Ismail Kamdar – The Power of Tawakul

Ismail Kamdar
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the negative impact of the previous week's events on the world and the importance of the Exodus of the booklets of morning and night in Surah Dorn. They emphasize the importance of the teachings of the H marriage and the importance of the "has he done anything?" concept of the Whirlpool brand. The workload of Islam is emphasized, and practical ways to increase it are discussed, including learning about the names and attributes of Allah, taking actions, and making sure one is doing what is necessary for their work. The importance of learning about the undercard and taking action in order to earn one's risk is also emphasized.
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one of the most important internal acts of worship that every Muslim needs to master is the concept of the world of trusting Allah subhanho wa taala. This is a concept that many people must understand. And many of us are unaware of how to do it. But it's also a concept that is necessary to help us through difficult times. Because life is a test. And everyone's going to face difficult times in their lives. And everyone's going to have to deal with difficult scenarios in their life that they cannot understand. And the workload is one of those things that gets you through the difficulties. And the lives of the early Muslims was full of great examples of pure Tawakkol.

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We see this when Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam, was exiled from Makkah.

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Think about it Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi, wasallam, was native to Makkah, he was a market in terms of his his ancestry, his tribe, everything he did, he belongs to people from Africa. But still, the people turned against him because of his message. And they kicked him out. And they attempted to assassinate him. And he said that, if it wasn't for the fact that my people had turned me out, I would never have left this land, it's the most beloved land to me. You compare that to today, why today what's happened to the people of Gaza, it's very similar, they are being turned out of their land, that they are native to a land that they are biologically the people. And it's a very

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similar situation. Yet we see when Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam and the Sahaba were forced to leave their land, they did so with firm Tawakkol, that Allah knows what's best for us. Allah has a plan. And today's this concept of the workflow that I want us to have a refresher or any reminder about because this is what gets us through these difficult times. Understand that in this world, things will happen that we don't like things will happen, that are tragedies that are traumatic.

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But as Muslims, our approach to these things, is to understand that if something is outside of our control, and it happens, and it is something that we don't like, we understand it is part of the broader word of Allah. And he's part of the bigger plan of Allah. And it may be that we dislike something. But in the long run, it is part of Allah's plan. And we see this word Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that had these people now turned against him, he would not have that backup, but he was part of the plan of Allah, then he had to leave Moscow and go to your trip, for your trip to become Medina during the week, to become the beloved city, for Medina to become the

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center of Islam, for Islam to grow from there and spread throughout the world. This negative event of what it seems like from a worldly perspective of the Muslims being kicked out of the homeland, turned out to be one of the most important events, if not the most important event in our history. Why do I say the most important event because we literally start our calendars with this event with the Hijra.

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And I want us to look at anything that happens in the world today. globally or locally. That seems negative. We must look at it from this broader perspective of Allah Lucas. And there's a beautiful verse in the Quran in surah, tauba, related to this content, right, a surah dooba. You know, we tend to talk about it as the jihad sutra, right? But it's also the workload here. It's also the workload sooner because there's many, many verses in Surah Doba, who wanting people to put their trust in Allah, many sections in the Surah they call people to put their trust in Allah. And what beautiful section towards the middle of the surah verse number 51. The sutra was revealed within the context

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that many of the booklets of Medina they did not want to go for the expedition of the book. Right? Many of the verses in the Surah are linked to the expedition of them. So what was the expedition of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam after the Muslims had gained power after he had established a presence in Arabia, he formulated an army to march towards the land of the war to fight the Christians, specifically the Romans and their allies. Now no battle actually

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in place, it was a show of power. Why? To show that the Muslim is now strong enough to face the superpowers, but no actual battle took place. The actual test here was the debacle of the people. Are you wanting to match out into the desert to face a superpower for the sake of Allah? This was the actual test. So most of the verses related to taboo are not about battles, but actually about the workload. Do you trust Allah? That's what the what the actual test is. So some of the people of Makkah started to make excuse of Medina decided to make excuses. He started to see, you know, so one of the excuses mentioned specifically in this verse, one of the people of Medina said that he finds

