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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Hill. I mean, what are the early he was gonna be a Jemaine a morbid. The title of all of our hotbar. Today is La Udry. I don't know.

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And it's the idea that when you don't understand or you don't have an answer, you just simply say, I don't know. We'll begin with the story. It's a famous story of Imam Malik Rahim Allah, where a man came to him from a mother of the western part of the Muslim empire.

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And he had gathered all the questions they sent him on purpose to ask Imam Malik and he came forth with 40 questions to the Imam. So on his arrival, he presented the 40 questions to the imam who tells him come tomorrow to get your answers, meaning he needs time to think about them. The man comes the next day and he's ready to leave to travel back. And the Imam only answers four out of the 40 questions and for 36 of them. He says a dream I don't know.

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So the man tells him I came to you from Missouri. And they told me that there is no one I'd watch him out on the face of this planet who is more knowledgeable than Malik. So what should I go back and tell them he tells him go back and tell them who Laham Malecon Landry go back and tell them Malik doesn't know. He says from a from a year three elementary and who will know the answers to these questions if you don't know the answer, he said Allah the hola hola the one whom Allah has taught.

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In another incident also concerning Imam Malik, a man asked him a question that you would think would be a very basic or simple question and the Imam remained quiet for a long time. So he tells him this is a URL as question that is heavy, which means light, it means easy, but have also mean something light and in simple. So he tells him lay surfing the LM che on huffy there is nothing light in knowledge. Do you not see Allah subhanaw taala said in the Quran in so no piala Iike Kolon tequila, indeed, we're going to reveal to you a statement a weighty a heavy statement. So, there is nothing light and there is nothing easy amongst the one of the Sahaba he was telling the later

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generations he says to on a common masala that a question will be given to you. And you will start to go back and forth and all of you start to compete in repeating an answering it when Oh Tulipa Allah labor during but if it were given to the people of Bhutan, so he means from the major companions, the early companions who attended Butler from the knowledgeable companions? If this question was given to them, they would all hesitate, they would all keep quiet, they would all hope the other person would answer it. And there's so many other examples from the companions and from great scholars in history where they would say I don't know and they would refuse to answer

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questions. Despite their students, despite the audience in the gathering, they would still say I don't know. So why was that the case? And why is it so dangerous? To answer without knowledge? A powerful verse in Surah Al Ashraf Allah azza wa jal says in Namaha Rama Robbie so in from the beginning we see it say indeed my Lord has forbidden something that is haram. And then the verse proceeds to list sins in in going to the worst starts from less of a sin to more of a sin to the worst sin.

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Will in Namaha Rama Robin for wash ma Valhalla minha mama Papa will for hear Yanni will cover criminal Usha, the reprehensible acts, whether they be concealed or revealed secret or private. Well isn't and if man Marcia So then from FOA has reprehensible acts, it gets worse to a sin sins that people commit will buddy belayed and help and that's when you you are doing injustice to other people. And it's worse here because then you're committing that sin, but your sin also

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affect someone else and infringe for infringes upon the rights the comfort the of somebody else so that it's worse. We're unto Shrek who will be Lahemaa alum Yunus will be his will partner and that you associate anything in worship with Allah or besides Allah with whom he has not given any clear command here something just you made up and you start worshipping it. Now we know that there is no sin in Islam worse than schicke worse worse than associating anything else with Allah subhanaw taala and the verses going from worse to worse sin. So what could possibly come after a shipwreck? We're under Gulu Allah, Allah Hemara Tana moon, and that you say about Allah, that which you do not know.

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Speaking about Allah azza wa jal without knowledge. Allah azza wa jal in this verse listed it the worse than sin. The scholars gave two different explanations behind that.

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One group of scholars said in this verse, Allah subhana, Allah mentioned that after sin, just to show you the greatness of speaking about Allah without knowledge, speaking about Islam, without having knowledge, and another group of scholars said, speaking about Allah azza wa jal without knowledge, it has shirk in it. Household who is the legislator? Who is the one who decides what is halal? What is haram? What is permissible, what is impermissible, it's Allah subhanaw taala. And when you're speaking without knowledge, you're putting yourself in the place of the legislator, you're putting yourself in the place of the one who says halal and haram and in that sense, it has

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shook in it.

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Likewise, in certain Israa Allah azza wa jal says wanna talk to foo Malays halacha be here while I talk we talkin do not say that which you have no knowledge of in the summer indeed, the hearing will bustle the eyesight well for the heart Kulu hola Erica can on houmous Hola. All these three or all these things they will be asked about and who here it means about the person. These limbs will be asked about the person and what the person did and what the person said

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Jabra Allah on who? He says that we were on a journey, and a man got injured and his head split open. And then he had a dream at night from which he had to bathe completely in the morning. So he asked his companions he asked his companions Hello, could you do another Euro certain fit to your mum? Can you find me an exemption or an excuse for making to your mum, they said manage you to look a certain way enter doctoral Alma, they said we can find you an excuse to not to make to your mum and not bathe while you're capable of washing.

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So Deborah Delano says, For the salah format so he bathed and he died because of his injuries. When the prophets of Allah Allah seldom heard of this, he said Cthulhu who khatola Whom Allah they killed him May Allah killed them. Allah subhanahu Islamia Allah mu why didn't they ask since they had no knowledge?

