The Valley Of Self Doubt

Ismail Kamdar


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Chapter Six to valley of self doubt, Ahmed climb for a few more days. He stopped at various ins along the way tourist, he was surprised that wherever he went, he met people who had given up on their journey.

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Everywhere he meant he met people who have been overcome with self doubt. They call themselves the doubters club. And they settle down everyday way. Because of the thought, you are not good enough.

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In one of these ins, I had met a young man named Abdul,

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Abdul Abu was sipping some coffee, chatting and hanging around with his friends. He noticed a young man Ahmed entered in and he asked him what brings you this high up the mountain kid,

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Ahmed replied, is I'm planning on climbing the mountains and getting to the other side and finding what's out there. The man began to love you just like me when I was your age, I had the same idea.

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But then I realized, why waste my time climbing a mountain, when I can just chill right here and enjoy life.

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Don't waste your time. There's nothing special. On the other side.

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Ahmed was overcome with self doubt.

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Was he wasting his time?

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What am I doing?

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A whole lot of negative thoughts flow through his mind. What if I fail? What if I die? What if something bad happens to my family while I'm away? What if I'm wasting my time in my youth?

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All these thoughts came crashing down upon him. And immediately my turn to prayer and ask for help.

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And then, as soon as the prayer was over, he found his mindfully with a different kind of thought.

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Yes, his mind began to full once again what is but this time it was different. This time the thoughts in his head? What if I never tried?

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What if I regret not doing this for the rest of my life? What if something amazing awaits me on the other side? And I give up now?

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What if I'm so close to accomplishing my goal

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that I turned back and gave up way too early. renewed by these thoughts. Ahmed woke up and continued his journey. He lived quietly early in the morning without meeting any of the doubters. He didn't have time for any more negative company. He was determined, leaving them behind. He said upon the mountain, accompanied by his renewed self confidence. This is an extract from Ahmed climbs a mountain a parable about achieving your goals. The book is available on amazon.com.

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