Nouman Ali Khan – Jesus in the Quran – Episode 12

Nouman Ali Khan
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I want you to go through the whole Quran with me. Join [email protected]

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below him in a shaytani r Rajim if column La Jolla is in the water wafi Kawasaki oka Isla Yamamoto. Hello kameena lady Naka fo

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Latina Isla Yomi Uchiyama, some energy Hong Kong una MOBA Unicom FEMA v de telefoon. Permission Sabri were silly Emily, Emily sunny of cocoa leaf and hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah Azza. wa jal, he was happy he, once again everybody, Somalia, como la la Mercado, my intention today is cover some things about it number 55. We started that discussion yesterday. And I wanted to give you an overview of how Islamic scholarship has looked at the return of Jesus and what this could mean. Like I mentioned, I already elaborated, overall what my view is on the subject, but I'm convinced of this far as the most, you know, sound argument about his return out of his salon, and I and I don't see

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too much of credence in the arguments against his return. What I might do in tomorrow's session is present the arguments that say he's not coming back,

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kind of survey them, and then maybe do a critique of those arguments just so you have kind of an idea of what's pros and cons and how that's that's been talked about. In any case. What I want to start with today, is the phrases again, if God Allahu Allah said, he said, the motto of Africa or Africa with Leah or motohiro, Camila, Latina, cafaro, that first phrase in the motto of FICO or offi, okay, if I've taken you, and I raised you towards myself, some have interpreted that still as I'm going to take you and raise you towards myself, despite it being in LA so I'm going to read some things from Mr. Lucey Allah, who offers several ways of looking at this text and how people have

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looked at it before I saw a newbie hurt him and Qatada called hazama macadam, while mohar, Iraq iraq 11 motiva FECA like ovenable Hutton speaks on behalf of Qatada saying, this is actually a case of juxtaposition of the pre the former on the previous and the previous from the former. In other words, Allah says I'm taking you or I'm taking you away and raising you, but it actually means I'm raising you and thus taking you away. So it's flipped in the meaning that's what he argues for equality. And then they use the Hadith of the Prophet SAW shalem.

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Even Lucy himself does not give the strength of this belief, but I'm citing it as he cites it in the rissani, Salaam analisa lumea mode would, ya know, Roger en la Comic Con la Yeoman kiama, a solid solid did not die. Rather, he will be coming back to you before the Day of Resurrection. So that's a hadith that he cites as an evidence for this was that he had an El Mirage in the mostofa Jelic when we took a heartfelt, heartfelt and fake low summit radical manifesto look. So another possible implication that's been talked about classically, is that I'm taking I'm,

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I've done or fulfilled your worldly time, you've spent enough time here, Metallica, I'm taking full the time slot that you were given in this world, and I'm going to give you a kind of death that is without pain, meaning an a death that is you know, how dies of a heart attack or somebody dies because they got stabbed or somebody dies for whatever painful reason or disease. But you know, like the idea of a sudden death like we don't know what happened and they just died. That's called head fanfic. And like the title and kind of a death is a death without no unknown cause, or without cause just kind of somebody fell asleep and that's it, they died.

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And I will not let those who are going to try to kill you have any authority over you. Phil kalamaki nyatoh unece Mati. He may not even be sada de minal fettke bvrla salaam. So some say that this is actually alluding to the fact that you know, when they tortured him, the idea that they tortured him and crucified Him and all that, that'll let give him a painless death even before any of that started. So in fact that he is crucified Some argue, and that all of this happened before, like the death was given time before any of this could take place. The unknown young woman st Fila hit Allah, Allahu, Allahu Allah, he had for me, he Dalek. And that's because that would imply here that I have

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because the lessons I've played, I've purified you from those who disbelieve so they're implying from that, that they won't get to torture you. They think they're getting to torture you but I've already rescued you from that.

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So that's another way that that's been interpreted. Well salifu Hello, Murat COVID Look, what mostofa in shock sock many of the mentor Phil malbim Allah is so far who acaba who another meaning is I'm actually taking you physically and I'm taking you personally from the earth, meaning like the free stuff that takes something in full or to grab it or to seize it, what have you and then Morabito fatahna known another one

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application has been used off. It actually means sleep because as a phrase in Arabic telephony can be used to be put to sleep. So when he says cinematografica, I have put you to sleep is one interpretation of it, the other one will use lococo lumen Houma and an aha because these two words are synonymous with each other and one can mean the other no matter what it can mean one or the other. Which is why even in the Quran Allah who

