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With Their Families in Paradise

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him and hamdulillah Hello blood. I mean, whenever we want a lot of body mean went out to dinner with tequila last Sunday we'll send him about a collab he called us to become Mohammed and sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, on early he will secondly, he will send them to semen cathedra. First of all, once again, even robotic to you, whether you're celebrating on Saturday or Sunday, May Allah subhanaw taala accept all of your, all of your worship and last pass on make us from a bow they'll run on from the servants of the Most Merciful and descend His mercy upon us. I don't want to get into the debate right now, I just posted something on Instagram very briefly, but follow your community and

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so on and mobilizers that accept from you, whatever that day is.

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It's kind of bittersweet somehow to lots of come to the end of this, to be honest with you. So this is the last session of a Basel run on the last of our live programming for Ramadan. And I pray that Allah subhana wa, tada accept from us, from us all, and that Allah subhanaw taala forgive us for any shortcomings that we may have.

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And certainly, we do have some shortcomings, I genuinely appreciated and loved the sense of community that's been fostered

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through this online audience. And, and really, I just want you all to know that the supportive messages that you've sent to the, again, the comments that you've made, that we haven't been able to read all of them, but they've meant a lot to all of us. And it's kind of kept us going through the amount of sessions that we've had to have. It's really kept us going and kept us focused, because of how we've heard from all of you how this has been a benefit to you. So I pray that advisors accept on behalf of the entire team.

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If you get a chance to go to yaqeen Institute's website and click the About Us then you'll see

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just how many people are part of making this happen so I want you to make your app for them. All of the team members, their families asked a lot to accept from them the moments that they had to step away from their personal data to make sure that I don't mess everything up with this technology. Please do make draft for them inshallah tada that a lot except from them and accepted as a bad then make it a means of them being amongst those that observe later to the other and observe Ramadan fully. And again, I do inshallah tada promise to be back on very soon inshallah. So after eight which we're celebrating Sunday here, take a couple of days off in sha Allah tala and then I'll start

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with some brief reminders, live reminders online inshallah evening reminders. And then we will be launching a very special June campaign in Charlottetown with daily programming is once again the theme of connecting to the fore and staying connected to the core and I don't want anyone to lose the connection that they felt to the poor and specifically the normal bond

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you know, I pray that all of us will be able to stay connected to the plan so connecting to the plan from various angles. So we will have you know, programs everyday inshallah Tada, starting in a week, focusing on the parables in the miracles in the poor and continuing reflections on the poor and verses of healing in the poor, and so much more in sha Allah. So please do stay tuned, and we'll be back at it soon enough in sha Allah Tada. And also, I'm going to ask you to fill out the survey that's in the description. Or in the comments, I'm not sure if they put in description or comments and so please do fill out the survey and let us know how we can do better for you inshallah, tada as

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I said earlier tonight, you know, we we've tried to be here for you before Ramadan when, especially when COVID broke out. And we've tried to push ourselves as a team, again, as a team you've seen is a massive team and how did it not to push ourselves to stay with you during Ramadan and inshallah Tana will try to be there for you after Ramadan as much as we can be the nahi Tyler, so with that inshallah, coming to the end of a basil run on the servants of the Most Merciful and as I get to the end of the servants and the Most Merciful, just an FYI, it's raining really, really hard right now. So I pray that it's the sense of mercy upon us and that it's a means of acceptance for us inshallah

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Tada, so ask a lot to accept from us all. And as I was studying for this series, I really personally regained an appreciation for these ions and connected with these ions in a very, in a very different way at somebody law. And tonight is the sweet ending that I pray that all of us will have. And, you know, the last Hadeeth that I'll read tonight is one that I hope and shot lots of will keep reciting to ourselves over the next few days in particular, as a means of keeping our

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goal in focus the last time So, Eliza does says when the Drina coluna are up in a habit and I'm in as Gina was the reality now Potawatomi Aryan which I'm dealing with Safina imama Our Lord, grant us the delight of our eyes in our spouses and children, and make us leaders of the pious. So, you know, the most distinctive characteristic of these a bottle of wine on is their eagerness for the law of man, which is most manifested in their prayer for salvation. And so Allah subhana wa tada mentions that they are praying for their own salvation rather than us live an adaptogen. And Allah removed from us the punishment of the Fire. And they're very sincere as they are shedding tears asking Allah

