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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the greatest honor and science in the century, including learning about Alonzo's accomplishments and reflecting on his life. They also discuss the importance of knowing one's own success and the need to love oneself for Allah's sake and not for others. The speakers emphasize the importance of learning about Islam and loving oneself for Allah's sake.
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play with him The Last of Us salam ala Rasulillah what it was like to send him a sim because he should allow you to have a look at the velocity you can acquire shadowing him with an absorber solo solo to abuse alarm or ID and my bad cinematic delay will occur to

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There you go. Okay, good. hamdulillah So firstly, thank you everybody for staying. I know it's raining outside and their flood warnings and whatnot. Or maybe everybody's just locked in. Nobody wants to leave.

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Or they can't leave they looked outside and they said I guess I'm gonna stay for this but either way, it was written for us to be here. So Um hum de la.

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We'll be talking today about a topic is just getting to know Allah azza wa jal better and the greatness of Allah. And there is a verse a very beautiful verse, a phrase actually that repeats twice in the Quran where Allah Azza says remarkable Allah haka didn't they didn't give Allah His do right. They didn't realize who Allah azza wa jal is speaking about the disbelievers the machine again, he they didn't recognize they didn't see they didn't know who it is that they're dealing with. They didn't know who Allah azza wa jal himself is and so we are required to know Allah azza wa jal and that is the greatest honor and that is the greatest science that is the greatest knowledge

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is the knowledge of knowing Allah is the agenda and hence you will find that the greatest chapter of the Quran is sorrows and Fatiha and how to sort of the crowd have begin it begins with our hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa Who is this Lord that You are praising all praises due to Allah the Lord of the Worlds Rahman Rahim, that's where he is. He is the Beneficent, the Most Merciful The one who is filled with mercy and the one whose mercy is continuous he is molecule me Dean, He is the Master of the Day of Judgment. articulating your relationship with Allah azza wa jal comes next Dr. Cannot be the doer er can stay and when you look at the greatest verse of the Quran, out of all of

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the verses of the Quran, the greatest verse is

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it good to see very good the verse of the throne or what's the verse of the throne talking about it's just talking about Allah Allahu Allah, Allah Allah Who will pay you Allah there is nothing worthy of worship except him and hate the Ever Living Allah you're the one who everyone else is maintained by Allah for the who say nothing. Well I know slumber doesn't touch Him nor sleep. And reverse continues with the greatest or a chapter that is considered a third of the Quran is sort of a loss or what sort of loss talking about you can guess it's talking about Allah Allah. That's all it's talking about. Who Allahu Allah has Summit? Let me do that Mueller de la mia cuando cuando se

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Allah azza wa jal is one Allah the self sufficient. He hasn't given birth or he wasn't given birth to and he hasn't given birth to anyone and there's no one who's like him. And so these verses even within the Quran, and the Quran is the greatest revelation sent to mankind the verses of the Quran, some are greater than others. And the greatest are those that are talking about Allah azza wa jal, there's no comparison between the verses that are talking about Allah and the verses that are talking about marriage or divorce or these types of things, right. And that's something that everyone can appreciate and understand and so when we learn about Allah azza wa jal, we are learning

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about the greatest subject and it is worthy of us spending our lifetime studying and learning about so today Inshallah, I will be talking about a few ways in which we can greater appreciate who Alonzo did this, a few ways that we can greater appreciate who Allah azza wa jal is, and the first is to reflect on the lives of the righteous before us to reflect on the lives of the righteous before us. And I'm going to mention a number of ways in Java to add tonight. The first one is to reflect on the lives of the righteous before so for example, in either emblem, Allah azza wa jal mentioned if God and Roger and Brian

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are being mean as up to like a mafia buttoning Hello, the wife, this is this is going to be the mother of Mary. And she says, As Allah azza wa jal reports that she had the mother of Mary hadn't had a child and she happened to see a sparrow feeding its child, a bird or a type of bird. And she just cast into her heart.

