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I'm doing this as reading the Quran. And as with my son I fade when I stop reading the progress I'm setting columella Inca to definitely so tick. Those are the angels who came to listen to your voice of reciting the Quran

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of the praising Allah Subhana Allah under sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa earlier seldom, we began by speaking about the first Surah inside of Quran as a form of Mercado, my introduction to who is ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada Allah. So Allah Subhana Allah inside the seven yard, what is classifies the greatest Surah of the Quran or Hola, Surah Al Quran, Al Fatiha, the beginning of the opening, or the introduction to whom the introduction to Allah subhanho wa Taala that is Surah lays out the requirements are the concept of belief and praise and shocker and gratitude and concept belief inside the Earth era about there's

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going to be merely Kiyomi Dean, one who's going to make people accountable on that day. And at the same time to ask Allah Subhana Allah for guidance upon this dunya upon this path, we mentioned a syrup ama for dunya is the path upon this dunya or Surat that we won't have to cross inside an IRA. And then to help us to aid us to stay away from the paths of discrepancies and deviances of those individuals are those groups or tawaf, who earn the anger of Allah subhanaw taala and our bond lead or those who went astray, from the Path of Allah Subhana Allah, this, these seven ayat Now begins to then unfold, because Allah mentioned that the whole of the Quran is condensed, in such SOTL Fatiha

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and the whole of Alfetta is condensed into a year cannot Buddha year canister in and then some say the whole Quran is condensed in just Al hamdu just inside unhemmed will summarize the whole Quran what bottom pane we have, but be if we take Bismillah R Rahman Rahim to be one of the ayat to certain Fatiha sums up the whole Quran because that is an esteana seeking aid and assistance asking Allah Xpander under the aid of Allah and Bismillah be tofi Tila we Tofik me to light up the camera I begin my reading of the Quran I begin my reciting the Quran I begin my implementation of Quran why the corruptor Khurana faster it bIllahi min ash shaytani regime if you begin to read the Quran, seek

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refuge with Allah and the font or shape on or by the ruler Makalu brother Cora some elements and after completely redid the Quran now the attacks are shaytaan will be even more visible. So they take it literally even more correct meaning is before the RE citation of the Quran to seek an STR the meaning of life Spandana but some of them say that after you complete it because now you find that there's going to be this launch these attacks of shape on upon the human being, um whatever the person has read, or whatever they see inside the Quran and the shaitaan is going to deter them. So the Quran opens up with this introduction and then lays out that now when a person is prepared when

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a person is equipped for a Nola Illa Allah was stuck fully them big. Well, I mean, I will mean it will Loyola moto moto caliber calm. Allah Kondo says that have knowledge Phantom and no less inner in the law, have knowledge that none has the right to be worshipped except for Allah's Panda, and it was stuck fairly damn big. And then seek forgiveness from Allah from your sins, and for the believers, men and women, and Allah knows that you're you're changing your situations. So if a person has an ill, or roseus has a deep belief in Allah subhanaw taala, then the next surah is not just a minimal or a trivial surah. If you use the words linguistically it's a sort of 286 verses,

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why does Allah for that jump from seven verses to 286 verses being the longest Surah inside the Quran and Medina and Surah because now if the believer really believes, now their heart and their mind, and their limbs are going to be open to ALLAH SubhanA Dannah now you're going to be open to the rules and regulations that Allah has laid out, because many of us, we become people who look at an external structure, a tertiary issue of a certain display of a Muslim, we fail to implement core elements. That's why Unfortunately, our society hate to say people wither away, because it's just a code dress sense. I set a display of certain things and as they say, when the going gets rough or

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tough, then people begin to wither away because the Eman is roseus. The Emanuel Rasik regarding ALLAH SubhanA is is Rasik about a certain display as a cyber not to undermine a display of a Muslim

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Identity entity does not hey what we intend to do, because these things are many of these things are very important, but some has become over worried about that. And we fail to understand what Allah wants from us, or what the COA need or cam inside the Quran is about change is about changing oneself in the law law, you haYom are becoming Hatha Yoga, you may be enforcing a personal Kofu the political climate in the world and all the different elements of attacks or political upheaval that we find in that society whatever it may be. But a solution is at the Quran in Allah La you have Roma becomming, Allah doesn't change a state or condition or people until they don't change your own

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cells. So how many of us as an individual person or as a nation or as an OMA, that we believe in Afghan would lie Subhana Dannah we believe in His rules and regulations Allah Subhana Allah lukau Quran speaks about this concept that sort of Bukhara after took me noon I'll be back we'll Kitabi talk for una be bad. Do you believe part of the book and reject another part of the book? You know, this may sound strange for many of us, these ayat speak about Bani Israel, he actually addressing us that we become a nation of people exactly the same thing that we believe in certain part of the scripture of the book, we take those things which are easy for us to do to a poll to display or to