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subhanaw taala to grant them salvation, but they now extend the ohana to their spouses and their children. And so in the broader sense to their families as well. And as we said, a pro bono, Levin maruf, those that are closest to you are most deserving of seeing your beautiful character. And one of the ways that you exemplify beautiful character for your family is you make do out for them first a job and a horrible, deep into the night. That prayer that ibadah that do that you make for your family is a special prayer. This is the prayer that you make for your parents to be forgiven. The prayer that you make for your your spouses and your children to be guided, and to be granted

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everything that you want granted for yourself. And so what is the prayer that they are making for their spouses and their children, it's a prayer for salvation. Okay. I've been to heaven on them as well as you know, the the atina kurata, Aryan before anything else, it's a prayer for salvation, that Allah subhanaw taala grant them the same salvation that they were asking for themselves. Now, this is, I think, probably one of those times. In fact, throughout these ayaats, this is the time where it's most important to pull back into history. And to see the situation unfolding. The way that these companions were seeing the situation unfold in Mecca.

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Most of these people that were making this throughout right now, we're in a situation where their spouses and or their children have not yet embraced Islam. Okay. So there are very few examples of families that embraced Islam in the meccan period in the early Mexican period. And this is when the surah is revealed. And so these people, and remember, the Sahaba are a generation of converts, they're calling upon a loss of how to what's out, and they're saying, oh, Allah, guide, our families will not guide our spouses, Allah guide our children. And you can imagine, you know, these are people that have become deeply in tune with the reality of the afterlife, and that also have deep

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love and empathy for their families. And as they are reading about the torment, that some will face in the afterlife, how badly they don't want their families to be on the receiving end of that tournament, right, some, maybe even more than themselves, okay, maybe even more than themselves, because sometimes we love our family, especially children, we can love them more than we even love ourselves. And so you have that. So have a hobby or Sahabi, that male or female companion, whose wife or husband has not yet embraced Islam, whose children have not yet embraced Islam, and they are insisting upon idolatry and oppression. And they are calling upon Allah and saying, Yeah, Allah, let

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them be the coolness of our eyes, let us see the moments where they embrace Islam, and they enter into this realization as well. And there's an important part here, dalla, which is faster, they'll say that you're actually the one who doesn't have something can't give it. And so this person is already in a reality of prayer and inner reality of understanding the hereafter and be connected to the mafia. And they want to give that to their families as well. One of the easiest ways to run your family away from Islam is to be a hypocrite with your religion is to be a hypocrite with your religion. And so these are people whose families are witnessing their excellent character. They're

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witnessing the way they carry themselves as a bottle of wine on both in regards to their individual prayer habits. And in regards to their public interactions. They are maintaining a certain regimen, holding themselves to certain standards, in worship and in work, in private and in public deed. Things that that cause admiration to grow in the hearts of those that are near to them.

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See them in their sincerity? And they're calling out and saying Yeah, Allah guide our spouses. Yeah, Allah guide our offspring. Yeah, Allah guide our parents. This is a generation of people, some of whom, whose parents threatened them, and told them that they would go on hunger strikes until they left Islam. Right. Imagine your mom telling you, I will go on a hunger strike until I until you leave Islam. Right. So this is the generation of converts. And they don't want to be the only righteous and safe people in their homes. They want that to extend to everyone that is in their homes. And they say what john, what's up Tina, Mama, make us leaders of the pious, this is not

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referring to political leadership or leadership in in a way that befits vanity. But instead leadership in a way that benefits piety, make us guidance, guides of good make us amongst those that lead the way make us amongst the side before and make us amongst the four runners make us amongst the true servants. And there are no not mentioned that this is in comparison with the the idolaters and the oppressors who were competing over what to Catholic they were competing over quantity that would engage in all sorts of sick practices to ensure that their heirs would be amongst the Royal and amongst the elite in Mecca and would hold certain positions, status, wealth, whatever it may be.

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So while they weren't in rivalry over this world, and we're focused on placing their children in leadership positions in the sense of dunya, we leadership positions, these people are concerned with leadership in the sense of taqwa leadership in the sense of piety. So let's break this ayah down a little bit further, number one, por la ion. Let let it be the coolness of our eyes.

