selves, it's talking about justice and human beings we transgress against one another, and therefore we need a justice system. Because no society can function without any system of deterrence or punishments. That's why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam describing himself in one Hadith, he said, nmbu, Rama wanna be you will Mel

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hammer. He said, I am the prophet of mercy, and the prophet of battles, the scholars explained, he didn't say that sallallahu Sallam out of love of battle. But he said that meaning out of recognizing that every society is in need of some kind of justice system, some kind of way of punishing those who transgress and trample upon the rights of others.

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And Allah subhanaw taala to show you how injustice is such a wicked thing, and such a bad quality in the Cuzzi Hadith narrated in Sahih Muslim the prophet SAW Selim said that Allah azza wa jal said, Yeah, a buddy in Neha run to Walmart and I've seen all my servants I have made injustice harem upon myself so Allah azza wa jal prohibited upon himself to do injustice and a larger jail would never do injustice anyways. will hold on to who and I made it haram between you amongst yourselves as well, which is to Habana Kumar, Rama Farah tawanda. Mo, and I made it haram amongst you as well. So do not do injustice to one another. Now, what's the definition of justice? And I want to go into a specific

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definition, a very simple one.

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A definition a simple definition of justice, Justice is to treat to equal things as equal. And to treat two different things differently.

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Gotta really easy, isn't it, but very beautiful. Justice is to treat to equal things as equal, make sense to people are equal, there's no reason why I should treat this one better than the other. I treat them equally. If two human beings come to me, and there's they have some differences between them, if I don't adjust for those differences, then I'm being unfair to them, and I'm being unjust to them. Simple example. Let's keep it very simple.

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Are there differences in fact, rulings between men and women in Islam? And the answer is yes. And that is the epitome of justice. Imagine Islam did not see any difference between men and woman. So the woman is fasting, she's pregnant, fast, not a problem. last trimester, not my problem fast. And she is whatever during the time of menses, whatever she is required to do everything the man is required to do without recognizing any difference here. So here, this would be injustice. Now, of course, as human beings are equal, and all the other stuff, but there are differences between men and women. Therefore, the laws and the rulings for men and women are different. Otherwise, that

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would be a form of injustice. And it's the same way even outside of religion, people recognize these differences. For example, we get much

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eternity leave if you work at a company and you give birth to get maternity leave. Now I know some companies are doing paternity leave as well. That's we're not going to comment on that. But maternity leave. Imagine the boss said, You gave birth. That's fantastic. I expect to see you tomorrow eight o'clock bright and early at your desk. So I just gave birth? Well, I I don't mean, john comes up to work on time, he never took leave. It would be unjust in just right. Very good. And I want to say that particularly because now there's this strange mentality to just compare the woman to the man, the man does this, I want to do this, the man does that, I should do that. And for the

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most part, you should be able to do whatever a man can do, as long as you're aware of the fact that there are differences as well. But some people want us to ignore the fact that there are some differences. And that's absolute insanity. There are many differences between men and women, even the way we communicate is different. Anyone who studies communications, men communicate in a certain way women communicate in a different way. And you find some people, they're ashamed of these differences. And they try to make it look like there's no difference. But what's what's the problem if there is a difference, and for the sisters in the audience, just so I can proceed with the

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Reminder, and shall never forget that it's not a matter of who's better. But so many women now have been beaten into this horrible position, where if they hear the man communicates like this, and the woman like that, they start to think for some reason. The man's way is better. So sisters, the man's ways not better. Are we clear?

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Fantastic. Brothers, we know we're better don't worry about it.

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I'm kidding. I'm kidding.