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express and then we leave other factors of the book that's what we become a nation we begin to do or we become a nation is what I mentioned right inside the beginning so this surah that are you a people at that Meruna NASA will be returned Solon Fusa Khumba anthem that lunar Kitab Appa lotta delune Do you begin to older people read good and piety? What an Sona and full circle and you forget your own cells. And we see this time and time again we become a people who are so obsessed, so obsessed with other people. What and Sona and Fusa comb and you forget your own zone. So ownselves one, two, that Luna keytab and you recite the book of Allah Subhana Allah AlFalah taki Lord, why

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don't you ponder and reflect have the intellect the mind the capacity, the ability to comprehend to see what the signs what the book of Allah subhanaw taala is, so this is what Allah does, leading us towards this concept that now I'm going to lay out these candies, rules and regulations, how many of them are you going to uphold inside your life? How are you going to practice inside your life? As the beginning of mentions, Asana Allah mentioned about the Salah, wait, no lockup period in India and in how Shireen was there a newbie somebody was salah, seek aid and assistance where Patience, patience and Asana, where internet Kabira to India and how Shireen. Allah says Claire is getting

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something which is sateen something difficult, something hard for a person to pray five times a day and it is something hard we shouldn't we shouldn't shy away from the fact Salah is hard. It is difficult that we find in some authority fine in Ancelotti Shula Salah is as a sugar has a work because work sugar carries Amel it needs work. It needs effort in his preparation in his getting up at the same time if in other words that mentioned that, that the Sunnah is miraggio movement is the is the Mirage is a coolness is a soul is a spirit is containment for the believers when a believer enters into the correct meaning of Salah, the prophet Isom inside Hadith so that would be the would

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during the salah to be caught up to a need not be caught up to any of the Salah. Have you made the coolness of my eyes? That that's where you find that anything that troubled him inside his life, he would resort to returning back to Allah Subhana Allah that's the way the person alleviates their suffering their depression they worry their thoughts kind of let me noon and Latina home fee Sala to him Kashi rune alum inside the 23rd Chapter of Quran SOTL Mithoon dialogue, what is how the believers are successful believers who are the successful believers and these 10 Or so she thought that Allah mentioned Oh, we'll see if Allah home the first thing that Allah mentioned about

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disbelieving individuals and Ladino whom fee Salah Tim Hall Sharon, that they submissive, they devoted inside their prayers towards Allah subhanahu wa Tada. So, inside the surah I can easily find it you find some other mention of Hubber el amor, Navi 1000 pieces of information, 1000 commandments and 1000 prohibitions as a total Nakara those are some relevant metrics I see right because they remind you to mention as well. So even though this is a Surah of Afghan and regulations, but yet you find great spirituality, being a Medina and surah you find great spirituality inside the surah the concept of belief in Allah subhanaw taala the concept of the last day is many

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Inside this surah Allah will define the concept of resurrection and birth. Because the medina theme is always speaking in general about rules and regulation how to live one's life. But yeah, inside the surah Allah speaks about resurrection in five different locations at certain buckler. Allah makes even the concept of Surah Baqarah or the theme of the Haifa tell the way Allah subhana told him to sacrifice or to kill this cow.

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And then how Allah discarded how he gives life to the dead is only a concept about resurrection to eventually come to the end of SoTL Bacara what Abraham alexza mentioned it's asked exactly the same thing with collibra hemo rugby Ernie K for to heal Mota kala our top men were Ibrahim said Oh my Lord, show me how you give life to the dead. Allah said to him, don't you believe? Kala Bella, he does believe all Prophets buried while in the earth mine Nickleby I want, I want that contentment in my heart, I want to see the physical display of life and death. I want to visualize it.