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The last idea that we spoke about, we mentioned that these are people whose hearing and sight

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when it hears the admonition, either look he will be it will be him when they are reminded of the acts of their Lord. They do not become deaf or blind to those ayat. So that is in that they receive admonition properly. But there's another level of this which is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam explaining to us in a long Hadeeth could see that when a person becomes amongst those who love a lot on our beloved to Allah subhanho wa Taala couldn't to some man who love the Yes man or be her. What? bustle rahula do.

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I become the hearing with which my servant hears, I become the site with which my servant seeds. What that means is that that person only wants to hear that which is pleasing to Allah only sees that which is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala. And so here you have now a synchrony of the joy of my eyes being the pleasure of a lost sight. What is pleasing in a lost sight, taqwa piety, right? what is pleasing in my sight that my children be pleasing to Allah sight. Okay, and so a Baba Rahman and our Nan are pleased by the same thing now in the family members around a bottle of wine in their spouses and their children to their parents, their brothers, their sisters, what is a joy to their

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eyes is what is pleasing to a lost sight. Right? So I'm gonna have an announcement as well you know the reality now portlets are in Allah let us see that moment where they embrace Islam, where they embrace faith where they embrace righteousness, and when they move forward, it's probably one of the most touching videos if you look up there's a video of brother Hamza sources talking about his his mother Mae Lost Planet Allah bless her brother Hamza. And he's talking about you know, just you can see that the pain right of how badly he wants his mother to embrace faith, and it's really moving and so however there are many, many times that we'll find situations like this where Yeah, a lot I

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want my family to experience guidance I want my family to experience clarity. This is a theme prevalent throughout the plan and one that spans everyone from the profits to the most common believer possible so Eliza just tells us and sort that off that the person who had said that Bella should the who Bella Urbina Santa Paula Robbie, I was there any an escort an aromatic allottee and anti la you wanna add what an outlet are slightly hintel blah, blah, slowly fievel Realty in need to between a CO and even an muslimeen Allah tells us in sort of half about this person who reaches an age of maturity, and they're calling upon a last pass on asking Allah to make their families

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righteous, that that their families would be amongst those that are grateful to Allah subhanaw taala that they're all gathered in that blessing of gratitude to Allah.

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And all counted amongst the believers and so a lot complete the favor upon us by letting us be a family of believers and a lot tells us right after that the painful discussion between a parent and their child when the the polity wedding day he often LACMA Atari down in the and lunch, locality and Corona in public. Well, who is that Ethan aloha law? In the law? Fair kulula in a selfie with a willing a mom pleading with her child, a father pleading with his child believe don't do this to yourself don't go down this destructive path and the children saying back off, back off. Are you telling me I'm going to be resurrected and people have perished before me? And so well who is that

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he thought that those parents are begging to Allah subhanaw taala woe to you believe we look at them and for your own good for your own good. And that person dismisses everything that their parents give to them a lot tells us that this is a feature of the prophets the joy of Ibrahim alayhis salaam standing with his son is married to his Salaam next to the carrabba holding up their hands to the sky and saying together Rob then a couple min Allah accept from us all a lot make me and my offspring amongst those who established the Salam. O Allah I have put I've put my family here in this barren desert well Ben on up masala so that they can establish the prayer so that they can

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establish a prayer Oh Allah allow them to be amongst those that established the prayer. So you have the joy of Ibrahim it Salaam with his son is Mariela de Sala holding their hands up and then the pain of new hottie his salon, as his son stays behind a new headache, his salon who for 950 years, gave that hour and is facing rejection from his wife and from his son. And he's calling upon him. They seem too young to allow Yeah, a lot and even even early that my son is from my family. Yeah, Allah he's one he's mine. Let him Let him come forward. But Subhana Allah He holds back and he ends up in a place of misguidance back to the story of Ibrahim Ibrahim passing away. And you know, making

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sure that his children are upon faith is how speaking to the app called Isaac to Jacob, saying what are you going to worship after me Yaqoob speaking to us of Jacob speaking to Joseph I leaving with Salaam as main, what are you going to worship after me? So all of these, you know this, all of these verses about the parents trying to transfer faith through their children. And this is something that goes from again, it goes from the the prophets all the way to the common person. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us all to have families of righteousness. This is also a connection that it's an embodiment of Rama to the family. It's an embodiment of Rama to the family. They want their

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families to be saved from harm. They want their families to be saved from harm. And their priority is not just you know that their families become successful that their children graduate and gain respectable positions in this life. Certainly they want to see their children succeed, but their priority is that their children and that their families are amongst those that are saved. Okay, so this is the drama to the families that have lost parents I was talking about from above or whatnot. What is the loss of hundreds Odyssey next? Eliza just says Bula ecozone. Al Horford Sabina salado why you love Kona Fie her Tahitian Salama, they are the ones Hello this is so deep, so deep.