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The motherly instincts kicked in and she said, My Lord, I want to whatever is in my womb. I want to offer it to

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But to have been

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so accepted from.

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And this is a great sacrifice that she committed in that moment where she committed that whatever child she would have, she was going to offer it to Allah so that she was going to offer her child to Allah meaning that every benefit that I parent could get from their child ever. She was willing to offer that to Allah. You raise your children for 1820 years, however long before they leave on their own, but you're still expecting a lot from them that you're expecting. I mean, there's so much benefits that parents receive from their children, they the success of their child is an extension of their success. Their their child's victories are their victories, they benefit from their

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service, they benefit from their education, they benefit from their incomes, maybe they benefit from their protection, they benefit from their strength, when they become old. The children, they benefit from their art, they benefit from so much over the course of their lifetime. And even after they pass away. And the mother of the or the wife of Emraan, the mother of Mary, she's basically saying to Allah azza wa jal, Oh Allah, all of these things that a parent gets from their child, I am offering all of that to you. This child of mine is going to be a servant of yours in beta knuckles.

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I have I want nothing else from them. Right, right. And when she does give birth, to her surprise, because she's already committed, and she's made this oath to Allah as though she's already made the sacrifice in her mind that this child of hers is going to be a servant to Allah, a servant of God in day to love this. Well, that was a job that was only done by men.

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And so she says, won't be anyone back to her own family. Well, lo and behold, she says as if she's offering an apology or apologizing to her Lord, she says, My Lord, I gave birth to a daughter, give birth to a girl. And Allah says and Allah knew better when she gave birth to what I said that girl can answer but the male is not like the female Wait, Nisa made to have Malia and I have named her. Many of you are married. And the meaning of mme is hard the motto Rob or the servants of God, the servants of her Lord. And so even then, that commitment did not waver but it needs a maid to her mother yum are in need are either her because the Reatta Homina shaytaan overachieve, and I seek

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refuge in you for her and for her children from the transgressing, or the outcast the devil, but a bellhop who have been troubled and hustling and the story continues, but here recognizing that what we know of the story of of Mary, and we know of the expectation of her mother, as reported by a mod we recognize the greatness of Allah as the devil because Allah azza wa jal accepted the service of her mother, he accepted the oath of her mother, and he would make Mary Mary one of the great servants of Allah has Luigia so much so that the Prophet sallallahu send them mentioned her as being one of the four Greatest Women to ever live with. And she became a mother of a prophet and she

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became the mother of a sign one of the great signs of Allah azza wa jal, Lisa many, many years. And all of this from where she didn't expect.

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And that is all an indication of the greatness of robots. So if we look at the story of use of it, that I'm when we see that Yeah, at the beginning of the story of use, if Youssef tells his father a dream, and he says, I saw the sun and the moon, and I saw 11 stars, or 11 planets prostrating to me. And so his father tells him and he says, Well, don't tell anybody what's going to happen, or don't tell your brothers that story. They'll plot against you. And that's the dream that he has. But then if you look at USACE, life events, every single life event that happens that dream seems to become more far away. And so his brothers plot against him, and they plot to kill him. If you had people

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plotting against you to kill you, you'd be worried about your future to and use of AI they set arms brothers plot to kill them, but then they ended up throwing him in a well, and by him being thrown in a well and being separated from his father and separated from his family. That dream seems to be very far away now. And then usually, it is picked up by a caravan and that caravan takes him away from the land of a shop and it takes him to Egypt. And now that dream is even further away. And now it puts them into a house in which he's a slave. And now that dream is more distant still. And then he goes from that servitude, of being in the house of as he's he goes to the darkness and the

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remoteness of prison. Now, how far is that dream. And yet Allah as though again, it is the greatness of Allah that that story is all going to come back full circle. And Allah Azza again, is going to make those brothers brothers brothers of use to frustrate them and his mother and his father.

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When you reflect on the lives of the people before the righteous before you

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You get an indication of the greatness of Allah azza wa jal, you see that the activists truly for the people of taqwa, you see that behind all of these affairs, Allah azza wa jal is planning. And Allah's planning is not out done or overcome by anyone, no matter how much they plot and plan.

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Also the things that allows for a person to recognize the greatness of Allah as well again is to reflect on the names and attributes of Allah to reflect on the names and attributes of Allah, the names and attributes of Allah are mentioned in so many verses and the point there is for us to think about and so when Allah azza wa jal Do you know, one of Chef, yes. So first up as a a chef

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of California, he recently moved to Austin. And he was telling me recently, he said, that a pastor that he had met had read the Quran from cover to cover.

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And when the pastor had read the Quran from cover to cover, I'd read the English translation. Surely I said, I asked him and he said, Well, what did you What stood out to you? He said, You want to know it, the thing that stood out to me the most? How much God knows

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how much God knows.

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And I said, Allah hook Well, that's incredible because we don't think about that. We're just used to Allah azza wa jal, knowing everything we don't realize that in other beliefs, Allah doesn't know everything right? They believe that he forgot, they believe that he didn't know something in the future. Allah knows everything. And even when I was doing research on the names of Allah, I found that after the name Allah the name that is mentioned the most

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is an ally.

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That is the one that comes the most times in the Quran, it's mentioned around 157 times. It's mentioned even more than La Romana. Right? And so And Eileen, Allah azza wa jal knows Allah as you're getting those everything is perfect Allah as he just says about his knowledge, when Duma fatica ly Allah Maha in law who Allah says To Him belongs the knowledge of the Unseen are the keys of the unseen no one has them except for him.

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Where Allah mama feel very well, what matters to me what occurs in Illa, Allah Mohabbat in free is automatic. Are they allowed to be seen in that movie? Allah says that there is Allah has the keys to the unseen no one knows them except for him. And he knows what is in the land that he knows that is what is in the sea. And there is not a leaf that false no leaves don't fall here in Houston that much. Right. But I'm sure you've seen in movies. Or maybe you've lived in a place where you've seen it in the fall, the leaves just fill the street and you rake the leaves and they just pile up and you have these leaf blowers and the leaves them uncountable and Allah so I guess that there's not a

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leaf that falls not on your street or on your blog. But on this entire planet, except that he noses and there is not a grain of sand that moves what a habit in Fievel Lomatium out in the dark recesses of this earth

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except that it is in a recorded book. It's all clear. Allah as we get knows everything and the scholars they say about Allah Ya Allah Makana well my Hakuna loca and okay, fair, cool. So this is gonna blow your mind really, but I want to blow your mind. So let's do this. As they say that Allah azza wa jal knows everything that has happened in the past.

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And he knows everything that will happen in the future. But he also knows what didn't happen if it happened, how it would happen.

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So that's a lot of combinations and

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permute permutation and all that good stuff, right? Allah Azza didn't knows everything that didn't happen if it happened, how it would happen today. Just today before you got here, you must have made 1000s of choices. Throughout the day, every single second you are making a choice between a number of things and not only that you are affected by millions of choices around you every single day when you're walking down the street. When you are driving, you are affected by the drive, you are affected by the choices of dozens and hundreds of drivers as you make your commute every single day.

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Allah azza wa jal knows how every single choice that is ever been made by humanity if it was altered slightly,

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how that would have ended up if you didn't go to the school that you went to if you weren't born to the parents that you were if you weren't born in the year that you were or to the gender that you're spoken languages that you speak if you were born, a century before or a century into the future, so many different options Allah as though didn't knows who you would have been and what you would have done and how this world would have played out. Allah Azza he has knowledge is perfect he is and I didn't and so what that does when you reflect on Allah azza wa jal being an ideal and you reflect that so many times, what is what with it is and hockey is the most wise you become comfortable with

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your life, because you right

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recognize that you could not write out your life better than how Allah Allah has written out your life. And so you become content with what Allah azza wa jal has given you, you become content and what Allah has decreased for you, you become confident in what the future holds for you. Because you recognize that this world is under the control of the one who is Aladdin and the one who is an Hakeem and the one who is a black man.