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But you know, for the rest of us, we will never visualize the concept of life and death. Because when you're dead, that's it is his animal puzzle is the world of the unseen person leaves transcends this world and enters into a different zone, a different time zone, no one ever comes back to the right what takes place there. But here the profits are exposed to this color for who they are bottom in a player. Allah says Abraham take four birds, we see because he he trained these birds, he loved these birds, he gave them names. he nurtured them, he took care of them that he was told to sacrifice them, and then to make dinner to mix their flesh and their feathers and the wings and

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their claws and their beaks and to place it on the peak of different mountains. And then to do what to call them

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to call them by their names. And then Allah Allah made them come back to life and resurrect them once again. This is Allah subhanaw taala that no one should think that anyone can be free from Allah, that Allah can resurrect anyone. This is the concept of belief the world that we live around us. There is no resurrection. There's no last day Zamyla Dena Cafaro Allah uberPOOL Bella will be there to buy food, no formula to know Burnaby Mara Milton Modelica Allah He you see, simple easy Zamyla Dena Cafaro disbelievers claim atheists, rejecters of God agnostics and even some Muslim begin to say there is no last day that's why when he was a weekend I believe with the concept we

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don't believe in Allah state there is no monetary gain. There is no worldly contentment. If I work today I get paid 50 pounds 100 pounds I get a bonus I see that physical aim given to me but inside an IRA there is no physical gain given to me so I'm able to shut it down place it in the back of my mind. Yet the Quran begins by speaking about this is a book or a Buffy who de Lille mata ki and Athena you may Luna below Hebei. Why does the Quran begin by speaking about this is the book that has no discrepancy has no doubts, guidance with a believing individuals who believe in the unseen because the more you believe in the unseen the more you know and know what Allah ha

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You know that the Promise of Allah subhanaw taala is true. Or my Turner of Buka Viva la Milena arbete your Lord never ever oppresses any of his servants. He never presses any of his servants. That's if I remember I mentioned magical Yomi did that when he punishes when he tortures he brings people to retribution he throws him into the Hellfire is from His infinite justice

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is from His infinite justice that this person has been given a Jew ending because Allah never presses any individual. When a desert who was in Israel okra no soul carries the burden of another soul. There's only certain limited things that we could do to help another individual and now wants to help them on this journey help them inside Aurora, but a total absolute control

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lies only with Allah subhanaw taala. So inside this idea that we find, is stuck with Allah. It is 286 verses when the concept of consciousness and Mottaki in a Taqwa the unlock. Code is mentioned numerous times inside this surah Lacell Bira unto one who do evil majestic evil Maghrib Taqwa isn't to turn your face to the to the east and to the west, or to do certain things. Allah lays out what is taqwa? To believe in the last day to believe in Allah to believe in a prophet to believe in feeding the poor people and taking care of people doing these good action. These are symbols of belief in Allah subhanaw taala. And then we find the combination of this academic study of sootel

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Bucher and spirituality. Allah says what the Kula what your ultimate qumola Fear Allah and Allah will teach you because we become a people of just, if I can use such were the dogma

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rhetoric, theology, belief. abstract concept of this is what belief is. That's not what Islam is. Islam is spiritual, that your concept is abstract entities that you study inside your life. What does it do to the individual it leads them to the service of Allah. It leads them to servitude of Allah. That's when people always ask this question How can a person tests with him? How can a person gain knowledge? You can read as many books as you want inside your life. You can be as the Quran describes as Amer like a donkey carrying books on their back. That's not what knowledge is. Knowledge is a Chewbacca What toquilla Your animal Komova fair Allah and Allah will teach you, Allah

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will give in Herme, inspire, give Dolphy give guidance give understanding the fossa that comes from Allah Subhana Allah you can't just gain that by just reading certain things, that I will only come when there is a bond and relationship between oneself and Allah subhanaw taala the more that the person is Rasik as we met inside their belief regarding Allah Tala mo proximity they come to Allah subhana wa strengtheneth of via actions. Look at a scene of the prophet Elijah some he was the most busiest individual face of this earth, a statesman, a politician, a leader, a fighter, a warrior, a husband, a friend, an enemy, comrade, everything he was, yeah, but look at his devotion commitment

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to Allah subhanaw taala. If you missed even two data out of sooner I would offer during the daytime, would you just Asuna what would he do? He would pray at a later stage. At a later stage, he would fast continuously, he will be in state of decay continuously. He'll be remembering ALLAH SubhanA continuously. That's the benchmark we look at. Because that is the ideal, or the only role model that we have remaining in the face of this earth. What rasuluh fie COMM The Message lives amongst you, he still lives amongst us. Here we're talking about a deviant concept living amongst us. We're living in his texts, his texts are still there, if you read through his life, in Eevee three back

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the end of his life in our cars many of us who faced this calamity of mode and deaf read about what the prophet had some he went through towards the end of his life and read his devotion read his commitment read his varied read a belief of those around him what happened to those individuals who may weaken inside the belief but the Quran mentioned in the coming YouTuber endo may you tune that you could probably never be in Naka Krypton, careful Kitab is directly to the prophets and you're going to leave this dunya why nama you to everybody on the face if it's gonna leave this dunya so what's going to remain of the individual is their devotion and commitment to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and as we find that the circle backer is muddied in Surah of 286 verses that we find of 6121 words and 25,500 kalimat or haruf that we find