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Without ecozone a lot of fun to be masamoto they are the ones that are rewarded with lofty palaces in paradise for their patients. They are the ones that are rewarded with lofty palaces and paradise for their patience. While you love poner Fie her to hear term was allama and they are received in paradise with respect and with greetings of peace. Here to hear his his salutation it is it's honor. It's dignified. They are welcomed into paradise and given Salaam given the verbal Salam in paradise throughout the entire time. set its daughter Salaam, the abode of peace as you enter into Gemini you will hear Salaam Alaikum pantai says lyase merona Fie her loved one in the Salama that you're not

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going to hear any idle speech in Gemini except for Salaam okay which is that you're going to hear a lot of Salaam in paradise the angels saying Salaam in paradise.

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The people of Paradise greeting each other with Salam Allah subhana wa tada saying Salaam when they come here about the peace beyond to you My servants Salaam Salaam Salaam it's all Salaam in paradise. The greeting of ethical agenda is Salaam not just the humans but the

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Greeting agenda period is set out. Right so you hear a lot of setup in gentlemen. Okay, so let's let's break this idea down without ecozone and porfa they are given a lot of fun. Now obviously in common Arabic loafers just a room, okay, or when we speak about but what if a lot of refer to not just mentions in palaces, but typically speaking, it would refer to a multiple story home and the highest room in that home, which is reserved for the Royals and the elites. So basically the master bedroom of a palace. So it's referring to the highest palaces in Geneva because we know that there are levels in general, and a loss of kind of what Santa has made it so that the highest levels in

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paradise are for Bella are for people who were tested. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in an authentic hadith from a supermodel the allot of time in real languages are not able to meet the law, that the greatest reward comes with the greatest trial. What in the law either I had the Coleman the tele home, and verily when Allah loves people, he tests them from an labia Fela hola woman Savita fellow soft prophets I send them set and so whoever accepts that, with pleasure will earn his pleasure will earn the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala and whoever is discontent with that will earn the discontentment of a loss of Hannah hautala on the Day of Judgment. And so when I could

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zone al Horford De Lima sabado, verily they will attain they have these high palaces, these luxurious mansions and these luxurious residences in Jeddah be mount suborbital, by virtue of the patience that they had. Now, there are different levels of patience there's patience with people. There's patience with prayer. There is patience with establishing good there's patients with natural disaster there's patients with health there are different types of patients so let's break this down a bit. I will memorable the loads that I know he narrated that the prophets will allow it was seldom said I guarantee a house on the outskirts of paradise. The mantella Camilla Witten cannon will

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happen for the one who leaves off arguments even when they are right. And I guarantee a home in the middle of Paradise in the center of paradise for the one who abandons lying even when joking and I guarantee a house in the highest part of paradise for the one who has son a Holika, who perfected their character who or who excelled in their character. So personal hope is the broadest stroke here. So the prophets I send them says the highest level of Paradise belongs to the one who has personal hope to the one who has excellent character and excellent character comes through patience with people with bad character, right which is something that we established early on in this

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series. So lots of hands on says would I get your zone and Horford? habima sabado here suburb

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is not specific. Sometimes in the end, when the word sobre is used when the word patience is used, it has a very specific connotation here it's used in the broadest sense possible why because a Baba Walkman endure persecution with patience above the rock none endure insult with patience a bother whatnot are steadfast in struggling in the way of Allah subhanaw taala with patience he by the rock man carry out long hours of worship and work tirelessly. Without any concern for this world with patience. He By the way, man resist temptations, the temptations of this world and the temptations of the shape on with patience, rebelled The rockmount are patient in raising their families upon

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good Okay, so when a loss of contact says what more like a slob will stop it.