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No matter who sits in the Oval Office, you know who is above the throne,

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and that is Allah. So again, that does not change. And so reflecting on the names of Allah azza wa jal, realizing that Allah azza wa jal is what Allah Allah smelled personnel. So Allah as we didn't belong, the beautiful noble lofty attributes, but there will be an Allah as we just said, so call him by learn these names interact with these names, the province of Elijah said themselves to Allah, so it didn't belong 99 names

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he says to Allah belongs 99 names 100, except for one, whoever encompasses these names that person will enter into paradise. And the there's so much obviously that can be said about the names of Allah and I don't want to go too long. But this concept of reflecting on the names of Allah or as the prophet Elijah said him described it to encompass the names, it's a number of levels. The first is knowing what these names mean, just figuring out what the names are. And then after that, it's

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recognizing or learning what the meanings of these names are, what is not who is an Fatah, what is a result knowing what these names denote. And then after that is interacting with these names as they should be interacted with, that's level three, that a person recognizing that Allah is a semi then I make sure that I don't say anything except for Allah will be pleased with Allah so then it was mostly Allah sees everything that I do that I recognize that I shouldn't hide away from people and you know, close my blinds and my windows and make sure that nobody's there when I know that Allah has did his embassy and he's the one that I should be the most afraid of, or the most ashamed of,

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because he sees all when I recognize that Allah as though yet is an elite that I don't fear anyone because Allah so again is overpowering me and overpowering people that I fear they're all Creation I'm Allah azza wa jal is an alcohol, Allah is the alone and Allah is the overpower. And those names are mentioned three times together in the Quran. And that is the only time that Allah is mentioned. And that is when Allah azza wa jal it is paired with alcohol. Alcohol is the overpowering because we overpower with our numbers, everybody overpowers with their group you overpower or king overpowers with their armor and Allah azza wa jal overpowers all by himself, he is unwanted, and he is alcohol

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he overpowers his creation by himself, he is not in need of his angels who carry his throne, and he is not in need of any of his creation. All of this makes you know who Allah azza wa jal is, and the greater a person knows of Allah azza wa jal, the more that greatness reflects in their actions and in their belief,

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also of the ways in which a person recognizes the greatness of Allah is to recognize the weakness of His creation.

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When you see the fragile nature of your own body, that should remind you of the greatness of Allah. When as a child, you looked up and the strongest person in the world was your father, and he was the greatest hero. And you live to see your father become older and frailer and weaker and your mother and that should remind you of the greatness of Allah as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he is the prophet of God, his beautiful face of Allah Azza wa salam bled on the day of birth.

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And he was harmed on the day of but as if to indicate to us that the one whose faith is never harmed is Allah azza wa jal when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam passes away, we all read the story of how he was so frail that I shall have the Allah I have said that she saw his eyes cast Atomy swag. And she said, I said to him, do you want it? And he kind of indicated to me Yes, meaning I want it. And so I shall be Alana says I grabbed the miswak from my brother and I chewed it to prepare for this little loss of Allah to set it up and then I gave it to him, and then he brushed his teeth the best time or the best way that I ever saw him do it. In his last moments, the lights

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and the prophets of Allah is sending them was too frail to even reach for me swag in his last name,

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indicating to us the email Rasulullah sallallahu you're setting them is affected by a human deficiencies and human weakness only Allah as diligent is the Forever strong and I will work it out the Allah reminds us of this fact that he is the greatest believer of this ummah after its prophets, Allah

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A lot easier said than done when this OMA was struck by the greatest calamity that ever ever experienced and that was the death of the prophets of Allah do send them I will walk along the Allah and who comes into your mind is the old man he says, Kenny I believe him hammer them for demand. He says whoever you used to worship Muhammad Himachal Elijah Sena has died working as the one who's saying it, but he didn't believe it. I didn't ever thought it would collapse. They were all in this state of panic. And here comes the Allah Allah and He is the one whose heart is broken the most. He was the longest companion with the most horrible Muslim Elias and but he is facing the Muslim

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community in the midst of the prophets of Allah Deus and lemony says whoever of us worshiping I met, met has died.

