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Kamal El-Mekki
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the impact of being naked on people's behavior, including striping and being punished. They also mention a scenario where someone is punished for being out on the street and is not wearing clothes, leading to a need for mercy and mercy in general. The speaker suggests that wearing clothes is a sign of vulnerability and that anyone who is not wearing them will face consequences.
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The deltas when people are naked.

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That's right. Everybody is make

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the right. What's the hikma of that?

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Well, one of them is for sure that everyone's wisdom. For sure everyone's will. I can think of two things, right?

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One is everyone's equal. And it come on Day of Judgment. This guy Gucci who this guy Versace, Hamas Maga. Everybody equal. Alright. The other thing. There's something amazing about and related to psychology here with being naked, it creates a feeling of fear and vulnerability. That's unbelievable. And I was actually watching a documentary on torture a long time ago.

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Because I want to talk to people later on. And, and they were talking about the relationship between stripping people you don't want when people go to jail, the first thing they do, they strip them. And it's not just for the search that's secondary. It's first it's to scare them like that. And when they torture people, they strip them off their clothing. And on the Day of Judgment, people are stripped and when you feel comfort is when you put on clothing and that's why to honor people, Allah azza wa jal will close them on the Day of Judgment and then maybe solemn masala mentions the first one to be closed will be Brahim and Sarah. At least these two very good well said. So there is

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people any don't think you're going to stay naked for the whole time. No, the believer eventually will be put giving clothes and they will be called that's why nobody saw Salam said that you will be resurrected in the in the clothes that you are buried in

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your bathroom female cofina Bay in the visa la Salam said that. So that means a lot of Ramadasa either you come up from your grave with the clothes and by the time you arrive to the place of gathering you lose them or you would no close and when you arrive that's when the believer will be giving that close that the buried in which is one of the most you know also again equal everybody wedding that's why that had remind us of the Day of Judgment because that's the head you were and had most of us were the same thing that we will be buried in. Okay.

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So that's also something lay men and women naked.

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I shall she said that jasola men and women, Nick as just can think of that. Right?

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Then he said to her what he said it's it's it's too busy to be looking at it into looking at each other. And I mean, I can think of a scenario on Earth where someone wouldn't care if someone else's work even if the building is on fire. Okay, if the buildings on fire and you're running out, and someone's not wearing clothes, some people be like what, and still and continue running. But it's so severe that they nobody cares Excellent. In the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala mentions many times where the eyesight will be or the eyesight will be upside Okasha hotshot can absorb it many times and people will be looking down. And when you're in trouble, and when you're scared, you don't look

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up. Right? Like when your father's yelling at you. You don't look at him. That's that's for your mother. My right.

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But when he fathers Look, guys, don't get the jokes at all. When a father is yelling at you, you look down kid, right? And Allah describes how the eyesight will be looking down constantly. So any who is going to do this and be checking people out? It's too serious for that way too serious for them. Allah Allah, I think he can also

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make us a little more grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala for in this dunya that we're able to beautify ourselves with clothes and cover our shortcomings with clothes. And that, like Shakima said, Is it it's a sign of vulnerability when you don't have close? You're vulnerable. And that is that's actually what it's about is that you're vulnerable on on that day. You're really completely in need of Allah's mercy. You complete the need of Allah's mercy. You don't even have the clothes that will actually cover you from the heat or cover you from the cold or cover you cover your sins or cover your shortcomings.

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Cover your shame

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No You're completely exposed

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