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Enjoying your families with prayer, stability and exercise great patience with so Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about having patience with those rights as people that are looked down upon in society. Remember, Islam was a religion that appealed first and foremost to the downtrodden to the slaves to the oppressed to those that did not come from the elite places to the poor. And a lot of it was just says what's good enough second, ballardini the owner of the home builder that he will actually redo the watch, be patient make yourself patient by keeping the company of those who call upon their Lord

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in the morning and in the evening seeking His pleasure so kind of what to add so a bother rochman are made patient tawassul will help you with also the solving. They make each other patients in the face of the natural difficulties.

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that come with being amongst the people have a slump. By the way, this is my right hand in case the camera shows left hand.

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Just in case no one thinks I'm going back after a long drink to have my left hand again. All right? Not that I was drinking my left hand before camera people. So sub is vast. And generally speaking, the four out of the seven to talk about higher levels in genda, in connection to the more patients that a person has. So for example, the prophet sly some talks about a person who loses a child, that's the greatest bullet that you could face losing a child. And Allah subhanho wa Taala asked the angels to build Bates Bates will haven't a house of praise for the person who loses their child and says at hamdulillah in Allah He went through, that that person has a particular place an agenda. So

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the higher you know, the more you endure in this world, whether it's at the hands of other people, or

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unexplicable disaster,

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then the higher your rank agenda is going to be so like a huge zone, a lot of data deema sababa. What are the angels say? salaam aleikum Dima sababa, from peace beyond to you for the patience that you have, while you love Kona fi hard to hear now to hear refers to respect and essentially that is the honor and the respect that they did not get in this life from the fools but they get in the hereafter from the angels. Okay. So the honor and the respect that they deserved, but unfortunately, because of their natural disposition because of their humility because of their character, they had to endure much in terms of insults and disrespect in this life. And so here they received a system

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returned to them for the Salaam that they used to respond to always when when they were faced by a hidden when they were faced with different situations, they always respond to what's set out. They responded with Salaam as a form of peace when bringing together brothers and sisters, even if that was themselves being brought together or bringing themselves together with their brothers and sisters. And they responded with Salaam in the face of a God doing in the face of those that were foolish. Those that try to provoke them salon and so here now, it's only appropriate that the salon that they used to give to people is returned by the angels in agenda. Allah subhana wa tada says,

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hottie Dena fee ha, hacer una Mr. karwan. One more karma there in they shall abide forever has to that's called One. One more Polymer. What an amazing abode. What an amazing place to settle. So what an amazing resonance, and what an amazing place to rest for the rest of your life for the rest of your existence. If you remember, when I last talked about the fear that they have of Hellfire in the SATs must have one or more karma, that it is a miserable place to dwell, and a miserable presence to endure. So it referred to place and then time was the third refers to the place. More karma refers to being there for a very long time. here Allah subhanaw taala responds and says how soon that must

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occur. One, one will commonly see the beautiful response of Allah subhanaw taala that this is the best place to have in response, you feared the residents of Hellfire Allah was planning for you and decorating for you, the residents of Paradise, you feared spending some time in Hellfire Allah subhanaw taala is entering you into paradise for eternity. So this is a law's response to the drop that is made before and this is one Eliza says when you'd like to play it on what abacha that Verily, the Hereafter is better and longer lasting. So hide one for first and that's when comparing this world, the abode of this world to the abode of agenda that the abode of the Hereafter is better

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what Allah has given you has in store for you in the Hereafter is better than anything that could be given to you in this life due to the natural limitations of the realm in which we dwell right now, whatever, and it's longer lasting, it's forever. If allow her to give you everything that you wanted here and remove the limitations of dunya then you would still die and so you would miss out on it. So Eliza Jen loves you too much to give you something that is limited in a limited realm, instead of loss of habitat, it gives you something that is unlimited and an unlimited realm, okay, which is the reward of paradise. So this is the beautiful response that Allah subhanaw taala gives to those that

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call upon him in fear of

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Not just losing out on the abode of this world but of dwelling in the abode of Hellfire mobilizers that protect us all. So I want to end with this Hadeeth inshallah to Allah, which I think brings it all home in sha Allah Tada, and the rain is picking up. So this actually might knock out my electricity and my power, you know, with lightning and the thunder here realizes that except from us all. So I'm gonna end with this Hadeeth which is really one of my favorite hobbies. And so

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you might have heard me say that before with a few other ideas. This is definitely one of my favorite hobbies, my life allies that allow us to hear these words. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam said

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that there will be an announcer in paradise. So imagine you've just entered into Gemina and you have gone to your new palace and agenda. You're taking it all in looking around and you're saying is this real?

