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Salam Alaikum, Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh when I was young, my left leg got injured. And I kept on going from one doctor to the other one would tell me to sprained. The other one would tell me it's broken, until I went to this one doctor, and he helped my leg interested in a certain way. And he told me, there's a tear in your cartilage. And you'll have to undergo surgery in three days, you have to do one, two, and three. And you're totally forbidden from doing one, two, and three. And you'll be in a cast for three weeks, my dad and myself at the doctor's office feeling extremely happy, how did allow the problems being solved, and I will heal eventually. Although I will be in a

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lot of pain after the surgery, and I'll be deprived from doing a lot of things like walking, running and playing. There was still a kid, you know, and I will be restrained in a cast. But I still saw all these provisions or prohibitions as the Atmos was still or giving with generosity. Now, imagine with me if this doctor followed my desires, after knowing that my cartilage is torn, and he came and told me, what would you like to do? I noticed that I'd like to run and play freely. And he would have looked at my father and told him, You know what, let's not upset her, let her beat her own comfort

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would have been a truly dishonest doctor, because he's making me comfortable today. But he's destroying me tomorrow, after my problem would explode in my face. And that guy's is the state of the worshiper with their Lord, and how they see his giving, and withholding or the provision of certain blessings.

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If not taught under the wise color says, maybe in his giving, there's the provision, and maybe in his deprivation, there's giving and when he opens for you, the doors of comprehending his the provision, the deprivation becomes the utmost given. Finally,

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if you understood why Allah subhanaw taala deprives you from something or withholds it from you, you will understand that it's the utmost given that he deprived you from it now Subhan Allah,

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because Allah subhanaw taala, for example, can give you abundant sustenance,

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with this abundance system stops you from being grateful and thankful to him. And you become arrogant and ruthless of discussing. This is the provision, not giving. And Allah subhanaw taala, on the other hand, can deprive you or withhold from you a certain blessing, which fills your heart with contentment, and you don't feel the need for this thing anymore. And you actually adapt to living without it, feeling suffice, would the owner of the universal boss hello to Hannah, then later on, if he gives it to you, you were still surprised with his existence, you are stable with or without this blessing, and that is I in the utmost giving. So you see there is giving in the deprivation

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Subhanallah and someone might say But Why can he give me the blessing? And so make me grateful, as well as reply and say stop at your boundaries. Oh dear worshiper, stop at the limit of your comprehension or mankind. For this is the wisdom of the most wise of Hakim Hekmatyar, Hakeem and the utmost knowing of the most knowing and giving into provision. When Prophet Musa alayhis salam went to credit so that he may learn from him. He said to him, May I follow you on the condition that you teach me from what you have been taught of sound judgment, hello, Toyota Corolla and 200. Even the only interview he said, Indeed, with me, you will never be able to have patients call in Nikka

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lenders Tatianna your sobre because I will do things that your brain cannot comprehend, and you will not understand the wisdom behind it's been a while. Okay for possible Hello and welcome to have your corpora How can you have patience for what you do not encompass the knowledge, I didn't tell you the wisdom yet, you won't be able to be patient. Now, mind you, this is the state of a human being with another human being a human beings that oppose the actions of another human being when the wisdom of his actions were absent or not clear to him.

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So if the wisdom is absent or not for you to you, don't ever let the most wise of hacking be absent or unclear to you. At that point, guys, any deprovision as long as it's from the wise, the most wise of hacking, you will see it as the utmost given. Our Beloved Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam says, Truly Allah subhanaw taala protects his believing worshiper from dunya as in some blessings of dystonia, despite that he loves him, just as you deprived your ill from certain foods and drink out of fear for them. You're not being miser? No, but it's better if he or she does not have this food so it doesn't harm him or her.

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So leave yourself to Him. And He subhanaw taala will give you what's best and most suitable for you. And he will hold what's not suitable for you.

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Once there was a little girl crossing over a bridge with her father, and she told her father, Oh, Father, I want to hold your hand tight. The father replied, No, let

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mean hold your hand, for if you hold my hand, you might let go. But if I hold your hand, I will never let go. That's the state of the worshipers of Allah subhanaw taala leave yourself to Him and He will carry you and deliver you to safety in everything your life. He subhanaw taala will never let you go.

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First, do your part. And then rest assured and let yourself go to the last panel to Hannah. And you will see in his deprovision the utmost giving and generosity

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or love the most merciful, our board, the most generous grant is contentment with what you have destined for us and fill our hearts with satisfaction for what you have bestowed upon us. For you are the most generous to me any neuropil alameen wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah