Yasir Qadhi – Asma Bint `Umays – The Woman Of The Two Hijras

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © Speaker 1 discusses the loss of a woman named Ja claim in the Middle East, as well as the legal system in Africa. They also mention the history of the legal system in the Middle East and its benefits, including a new law and a better life. The conversation then transitions to the topic of the Hadith and the woman killed by a bottle of water. They discuss the loss of satisfaction among her family members and the negative impact of the legal system on her personal life.
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lol hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Ali he was a busy woman while hammerberg today inshallah we'll do a beautiful Hadith in Sahih Bukhari that has a lot of benefits to it in shallow data. It's narrated from a smart Binti roommates a smart Binti roommates a smart bench or a mace. She was the wife of Jafar Ibn abee polyp or the Allahu taala and, and she was not actually from the core issues from the bunny and she was also the the sister of the wife of Hamza so Hamza, the Allahu, and Jaffa who live they had married two sisters. So a smart venture amazed had accepted Islam very early one japhet accepted Islam or the law one smart accepted Islam before the American

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way back in the day, and they had migrated to haberdasher to Abyssinia and they had lived in Abyssinia for around we estimate around eight years or so they lived in Abyssinia and then when the Prophet system was in the Battle of Heber, so the Sahaba came to Medina from Abyssinia. So they have a city and then came to Medina. They hadn't been with the Prophet system for seven, eight years. And you have to realize back then leaving your country leaving your land was a very big deal. It wasn't like an hour, every one of us has gone through four or 510 cities in our lives. It was a very difficult thing to leave your culture, your society different language, no protection, it was a very

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and that's why hedgerow was as rewarded as it is the hedgerow that the Quran mentions of leaving your land for the sake of Islam for the sake of peace and security. So a small job for others they had been from that 70 batch that had gone to every senior now they've come back and or whatever Katara the Allah who visited his daughter half says house the wife of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he saw a lady with hafsa she said Who is this? He said Who is this? And a smart said I am a smart binter amazed they hadn't seen each other since maca and the hijab has been revealed now by the way, so they haven't seen each other since MCE so memorable hottub he was a little bit

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tiny teasing with her habashi year

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bahariya a smart the habashi meaning the one from avicennia a smart the one from the ocean. Okay, so he's like ocean because of course back then, to ride the ocean was one of the things that the Croatian particular and that central Arabia they considered to be a very dangerous thing. Writing the ocean was like a very, almost crazy thing for them. And that's why for that ikibu bahala says in the Quran, it was a very rare thing. And the Quran had a type of almost a phobia of writing the ocean for understandable reasons. So he said, You are the habashi lady because she's lived in Habesha, you are the lady from the ocean, writing the oceans. And then he said to her, don't think

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now that you've come back, that you have more right to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam than us. Don't get your hopes up, who you are and who we are. He's in a half. tz marioni they go back a long time is like, Don't think that you have more a hockey or Hulk over the process than us rather, we were with him in butter and an orchard and we fought and we did this and that. Okay, so he's telling her, we have a higher rank than you. You were safe and secure and Habesha and we were fighting and on the front lines, and a smart rhodiola one, a smart venturo basis, she became so angry, she responded back instantaneously. Now we'll lie that's not true. Whatever happened, she said, You were with in

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the company of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam if any issue arose, you would come to him directly. When you felt uncertain or wavering, he would comfort you directly and ask for us. We were in a strange land far away with no help and support away from the Prophet sallallahu. It was Allah Subhana Allah look at the mentality difference, right? She is saying regardless of what trials you went through, you had a blessing we did not have what other more than a few come rasulillah you had rasulillah system in your midst. How can you compare us and you? You had the Profit System, no matter what happened, you would go back to him, he would comfort you. He would encourage you What

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more do you want us? For us? We were in Habesha, who's going to help us there who's going to comfort us there we were all alone. We were cut off from our culture and our lines. Then she said well, law II I will not say another word until I go directly to the profitsystem and ask him which of us to is more right to him. Yanni. She is now irritated and she has every right

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To be irritated, okay? She is now frustrated. How could you tell that we don't have more right than you just because we were in habit, you're on the contrary, we should have more right than you. And so she immediately came to the masjid of the Prophet salallahu it he was sitting. And as usual, he's sitting amongst the Sahaba. And she said from the back of the gathering yard, rasulillah radhey jasola Omar

