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In Alhamdulillah Muhammad who wanna stay you know who want to start Pharaoh one oh the villa Himanshu alright and personnel may say yeah TR Medina, Mejia de la who fala mobile Allah Who woma yo the little fella hottie Allah wa shadow Allah in illallah wa de hola Sharika wash hadoo anna Muhammad an avocado Hora Zulu you heard Lavina Armando taco la Hakata De La Tomatina. Illa one two Muslim moon, you Hello Dina, I want to talk a lot how to code and sadita Useless glaucoma glaucoma availa come Vinoba come one minute or Allah rasool Allah who forgot the first Fosun Alima about for in US talkin Hadith the Kitab Allah, we're asking how do you how do you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam or Shara Lumo remark data to her well coup d'etat in VEDA what couldn't be the agenda Allah Allah will call it a lot in for now. Brothers and Sisters in Islam today are hotbar is about an F Dakar in Allah meaning being impoverished in front of Allah subhanaw taala impoverished meaning deprived of strength meaning being broken in front of Allah subhanaw taala showing Allah azza wa jal that you're in need of Him, not coming up in front of Allah azza wa jal arrogant or showing that you're not in need or that you're self sufficient, but I am in need of you yet Allah I am deprived of strength without you. Being impoverished in front of Allah azza wa jal and showing an IF to power

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and showing the need for Allah azza wa jal, this is one of the shortcuts to getting close to Allah azza wa jal, and it's one of the ways for your DUA to be answered. And it's from the characteristics of the prophets and the righteous and it is the source of strength of the believer. As much as you are weak with Allah you will be strong and as much as you show strength to Allah, you will be weak. And we have a lot of evidence for this from the Quran.

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Tharun who is a very wealthy man from amongst the people of Musashi salaam Kala in namah, OTT who an ailment and he said all this wealth I got through my own knowledge, not through the help of Allah, He didn't give any credit to Allah subhanaw taala through my own intelligence and knowledge, again, this wealth, the rest of the story, he loses all of that a bliss, Allah subhanaw taala tells him to bow down and to prostrate to them, he says unavailable, Minho. halacha 20 Min Noreen Wahaca Holman clean, I am better than him. And then what is the result of that story? A bliss is the worst of the creation. If you're asked what is the worst thing of the creation, you would think immediately a

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bliss for own. He said Alisa Lee mill commissural. Do I not have the kingdom over Egypt and all these rivers that are running beneath my feet? And what's the end of that? He ends up drowning in the middle of the sea. Bill case, her advisors, Paul Luna, Honolulu, what in Hulu, but since Chedid, and we are these mentioned how much power they have. They believe they were powerful, but they were nowhere near as powerful as the army or the king that they were

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We're discussing meaning the kingdom of Sulaiman.

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So we see people attributing power and strength to themselves, they claim that they're powerful. And the reality is they're weak or they lost that power. So when are the believers strong? Interestingly, look at better versus her name in the Quran, one of Agnes or Kamala, who will be bedridden, we're unto Adela and Allah gave you victory at better when you were a villa you were a few you are the minority you are the ones in the lesser position. But look at her name. The Muslim numbers were so huge at Haneda was the largest Muslim army ever assembled up in that point, we OMA when aining is Agia but come Kathrada cathro to come for them. Togni uncom che and on the day of

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honey, when you were fond and pleased and proud of your numbers, and it didn't avail you, it did not benefit you. Well, though, what are they coming out tomorrow but through more later motivating, and so this wide expanse of Earth, constricted around you and you run away at the end of it.

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We're seeing this contrast so the first lesson show weakness in front of Allah subhanaw taala show dependence on Allah azza wa jal and express to Allah azza wa jal, even though he knows well express that you are very much in need of his assistance and in need of his help and his sustenance. And when you do that, and Allah will make you strong, successful and victorious. Second lesson is, whatever good you have whatever blessing and capability or capacity that you already have. Always be conscious that Allah subhanaw taala is the reason you have it. That Allah subhanaw taala is the reason behind it. Go into any situation with humility. Don't go into any situation overconfident or

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arrogant or thinking it's because of your achievement. Always remember Allah subhanaw taala has link in the situation. So don't walk in thinking I am wise you walk in Yeah, Allah give me wisdom. Don't go in thinking I'm eloquent. And I'm a good speaker. You walk in saying, Yeah, Allah make my tongue eloquent.