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Look, a logical says in the Quran in our Amanita other sama wa T will, they will Jeeva abena Yeah, I mean, what a shock. And I mean, how harmala Helen son, in who can have or lumen Jiahui Allah. So Allah subhanaw taala says, we offer this trust to the heavens and the earth and the mountains, but they declined it. And we're afraid of it. And the human being mankind, they bore this responsibility and this trust, then Allah azzawajal says, Why in who can have a lumen Jolla, he has the nature to be unjust, and to be ignorant, ignorant jehol of ignorance. So the scholars looked at this verse in the Quran. And they said, that every problem on Earth, if you keep tracing it back to its roots, it

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will come down to one of those two, injustice, or just ignorance. So people just being ignorant, and therefore they treat two people differently, trample upon the rights of one, or mistreat one, or they're just being unjust and being unjust as part of following your desires. So someone's following their desires. And that's why they're not being just and they're not being fair. So because of that, then that means there's there are going to be issues between people. And we know that there are differences between people, and they're going to disagree. And so therefore, Allah subhanaw taala wants people in positions of power, especially, to be fair, and to be just.

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And this is the reason behind the need for a justice system. I mean, we can't expect to live in a society where nobody will do anything wrong to the other person. And there will be no misunderstandings, there'll be no miscommunications and everything will always be peachy. That's why when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, and then abhi Rama wannabe, will mal Hama, he meant that there's going to be the use of some kind of deterrent or punishment system. And if there isn't, how is the society going to survive? For example, let's say we have a society that thrives on turning the other cheek. Now, realistically, no society on Earth has ever tried to live with some kind of

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justice system. Because it's not realistic. It's not It's not even possible. Imagine we lived on turning the other cheek only. So someone comes into your house at night, and he's trying to murder you or your family, or he's trying to rob you. He smacks your wife you told her honey, turn the other cheek as well. Let the man hit you. Or maybe he hits your first wife. You told your second wife, let him hit you as well.

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Okay, that's a sensitive topic. My apologies. Sisters. Forget that. I took that back.

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So it doesn't work. That's why when the early Christians just had turning the other cheek, and they didn't have really a justice system. St. Augustine was the first who tried to write a system of law to have some way to govern society, because it's not possible otherwise.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said nobody had done you come and fill out fairly early, huh. I mean, I used to Urbina sabaha. He said, for a prescribed punishment to be carried out in a land

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It's better for the people of that land than for it to rain for 40 days. And you know, how rain is valuable when you're in a desert society. But the problem is still saying 40 days of continuous rain is not as good for them as if they carry out the punishment one time, because if they let it go one time, than to let it go a second time and a third time and a fourth time. And then we get to the situation that we have right now where there's so much corruption in some of the lands, and in particular, let's pick on Muslim lands, so much corruption, bribery, it's just to another level. And if you say, Okay, I want to go back in history where this first started, you will go back in time to

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the point where one person let it go. They just one judge said, you know, it's okay, just let him go. And then tomorrow, they let another guy go and a third time and other guy go. In the end.

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We get to where we are today. That's why a woman from from Burning Man, zoom. A noble woman from Bonnie Muslim stole at the time of the prophets, Allah send them so they wanted someone to intercede for her so she wouldn't get punished for stealing. So they sent to some organization who is very close and dear to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was very shocked that Osama Golan came and tried to intercede in the punishment of a law saying no, just Can you let this lady go this time. So he told him, he had done men who do the law. You intercede for someone in a case connected with the prescribed punishments. Then the President got up and he delivered a

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sermon. And he said that what destroyed the nations before you was that if a noble of them stole they let it go, they would forgive them. And if a poor person stole they punished him. And isn't this exactly what's happening now in some of the some countries around the world, actually look, almost most countries, almost all countries around the world. If someone is a noble or like not noble, but in high position in government and so on, they do something wrong, they steal, they let them go, Oh, just resigned from your position that's about it. And then let some poor person steal and look what happens to them. Especially overseas. I was in this country for a while. And they had