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And whoever of us worshiping Allah, amen kind of income Yeah, but in LA in Allah, Allah azza wa jal is Ever Living, he doesn't.

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And so whenever you see human deficiency, you know, I even give you an example.

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Every time you read a book, a nonfiction book, right, you're reading something at the beginning, if it's an academic book, it's written by a professor, the first thing that they'll do at the beginning, the introduction is they're thanking everybody will help them compile this book, or help them review this book, or help them edit this book. They'll thank this group or this team of researchers for all of their countless hours and this person for their endless editing and all of this type of stuff. They'll thank all of these people.

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Or they will talk about perhaps, how this matter that they are presenting is simply a drop in the pond to future research. And they hope that it is simply a stepping stone for that which will be advanced in the future.

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Or they are apologizing for their inability to really comprehensively address this issue. But they are hoping that this is a contribution and a conversation that will take place. But there's always some sort of apology or some sort of admission of shortcoming or something to that extent. That's what you find at the beginning of books.

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What is the book that begins with no deficiencies? It's the Quran, Allah azza wa jal at the beginning of sort of the introduction is it flat named radical Kitab without empathy?

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And Islamic, this is the book there is no doubt who the guidance said the people of Taqwa. And so I remember watching a story of a convert who said, I my conversion story was that I opened up the Quran and I read the beginning of slaughter Bacara. And it said, this is the book there is no doubt in it. And I said to myself, who writes like that?

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Nobody talks like that. You don't find people at the beginning of their books talking like that. Nobody talks with that level of conviction. And even you may say, arrogance,

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right, right.

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But Allah Allah says, this is the book, there is no doubt with a new topic, Allah as he says, If it feels from other than Allah, you would have found that much of discrepancy. In quantum field, maybe even your man has denied Abdeen effect to the source emitted, if you are in doubt, with regards to what we have sent down to our slave, then you come up with a book, like come up with a book like the Quran, if you can, daring people to come up with a book like it, you don't find this language is this level of discourse, or this type of discourse is not about human beings don't write like this. Anyway, so recognizing the weakness of human beings, also of the ways in which we recognize and we

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see and appreciate the greatness of Allah as though that is to recognize the Grace of Allah and the bounty of Allah over his creation. And here, there's a mistake, or something that a lot of people are not attuned to, and that is that people Wow, over the blesses, and they don't Wow, over the one who is the giver of the blessing.

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And so you pick your favorite athlete,

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whoever it is, and people will talk all day about this person's talent, and their speed and their skill and their agility. And they're all of these things.

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And they don't connect that to Who's the one who gave you that are game that person, they will talk about the brilliance of this person, and all of the research that they've contributed and all of the articles and papers that they've published and they will talk about all of their contributions. And they won't Wow over the one who gave that person that intellect.

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They will talk about the strength or the wealth of an individual and they won't reflect over the wealth and strength of the one who gave that person a portion, just a little bit of what he has.

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And so a person should recognize that whenever you see talent whenever you see ability, whenever you see power, whenever you see bounty,

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that the one who is the distributor of that bounty is Allah has to associate a man and sort of to nominate him when he says to his court

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You can be a teeny bit extra to dreams, the mean about the Queen of Sheba. And the Queen of Sheba is in Yemen. And so today man is in Jerusalem. And he's staying after he had sent a letter to the Queen of Sheba telling her to accept Islam. He says to his court, he says, We can bring her to me.

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And so on to Mina Jin, and it could be

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I mean, a gym says to say, Man, I'll bring her thrown to you from Yemen right now, before you get up from your throat. Before you get up from your seat, I'll have that thrown for you for you. On Alethea Kitabi, and I think I could be

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the one who has knowledge of the Book, Allah as I guess, as he said, I will bring her throne to you before you blink.