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enforce hinomoto and then we'll look at lambda and those who don't die even in their sleep. So tofi happens in sleep and delfy happens in death wakad rubia and Avaya and Allah Allah Rafa Isola salami the Santa Eva who are not even live can be. It's also been narrated by Allah be that Allah raised Jesus Allah raised his or the salam, while put after having put him to sleep. So he's raised sleeping as an added mercy or comfort for him. We'll hear how the coal will or the kubla who will hustle and this quote of him being raised in asleep and the statements that have been made before have also been attributed to Hassan o de la Mourinho. Well Jaime Suhana Murata Gianluca Kalamata

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Fie, and Rafi you should be who it also has been suggested that I'm taking you away is figurative speech. I've taken you away and raised you is figurative speech. This is close to something one of my students, who is also doing a lot of biblical study now has argued he's written a paper on the subject. Surely for double, he also co authored the book with me divine speech, he does quite a bit of research on the biblical analysis of, you know, Quranic passages that have biblical context. So it just kind of comparative research between those two things. And he's arguing that possibly one interpretation here is

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that he was in fact, Shahid

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that Allah in fact, you know, they did, in fact, kill him in the way that they killed him. But actually, the idea that Nakata lukina, and another place they didn't kill him at all, is suggesting, like other places in the Quran, where Allah Subhana Allah, He unwatchable that you can kill those who die in the path of Allah not killed, rather, they are still alive, and that will be healed as a whole. And they're being provided with a rub. So it's a kind of Shahada that's being mentioned here. Or the fact that they, they got to destroy him or hurt him, he's above that he's been purified from them or their company by Shahada. So the fact that he was given death as Okay, then after his death,

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Allah raised him and that by the way that account is if we accept that interpretation, because we don't know which one of these is accurate. These are all theories. That's to say that clearly, every one of the things I've presented to you thus far, none of these is the absolute, without, without argument, this is what happened. These are all theories, including the fact that he's crucified, killed in that way and his martyred and then Allah raised him into the sky, giving him life again, giving him life again and raising him to the side or even just raising him without giving him life again, and then giving him life later on when he comes back. But if we do accept that account that

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he is he did, you know, because the Christian account for the most part is he died and three days later he was raised that it doesn't necessarily negate that version either. So far what we're saying is it doesn't it's not necessarily saying that did not happen. So that's one side of the argument. And inshallah as I as I conclude this, you'll see how we're all of this lands us. So again, that taking him away and raising him is figurative speech was this moron who Luca wafi and bureau Heck, whether Nick fire kuno Rafi oka la calle Mufasa Mufasa Lima Kabbalah who that he and I'm taking you all body and soul alive and well, not giving you letting you die here taking you alive as you are.

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up into the sky. wasabia Anil Murat bewafa, moto Porsche, Dr. Pillai aka and it's funny he will bandicoot actually also means I am what he says I'm taking you and I'm raising you is as if I am giving you an angelic kind of a, an ability to relieve this world and not be touched by those that are trying to harm you in the government. That was a miraculous kind of saving of Jesus. Well, Jerry. So now having said that, after all of what I just shared with you, here's the conclusion. It doesn't matter.

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All of that I said, it doesn't matter. It could just forward it to this part in the recording one day and just heard that. And the reason I'm saying that is because Allah deliberately did not clarify.

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The point he wants the point Allah did emphasize the point that that is implied enough is that he's coming back.

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And the fact that he's come back, he'll be given life again, the whether he died at all, whether he was raised without being tortured, whether he was given Shahada and then raised whether he was raised before they even captured him as someone who looked like him was put in his place. Any of those theories are true or false because even the theory that somebody was put in his place is not from Islam. And that theory could also be our

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You'd well if that's the case, and it says if allies allowing one person to be punished in place of another, and then also a counter argument, well, they're also getting Shahada. So that's a good thing. But then a counter argument to that counter argument that that was actually the disciple that that betrayed him. So he's being punished. So let's keep going in circles. The idea is a lie. I deliberately kept some things, but I shall be

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the, you know, and this was deliberately done. So, here, even if you even if he was killed or not killed, that doesn't matter, the fact that he's coming back and how do we know sort of the indications by the end of this is that is coming back, watch. I don't Edina tabarka focal Athena cafaro. Ella, Yeoman kiama. And I have placed those who have followed you truly followed you, above those who disbelieved until the day or two we're heading towards the Day of Resurrection. Now, ILA here, as opposed to tyerman tiama. Hotez, barf, salmon, Ella is her McCann. Okay. Hata is for a time until hatha means until so you expect the ayah to say I am giving, I'm going to please those who

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have followed you, above those who disbelieved until judgment until the Day of Resurrection. But when it says instead of until the Day of Resurrection towards the Day of Resurrection, either Yeoman piano as opposed to a Yeoman piano, the benefit of that is actually that you're right at the tail end, where the, you know, how distance is measured in time and space. Like that country, his two day flight, or 10 hour flight, or back in the day, people used to say, this is a three month journey. You know, this city is four months away, this one is five weeks away, etc, etc. Even nowadays, it's a six hour drive. People don't say it's this many kilometers, or this many miles, they say it's a

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seven hour drive, it's a five hour drive. So even in language, distance is described as described in white in time, especially when it's a long distance.

