Omar Suleiman – The LGBTQ Question – What Does Islam Say?

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the cultural aspect of Islam, including the belief that sex is a fundamental aspect of Islam and that men and women should not be identified. The speaker also discusses various aspects of the topic, including the recording of a lecture and the use of social cohesion or political mobility as motivation for actions. The speaker emphasizes the importance of not abandoning the principles of Islam.
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First and foremost inshallah Thai let's start with the Hukum, the ruling in Islam. And this is sort of the clear and unambiguous and something that no Islamic scholar or mainstream masjid or institution would deny. Number one that in Islam any sexual relationship outside of Africa, between a man and a woman is haram. Number two desires are not sinful, nor should people be identified or ostracized by desires but instead every Muslim is defined by Islam, which is submission to Allah with those desires. Number three, same * actions are unequivocally haram. Number four, the one who acts upon those desires as sinful but within the fold of Islam so long as they don't justify those

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acts number five, the one who does not act upon them is actually rewarded by Allah subhanaw taala for their moja meaning they're striving number six the one who denies its prohibition denies what is my Lumina Dean Did Laura I think we just released the lecture that I gave on edge mount and my Illumina deemed the dot aura which means that which is known by the religion by necessity. So the one who denies its prohibition denies what is my alumina Dean Bharara which takes one outside of the fold of Islam. Number seven to celebrate or support what Allah has prohibited is a form of silk and cannot be done in the name of social cohesion or political mobility. Number eight, we have and

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always will condemn mistreatment and violence against people on the basis of orientation, lifestyle or belief, but that condemnation should not be conflated with making Halal what Allah has clearly made haram. Number nine, we should still be the best of neighbors and colleagues and show all people the beauty of the prophetic way with our character. Number 10. We should always anchor our understanding of any issue in the Quran and the Sunnah and Jamar and our scholars of course, use the US use analogy when necessary to deal with any matter

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