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one of the ministers he was overlooking the building of some apartment complex. And he stole the cement. He stole a good portion of the cement. And they built it with less cement. And then after people started living in these buildings, they collapsed. And a number of people died. And everybody knew while he was stealing the cement that he was robbing the place blind. He was stealing the cement and selling on the side. So when the buildings collapse, and people died, it's really on his the blood is on his hands. But what happened? They just deposed him, they took him off from that ministry. And six months later, they made him minister something else. And he's still roaming the

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streets free man. But if in that same country, if a poor person stole like $100 or something, they will take them to the police station, and they would beat him and they would break his bones. So that's exactly what the prophet sallallahu Sallam warned about, and it's happening now. Now, let's go back to our original question. If Allah Subhana Allah put you in charge of a nation tomorrow, would you run it like abubaker? Or would you run it let Duffy steal Rob have people tortured, those who don't like you have them killed, make them disappear, and you know, give millions and opportunities to your friends and to your family. And to people from your whatever your tribe, your

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mother, whatever it is. We're all we're all repulsed by that idea. And we'd all like to believe that we would run it like a buck on Omar and we'd be fair. Now here's the thing. Right now, every single one of us, Allah subhanaw taala has put us in charge of one group of people or another. Whether you're an older brother, and you take care of younger siblings, or you're a married man with children, or you're an manager at your company, or you run a business, you're in charge of some group of people or another. Every one of us has some group that you're in charge of. Now in the current positions where Allah subhanaw taala has put you in power. Do you behave like a mini

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abubaker? And a minion Omar? Or do you behave just like the people that you see on the news, the rulers and and presidents that you dislike and you blame for everything wrong with the Muslim, just pick one Muslim country, one after the other, and you find some kind of problem and you blame all the problems on the leadership, the problem with the Muslim Ummah, is that we have bad leadership. All right. So just how does this work exactly? Like the worst people in the population in Muslim lands always find their way to become the president and the people in charge of government? Or is it that they're just like everybody else, but they haven't given been given the same opportunities for

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theft and for robbery. That's what we're trying to explore here. So now in the positions that you have, do you behave like a mini aboubaker condominium, Omar, and if you don't, and if you behave like a mini qaddafi or mini Mubarak, which you know, a thief and so on, and I hope everyone agrees that he was a thief.

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These things are weird sometimes. I mentioned this in the whole bone time a guy came to me so why do you mentioned Pat Duffy? So why not? He said he did a lot of good

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he's even this mustard you're in right now he paid for he could he donated to this mission to Mashallah Allah May Allah reward him, he steals from the people and Bill's massage. That's for an honorable anyways. So we're in agreement though in this room.

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Let's take an example from the life of Omar Abdullah Aziz, who was one of the rightly guided qualifier, even though he was like number 13, in order but they consider him the fifth of the rightly guided philosopher. He had two oil lamps in his home, one oil lamp, the oil was paid for by the Muslim Treasury. The other lamp the oil was paid for from his own pocket. If he's doing work for the government, for the people for the oma, he uses the lamp where the oil is paid for by the aroma, if you need to do something for himself.

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Thank you. So completely wonderful. Okay, whatever that timer said zero from once we started. So I was like, This is great.

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If he needs to do something for himself, what would happen? He would turn off that lamp and then like the other one. And now question yourself with your employer. How many people come late 10 minutes over here, and they just round it off. They come late from lunch, 10 minutes, 15 minutes late for work, they just round it off. And it just keeps adding up. How many people are watching the basketball game on their desktop instead of working? They've minimized it every time someone walks by minimize, and other people are like stuff for lunch? I mean, I would never do that. They have it. They listen to lectures while that's happening. Yes. Not acceptable, right. So that means with

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justice, we look at ourselves right now. Are we fair in our dealings with people in every position? And wherever we are? Do we behave like our workers are? Or do we behave just like those that we see on the news, and we despise so much for the sake of Allah. And I'll conclude by saying the idea is that if you dislike a quality in someone, then you work hard to make sure that it's not in you. So I can look her for attentive listening to Lahore Baraka, Ahmed Salam O Allah crypto Bearcat.