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And he does in the blink of an eye. That throne was moved from Yemen to Jerusalem. Fela ma who's the villain? And when soon a man saw from the throne of the Queen of Sheba in front of him, he said, had reportedly robbed Vidya blue and Yash Khurana mashallah for in Nam is grown enough, says America in Nairobi, Kenya, in Kenya. He says, this is the bounty of my Lord. He doesn't sit there and go, Oh my God, you're so amazing. How did you do that?

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He says this is the bounty of my Lord, to see if I am going to thank him or if I'm going to be ungrateful, and whoever thinks then they are simply appreciative for in the masculine f6 It's just benefiting themselves. If you are thankful to Allah that benefits yourself your thank you from Allah does it benefit Allah, Allah Allah says Allah ideas and puts the above without he says you won't be able to reach benefiting me to benefit me if all of us this prayer, Misha that we just prayed. It didn't benefit Allah, anything. In fact, all of our worship all of our lives as entire Ummah, when you look at hygiene, you see 7 million people all making circumambulation around the Kaaba and all

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of their righteousness and all of their, and their obedience to Allah and their worship, when you see that image, recognize that it doesn't benefit Allah at all. Allah is not in need of any of our worship, nor does our worship increase him in anything. He says women prefer to interrupt below and even carried and whoever disbelieves or is ungrateful, my Lord is money. My Lord is self sufficient, my Lord is, is not a needy, and he is generous. And so soon a man when he sees what this person is capable of doing, it only increases him in his appreciation of the greatness of Allah as though Yeah, and so this is something to develop in yourself as far as a sensitivity as far as a reaction,

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that when you see talent, when you see blessings of Allah azza wa jal that you denote, and that indicates to you the greatness of the disposer of blesses, and that you don't simply Wow over the receiver of those vessels. And that's beautiful and that's important. Also, of the things that increases our appreciation and recognition of the greatness of Allah azza wa jal is reflecting over the book of Allah, reflecting over the book of Allah, Allah azza wa jal, he says fuller in each time it insole Gino Anna yet to be missing the heart of Quran, Leia tuna be missing here what kind of alcohol

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Allah says same thing, if the inside humanity and the gym were all together together to create something that is equal to this Quran, they will not be able to do so even if one of them were to help each other. So even if 7 billion people were to all help each other to try to create something that is equal to this Quran, they wouldn't be able to do something that is similar to the Quran. Also, of the important things that help a person recognize the greatness of Allah azza wa jal and this is the great is the 30th of Allah.

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Allah is oneness, that a person does not prefer anyone other than Allah over themselves, that a person make Allah as their greatest audience all the time, their greatest concerns all the time, their greatest source of hope all the time.

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This is something that is at where a person is constantly thinking and being concerned about Allah is

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the province of Elijah said that when he tells us that a man comes to the province of Elijah instead of any asks him and he says, Who is the person who's most deserving of my companionship, and the province of a lighter sentence says your mother and then he says, and then he says, Your mother and then who? Your mother and then will your father.

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So we say three times your mother and then your father after that three times the province of centum, said your mother before your father. Well, what happens then? If my mother is really harsh and

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I don't like her company. But my dad is super cool and super friendly, and super jovial and super approachable and super all of these things. Do I still prefer my mother over my father that yes, why? Because Allah has declared before your father, right as the mothers all look at their daughters. But this is in fact, this is the only Hadith that mothers care about. But the point here is that you prefer what Allah as though you have prefers and you always submit to Allah, so it didn't has demanded even over your own inclinations and your own concerns. And that is something that is truly beautiful. And something that's very difficult because when you we all as a default,

