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So about the Surat so the Surat it's just about again investing like you want to pass over it. What is it so it's a bridge suspended over the Hellfire if you fall off this bridge, but it's not a nice thick bridge. It's the problem described in the Hadith that it's thinner than a human hair sharper than a sword. And it's as if Allah gave it a mind of its own craftier than a fox, and suspended 500 years, hmm

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500 years over the hellfire. And I will tell people this without getting if I just got a thick rope here, very thick rope. And I tied it from this pillar to this pillar just as high off the ground. And I told you to walk on it. Just as a fun exercise after a

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while I hate scary. And if you fall, it's not even nothing will happen to you. But you're just going to be like this just and that's why some people will get down, crouch and try to crawl over it. And you invest, right. You pass it like a flash of lightning, or a blink of an eye, or a fast racehorse or a fast camel, or you run through it or you walk. But some people crawl and they fall off of it. And he stopped falling into the hellfire and some people a good deed will come and pick them back up and put them back on it then they continue again then maybe they fall again and again. These are some of those scenes that are just unforgettable.

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Have you seen this video in the China the right and that's the first thing you think of right? That glass bridge and the people are like trying to crawl and there's thrills and scared and then there's you should you should watch that. You should watch that. It's like a glass bridge between mountains and people can't walk. So scared to walk over can imagine just the Day of Judgment who entered either the hellfire and that's what serratus dark because Hellfire has a fire but that fire does not produce what light light. Only heat