Kamal El-Mekki – Other Considerations Besides Haram

Kamal El-Mekki
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various topics related to Islam, including harem, macro, and the importance of avoiding behavior. They also emphasize the need for people to consider which category of people do not want to do certain actions, such as those in motorcycle or motorcycling groups. The cultural values of Islam include being loudly chewing gum, avoiding social media, and considering one's own values and doing things in a way that is not dilutive. They also mention a person named Alomar sciatic Murphy Morrow, a psychologist and a woman named Takiedsu.
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In 100, in la llamada hermana steinhorn istockphoto when I was a villa Haman, Suri and fujinami. See Dr. Medina, Maria de la hufa la Maddalena, woman,

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de la, Shadow Allah Allah illallah wa de la sharika lah wa shadow Anna Mohammed Abu rasuluh.

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All praise is due to Allah we praise Him and seek his assistance. We seek refuge with Allah from the evil within ourselves and from the evil of our deeds. Whomsoever Allah guides, none can miss guide him, yet whomever he allows to go astray, none can guide him and I bear witness that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah alone. He has no partner and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger. Yeah, you have Latina Armand otaku, la haka, Ducati he wanna tomo tonight nylon to muslimin Oh, you who believe fear a lot as he should be feared and do not die except in the state of Islam. Yeah, you hola Dena, Amano Taka La La kulu Colin said EDA, useless la cama mala como

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la la ku Baku, when my la hora Sula hufa faza fosun alima are you who believe fear Allah and speak the truth, he will direct you to the righteous good deeds and will forgive your sins, and whomsoever obeys Allah and His Messenger, he has indeed achieved a great achievement about finance takahara tabula rasa howdy howdy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Bashar Al ohmori Matata, Hakuna Matata, Hakuna Matata Malala.

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Our brothers and sisters in Islam, the topic of our hotbar today is other considerations besides the haraam? Many people they only take one thing into consideration when they're making a decision. And that is whether or not this thing is haram or not. Today we're talking about other things that people need to consider besides the harm. Meaning, the harem is not the only thing you take into consideration when you're making a decision. What about the macro? a macro is something that is disliked or even hated by Allah subhanaw taala the ruling of the macro is that if you don't do it out of obedience, you get rewarded. And if you do it, you're not under the threat of being punished

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by Allah subhanaw taala like sleeping on your stomach, or drinking with your left hand. There has not been any narration mentioning or threatening a punishment if you eat and drink with your left hand or if you sleep on your stomach. But it is something that is McCrone it is something that is disliked but one should still avoid doing that which is hated by Allah or disliked by Allah xojo some people all they care about, is it haram or not. So they asked you What's the ruling on this thing? You tell them? It's macro also it's not haram? Yes, but it's macro. It's hated or disliked to be done? Yes, but it's not Haram. That's all they care about.

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And that's not the only thing you should consider one of the most amazing descriptions of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. They said that the companions never not once if the problem told them don't do this, they never want said jasola don't do it the Haram haram or don't do it just don't mean it's not good to do it macro. Never, they never asked that question. And that's amazing. Because today people just want to be just on the border of the Haram just let me know right on the edge there.

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And the question is, why didn't the companions ever question that? Why didn't they see us? Well? Is it haram or macro? Or is it just better to leave it? What do you mean, don't do it? Because the scholar said, all all prohibition when all nay when you told someone don't do something, it means you don't want them to do that action at all. Yeah, and if you tell someone don't do this, it means you're forbidding them from doing it. You don't want them to take that action. So when Allah and His Messenger sallallahu wasallam tell you not to do something, the understanding is they don't want you to do it. You shouldn't do it. Whether there's punishment or not, you should stay away from it. But

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then indications later on coming come to show that it's not as severe. For example, drinking while standing proscenium said don't drink while standing. But then in more than one occasion he drank while standing. So how do we understand when his action goes against his saying that means for the law to send them he's trying to teach you that it's not forbidden meaning Haram, but it's better to avoid it. So unless we have something that decreases but whether we have something that decreases the level of severity or not. The whole idea was to not do this action in the beginning. And the scholars warn of something else. That's very important. They say that constantly falling into the

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We'll eventually get or can eventually get you to fall into the hot on. So this is like, like an area before the border before the hot onboard that that you should try to avoid as much as possible. So you're not walking just on the edge of the border of Hong Kong. So the first thing to consider besides the heroin, is it something that is micro something that is disliked by my creators upon OData, or the process of them disliked for me to do this thing so alone.