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Doctor walks in to a surgery. Yeah, Allah allow me to be successful in the surgery. Don't be proud of your children and your achievements. Remember Allah subhanaw taala decreed that they were not born with defects that Allah put them on that specific path. Same thing when you see your house or your bank account, Allah subhanaw taala chose the path for me that led me to this place where I am today. He could have decreed me to be poor, he could have decreed someone else in my place. lineage, don't be proud of it. Allah subhanaw taala chose it for you. You didn't exist, you had no part in choosing it. Skills looks, the scholars say never be proud of something that you had no part in

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gaining. And this is from foolishness. To be proud of something that you didn't have any part in gaining. And if someone is boasting that they're tall, or someone is boasting that they're handsome by did you perform any exercise in the womb to ensure you come out tall or to ensure you come out handsome it is nothing but genetics and Allah decreed that for you. So how can you boast about something you had no hand in gaining whatsoever? This is not something you boast over. Third lesson. Even when you're capable of doing something, remember that you're still in need of Allah azza wa jal. Allah subhanaw taala reminds us this in the Quran. Yeah, you Hannah's untrammeled for Corrado

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it Allah will Allah who who will wanna you will Hamid oh people you are the ones who are in need of Allah you are the ones who are impoverished before Allah and Allah is the One who is self sufficient, the one who is worthy of praise. And we see a lot of examples of this. The righteous the prophets, they're capable of doing something. They don't just go ahead and do it. They make dua to Allah, they, for lack of a better term involve Allah azza wa jal in the process.

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Musa alayhis salam sortal CASAS he says Rob be in Neelima and ZIL Lima and delta Allah Yamuna Minh Hayden faqeer he says, He's saying I am in need of you your Allah even though you have blessed me and revered and sent down so much blessings upon me. I am still in need of you. Even when capable Ibrahim Ali Salam said drop Bucha and Nemo tema, salotti. Woman duri Yeti, oh my Lord, make me establish the prayer and from my lineage from my children, make them establish the prayer. What you know bonito bunny and not with us Nam and prevent me and my children keep us away from worshipping idols involving Allah subhanaw taala in the process.

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And from the dua of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam from the morning Edgar that we mentioned, we ask Allah subhanaw taala

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And in the end of this dua specifically, what are the kidney ADA NFC, total Fatah ICT and don't let me depend on myself. Don't leave me to my own abilities and vices Don't leave me to my own, even for the blink of an eye. This is every morning in the morning of Qatar.

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And so we don't act brave with Allah subhanaw taala Ahmed Abdul Aziz, he was the Khalifa. And when the wind would blow, he would become fearful thinking that the destruction is going to come down upon him, always linking everything and making dua to Allah subhanaw taala never feeling that they're self sufficient, never feeling that they're not in need of Allah azza wa jal Akula Cody ha That was tough for Allah and Allah then we welcome in Jimena de novo iStockphoto fire Frozen Mystery.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Hill, I mean, why the early he was so happy you marry Brothers and Sisters in Islam, the more humbled and the more impoverished you are with Allah the closer you become to Allah azza wa jal, we see this in surah. Allah Allah, Allah subhanaw taala says at the end of it can learn, learn to clear who was good, what Qatari. So Allah was really saying, do not obey those who are trying to take you away from Allah azza wa jal was good. Go make sujood prostrate, and draw nearer when you prostrate to Allah azza wa jal you are nearest to Allah subhanaw taala. and contemplate why you are closest to Allah azza wa jal when

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you're in your suit. First of all, you're putting the most honored part of your body, which is your face, flat into the ground where people step and sit, and so on. And this is the part that you spend the most time looking at people spend the most spending the most to make this part of their body look good. And now you're putting it to the ground where people step with their feet out of humiliation and submission to your Lord. And you're at this lowest point and while you're at the lowest point, you're praising Allah, who is the most high at the highest point? That's why in sujood, you say, Subhan, Allah, Allah, Allah the Most High and you're acknowledging and realizing

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that and you reminded that you're in the low position and Allah subhanaw taala is in the one who is in the high position, and Allah azza wa jal is always highest.