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But as distances become shorter, then a more common expression can also become actual distance either. The idea of Eli here suggesting that is come very close. So it's not even translating until the Day of Resurrection, but actually very close to the Day of Resurrection. If the resurrection is still kind of a thing that's really far away, then the quote the an accurate or more descriptive term for that will be happy.

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But in it here, Eli's kind of possibly giving us that that benefit, in any case, well, Jeremy latinoamerica, Falconer vena cava now those who followed you are going to be placed above those who disbelieved. Now, again, let's let's, let's explore that theory. The original followers of Jesus, who did not do shake, who committed to the original teachings of the Torah, because he confirmed the Torah and then believed in the engine that was given to him because he was given both and fought against the rabbi's and the corrupt elements of their society that had changed the book of Allah and wanting to stick to the original teachings given to Mousavi salam, those people never had political

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*, they were never placed above

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you know, literally above what Latina,

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Latina for some argue well here it means in rank meaning knowledge and the problem with that is unless you mentioned the mobians unless you mentioned knowledge and this one is folk or that one this one is above that one is actually literally having dominance or superiority or having a position of authority. This is why in certain Bukhara when Medina taco FOCA home Yeoman piano,

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people of taqwa will be above disbelievers on the Day of Resurrection. If you say that being above just means spiritually above, that means the people of taqwa are not above now, they're already above Now, why would Allah say they're above them on the Day of Resurrection, because physically, they're above them on the Day of Resurrection, * is a pit down low, they're up in heaven looking down. So they're physically above them. They're in a position of authority, they're in a position of advantage above them. So here the idea of folk are to be taken spiritually doesn't really add up because that's not Quranic usage. And so to have one above the other Jeremy levina, taluka

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focalization, aka foe suggests his followers have dominance. I mentioned yesterday, that if this is a reference to the, you know, the Christian Empire, the Roman empire that became accepted adopted Christianity, that was Pauline Christianity, or there was other variations of Christianity that had already changed the original followings of a Saudi Salaam. So how can that be a Kaberuka Jara Latina, Latina Baraka, they don't follow that, that that particular quality. The other interesting thing is if you accept the Hadith narrations and the hint that is coming back, then this becomes a very literal reading because those who literally follow you not just follow your teachings but

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follow you like they're he's right there and they're following him. Not just follow his

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teachings are follow his message, but actually following him quite literally. And that's very close to the Day of Resurrection. Then finally Allah says, and by the way up until the day of standing, the day of standing was important to mention.

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The resurrection has many names, and one of them is standing, the idea that we're going to be standing in front of a law, the idea that we're going to be answering for everything that we did you know, the idea of standing and trial. The ama is almost the idea, the notion of standing and trial. Anybody who's ever gone to court knows it's a nerve wracking thing to have to stand there and testify and be asked all kinds of embarrassing questions and to have to answer those questions and the witnesses are watching and the judges watching, and they're recording everything that you're saying. And there's a typist, that's also, you know, taking notes and all of that, you'd rather have

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you know, if you're from Pakistan, you know, this pretty well, you'd rather have a side connection with the judge and say, Hey, I don't want to do trial, can you just kind of cancel the trial? or delay it? Or how about you? Did you decide that I'm innocent without the trial? How about that? How about you issue me a pardon? And we just get it over with from the side? You know, the idea is, in the in the corruption that creeped into many, four denominations of Christianity, that is exactly what Jesus is supposed to do. He is supposed to get you off trial. So you don't have to show up in court.

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Because if you believe in Him, He already paid the price of your sins with his blood. So that you don't have to stand trial in front of who? Allah? Because if you can stand in front of Allah, he's going to ask you about everything you did. You don't have to have any of that standing because Jesus is there yet. He said, He's leading his followers all the way to the standing.

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Quite literally, he's taking his followers getting them ready to stand in front of a law and to be able to answer him. So how the law so even in that phrasing, there's kind of an undoing and also a refreshing of the original message of Islam, he is not a replacement of what was given to all previous prophets. It's not a new creed, or a new theory. You know, on this note, we don't I don't recommend that Muslims engage in debate with Christians over this stuff. I personally, I mean, there are some cases where that's okay. But generally speaking, if you're in the university, or your co workers, or Christian or whatever, and it's Christmas season, or like, is that what time by the way,

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is not the Son of God? And he was wrong about that. And it's like shit, and your tree is shifting and I'm not going to have your chocolate milk. Because should sharpen it. Well, hold on before you before you go there. The thing is, you have you have to appreciate something about the Christian people, a lot of love described these people as people have soft hearts.