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Number two, you also consider which category or group of people does it place you with? Remember in this hope, but we're not talking about anything that's wrong. But we're talking about things that are inappropriate, unbecoming, not befitting. So imagine one of our shoe shop when it was Sunni or Shia Brahim. They dressed up like they're part of a biker gang. They put on denim jackets, or a leather jacket, and spikes and boots. There is nothing haram about leather jackets, or denim jackets, or boots. Or a young man dressed like a golf another example. There's nothing wrong about the outfit itself. But is this how a believer wants to be recognized? Yeah, and your amount of the

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mystery? Do you want to be confused between him and someone in a biker gang? Or do you not want him to be placed in that category? Or someone wants to wear a lot of gold chains by gold? He knows it's hot up so I'll get something that looks like gold. But what's the look? You're trying to go for? Any Why do you want to look like a rapper with lots of chains on your neck? What's the intent here?

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The problem is because after all this someone will say to me What's the problem? Let him look like a biker and live his life. Yeah. But the problem is we aim low. Let's aim high. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Allah eurocom BCR shall not inform you of the best of you.

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said yes, oh prophet of Allah. He said, Carla, and levena is Oh, look here Allah. He said, those of you that when people look at them, the people who remember Allah, can you can you imagine this level of righteousness, that someone is so righteous that his very presence makes other people remember a lot xojo his face makes people or her face makes people remember Allah subhanaw taala that's aiming Hi, Mr. Malik Rahim Allah. He said whenever my a man would decrease when he was a student of knowledge and and Medina, he said, Come to eartip normos. He would go to Edna hormoz, who was one of the great scholars and from the urbane. He said quinto eartip neuromas for under la ayama. And

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he said I would go to abnormals and just look at him. And that would admonish me for days just looking at his face. The taco on his face, the Salah on his face. You remember Allah just by looking at certain people. This is aiming hot. And there's a story that's the exact opposite of that. And it's one of the one of the singers from the Arab lands, and he made Toba and he stopped his singing and dancing. And they asked him how why that happened. He said I was at Hutch, I'm still a singer. And

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he says, while we're in the Kaaba, suddenly in the crowd, I came face to face with a man who recognized me as the singer. So the man without thinking the first thing he said, was out of the villa and walked away. He said, it affected me so much, that I remind people of the evil that when they're in a righteous place, and in a righteous act of worship, and they saw my face it reminded them of milesi and sins and disobedience. So he said that rosabella just like Amazon or something. So it made him rethink his entire career. When he came back from HUD, he had made Toba from singing and all the other stuff

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we want to be with which category of the righteous believers? Or do you want to look like a rapper when you're walking down the street, or like someone from a biker gang, or a goth or a rocker or whatever categories of people are out there. So the first thing we said, consider if this thing is McCrone or not. The second thing, consider whom it makes you look like and which category of people does it place you under? The third thing is something what the scholars call How are him almora. So, and how our means something that takes away from something else, and moral is chivalry, but here we don't mean chivalry in the male sense. But as the scholars defined it, however, when more or they

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said he Naboo Maya krahula when Muslim men and aquatennial Ahmed, they said it's leaving off or avoiding what Allah and the believers hate or dislike. Notice what a lot and what the believers dislike of actions and sayings leave those kinds of things that are hated by Allah, hated by the righteous and the believers of actions and sayings. And some said, it's almost like how we say something that's ape something that's shameful, or les Eliot that is inappropriate or not befitting or unbecoming, some of them are agreed upon, and some change based on culture, place and time.

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agreed upon things are like an old man that's behaving like a child. And he purposely, so that's not acceptable. It's from harm and moral up. Making fun of people. Whether you're young or old making fun of people is from Colorado and Moodle.

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And some of them their values are they change based on place culture and based on the person chewing gum is hot. But is it appropriate for the Habib to be loudly chewing and popping gum while he's giving the hope but it's not. So now that means the place changed it and made it inappropriate. Or

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wearing shorts to the knees is Helen. But is it appropriate for a scholar in his 80s a Grand Mufti, the Mufti of the city to be wearing sneakers and shorts and running around people? It's hard. We said the scope was not about anything Haram. But is it appropriate for someone of that his stature and his age to be wearing something like that. So that's what we're trying to look at examples of how it can change inappropriate or not, can change based on the place based on the person and also based on culture. So there are some values as you're reading some Islamic books, you might find some things mentioned. And they're frowned upon, but they don't apply to our culture anymore. At the time

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of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, if you are anyone of position in society, you never ever left the home with your head uncovered. So that was the culture then. But we this value doesn't exist today. So it's okay to leave the home with your head uncovered. And that's what we do. Likewise, eating in public, you'll read in a lot of classical books and days to look down at someone who eats in public, and eating and chewing and in front of people, they used to see that as a very bad thing today, we don't see anything wrong with that. This value doesn't exist today. But a lot of times young men especially will read this in a book and tell them let's go to a restaurant and they'll