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The danger is when we are comfortable and we think all as well and we forget that being broken in front of Allah azza wa jal. This is an essential part of our relationship with Allah azza wa jal, not only broken and in need of Allah and there's a calamity but all the time even when everything is ok we are still just as in need of Allah azza wa jal as different as during the time of calamity. So in dua, as well the more broken you and impoverished you are the closer you are to getting an answer. About 450 years ago, a man by the name of admonitory bin Saeed Rahim Allah, the Khalifa asked him to go out and lead the st. Scott prayer. So meaning the prayer for rain, and before he

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left he sent his servant boy, he said go and convince the guards to let you into the Khalifa. And go and listen and see what state the Khalifa is in. So this man and mother and Mother Robin said Rahim Allah, he is asked to go and make the dua for rain. He wants to get an idea if the dog is going to be answered or not. And he understands that dua being answered is linked to how much you humble yourself in front of Allah azza wa jal so at the end of the day, the Khalifa is the one in charge, if He is arrogant and he's not humbled is not impoverished, knowing that there is not going to be answered. So it was the boy to go and listen and see what state the Khalifa is in. So the boy goes

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and he hears the Khalifa saying, hola Houma LA to add the Hancock be Marcia de khalifa to him, Oh Allah, do not punish your creation, because of the sins of their Khalifa. So he found the khalifa to be broken. And he came back and he said this to a man that had been married, who told us the Boy Follow Me and bring the umbrella. Yeah, and he's so confident at this point, because he said, either Harsha. Arja bottle org Rahima Jabbar sama he says if the Jabbar the Jabbar is the one that's overpowering and powerful.

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If the Jabara of the Earth, meaning the Khalifa, if he is humbled and impoverished, then the Jabbar of the heavens will have Rama, to conclude our hotbar. With that, I was asked to remind that in this month of Ramadan, we are, first of all, always thankful and always satisfied with how much the community gives back to its Masjid every month of Ramadan. And this year, we're going to require people to give a stronger push than before, there are a lot of things to be done. And shahadah is going to be going over all the details throughout the month of Ramadan, whether it be improvements, construction, new projects, even not only that, but as some of you know very well, that there are a

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lot of other organizations that rely on us even relief organizations, each of them have an allotted amount that they get. So even these other organizations, many of them are expecting much from us. So this month in sha Allah, everyone's going to push themselves a little harder and may Allah subhanaw taala, accept and reward you guys. With that. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us of those who recognize the truth as clear truth and follow the best of it and to make us of those who recognize falsehood as clear falsehood and abstain from it. Allahumma convertable cultiva are in Alba Tila Bolton was organized in Alba

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Luminesce Jalla dunya Kabara Hamina Salama blogger Elmina wala Elena Ramos de rana Allahumma, Dinafem and Herdade while fina theme and our fate with our learners him and our late without a Corona FEMA our plate Joaquina short Rama Kuwait in Nicaragua the Avila yoke the lake in a hula the lumen whether it what are your zoom and our date to Barack Obama OTA OTA, LH your hamara Herminia krummenacher Romania Ebola Vereen, Yama ug dua, Yama you have to call Raja Yama Baba whom have to who Otto whom I'm known for blue yellow arrow Allahumma ananas alocasia and Nokia will meet it and so we will not have done the very Ramos was in Walla fall the Allahumma in earnest Luca join me

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Alfredo for today. When I look at the Royal Corolla. Mila Jana, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to rectify the condition of Islam and the Muslims. We ask Allah Subhana Allah specifically to forgive and to bless the people of this masjid and the mousseline in this masjid. And those who donate to this Masjid was not Allahumma barik ala Muhammad who Allah Allah He was a big Marine. welcome also to come