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came to us and he said, cuz I woke up. And I said to him, cuz I work harder. So now you tell what is the right one? And this shows us so many things, by the way, right? It shows us first I mean, there's so many benefits we can describe a scribe of the things that shows us is that you know, the Sahaba they have a healthy competition, that who's the higher amongst us, right? their competition is in degrees and ranks in the eyes of Allah. It's not in bank accounts. It's not in the house and the cars that we drive, it is in the closest to the prophets of Allah, why don't you send them also of the points that benefits here, and Subhanallah This is self evident. But still, sometimes it

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needs to be said that this notion of complete gender segregation that many women don't even speak to one another, it was not found amongst the Sahaba. This incident took place after the verses of hijab had been revealed. This is in the seventh year of the Hydra. The verses of hijab came down in the end of the fourth year of the Hydra, and here a smart is getting irritated and she is responding directly in anger. And then she walks to the masjid and in front of all of the men from the back, obviously the gathering, she speaks out and she describes her complaint and she says Yasuda this and this and nobody said do your voices, our yoke they don't speak to them. And so we have to be in the

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middle not too extreme and not too lacks and this is one of our problems of this society that what is that good middle nonetheless, clearly from the Sahaba time they know each other. Omar recognizes a smile. She says Ah, he says that a smart he knows who she is in some cultures as some people have the hoodie drill where you're not supposed to mention the name of the person right? The name is unknown. Only fula How can you everybody's name autopsies, soda even after her job, and she says if I recognize you Oh soda, he says her first name. Soda in and of itself is nothing wrong as long as there's no hard work and it is done in a dignified, dignified manner. So as smart as the

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profitsystem. She says Yato Sula. Omar says such and such and I responded such and such. Now I said to him, I'm not going to eat one morsel or speak one word until I come to you. So now here I am. So she explains why she's in the gathering and what she wants to know. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said law will law he know by Allah. They have no more right over me than you do. They have no extra right over me than you do. For You are the people have to hedgerows and they are the people of one ah Subhan Allah He brings forth sallallahu Sallam another benefit another blessing, right? The concept of hedgerow and the reward of the Hydra is well known and the prophets

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are some saying you people have have Usha you have something the more ha Joon do not have. The mohajir don't have one hegira from mccutchin Medina and you have to hedgerows from Makkah to Habesha and then from Habesha to Medina, you have that blessing over them by the way very interesting point. The profitsystem did not say you are better than them. He simply said they should not say they are better than you notice the very precise wording right and this

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this introduces us to the reality that there's something called in Arabic we'll call it of leanness v. And that is relative preference right? In some categories and aspects the more hygiene or better and in other categories and aspects the people have habits are better in some areas, the unsought are better in some areas, this is better. So we look at the good and we do not try to diminish the good of the others. This is the overall Islamic spirit. By the way, this is best manifested when it comes to the Gambia and doorsill. Is that till Karasu for bernabei album at about that some of the profits have tough lead over others and yet still the profits are some said lead to fall Didone,

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either University matter. Don't say that I am better than Jonas than Yunus even matter how can the Quran say that Allah has made of lead. And then the Prophet says I'm saying don't make of the responses very clear, when the tough deal when the preference is done to talk about the good of all of them, go ahead and do it. But the minute that one preference is used to negate the good of the other, then you have gone into territory you should not do we don't use the good of one to diminish the good of the other. That's not the Islamic spirit. And in some sense that was as a model, the old saying, You are not worthy, we are worthy. And the prophets have said no, you are worthy, and they

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are worthy. That's what he's saying them you have a blessing, and they have a blessing. And this is the Islamic spirit. We look at the good and we we concentrate on the good and we don't compare, you know, to put other people down in this regard. So a smart became very happy and she came back to or monoblock her thought gave him an earful that this is what the processor himself has. You can see this anymore, and then she returned home and

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Then the new spread. And this was right after they had returned from Habesha. So is basically a month or two, after they come back new spread amongst the entire people from habashi that had come the mohajirs that had come from publisher news spread about what the prophets have said. So a small set for the rest of the day, every single person from you know that that contingent will come to my house in batches in one in twos. And they would ask me to hear directly from my mouth with the profitsystem had said, and nothing made them happier when I said that the prophets have some said to them to us that no they have no more right over you. You are the people of two heroes. They are the