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tell me no, I don't eat in public. But this value doesn't exist yet. He didn't public don't even public, it doesn't matter anymore. But remember, we're saying in this football, we're not talking about anything that's hot on but what is not befitting or inappropriate. So the scholars made a list of examples. They said for example, always coming to the seller in the last tracker. And if someone never comes before they're always in the last block it comes to so that's from Harlem and Mauro always skipping to speak after Salah from how RM and Mauro always are taking advantage of the guest. Yeah, I need you invite a doctor over to your house, Tom come over for dinner. And then my well my

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wife gets the tea ready. One by one, you bring the children for free checkups. That's taking advantage of your guests from how our own model of the school has mentioned things like burping out loud, you know, and in some cultures people don't don't suppress the burp at all. That's from Cora Moodle. It's not good. It's not appropriate. And other things on the scholars mentioned abandoning Witter someone who never ever gives any attention to whether prayer from our Moodle they mentioned kissing the wife in front of people from Herman Morrow, always showing up uninvited someone just always at your front door, Mashallah. Nobody invites him he's just always inviting himself sitting

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on the roadsides and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam explicitly said that do not sit on the roadsides and people's pathways, except with its rights. And then he explains the rights of sitting on the road you give Salaam to people you lower the glance. But today, this is a hobby. You ask people, what do you like to do? I like to people watch, just sit and just look at people staring them up and down. This is from cartoon model, profiting off your friends, your friend is at the store, or you're at the store, your friend tells you if you're there, can you get me something I'll pay you back when you come? You pay $5 for it, you come and tell them 750 you profit 250 of them. Buy the 250 is not

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hard on money. But it's inappropriate for you to benefit and to profit off a good friend of yours.

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Talking indirectly about intimacy with the spouse, and you'll see people sometimes they're being indirect, but it's clear what they're talking about. But it's inappropriate. It's from harm. And moreover, asking too many questions. asking too much. This is a problem Arabs have asked you too many private questions about your father and your mother and everybody. But then when they come and live here, they start to learn that that's not appropriate. So maybe that's a blessing. But it's not appropriate. A man came to America and asked him how old are you? Here Malik was was not happy with that question. Why are you asking me my age? It's none of your business yet.

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Another example and the excellent example for the young people in the audience to pay attention to they said taking over imagination, you're at a gathering and you take it over and you take over you dominate the conversation. Well, you know, there's someone more knowledgeable than you in the gathering. There's a doctor in the audience and he's speaking and talking about his expand you because you watched two minute videos on YouTube. You think you're an expert, and you take over and dominate the conversation or there's a shift and a scholar and he's and people want to listen to him.

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But some young guy wants to show that he knows some things also, he starts interrupting from Harmon muro mentioning inappropriate things over a meal. Some people will, the minute the food comes, they start talking about bathroom experiences when the food is in front of people, inappropriate from however tomorrow, talking to an older person with no regard for their age, be careful, young people, because this happens a lot. So someone will speak to an adult or someone much older than them as if they're the same age with no regard for their for their age whatsoever and for their wisdom. And the scholars also mentioned for males, especially dancing. Now, please don't ask me after the end of the

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hubbub of different kinds of dance if they're appropriate or not. But generally, we're speaking about someone shaking a man shaking his hips and his shoulders and gyrating and twisting from how I am. And moreover, I

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want to mention another example. And it's something that has afflicted a lot of our of our youth vaping. Now, so to make, we're making the example about things that are not Haram. So someone vapes, and he tells you, there is no nicotine in it. And there is no this and know that. So he's removing all the Haram elements, but what's in it? flavor. Okay, so, and he tells you, it's not Haram, there is no nicotine, there's no tar, it's just a flavor, and I'm just puffing it away. But is that the only thing you take into consideration whether it's haram or not? There are other things to consider. What Why do you want to appear like that? Yeah, I mean, when someone stands in front of

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the masjid, and he puts on something and a plume of smoke shoots out around him, like any, are you trying to resemble the righteous? Or do you just want to look like a smoker, or you just want to look like someone who smokes and you don't really smoke? But why would you do that? Yeah. And is that appropriate, is from our motto for someone to stand and vape even if it's hot, and they argue with you just using the word haraam? we're arguing with them using inappropriate and people doing it now and further massage it and doing it casually. Don't do it. Don't do it at home, don't do it publicly. So these are some other things to consider. Besides whether or not something is haram or

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not, and inshallah make sure you short, share them with your family and teach them to your children. Apolo colada was tough for a lot of the money. Welcome, man. Jamie, I know first off thoroughfare father Mr. 13, ask Allah subhanaw taala first forgiveness, Indeed, those who ask for his forgiveness shall prosper.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. I mean, he was so happy. I mean,

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we said when making a decision, consider whether or not the thing you want to do is macro or not. And consider the category of people that it places you with? Do you want to be identified with this category of people? And is it from how are women moral or not things that are shameful, inappropriate, unbecoming. unbefitting.