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this Surah Al Baqarah is an Islam totally fear is a restricted and Ranima begin to discuss about the certain suitors inside the Quran. They have certain specific names and those names never reoccur or that seem never reoccur sort of to room and Uncle booth a normal they never relocate. The name only occurs once inside the suit of Baccarat. baccarat only occurs a few times from verse 67 onwards, it occurs inside the surah so this is a name given by the Prophet alayhi salatu salam. So the person reads this surah and tries to understand how the other impact is Surah how the professor he described the surah to us individuals and the forgotten the virtue the surah that we find it to be

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collected by the Anima Al Baqarah SONAMOO Quran surah baqarah was the one who suited Bhakra is the Allah who is the highest peak of the Quran, the crux of the Quran, the core of the Quran, the pinnacle element of Quran, the most best part of the Quran is SOTL Bacara. Inside the Quran, these 286 verses liquid LeeSha. in Suriname, everything has a peak or Allahu, and ultimate point that it reaches. And the ultimate point of the Quran is Al Baqarah had an incident of Imam Tirmidhi even though some enema begin to classify as Dr. La Lu buta come cobertura many times upperclassmen gave this example don't make your homes to become graves. Just like you prayed the masajid go home and

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pray to family members can see you praying children can see you praying and like other dudes your Eclass bylanes Subhana Tada read Sunon and the warfare inside the house. So he said about sorted Bacara don't make your homes to become like graveyards, because in the graveyard you don't recite Quran, look at strangers that people do the opposite.

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He people recite the Quran in the graveyard is not so not to recite Quran in a graveyard. Don't make your homes that graveyards recite Surah Baqarah inside your homes, find out

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bait and ready to Kura feel Surah Al Baqarah the house which recite Surah Baqarah lair to Hulu shaytaan shaytaan desert enter that home Hadith inside the say of Imam Muslim wherever recite Surah Baqarah Shaka does it enter to the home and his other generation of men whoever recites in the day, then three nights the shaitaan is expelled from the home as a researcher at night and three days. It is a realm of disgust this hadith is dyfi native but from here on the mat I've inferred I've taken from these Hadith and in general putting them together that recite Surah Al Baqarah. Every few days inside the home, physically recited when chef will say mean Rahmatullah is asked a question, how

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about playing a tape to listen to it? He said, You don't play a tape for the other one. You don't play a tape for your mood drama. You have to physically do these actions. Playing a tape, maybe somebody's way down the line at someone who can't read or someone older, someone feeble, that just did the background person plays it by what a person needs, who's physically recite SOTL Bukhara, just as you began with that you physically make that grind. You physically make that effort inside the morning to go and work. You wake up six o'clock in the morning, you prepare yourself you get yourself ready psychologically, and you believe in that conviction. This is my Kosma earning to take

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care my family, my children members, but when it comes to the Quran, that we should give 50 pounds 100 pounds to someone else to read the Quran. Someone else should come and read the Quran. There's someone else work for you when you wake up in the morning. There's someone do the effort and struggle for you know they don't by looking at conviction to the book of Allah Subhana Allah the Quran is a is a book that Allah mentioned shall Ramadan, the levy on Zilla field Quran who then leanness Allah sent the Quran the month of Ramadan who done leanness guidance for mankind laser who deadly me will make 18 And I never said his guidance for dead people.

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He said it's for living people. Because when you're dead, that's the end of your life is for living people that you oppose the teachings of the Quran. So you find that we have to reiterate the fact that when a person dies, we all know what the questions are, we will know what the answers are. We all know what the answers are, how the person going to be able to answer these questions. If a person read the book of Allah, person lived by the book of Allah, then the person is going to be given the Tofik to answer those questions inside the grave. Likewise, for in the shaytaan Yahoomail bait, it has some Yasumoto Bakura to Karachi, some narration that we find once again authenticity is

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questionable, but some aroma but the meaning is there, there are shaken your fear rule your hub, a Yahara shaytani that he flees away he runs away from the house whereby sootel Baccarat is being recited and that's why I've delivered in my throat he mentioned in the shape on your Pharaoh middle bait and leather use Murphy Surah Al Baqarah. He said that the shape on runs away from the house whereby he has to restart to suit with Bukhara you find that, you know, authentic nature inside Imam Bukhari sahih that we find of Osage, even robear who is reciting the Quran is reciting Surah Al Baqarah. And next to him is his son Yahia. And I recite the Quran, he sees that the horse beside him

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begins to move. So he stops reading for Sakata for a second that he stops and the horse stops or whatever is inside this table, it stops. He starts reading again and the horses begin to move or whatever the animals may be inside the pen or the stapler begin to move.