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A lot of Oh, two minutes, two minute marking. Okay, well, that happens so fast. I'm going to take five minutes because I said 1052 words talk for five minutes, and we should be okay. All right. So the thing is that we have to first and foremost, appreciate, take advantage of the things that are so far in vain and avena.

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Let's talk about the things that are the same between us and yourselves, our love and our loyalty and our acknowledgement and our appreciation of Hasani Salaam. And what he did, is pretty high in Islam. He's a major figure he's old, as old as women are also talking about recently slammed in the in the best of ways as the Quran describes it, as Allah Himself describes it is actually a really beautiful way to let Christians know that someone they love and admire is loved and admired by ourselves, and you don't have to bring up he's not the Son of God and all of that. You don't start, you don't invite someone by telling them they're wrong. Right? You don't do that you invite someone

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and you find common ground. Something you can both appreciate. I'm reminded of one time. I mean, this has happened several times I haven't done a Jesus talk ever before a Christian audience. But I haven't done an Abraham talk before a Jewish audience. I've done that before. And I was talking about Ibraheem alehissalaam from Soto dakara. And there were several rabbis in the audience and one of the rabbis who's actually a PhD in, in, you know, in Hebrew studies, and also studied at the, you know, the yeshiva institutes that they have. So he's basically got 30 years of scholarship under his belt, and sitting in the first row, and I'm only talking about Abraham Madison from the Quran.

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That's all I'm talking about. This man sitting there is like, I cannot tell you just long have a beard, the whole thing is soaked in tears. He's just in tears. I'm not saying a word about what the Jews did and what how they change the teachings of Abraham or Lisa or, you know, because we could talk about that too. But if you're going to speak to people about common ground, you know, these art came, you didn't know this. Those of you have not been following the series. These this revelation was given to the Prophet size for them. When a group of Christians came from the drawn hearing that there's a prophet, a man claiming to be a prophet.

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They were Christian. And they wanted to know what this prophet prophecy is about. How are you claiming to be a prophet, we already follow Jesus. But let's see what he's saying. So they went and came to visit the province. And he had them stained the machine.

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So there was no hotel, the hotel was what? The machine and these are priests. These are priests. Guess where they prayed to Jesus.

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And the machine.

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They read their Bible, they pray to Jesus, they did what they did in the machine, at the invitation of who the province is, today, in many parts of the Muslim world, if you're wearing jeans and a T shirt, and you go into a machine, you can get beat up.

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Because you're not dressed in the proper gear. And you have people that are going into the machines that are worshipping Jesus.

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And by the way, when someone says that God has a son, who gets angry,

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a lot gets angry. A lot gets extremely angry. He says, he gets so angry every time someone says, oh, man has a sun. The skies are about to tear open from those words. And the earth is about to crack open from those words that offends Allah so much. But if it offends Allah so much, it should offend the Prophet.

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So isn't it

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but instead, the Prophet is saying no comprehend, you know, we're learning the anger of Allah has its place. But the slave of Allah cannot be angry because Ally's angry

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is two different things. The slave has to be merciful. Even when the lies Why? Because the slave has no right to be angry.

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Let me help you understand that. And we'll close today's session, and we'll talk more about this tomorrow.

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I have several kids. And you know, kids, sometimes not all seven don't get in trouble at the same time.

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One of them gets in trouble. What are the other ones like to do and one of them is in trouble.

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watch the show.

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And you know, you go Let me talk to him. And even when they go to like,

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from behind, Oh, you know what I'm talking about? Imagine I'm upset with one of my kids. I've had the you again, you lied about not finishing your homework. Seriously, you're gonna do that again. And one of the other kids walks in and says, Yeah, this is the third time you did that.

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Excuse me? Why are you angry? Well, you know, you're my father, I love you. What makes you angry makes me angry.

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Do you understand that when a child becomes angry like that they're being arrogant. They're out of they need thermia

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this is not that anger is not your right that anger is only but you're not the parent. You're not you don't have the right but I'm not talking about a child and a parent am I? What am I talking about? The anger of Allah and the anger of the slave the slave is inviting? The slave is saying you do what you do. And the anger of a lot that's for a moment. What do we do with the Quran? When allies angry? What do we use that for? license for us to be angry?

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This is a we have to be careful about what what where we have right and where we don't have right. Of course, what Allah does not like we don't like

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what I love to test we detest, but judgment over people and anger directed at people is different from anger and ideas. Abraham is angry a chair, of course. And he saw that Sam is angry, of course. But that anger cannot be transferred over to who? people. The people that's a completely different notion to me allows me to, you know, give us that clarity and not, you know, take the book of Allah that is supposed to be a means of our humility and turn it into a means of our arrogance. barakallahu li walakum Khurana takimoto final el COVID iottie Kima Solomonic

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