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The famous Hadith that we all know of the man who killed 99 And then he wanted to know if he could make Toba. So they told him to go to a Raheb. So someone who's a monk who's just a devout worshiper, but not knowledgeable. So he went to the raw heaven, he asked him I killed 99 halimun Toba? Can I make Toba after that? And the man tells him no. So he kills him and makes him number 100. The Scholars say He not only was he not knowledgeable, he also wasn't smart. And he didn't even have street smarts. If someone comes to you and says I killed 99 people. Can I make Toba? You tell them that you look like you've made to your face looks like you're forgiven? mushy, you tell him no. So

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he kills you. But the point is the man his ignorance got him killed. And if there's anything that is profound, it is on the Day of Judgment, the answer you give, you become the shield between that person and Allah and that person and the punishment of Allah. Yeah, I mean, when you ask a scholar, is this halal or just haram? Whatever He answers you. When Allah azza wa jal asks you on the Day of Judgment, why did you do this? And I forbidden it. You say, Oh, Allah, Chef, so and so. told me it's okay. Then you're dismissed, and the chef comes in, he has to answer.

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That's why you get in so much trouble with Allah azza wa jal, and you have to answer for everything that you give every every response you give to people, you have to answer to Allah azza wa jal, that person leaves you scot free. And you have to explain why you gave him that answer.

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If, if that doesn't show the series

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pneus of speaking about Allah azza wa jal without knowledge then what does Akula cola had? Was the for Allah the mighty what I mean Jimmy, you know first of all Pharaoh fairfields against offering ask Allah subhanaw taala first forgiveness, indeed those who ask for forgiveness should prosper

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Hill, I mean, what are the early he was here Jermaine, a MOBA. So brothers and sisters in Islam, number one, do not give fatawa do not give religious verdicts. And one of the strangest things is that people will give a fatwa but they will preface it by saying I don't want to give a fatwa but and then they give the foot Wallah. One of the things that surprised me. I gave this whole book many years ago in Virginia, and I spoke about exactly this. And a man came after the hotbar someone asked me a question. I said, I don't know. So then this person who was standing there, he said, I don't want to go against what you just said in

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the hotbar. But and then he gave a fatwa. Yeah. And he's like, the lesson was just not learned whatsoever. Many people I don't want to give a fatwa and then they give you a fatwa.

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There is pressure to look smart. There is pressure to look knowledgeable in front of people to respond to show that you know, but actually, studies show that when that people like you more when you say I don't know, and people like you more when you make a mistake and you show that you're human studies have shown that people actually like you more than when you try to wing it and just give some kind of answer that doesn't convince anyone. And part of that is that people love humility and like to see people to have humility. And we know this before the study, because it Nabi sallallahu alayhi salam said Man, Powassan Allah, He Rafa whoever he humbles himself for the sake of

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Allah, Allah will raise them and rank this world and the next

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we have this guideline if we follow that, everything in life would be easy, and problems would would drastically decrease.

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And Nabi SallAllahu sallam said in a hadith that is known to all of us, Min Hosni Islam in Turku, Mala Yanni.

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It's like from from the from the perfect or from the good Islam of someone from someone's good. Deen and religiosity is that they leave that which does not concern them.

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The best thing? So we should get used to saying, I don't know, when your children ask you a question, say I don't know not because they won't know if you give them the wrong answer. You just give him an answer. So hello. So Father looks like he knows everything. Your wife asks you a question. Say, I don't know. You're asked in public in front of people even though there might be pressure say, I don't know. In Dawa, people ask you a question. And you don't have the answer to it. I don't know the answer to that, but I'll look it up. I'll ask about that. I'll get you the response. I'll get you the answer. In this Masjid. Someone asks you a question, even if it seems

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basic. Tell them to Ahsoka Brahim. Tell him to us jacquelene. If you don't know the answer, but never say, I'm not sure. Don't quote me on this. People always don't quote me on this. And then they type if I if I shouldn't call you. Why are you saying it then? What's the value of it? Forget quoting you, I want to worship Allah through this answer. So why can't Why would you answer that? Always refer it to the people of knowledge. If you don't know, if you even not sure don't answer. If you're just a little unsure of something. Just don't answer. It's the safest thing. And it's the best thing on the Day of Judgment. People will sell out their own mother. You think they won't sell

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you out? Because we gave the wrong answer. With that we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us of those who recognize the truth as clear truth and follow the best of it, and to make use of those who identify falsehood as clear falsehood and abstain from it for law Marinella kaha convers aka diva or in Al Bartylla, bolted on workunits Genova fala Huma yatta yatta dunya Kabara Hamina Well, I'm a blogger Elmina wala Ilana Remo, Sirona for Lahoma bream, La Jolla Hill amati. Umbra Rushden you as the V Luca Arctic, where you will definitely know my sciatic. Wait, Murphy hibel maruf Are you in haffi Hanuman Korea semirara Dua, also Allahumma barik. And on both Ratan Allah Allah meanwhile, he

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was big mine will como la serata hum Kamala,

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Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Chateau La La La No. Shadow number one