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And again, he stops. Then he says we son Yeah, and he stops reciting for another in a summer he he looked up into the heavens, and he saw these Masabi he saw this light, this glowing light that was there. So he found that very strange. So in the morning he mentioned to the professor I was doing this actually reading the Quran. And as with my son I fade when I stopped reading the Prophet said Tell tell mela to definitely so tick those are the angels who came to listen to your voice of reciting the Quran. They came to listen to your voice reciting the Quran. And if you carry on reciting the Quran, there will remain there had the Subbu had the letter Tara and then it will

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remain there until everyone could visualize them. This is for why it of reading the Quran I've read them I've collected the for the benefit of reciting of the Quran. The recital of Quran spiritual benefit or Rouhani iya spiritual benefit for the person within themselves had to really have fun they don't step further the environment around them the news around them the environment around them the peace, the tranquility, all around them by the reciting of the book of Allah Subhana Allah Dynamo Surah Al Baqarah learn sutra Bacara for inner after her Baraka inside is authentic narration that we find tandem or a crow read total Bukhara learn sutra baccarat in the Aqua Baraka take even

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suited Buckeyes Baraka whatever

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Hazara and to leave is a is a form of loss. And then you find well at esta tierra de esta tierra al Putana Bhima Anna Sahara and you find that the magician's are not going to be able to overcome the individual. Another problem inside our society person goes into Rukia goes to this person to that person or that person.

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Why can't we read the Quran ourselves? Now some earlier I mentioned it because I had what turbo Sheltie do.

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They say boy Sheltie follow that which we set down upon Solomon kiss of how rude rude said because these ayat ins are suited Bhakra refers back to his Hadith and others say because there's so many damn inside their rules and regulations or is a small out of them. The Greatest Name of Allah on the inside sootel baccarat inside Surah Al Imran and how you are you that pushes away a push the ways of the traps or the snares or shape on that is three places or the Quran he uses the name Allah Allah Allah Hey yo, are you in such sorta Bukhara AYATUL kursi Adam, if in Quran the greatest iron inside the Quran is I have to put sciverse number 255 I could see contains only 10 segments 10 section

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speaking about whom about Allah subhanaw taala and Imran begins by speaking about and how you will use them. The third chapter, there is a surah Taha, why not ill will, you will inhale Are you that will face it will be on that day, disgraced a lowly in front of and how you consume the Ever Living, they turn the absolute, the Sustainer Allah subhanaw taala that's where you find the power of the surah. There's some elements of that, but look at the amount of names and see third, which are mentioned regarding Allah subhanaw taala in such sort of Bukhara and as we find that those individuals, that who Fe about Shavon, attacking them inside their lives. Even inside the surah a

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fan shepherds mentioned some five different places, or concepts shaytaan are mentioned even the beginning story is set to add in the beginning story of Adam is all revolving around the attacks or shape on so this attack on the Hebrew being began inside paradise. Air began inside paradise whereby shaytaan Lucy Lucifer, a bliss that devil, Satan, that he made this invade this promise that I'm going to give him give me respect. And I'm going to come when I come upon the face of this earth, I'm going to drain most of mankind, take them away from the path of Allah subhanaw taala a person who no shorter Bukhara Imam show can you mentioned these fsid fertile Cody that they would select

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the person to be the Amir who would be the Emir of the people, the person and you sort of Bukhara and this goes back to the precedent set by the prophet Elijah at some in a battle of who name he called us hub. Yeah, Heidelberg. Baqarah are people of Bukhara people memorize Bakura come forward. This is a respect that was given to these individuals. Abdullah grimace Rudy mentioned manikato Surah Baqarah Sokka aksar out tiada whoever reads or no sort of Bukhara has done best is most excessive is the best individual. There are so many companions said to them. Abdullah Massoud, he said it was difficult for us to memorize the Quran.