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people of one hegira by there will be so we see over here as well. That's hella the men are coming to the house of a smell, obviously Yanni in not in single but they're coming in batches of two or three they're talking to her directly, she's responding to them directly. And she's narrating the Hadith. Obviously, they're not going to go to the prophets or some that's too high of humble calm to get the Hadith back again, they're going to usma and they're feeling happy. This is what the prophets other send them said about us. So this is the beautiful Hadith, it gives us an incident into the psychology of the Sahaba. And by the way, before we conclude who is a snap into your face,

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so as far as the wife of Jennifer, we said she had three children from from Java, you know, Abdullah, and others, the famous children of Java maybe thought, God, Allahu Allah, he passed away in the bottle of water as you're aware, the prophet system was in the masjid, and he saw the bottle of water and he described the bottle of water while it's happening live. And he began to cry, because Zaid even had it I had been killed, and then Jaffa had been killed. And then Abdullah midwall has been killed. And he literally had to sit down because of his emotions, because especially his aid that was quote, unquote, the adoptive son, remember from the days of Jai Leah,

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and then Jafar, whom he had just seen, Jennifer, of course, when he came back to harbor the profitsystem stood up, kissed him on his forehead, this is Java. And he said, Well, law he I don't know why I'm happier today. Is it because hybrid was conquered? Or is it because I'm seeing you after so long? This is on the day of the conquest of haber. Jaffer came back the same day and the Prophet says that I don't know why I am happier. Is it because of hybrid or is it because of you that is Java within a month or two Jaffer was Dido Shaheed the Prophet system visited the house of a smart this smart and she did not know what's going on. She had prepared to meal everything and he

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called the children of Java and he you know, brushed over their head their head and he hugged them and tears began to form a smart realize something's going on. You had a pseudo luck Did something happen? And he said yes. Jafar has a solution he has died a Shaheed and she began her willing because at that time still, the issues still had it took a while she began building at the time, the profitsystem after a few days visited and said stop this three days. He went back to the masjid he informed the Sahaba that it's now the early job for him and prepare food for a smile and her family they are not able to prepare meals This is a sooner when somebody passes away in your immediate

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family not your family but your cousin's family your uncle when somebody passes away somebody's clothes should take care of the food the process and told us to said go and prepare food and he visited them he made up for them and then after a few months Abubakar acidic proposed after there he proposed to a smart and so a smart became the wife of Abu Bakar acidic after she was the wife of Jaffa web thought and we got an asthma they had Mohammed even Abu Bakar the famous Mohammed me bucket if you know your history, there's a lot of history about Mohammed Abu Bakar and Abu Bakar. Mohammed who was born during the hijab, literally while they're on the the way of hedgetrimmer that

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Mohammed Abu Bakar was born. And then a worker passes away a smart than Mary's Who does she marry it if any of you thought the only the only Sahaba, who marries three illustrious hobbies of that nature. Jaffer and Abubakar Sadiq and Ali, nobody thought it and the only Sahabi to be married to to halifa was because of avocado and olive. Nobody thought of our colleagues, and she had children from all three of them has not been to Viehbacher Subhan Allah what eight and this also shows us by the way that the concept of a divorcee did not have the stigma. Look at the nobleman. She was a well known so Habyarimana and taqwa was well known and so people are the highest caliber are marrying her

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after Jaffa was oh bucket after bucket I live near be thought. And by the way, another point here all of these are benefits we can derive this notion that some groups have that idea of the law when obika Allah had tensions between them. History disproves this, there was no tension between them here is either the law one marrying the ex Yanni the wife has passed away abubaker study and then raising his son, Mohammed even abubaker in reality was raised by the Internet of your thoughts and his loyalties throughout his life were to be thought and there was no conflict with the fact that he's a worker son, the entire life will have no you Bucher he was fighting on the side of

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By the end he was very adamant about the fit and that took place on the side of it of the law. And the fact that he's the son of Obamacare was no contradiction to his whole lifestyle because there was not that tension that these other groups claim to be in any case, interesting anecdote. beautiful story. Lots of benefits to Dr. Shallow will continue another story later on zachman

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