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the default is that I am the center of my universe, and you are the center of your universe. That's the way that we all look at this world. I am the center of my of the universe. And so I react to people in accordance with that how they deal with me. And so if someone serves me, then I love them. And if someone is good to me, I love them. And if someone makes me laugh, I love them. And if someone is helpful to me, I love them. And that is why loving for the sake of Allah is something that is so powerful and so great. So much so that the prophets of Allah has said themselves that two people or two people who are in the shade of Allah on the day when there is no shade except for his

00:31:16--> 00:31:54

shade, or two people who love each other for Allah sake, they gather upon that and they separate on that. The reason why that is such a great act of worship is because you are basically saying when you love for the sake of Allah is I am removing myself from being the center of the universe and I'm making Allah as the center of my universe. And so the closer a person orbits around Allah, the more I love that person and so I no longer love a person, because they're good to me. I love that person because I always see them in the first row of the summer. I no longer love that person because they serve me I love that person because they serve Allah, I no longer love that person because they're

00:31:54--> 00:31:57

good to me. I love that person. Because I see that they're good to Allah.

00:31:59--> 00:32:09

They worship Allah so yeah, they command but even if I don't find that person funny, even if we remove that aspect of the equation, we would have absolutely nothing to

00:32:10--> 00:32:11

we wouldn't even get along maybe

00:32:13--> 00:32:58

I'm no longer loving them from for myself, which is natural. I am loving them for the sake of Allah and that is something that is very high and that is something that is very valued in the sight of Allah azza wa jal. So this concept of dough hate that a person stops where Allah commands them to stop and prefers what Allah has yet prefers. There's a story of the Bible, where he had, he was patrolling in the night in Medina, and he happened to hear something that was suspicious. And so he hopped over the wall, and he found some young men of the onslaught of drinking alcohol. And he's, I mean, and they're in trouble. But they said to him, Oh, I mean, we made one mistake, but you made

00:32:58--> 00:32:59


00:33:00--> 00:33:14

Yeah, we're drinking alcohol but you spied and you're not supposed to do that Allah prohibited that. And you hopped over this fence or this wall and you're not supposed to do that Allah prohibited that and you didn't seek permission. And Allah prohibited that. So I'm gonna Dillard who left

00:33:16--> 00:33:37

not because they weren't wrong, but because they approached him with regards to the Quran. And Allah, Allah, Allah as was described many times where the Companions he said, were kind of off and the Kitab Illa and Ramadan, the ALLAH and he was someone who had stuck at the limits of the book of Allah azza wa jal, and so that a person submits to what Allah azza wa jal Chemex.

00:33:39--> 00:33:42

And the last thing that I want to share is of the things that

00:33:44--> 00:33:45

are signs

00:33:47--> 00:33:56

of the greatness of Allah. And this here is actually not something that will add but this is a sign of the greatness of Allah and that is personal von Neumann lambda, very person has a good

00:33:58--> 00:33:59

a good view of Allah.

00:34:01--> 00:34:14

You don't have a person who knows Allah cannot have anything but hope in Allah azza wa jal. The more a person knows Allah the more they have open Allah, we pray these prayers that we pray, and they are completely

00:34:15--> 00:34:20

not what Allah is so good desserts, these prayers that we pray this Isha prayer that we prayed.

00:34:23--> 00:34:27

What was it? Is it anything that anybody is proud of?

00:34:28--> 00:34:30

distracted, imperfect.

00:34:32--> 00:34:32


00:34:34--> 00:34:51

we have hope that Allah azza wa jal accepts, we commit sins day in and day out and we have hope that Allah Allah will get will forgive. We make mistakes less than right and we have hoped that Allah Azza yellow will conceal our things, and that he will conceal our sins and the Day of Judgment just like he conceals our sins in the dunya

00:34:52--> 00:34:59

we have so much hope in Allah as though it didn't and the more we know about Allah, the more we are inclined to have hope