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Ponder over this. Abdullah in the throat he said it was difficult for us to memorize the Quran, but easy for us to implement the Quran and the future holds. It'll be easy for people to read the Quran and memorize the Quran but very difficult for them to implement the Quran. And as we mentioned that Ahmedinejad took in a mahaweli eight or 10 years to do what to memorize the Quran to memorize only sort of Bukhara he said about his son Abdullah Mohammed took between 12 to 14 years to memorize the Quran to memorize just so to Bukhara because they would ponder and reflect upon every single as Hatha Rasul I see some some narrations that we find that when you read Surah Al Baqarah. He would he

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would even seek refuge with Allah Subhana Allah will ask Allah for parallels is absurd of reward, or ayat of Rama. He tells his regular practice and he wonders you mentioned he read surah baqarah not just to Rebekah narration mentioned that the companion began to pray beside him he thought maybe yet if you're a bad Amir yet maybe prophet is he's going to stop after 100 verses he carried and read another 100 verses suited baccarat take goes into the third choose if or maybe a suitable backer is going to stop. So he went depending which duration you follow, he went to school to Nisa, which is some 200 Odd verses as well complete that came back to Surah Al Imran which is some 200 Odd verses

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as well. And then went into what went into roku.

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While Roku hooked up to me he and his Roku was just like he standing. So so what would depict this if suited Bogra takes about 45 minutes for a fairly active video Quran to recite and an early Emraan another 35 minutes and then Anissa another 35 to 45

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have minutes, clustering all together, put that all together have his recital and a slot to set up and then to go into Roku for that amount of time. That was a Prophet alayhi salatu salam. He mentioned that these two Surah Al Baqarah Ali Imran they will come as a gamma Matan Allah Yaya tan. They come as two clouds for a person on the day of judgment or another recommend you to come like the wings of a bird that we'll be covering and enshrouding the individual whoever memorizes suitor Baccarat, and Surah Yanni Ali Imran so this was the practice of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, other wordings it mentions it takes away hypocrisy. Even narrated about Omari McAlpine meant even

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though I mentioned that the answer is brief, but the meaning is there whereby he mentioned Mankad Al Baqarah. Ali Imran filet the cannon or cootie but mineral carnitine that he's written down or worse who amongst observant ones in devoting themselves towards Allah subhanaw taala can Rajan either coral Bukhara Al Imran Dafina a alguma whoever read or member sootel bhaker Al Imran, then this individual's given his due respect was given to this individual. This surah is a sub and Messiah needed seven oft repeated verses. Welcome attai Naka sub Aminul Muthoni will Quran in our Vehm in South Sudan hatred that we find that that's why you find the seven long Surah Al Baqarah Al Imran

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Aneesa Anna ADA an hour off, and in some Roma, they jumped to two units they leave out, they leave it alone for a Toba? These are seven long sewers. A person V then studies these seven Surah jumpsuit images for enough ina Alfaro in certain Surah this fraud rules and regulations Al Baqarah is one of rules and regulations Aneesa the Fourth Chapter A nor terrify the 24th chapter and 22nd tip and hedge that he said read study these sutras, as you mentioned that life isn't just about certain things that we do. The Quran is a book of implementation, a book of living by the outcome of Allah subhanho wa taala. And as we find that this surah in his 10 years in the medina imperative speaks

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about a tertiary about rules and regulations about how we live our lives. Because this western concept of religion is a spiritual uplifting in a personal relationship between you and God is a private communication between you and God in the spheres of your privacy, that you worship God and you speak to God loves our garden. This is a biggest fallacy that's been pumped into our minds and brainwashed inside our mind had come in battle Muslimeen even from some Muslim they they push us into the global world that Islam isn't a private relationship. Islam isn't a private religion between you and the creator. After is a it's a law. It's a governance is a form of living. So you

00:32:49--> 00:33:30

find these academics are sort of Bukhara that we find Almora Merlot and a Baghdad worship relationship Apalla as the word divorce marriage to Jarrah and ADA or rebar, who is going to discuss a jihad all day inside? SOTL Bukhara so why is Allah trying to speak about all of this? If it's only supposed to be a personal relationship because Allah is laying out the concept of what we need to carry it after believing Allah, reading SOTL fattier having Tauheed this is what you should be doing a playing inside your life. Not that we become the stagnant OMA that we become at the moment that anybody speaks about coding can then people say oh, that must be a deviant individual case. So all

00:33:30--> 00:34:08

those Romo wrote books at the facility called entitled, gamma Quran. What was the intent? The intent was to highlight to show that this is how you live your life, your code invitation you're like, just like you follow a manual, how you eat, how you drink, how you dress, what you do. This is the manual of the Muslim. You don't need to leave it on the top shelf and you kiss it for reference or say don't turn your back towards it. We should do all those things. I'm not denying that we should do those things if you want to do them, but it's far beyond just a physical reference of just kissing the Quran and feeling alleviation. Pick up the Quran read the Quran, ponder over the Quran. Try to

00:34:08--> 00:34:45

live the Quran try your best to speak about the Quran is the way of Allah subhanho wa taala. So, as we find that this surah begins with these characteristics that we find first of the believer individuals for suitors for iron then the disbelievers then you find some 12 or so verses speak about Aluna for coal. Look how strange the Quran is. You would think that the Quran is going to speak about just the believers in the beginning it begins to speak about the hypocrites because Allah knows that this Muslim Omada we as a people are going to begin to traverse the path so Allah is warning us that don't become like these individuals. And then you find numerous parables are

00:34:45--> 00:34:59

given inside sort of Bukhara a place state. And then the constant as you mentioned, time and timing of Tawheed inside total Bukhara yeah your nurse or Buddha bacame or mankind worship your Lord worship only Allah Spandana is all day inside sutra. Bukhara first

00:35:00--> 00:35:35

commandment. And likewise Allah later on mentioned that if you do really believe in Him, worship Him if you if you really want to show gratitude and thanks to Allah subhanaw taala as you mentioned, the Quran begins by speaking about Allah Subhana Allah, I didn't know Quran begins by speaking or highlighting our Riber fee there's no doubt regarding this book, no human being can write a book or write a thesis or write a discussion or document and say that at the beginning of it, there's going to be no mistakes inside this or there's gonna be no mistakes inside my life. Or anything that I do. This is only for Allah Subhana Allah so Allah begins the Quran, there is no going to be no

00:35:35--> 00:36:16

discrepancies. There's going to be no doubts, then the lament is oh, we'll hire a dat developer on the first I have challenging these individual challenge the world around us when quantum theory demanded Santa Allah up dinner fact to be Surah Timothy, what Arusha had a common Dooney lay in quantum solder cane for a lot of volunteer falou look what Allah mentions. He said if you have any doubt regarding what we sent down on our service, bring one surah one surah like the Quran, then Allah doesn't stop there. Allah says for inlanta falou volunteer falou you cannot you can't do it and you can never ever do it this way. Mom's a messenger is the machinery to seed and Kasher he said

00:36:16--> 00:36:29

how do you learn how to learn in a Budhia for eternity? Allah has began the Quran so give it to non Muslim to read it. That's what we saw. We just saw busy we were doing other things we share other things would have given him a copy of the Quran.

00:36:30--> 00:37:08

Challenge the people around us read the Quran find one discrepancy inside the Quran. 14 140 odd years have gone by there's no discrepancy be found by any individual. No discrepancy that shows that this is a miraculous nature of the Quran, the words of Allah subhanaw taala. Then Allah began to as we mentioned, we're going to speak about the first story of what the Bible speaks about the book of Genesis, the book of creation, the story of Adam, there's certain similarities that existed but Allah is highlights the how the Quran contains the final revelation well Mohammed and I lay anything good inside other scriptures. You know, Muslim said, I want to read the Bible. I want to read that

00:37:08--> 00:37:49

the in geometry the totally meta, the meta but for what purpose? Are you an academic student? Are you intellect you want to read the Bible and read the Gospel? The Gospel the Barnabas, you read the Torah, you will read the Talmud? Is it? Are you doing some physical academic studies? Now just just to see, as I said, there's no need to see. You have the book of Allah between you which you have read the book of Allah exert the effort in reading the book of Allah because he's more Haman and alay It sounds a test me over over the previous scriptures. It highlights the discrepancies the downfalls are de mentioned saw the Quran with color A Bukal in mela equity in Niger a don't fill out

00:37:49--> 00:38:33

b Khalifa. Allah said I'm going to place a viceroy a representative in the face of this earth. Please add the Malay Salam upon this earth after his initial mistake inside paradise that we find Allah plays tip upon this earth wala comm fill out the most current material Rahim Allah said it begins with a backhoe here for a short while. But you know the soul the body 5060 years of living yearns, friends family members food drink life the good things clings to this dunya and we forget welcome Phil Abdi Musa Corona Allah says only a short time is only a short time you live here you have to return back to where what is the real home of the believer? Well lo you're doing that daddy

00:38:33--> 00:38:45

Salah Maja demon your show without Salafi Mustafa him? Well no you do that daddy salam ala cooled you to Daru Salam Darussalam is one of the names of what have Jana

00:38:46--> 00:39:28

that's what Allah is calling us to reminding us reminding us why daddy mania shout with our syrup, the moose takim and Allah guides whomever you will see the straight pop. That's what a greatest prize, the greatest wealth, the greatest commodity is knowing that you found what inside your life. You found the power of Allah, DEEN Allah and Islam. That's the greatest prize. So that grind that we do throughout our lives striving and struggling, building an empire building a business that can give our children a life, a family and everything. They're good achievements, but you know, still inside the heart and the soul of the individual is Pollock is deep. His heritage is a cavity,

00:39:29--> 00:39:36

hollowness, emptiness, lost identity lost personality within oneself. Because why never found Allah

00:39:37--> 00:39:55

never found Allah will find Allah will find everything. We'll find the lawyer find everything inside the dunya inside his right place, because Allah and that's what you find inside the surah is full of ideas applications Rabbana Tina Fey Jr Hassan, waffle karate Hassan Joaquina Taberner Allah give us good in this world and good inside the hereafter.

