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salatu salam

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And last round

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mentioned when the first way that came in was at his alma mater, Tara said in Salah, optimise Salah tellicherry

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as I said, establish the salah for my digger.

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The Salah is something which

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we'll talk about the details of it in the next few days. But one of the main

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things about the Salah is to remember and understand that the Salah is not merely the wealth of Allah subhanaw taala to be done and left behind in the masjid.

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The Salah is the format on which the entire life of the Muslim

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be molded.

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If we reflect on it and we think about it,

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see how beautiful the whole format is.

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The Salah begins with

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preparing for Salah

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making little, making sure that your clothes are okay. Making sure that when you come to the masjid that you are in a clean and decent state

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you have brushed your teeth, use miswak that you maybe use some deodorant or some perfume.

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So you come to the masses in a clean and good state. You don't compromise in a state where you are a source of difficulty for others.

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And you can begin with that intention of Salah. Then when you come to the masjid and you start the Salah, you stand in the SFX

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The format is that all Muslims are equal before Allah subhanaw taala. So whatever differences are there in terms of Hazzard NASA mile, whatever.

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You know, your line is your position in the world, your wealth, all of those differences have no meaning whatsoever.

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We all stand together and once whether you are rich or poor or powerful or

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doesn't matter makes no difference whatsoever. I was

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in 2008 I was invited to speak at the International Conference by the Ministry of Hajj in Saudi Arabia. And as part of that program, on the day I read

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myself and the whole delegation.

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a lot of the Muslim ambassadors and whoever was there, all the important people they were all invited to have

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to a banquet with His Majesty King Abdullah

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bin Abdulaziz and we were called to the MENA palace.

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So when we went there, to the MENA palace

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before the

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it was time for Salah

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so we all was to go to the masjid in the village

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and when I went there I saw that

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is the budget like any like any other there's no difference in the budget.

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The only

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within quotes consideration was that behind the mom in the first stuff, there is one chest on ordinary jet

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and we all stood

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and then King Abdullah came and he prayed because he's 8885 86 years old. So he's the chair was for

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the Salah was led by one Imam who was with us in the middle there's no special demand for the king or anything that demanded the Salah Abdullah parade behind him I stood next to all of us standing in one side of the King of Saudi Arabia and all of us all in one serve. Only country like we would like we have any person comes with a chalice

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are very clear there is no throat or no you know big chair of made of gold as a bad thing ordinary regular chair

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and there were other there were some other chairs also in them in the anybody has wanted to we could use the jet there's no no difference Absolutely. And similarly, and he did not need somebody has done the Salah is bring somebody else.

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Now this is this is the issue of what Salah teaches us. You may be the king, but do Allah

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I know that I hear all the time that the club at all, no difference whatsoever, we all stand in one spot, and we pray.

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Then we stand and pray, or we pray behind or any man.

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So Salah also teaches us obedience law is even obedience to the Amish. And in Islam, the lamb is the Amish.

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ideally speaking, that is what should happen, which is that the Amir of the Muslims is the one who leads the Salah right now, of course, obviously, that we cannot decide every masajid have different amounts. But the ameerul momineen leaves the Salah in the JAMA images of the bliss. So this is the format of that. So the Imam is somebody who and that's one of the actors, one of Sarah Sarah Bush would be the man. What is the criteria then?

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He said the one who knows the most Koran.

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He did not say the man should be the oldest person or the one with a white beard or you should be somebody who is wearing a turban? Or is somebody from this karela or that camera. The one who knows the most.

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That is the criteria of honours was obviously you don't have to worry i'll give you how to do normally though but when we get together we know that some people know more, you make them even this is that is a pseudonym, it's not haram for someone else to need Salah if there is in the case, for example, you know, you might have somebody who is reading whatever the reason you can pray behind animals, there's no problem. But when we know that somebody knows more and then this person to be even preseason there is a beautiful hadith of one of this era in the rates that he said that I was a small child.

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people used to come in we used to live our drive is to live outside Makkah.

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So whenever people travelers would pass from Makkah going towards someplace they would pass by the strike.

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So is that the news of the time was what has Mohamad receipts Allison, so, you know, I have, so people will come. So they would say so, what did you say now? Right? So then they will decide,

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what do you say? Now this little boy, he said that I used to listen to these people coming and going. And my father was the chief of the tribe. So they would come to meet him and he would ask them Okay, so what is he saying now, so then they would say this is the ayah which has been revealed to him. So you know, they had very good memories of the heart, the eye, so they remembered immediately so, so he said that over the period of you know, so many months or a year, he memorized so many of it, because he was sitting there listening to this conversation. He said then one day is that my father went to accept Islam. So he went to accept Islam, he accepted Islam on behalf of this

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whole tribe.

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And there's other days you know, there was the Kabbalah, the head of the Cabal accepted Islam, then handle Dr. accept Islam. So he came back. So when he accepted Islam with him,

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he asked him is what should I do?

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Praise Allah. So he said, Who should lead the Salah? solos are the one who knows the most.