00:35:00--> 00:35:49

Been a lot, because he is the he is He is known for that he is deserving of that. And so yeah, I think that, even though just think about Yeah, poop story is such as he's been told that his son has been cast into, has been killed by a wolf and supposedly that son was dead decades ago, that son was never supposed to come back and he has all of his sons and his telling him that he's died and you're crazy. And you're this and you're that, yeah, oh, by the way, set up then tells them go back. They come in, they take his son, Binyamin or Benjamin and then Benjamin disappears as well over time and he has become so saddened that he's become blind, and all of this and then he says, After all of

00:35:49--> 00:35:50


00:35:52--> 00:35:56

he says, I could learn from any other moment Allahu Allah Tada, when the

00:35:58--> 00:36:02

good news of use of it Saddam and the

00:36:04--> 00:36:12

return of Youssef wear, that shirt is brought back to him. He says, I know from Allah, what you don't know, like, I know a lot of Georgia.

00:36:13--> 00:37:01

He had a knowledge of Allah, that made him never waver all of those years with regards to what goodness he expected from Allah. And that is something that is beautiful. And that is something that will carry a believer through the darkest of nights and the worst of days, because they know that the one who is controlling all of this is Allah, and it's nobody else. And when I know Allah azza wa jal, then I expect from Allah, certain things, and I know from Allah, what other people may not know. And that is a beautiful statement that he makes, either and I could look them in the moment or why don't I tell you that I know from Allah as though what you do not know. And

00:37:02--> 00:37:03

if I can sneak in a last one.

00:37:06--> 00:37:48

The way that I one of the signs that a person recognizes the greatness of Allah as though is that they humble themselves to the people, that a person doesn't be arrogant, because they know who the great one truly is, that a person never feels that they have done anything because they recognize that these are all blessings of Allah and they can be taken away from them, at any point in time, if they are not grateful, that Allah azza wa jal will reward them for their thankfulness of lives or will reward them for their humility, the prophets of Albireo Selim swore by a number of things, but then he also mentioned he says, that no person ever humbles themselves to Allah as though that

00:37:48--> 00:38:15

except that ALLAH as again raises them, and the prophets of Allah, they settled on himself and he was the greatest person who knew Allah as the origin. He himself was the most humble of people so much that a person would enter into the masjid and they would say you, which one of us and that's an incredible testimony to the humility of Rasul Allah Almighty, it's an embedded stranger would walk in, and they wouldn't know which one is the messenger of God, the province, the lightest of them, a man came to him and he was shaking, he was quivering, he wasn't someone who.

00:38:18--> 00:38:19

It's a very

00:38:21--> 00:39:03

awe inspiring moment when you are in front of the prophets on the lighthouse. And he thought he would might just like be in the presence of any king and the Prophet, civilize them, set them calm down. I'm simply the son of a woman, in a woman of Makkah, who used to eat just like, like broken pieces of bread. I'm a very, very simple person, the problem sauce, and I was teaching and so whoever, and the province of Elijah send them by the way, this is the province of a light is sending them it's very easy for a person to be humble with those who are greater than that. It's very easy for a person to be humble with people who are older than them are more accomplished than them or

00:39:03--> 00:39:16

have more money than them. It's very easy for you to be humble in their presence. But true humility, is that a person be humble with not even their peers, but those who have accomplished less than, than those who have lived less than those who have,

00:39:17--> 00:39:26

who are seemingly less position than that more or less successful than them. That is where true humility lies, because the Prophet SAW minus syndrome was humble with everyone.

00:39:27--> 00:39:34

And he's the greatest of all mankind, solar lighting. So here, these are a few things that I wanted to share with regards to

00:39:35--> 00:39:57

the greatness of a lot as identity we ask a lot as well Yeah, to make us of those who worship him as he deserves to be worshipped. And we ask Allah azza wa jal to make us of those who believe in Him and die believing in Him and we ask Allah azza wa jal to bless us and to bless this community and to bless our country and to bless these upcoming days of ours and to guide us in these upcoming days of ours. So Allah there's no comma do i that?

00:39:59--> 00:39:59

Does that

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Are there any questions to Allah Allah I will