00:39:57--> 00:39:59

Rabbana Allah mentions it is inside the solar

00:40:00--> 00:40:40

I've been to Africa. Elena Sabra was a bit of damage on Sundar Coleman Kasserine Robin and in the in the scene of partner Robin our attachment Elena is run coma Hamiltonian Adidam Kobina Rabbana wala Tamela as I mentioned, make dua to Allah burner Kula to Allah using the supplications that's what sort of Baccarat is the end of SoTL Bacara. Whoever recites these two final is Kapha. Tara who will suffice the individual whoever right research showed it could see after every single Salah nothing would prevent the individual from going to paradise except for death mean that you're on your way to Paradise in believing in it I could see believing the end of SoTL Bukhara Alba Cora is

00:40:41--> 00:41:23

that's what we began with the concept of spirituality that we're lacking inside our life, we read text for a dam, we read texts for ruling and judgment, which partially we should be doing, but many of us average individuals, we should be reading texts for spirituality, for awakening ourselves in return back to Allah subhanaw taala. And in conclusion, we find a whole third of the Surah So from West verse 24, onwards to maybe 123 or so or even 100 verses, follow through Baqarah 1/3 of Bacara speak about kita while Susan, and yahood how to lay those individuals 100 verses continuously then there's a pause to speak about why they did Abraham or a movie can imagine Katamon speak about story

00:41:23--> 00:42:01

of Ibrahim, then is the second to that continues again. Their treachery, they're plotting their corruption, their foul mouthing a bad practices, the killing and slaying of the prophets. They what they say about Allah Subhana Allah, it's all documented there. For what purpose to warn us about the conduct of such individuals who existed then and existed today as well. There we find the story of Abraham Marisa and then baccarat begins speak about gum as we mentioned. That's just in a nutshell, just some glimpses of what the surah entails. When we ask Allah Allah give us all the Tofik and ability to edit the surah that are supposed to be daily ritual sutras that we read, And we recite,

00:42:01--> 00:42:41

to bond our souls with the sutras or our culture that at least read some portion of Quran just like you feel like eating and drinking and you have that yearning desire. There should be a desire to read the Quran. Inside our lives at least a page a day, a few pages a day person should feel emptiness haven't read the Word of Allah is kind of going to nourish the soul nourishes the mind and awakens the individual. No matter how much of the Quran a person knows. The Quran is a is a deep book, that you find that sometimes just one Kereama one word awakens the individual. One word inside the Quran may awaken the individual one idea may awaken the individual to progress on the end of

00:42:41--> 00:43:12

certain Merida into the room for a bad joke. He spent all night reciting this verse. If you punish them, then they are Your servants. And if you forgive them that you are Aziz, you're a mighty the wise. He read he read the ayah again and again and again all night. So you find that these passages that can awaken the soul and the mind basically just for mastering conclusions, reading, reading the Quran. In nama ash Cooper Theva who's Neil Allah Allah may Allah may Allah Tala moon

00:43:13--> 00:43:35

a complaint about grief and sorrow only to Allah subhanaw taala and even citing conclusion suited Bakura the final verse of the Quran verse 281, what does Allah mention? What Taku Yeoman to Jonah fie Allah fear that they are going to go back to Allah Subhana Allah. So if you mentioned Bakare, spiritual, and a final verse is spiritual, and inside that inside these ayat, these AKQA What is Allah warning us to do?

00:43:37--> 00:44:22

Stop these actions that we find the Muslim ummah is rampant of today, it mentions clearly about riba about usury about interest. There is no more powerful verse inside the Quran. The Quran speaks about should will come a drinking alcohol, lying stealing, cheating. Zina haram, treachery, deception, highlights that theft, adultery, fornication, but no place inside the Quran does it say that whoever takes usury and interest, then Allah has declared war upon those people. Allah is messy declared war upon those people. So as we mentioned that we complain about the state of this Muslim Ummah, the war declared upon us is legalizing these things or turning a blind eye to these things leads us to this

00:44:22--> 00:44:22

pitiful state.