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And number four, consider, and this is especially for the young people consider your parents approval. Sometimes you want to do something that's completely hollow, but your parents disapprove. In this case, don't do it. And this is part of unburrow. This is the part of obedience and righteousness to parents. It doesn't matter if it's hollow. And it doesn't matter if it's not Haram. If your parents don't want you to do it, then don't do it. And we've either heard of someone or in our lives experienced, where we go on a journey, or we a trip or an event where the mother your mother said don't go and you still go It's nothing. It's not Haram. So you go, and it ends up to be

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a complete and utter disaster, full of calamity after calamity, because the mother wasn't pleased. It was doesn't have anything to do with if it's halal, or haram. If your parents are not pleased with something, stay away from it. And being obedient and righteous with your parents does is what will bring you Baraka and blessing in everything else you do in your life. any endeavor you want to undertake, if your parents give you the green light, you will have more blessing. And if it's something they adamantly told you not to do, and you do it, even if it's hard, there will be no blessing in it.

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There is a true story of a man and and he was working. He was in a farm and his father comes to him The sun is hot and this is during our times. So his father came to him and he said Let's go inside. It's really hot. The sun is hot. Let's go. So the sun insists No, I want to continue working. And the father insisted but the young man insisted to keep working. So then his father goes inside. And he brings out that man's young boy his son and he puts them out in the sun.

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So the the boy's father says that he's a small child and the son is very hot. So his grandfather, meaning the man's father tells him, if you're if your heart is filled with your concern for your child, my heart is filled with concern for you. Yeah, and he's telling him that the same concern you have for your child, you're still my child, I have the same concern for you.

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One of the beautiful things, brothers and sisters is not to grow up in front of your parents. You are still their child. So don't be a grown up in front of them. In total astrology says, Wofford, lahoma. Jenna has Julie Mina, Rama and make yourself submissive gently to them with compassion, will call Rob Durham, Houma and say, My Lord, have mercy on them come out of biani cerebral as they had brought me up when I was little, so the scholar said, Why mentioned that you were little, and why mentioning being young here. And they said that, to remember that once. And then once you They said, once you remember that you're older, you ruin the equation. Because you're older, you know, you're

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not in need of them. You're not in need of their direction, you're mature, you have your own children, but you recall, and to make a gentler on and soft in the heart. You recall the time when you were little when you are in need of their mercy. And that's why the dimensions when you were little specifically not when you're older. This is a true story, one of the one of the multimillionaires and one of the Muslim lands, and he's in our times.

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He's extremely wealthy. So he gives his parents a stipend of 100,000 a month, every month, he gives his mother and father 100,000. And of their currency, but it's still a huge amount of money like $30,000 or something. And he says every now and then this multi millionaire he says every now and then I will purposely leave my wallet at home. And I'll come in, I'll ask my father for some money. Or I'll take my mother out shopping and I'll purchase something but I'll ask ourselves, I don't have my wallet and I'll ask her to pay for it. So when they asked him why he said,

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Who Chateau Houma and neillsville to be hydrating lahoma. He said, just to make them feel that I am still in need of them. I'm still in need. I'm still little in your eyes. I'm giving you the money. But I'm asking you just to make you feel that you have the upper hand. I refer you to shefali bassoon as hooked on parents. It's arguably the greatest hope ever given in this Masjid. And it's available on our YouTube channel. So you may review it and keep it in the forefront of your mind. The high place that we should keep our parents and when we realize their place you understand why their approval is so important. Even if it's hard, even if it's not hard on you parents don't want

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you to do it. Leave it

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Robin Allah tolovana by the data now hublin I'm in northern Colorado hub, Alabama and I'm an agnostic, a big woman. I've got a buddy Katie Lake Allahumma kulu bunnahabhain psychopharmacology and seek a lamattina furusato Aqua was a Kia antihero Monica, Antonio, como la Loma Linda Shatner, Nakula Hola, Taki nyla and fusina Tata in what are what are the the halaman alum as an Islamic Muslim in Why did the charcoal machine for lahoma brimmed hat Matamoros Didn't you as of a robotic way? Alomar sciatic Murphy Morrow Are you unhappy? Yes me I was sort of

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early he was a big man

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