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Somehow to law? I mean, because it has in it what No, I have seen what no ear has heard what no imagination has ever been able to comprehend. Java has opened up the for you you're in Gemini, you're being guided to your new residence where you will dwell forever. And you're looking around and you're just like, wow Subhanallah Is this real? And so what is the first announcements that is made to the people of paradise? May Allah azza wa jal make you and me amongst them mean mean? mean May Allah make you and me amongst them they allow make you and me amongst them a lot allow us to hear these words, the way that I'm about to narrate them to you, but from a different voice. The

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prophets will allow it was set himself as you enter into your agenda, and you take your place, a beautiful abode and everlasting place once you get into agenda you're not getting out you make it in there. There's no expulsion from gentlemen.

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You know, Dean when

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a caller calls out Yeah, hello, john. Oh, people of Paradise in law calm and to say who fella has come Other than that, indeed, you will be healthy and you will never be sick again. You will be healthy and you will never be sick again. In this world, sometimes it's not that the quality of life around us deteriorates. It's that we deteriorates because our health withers away. And so by the way, when you get into Gemina you're never going to lose your health. You don't get old in gender. Gender doesn't get old, nor do you get old. Okay? You just you're in a perfect space and with perfect health. So the caller calls out and says

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yeah, agenda, intellectual, mental, sexual, finance, Eskimo ABA, you will be healthy, and you will never be sick again. What in the lecom and tatio Salah to move to Abuja and you will live here forever, and you will never die again. You will live here forever, and you will never die again.

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What in the electron and to ship boo fella from Abuja And verily, you will enjoy eternal youth and you will never grow old again. What in electron antenna mo fella taptap de su Aveda. And you will be content in comfort and luxury. And you will never face misery or hardship again. Pamela, how beautiful is this call and the profit slice that have said for the deca COVID who was the

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one who do antill come with agenda tourists to move her Bhima quantum Tara Malone and so it was called out to them that this is the agenda that you have inherited by virtue of the good that you used to do. This is the paradise that you have inherited by virtue of the good that you used to do. Yeah Allah make us amongst those that enter into our abode and Jenna without any form of accountability or any form of punishment without being touched by the fire, and yeah Allah allow us to hear these words from the color that we are told about. And yeah, a lot allow us to enjoy these blessings again, you Nadeem when

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a caller calls out in medical mental social finance us como Abba, you will forever be healthy and you will never be sick again. We're in a command to fill out some water and you will live forever and you will never die again went another command to ship bufala tamo Abba and you will be young

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Ever perpetually young and never grow again. When in antenna mo fella it's up to issue abunda and you will be content in luxury forever, never to face misery or hardship again. And that is the promise of Allah subhanho wa Taala to a bow bow Bohannon. May Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst them. May Allah enter us into His with his llama and always make us people that long for his llama and that manifests Rama to everything that is around us. And may Allah allow us to dwell in grieves with his llama and allow us to be raised with his llama and allow us to dwell perpetually in his llama May Allah subhana wa tada allow us to be worthy of this lofty title of a bottle of wine on May

00:35:47--> 00:36:27

Allah subhana wa tada shower us with His forgiveness and mercy in this final night of Ramadan May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us for our shortcomings, Allah Ameen zachman little Highland to all of you once again, inshallah Tada, I will see you soon. Again inshallah. Tada. We will continue our programming shortly. So please do stay tuned. Again, keep keep us near do outs, keep our patient families in your job. If you go to the Athene website and you go to the About Us and you read through the teams make your app for each one of our team members and their families as well that allow Grantham the acceptance of the similan enabled for product and an angel will say amin and for

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you as well.

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I thank you all for forgiving me some of your precious time in the salon. I take the amount of a very, very seriously that if you dedicate a time to to listen to anything that I had to say. Then that is a great trust that you've bestowed on me. I asked a lot to forgive me for anything I may have said wrong or any misguidance that unintentionally may have escaped from my mouth. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us all from this guidance and may allow us to keep us from the truth and so for the last time in Ramadan, inshallah tada I'm signing off and wishing you all the best and making your app for you tonight are sold a lot more southern Alberta, Canada, Vietnam mohammed ali ali he

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also have he will sell them to semen cathedra Mr. armonico Welcome to lie here. We're gonna cancel