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So now, when they came back to the tribe, now, who knows the most correct this little boy? Because no one has no I mean, they, they're, you know, new people. They just come into his lap. So who knows there was

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so he said I was about seven or eight years old, when I was made to leave Allah. So he's I was reading Salah. And while he was dealing one day, when I finished Allah, a lady's woman, the developer in the men in the front, the woman in the back, so is there one old woman stood up in the back. And these are what kind of imagine this. When he goes in Google, we can see everything.

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There was a deer in the back of his

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in the back of his job. This woman said, What can

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my brother went and bought me a new book. And he said, I was so happy that I got a new book. My mind is already on Katie's reading fella. You know he'll play around here and there. And then when he's reading that I this this thing happened. And he said my father got me a new job because that was the happiest day of my life that I got a new job because I knew the boss

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and because I was the man there's no ma'am cannot be dressed like this with with Don closer, Are you good? Are they they got a maneuver. Now the point is that the mammoth of the Salah, is to be done by the by the person who knows the most Quran which means and again, we have to understand these things in the context of the Hadees. When does Jane Doe one who knows the most core and it doesn't just mean that someone who has memorized it does not understand the meaning is no say no. It means knowing means understanding the Koran

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Being you know, to the extent possible, practicing whatever, whatever that you know, so therefore knowing the most current is someone who knows the most Quran who's or who's most on the Sunnah and so on and so forth. So, that is the, the directive and the discipline of the Salah, there in the Salah itself, even though it is worship of Allah subhanho data, and we might say, you know, I love Allah so much and I would like to express my love for Allah subhanaw taala in this way or that way, that is also in Islam. You can just say I want to express my love for Allah and my way of expressing love for Allah is I will recite a beautiful machine. So in the Salah, instead of, you know, reading

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for us, I'm going to sing this beautiful Nikita

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you can read it as you can imagine being nice, but it is not something to be recited in Salah. So, the framework of what is to be said, the movement, we will come to the route to what is said and the sort of the variety and so on later, but today for today, the movements of the Salah also are prescribed. For example, you might say that I love Allah so much, that when I come into the presence of Allah, then immediately I should fall in sudo.

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In Why am I standing before Allah subhanho wa Taala as I must be interested, so, I will start my Salah, which

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is a Salah valid, your intention might be good Angela, the man's indigenous god you know, he loves Allah so much he wants to show his respect for Allah so much. So intention is good and the action of pseudocode is also not Haram.

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But because it is not done in the 30 of the slides.

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You don't pray like this, this is not Salah, we are making such devices. So but you can say I will start by stanza by Salah in into does not you do it the way Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah, Allah taught us and that is where the sooner the importance of the sooner comes as a guest

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with Allah, Allah and with the Sahaba everything was defined in the context of the prayer.

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Everything was divine in the context of salah and that is the reason why even here the importance of the Sunnah is divine how, what is our son Luca Mara timoni uses alcohol is to ceramica pray as you see me pray.

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So what more value or what more emphasis Do we want with regard to the sun. The prayer itself is the movement made by Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu. If someone makes one movement, different or extra or less than what resolution isn't it, then if it is a movement which is valid in the Salah, then he has to make

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the song and if it's a movement which is not part of the Salah, then

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he has to pray again.

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He has to pray again he has to repeat.

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So the point is the discipline of Salah, so we stand in Korea, and then we go into Rico. And after oku is done back in Graham and then we go into pseudo to the discipline of the

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now the pm is to start before Allah subhanho wa Taala discipline, one line all the Muslims together, the Roku is to lower your ego to lower your prestige. And before Allah subhanho wa Taala and as such that as I always say is the essential, iconic position of the Muslim. In fact,

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before Allah subhanaw taala that everything of mine is subject to your pocket to your orders.

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And that is a salad that's and then we finish the salad salad.

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So the whole issue of Salah is to come before Allah subhanho wa Taala in a state of preparation to stand before Allah subhanho wa Taala as one oma behind one there's no there are two no two moms and three moms and you cannot have Salah coming here you have this for sure we do readings Allah

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Allah Allah NEMA is not doing

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so the standing behind one you are in oneself one oma behind one EMA

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and then subjecting yourself to the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, this is Allah. The whole Salah is obedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala and following the Sunnah of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi Salat shall see the beauty of this event of ours, that if five times a day, we are reinforcing this, that we live in this world, according to the outcome of Allah, Allah Allah. And according to the Sunnah of his NaVi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, that is what the Salah is supposed to teach us for the rest of our lives.

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So as we go out to the masjid, we

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gave the fella with us.

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We take the Salah with this How should my life be lit? same way I did this which is according to the orders of Allah. And according to the Sunnah of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu irisin that is the methodology of the whole of life. That's why the Salah is not to be left behind in a mud slice to take is for you to take with us outside the machine, one of our elders and one of our Salama and one of our teachers, mana Yunus put a lot a lot it used to say this is to say Salah begins outside the masjid

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Salah begins outside is what it means a lot begins isn't because that is where the effect of the Salah should be seen.

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Yeah, that's when you start you learn the format and that's why you start the Salah. Once you leave the market is where to start. The rest of my life is according to this principle of life as a Muslim what's the principle? According to the acaba de la Vela, and according to the Sunnah of Muhammad Rasulullah

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam