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The speakers discuss the need for patient behavior and reward in dealing with overwhelming demands. They stress the importance of patient behavior and finding practical steps to avoid overwhelming demands. The speakers also emphasize the importance of learning and training to become more patient and finding a way to get reward for actions that cause harm. They end with a brief advertisement for coffee and a meal.

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In Alhamdulillah, Muhammad who want to stay in or who want to stop Pharaoh, when I owe the below him when should order unforeseen ailments see? Medina, Mejia de la Hoefler Melinda la woma you the little fella had the Allah wa shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa de who luxury color wash hadoo ana Muhammadan Agudo rasuluh yeah you had Adina Armano Takala Hapa Ducati Hey Walter Mutanda illa Anta Muslim moon? Yeah, you had Latina I'm going to talk a la ha ha Kulu covenant said either use the Halacha mama Hola, como Villa come Vinoba come when my daughter Ella how Rasulullah who forgot the FISA frozen Alima and my bad for in stock and Hadith the Kitab Allah what acid and how do you how do

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you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was Sharon Ohmori data to her Wakulla mother that in beta what could be the agenda Allah Allah will call us out in phenom. Brothers and Sisters in Islam today. Our hotbar is about patience. And one of the good things about the month of Ramadan, one of the good things that we get out of it also is that it helps us become a bit more patient. And this is something that is sorely needed in a world that is only getting faster, and nothing. And we're getting used to instant gratification, and nothing is helping us become more patient.

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And for the most part, we're well aware of how impatient people are. But our impatience is down to the seconds. You know, a study of 6.7 million internet users showed that the majority of people will abandon a video they trying to watch if it takes more than two seconds to load. Or that only the people will only read 20% of material on any page, or one out of four will abandon a page if it takes more than four seconds to load. Or if it takes more than 10 seconds 50% of people will abandon that page. And there are many other things, statistics that show how impatient people are becoming and the world is only getting faster, and things are becoming more instant. So why is not a problem.

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It's a problem because this this impatience now can translate into our acts of worship. So we don't have the patience to ask Allah azza wa jal to persevere and to continuously ask, which is exactly how you get your DUA answered. Ebola on who narrates from the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam that he said you stir jab Willie, had you come, Mala Mia John, you will be responded to so long as you don't rush you don't hurry it? Your Kulu cut out Robbie fella, Mr. jibley The person says I called my Lord and he didn't answer me. And some people now they want when they finished making the others a package right next to them. But this is not how it works. People have become impatient when it comes

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to asking Allah azza wa jal because they got used to things happening quickly. And patience is something difficult. And the Quran indicates that it is difficult and that's why the reward for patients is so great. Many I ethinyl Quran showing the great reward of patients but we'll just take the example and sort of zoom out Allah Subhana Allah says in nama UEFA sobre una Jerrabomberra era is up meaning those who are patient they will get the reward betrayed his up what does that mean but later his up some of the scholars said we're gonna give two explanations one it means the lady had done what I didn't want I methodology meaning without any counting without any measurement known

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measure, as we know for example, you do a good deed Allah Azza doodle multiplied by 10 and then he'll multiply the 10 by seven then he'll multiply by 100. But that equation ended but when it comes to patience, there is no equation and Allah subhanaw taala will continue to give that's why mmm oh Zarahemla Rahim Allah He said laser use and Lahoma What are you can you they will not be given weight or measure. It's not going to be measured for them. And it's not going to be weighed for them meaning the reward in nama yoga, hula hula Rafa but it's just going to be it'll have fees like when you just grab and just push piles into a reward, and it's not going to be measured or weighed, but

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it's just going to be given to them like this. So that's the first explanation of how belaid hisab meaning without any equation or mathematical equation, but they'll just be given the other belayer hisab hisab, meaning being held accountable in front of Allah azza wa jal, so they will not be held accountable accountable, there will be no skills brought out their deeds will not be weighed, and to the point that other people will wish that they will be tested or they were tested in the dunya in the same way, and we know from Abu Huraira or the Allahu Anhu he narrates that he heard from the Prophet salallahu Salam Maya Bella

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Obi Wan minha Phoenix he were what are the humor he had the yoke Allah Allah Allah Allah Hadiya. So that a trial and difficulty and tests will continue upon a believing man and a believing woman and himself or herself, their children their wealth, until they meet Allah azza wa jal without a single sin on them, meaning they will be tested so much. And because they're patient with that, it expiate all their sins, and by the time they meet Allah azza wa jal, they don't have any sins whatsoever, what is there to wait against the good deeds? Another explanation of that was narrated by Tirmidhi. But we know that the act of patience is difficult. And that's why people don't like to be told to be

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patient, because they know it's difficult. Someone comes to you with a problem with his wife or spouse, and you tell them be patient Inshallah, they get very upset. You didn't give me practical steps, maybe you don't know counseling very well. That's why you just throw this, you know, quick, be patient and that's it. But patience is difficult, and it for the root of the word of suburbia, Ania sobre la Bhima Annelle hubs, which means to contain, to imprison.

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And sometimes there are some problems there is no there is no solution but patience. And if someone is heartbroken, someone lost a loved one. There is nothing you can do no practical steps you can do to make anything better you have to be patient. And that's why I'm sort of out of look at these verses and sorted out of

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Allah azza wa jal says God and mother Omen call me fit or own a total Musa Homer holy use you to fill out the weather aka duck, Carla Sano, Cthulhu, Obinna, oneness tahini, sir oh, we're in for a home call hero. So the leaders of the people of Iran they said will you allow Musa they're talking to Iran? Are you going to allow a Musa and his people to make mischief in the land and to abandon you enter abandon your gods so for all and decided he said, We will kill their sons and spear their women were enough Oklahoma called Iran and we surely have power over them were superior and dominant over them. Next verse called a Musa in the coalmine, history you know Bill, he was killed in the

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Lord Allah He would have Ohama Yasha Amin anybody when they were talking look at the answer of Masada Salah they're gonna kill their sons spear the woman we are surely dominant over them. He said stain obey Allah seek the assistance of Allah was futile because sometimes there is no solution except Sabra. Musa alayhis salam is not going to try to train them and acquire weapons and build an army. They're enslaved people who don't have power. So he said there's nothing to do but be patient. Sometimes patience is the only solution. But if you tell someone be patient, they get so upset because they want something practical. They want steps

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and we need it because this is something that we're going to have to need. I mean, everyone is going to be tested no doubt. Allah Subhana Allah says in the beginning of sortal uncovered Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Alif Lam Meem a Hasib a NASA Utako. Yahoo, Amana will whom lie afternoon if people think just because they say we believe that they're not they're going to be left alone and not tested. So Allah is saying you will be tested everyone on this earth will have one kind of test or another. And that's why we're deeply in need of being patient and having patients likewise and total insulin in the HELOC null insana mean no profiting, I'm charging. No Batali for Jana who sent me on

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basura we created the human being from a drop and mixter a drop Jonnie mix drop to test him Naphtali that's what so there's no way around being tested, which means there's no way around the need for patients. And what is interesting brothers and sister is we're either patient upon the decree of Allah. And this is the case where there's nothing else you can do but be patient, you are going to be patient, and you won't change anything. Or you get the reward. And you mean and you get the reward or you will not be patient, and nothing will change and you will get no reward. Meaning explain it this way. If someone their child dies, they say in in that Allahu ala hero, John, and

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their patient, does the child come back? No.

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And if someone's child dies, and they don't mention Allah and they're not patient, and they express verbally and in their heart, anger against the decree of Allah and they destroy things in the house. Will the child come back? No. So what's it

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difference between the two. Not nothing changed either way, but the first one was patient and got the reward and didn't change the decree. The second one was impatient, didn't get the reward probably incurred some sin and still nothing changed. So either way, it is the better option and if nothing is going to change, you might as well get the reward with Allah subhanaw taala

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and Nabi SallAllahu sallam said adjuvant the Umbrella Movement in Umrah who could the whole law higher the problem said this the situation of the Muslim whichever way it's going to be good for them. And he said when they said that they had an ill movement nobody except the believer gets that

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in so Alberto Shara Oh shocker for Encana for Canada. Hi Rhonda. When Asaba Todaro server for Canada, hi Rhonda said if something difficult or bad happens, they thank Allah and they'll and that's good for them. And if something that they like happens, they think Allah and that's good for them to get the reward for that. And he said only the believers in this situation and non believer will not get the reward whether they're patient or impatient, but the believers in that situation. The last example we'll look at Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah Noor when he has stuff if Allah then Allah you do in Anika Han had you have Nia whom Allah whom in fugly. Allah is really saying

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those who cannot afford to get married, then let them your stuff if Yannick guard themselves keep themselves chaste, like so they don't have an option, they don't have money. So all you have to do is just keep yourself patient and keep yourself away from the Hara.

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so then, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah says Hatay Yoneyama, Allah homophobia, he didn't say, until Allah helps them get married, until Allah gives them someone until Allah finds them someone says until Allah enriches them from His bounty, meaning in everything in wealth in spouses and children. So because of their patients, Allah Allah is not just going to find them someone, he's just going to keep enriching them in from His bounty, you will the near home in fugly.

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And the scholars head under home and alpha and in Haram attire, hula hula, halal whatever, whoever keeps themselves away from the haram. Allah gives them the halal and multiple times over with that we ask Allah azza wa jal to make us of those who are patient Akula colada was stopped for Allah Allah then they will come in Germany is going to first of Euro Firehose and Mr. farine ask Allah azza wa jal for his forgiveness Indeed, those who are source forgiveness shall prosper.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Amin was early he was so happy here Jemaine a morbid, quick points on being patient and helping us to become more patient. The first is you become patient through practice. That's it. Just like in Nabi SallAllahu. sallam said enamel Elmo with a loom. Were enamel helmet with the Hello. So in this hadith and so here, Jama and Nebuta sallam said that an LM to attain knowledge to become knowledgeable is through learning, there is no dua, you become knowledgeable, you learn bit by bit, and over time you become knowledgeable, will help more with the Hello Wilhelmus. One, you are able to contain your anger and to contain your

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emotions. How do you get help you do it by constantly containing your anger, training yourself to contain your anger until you're one of those people. So how do you become patient? You become patient by continuously training and practicing to become patient. That's it. And he there is no, there's no other quick solution. And this doesn't make sense for a quick fix to patients something that takes a while.

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That's true story. One of the imams in Trinidad told me a man came up to him and said Just give me a DUA to make me patient because I don't want to wait for it.

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So, the other thing is, you become you understand that you become closer to Allah azza wa jal when Allah tests you, he's drawing you nearer to him.

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There's a brother, he said, I always tested with some issues in my family. He said for a year and a half. I never missed them. Because the point is that if Allah loves the people, he tests them, but someone might say what kind of love is this? Why can Allah Just love me, not just me. So when Allah test you, you get closer to him. That's the whole point behind love is being nearer to the one that you love. So when Allah tells you, you come nearer to him, so going back to this brother, he said, I had some difficulties in my family. He said for a year and a half. I got up for a pm every single night. I

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Every single one he said, which means I never missed a shot, and I never missed the budget. And I never missed a pm for a year and a half making dua and I was so close to Allah he says, then Allah Subhana Allah fix my situation. He says 10 years later, and I've not played prayed one night in a PM, and I miss Fajr constantly look at a difference between when he was tested. So when Allah tested him, he got closer to Allah. And that's the whole point of the loved ones being nearer to you. So don't see it as a bad thing, that when Allah subhanaw taala is testing you with something that means Allah azza wa jal wants to draw you nearer to him, and that will help you be more patient or deal

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with whatever trial test or calamity The other is that Allah azza wa jal gives you higher rank with by by testing you

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that in this hadith and maybe saw Salam is the saying that if Allah subhanaw taala the general explanation of the Hadith Allah azza wa jal wants you to have a higher level in Elgin,

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okay, so Allah Allah loves this individual wants them to be higher in agenda, but based on their knowledge, and based on their their deeds, the way they pray, and everything, they can't go any higher. So Allah subhanaw taala will test them with difficulties and these difficulties will elevate them in rank until they get to the higher level that Allah Azza didn't want it for them to think of these things, and it will make it easier for us to be patient with trials and difficulties and tribulations. And of course, the thing that is most known is that it expiate sins, the difficulties, anything you encounter, expiate sins and maybe Salah salem said, had the Shoka to you shakuhachi

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even the thorn pricks your finger, it takes away from your sins, every difficulty that we experience takes away from your sense, and again, this is only for the believing men and woman. These things in mind will make it inshallah easier for us to be patient as we go through this life with that, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us of those who recognize the truth as clear truth and follow the best of it, and to make us of those who recognize falsehood as clear falsehood and abstain from it. Allahumma fillerina Germaine Allahumma to Ballina? Ultramarine Aloha MCSA for Hatanaka Natalia no I'm Donna husband and legit Donna. We're cool with Alika indena Allahu MK Villa lubaina With

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Serafina Thea Marina Aloha MacFie Luna Maka domna horna was Ragna wa Linda OMA Anton will be him in Allahumma in No not me no Anika Samia on one Nikka caribou Anika to smell Serrana this mo Serrano when a Diwan our to Allah Mr. Raja Allah Humala to surf na minha Germany in with them be McFaul Allahumma Taco Bell sia Manawa mana Allahumma Boliviana little Kado fildena Gemma in one tube arena, Jemaine will have been seen. I mean, singing Allahumma OBrien lumatek Islami I'm Rashida you're up local Arctic Wales Duffy. Hello Marcia tick, Murphy will maruf Viola haffi unmown Karasuma da also la Mobarak

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Alameen wa the early he was up here Jermaine

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hyung Kamala