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Roman woman very attractive. So going for jihad against it wouldn't be a fit country. Right? Very easily excuse. So Allah mentioned this directly, he says from them are those who say that I don't want to be tested. I don't want to deal with any people. Allah says you've already failed the test. By not wanting to join the Prophet's army, you've already failed the test you thinking about secondary tests in the bigger test. And then he mentioned the other attributes to making. The other excuse they were making is, whenever the Muslim were victorious in one hour, you know, joining the celebration that yeah, we're proud of you we also victorious whenever the Muslims lost, they would

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see like, are these is this really the true religion? Like, you know, bad things are happening to them? You know, if you see a real profit, why are bad things happening? And it shows the most understanding that some people have about religion, right? And why do many people actually have this misunderstanding? They have this misunderstanding that, if Islam is true, in Muslim should always win.

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This is a misunderstanding. If Islam is true, the Muslim should always win is a misunderstanding. We go back to the story of Iraq. Yes, when you are supposed to be on all those questions about the Prophet, one of those questions. Did you fight any battles? Yes, who wants sometimes he wants something reward? What exactly you're saying. That's the case of the prophets. Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose. Some prophets had no followers, some prophets in civilizations were destroyed by by Allah because nobody followed them. Right. Do not does not guarantee worldly victory. So Allah addresses this. And he says full how them how the people who think that nothing bad should happen to

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you if you are believer that you should always win if you're a believer, tell them name you see, in the market of Allah. Nothing bad will happen except what Allah has written.

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except what Allah has written, meaning.

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We march out with the workbook we face our trials in live with the workbook, we deal with this world with the workbook understanding full well, that if anything bad happens to us, it is Allah for them. It is Allah Allah Allah has written because Allah has already written when all of us will pass away, Allah has already written if something bad's going to happen, right? If someone is meant to get a sickness, it's going to happen. It's called an Allah. If someone is meant to pass away at a young age, it's going to happen to the father of God. Nothing bad happens except what Allah has written for us. Who are Molalla, who was Mowlana, he is our modem. What does this mean? Allah is moderna, he

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is our modem. It means that Allah is our owner, he's our Protector. He's our lead. He's the one who, who guides us who protects us. With our law, he funded the work on what we know. And it is upon Allah that the believers who did the work, it is in Allah that the believers placed into work. So A, this verse was revealed, because they were a group of people in Medina, who were making this excuse that they come March out into the desert, some people might die some people might miss out on their crops, this might happen that might happen you might lose as the reply was, nothing's gonna happen except what Allah was put into what Colleen Allah and do what Allah has commanded you to do. And I

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want us to reflect today on this concept of the Whirlpool and how it works. one more verse from Surah Tauba. That's very important about the Whirlpool is the closing verses.

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Right? The closing verse of Surah doba. Allah subhanaw taala in the sutra, we're saying

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we're in the world, if they turn away for food and say it has to be Allahu Allah. Who are they into what God do? What will Robert Archer say has to be Allah? Allah is enough for me. La ilaha illa there is no God besides Him. Are they he the workout to a place my workload in him? I trust him. What were Abu archers him he is the Lord of the Mighty Joe is powerful versus powerful too. There is a disease that states that it is sunnah to recite this to every morning and evening seven times. Every morning and evening memorize this was right. Has to be a golf hula hoop or they hit the workout to what we're actually memorized is Versa diesel you should see this every morning and

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Different times for protection if you wanted to main protection to us in that I mentioned in the Hadees, which is the closing verse of Surah, October, but again, looks through October ends with what are the heat the workout, I put my Tawakkol in Allah. I put my Tawakoni so what is the word? The word goal is a mindset. The word goal is a mindset. It's a way of looking at the world. It's a way of thinking about things. It's not something you physically do. And it shouldn't stop you from physically doing whatever you can do. Right? That's another misunderstanding of the workbook. Because Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was the greatest role model of the workforce. But he

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always took the actions. Within it was the hijra, whether it was the battles, whether it was the Dawa, whether it was teaching, he always took his actions, but he put his the work put in Allah, the work will means that you believe in the broader plan of Allah, you understand that nothing happens except for Allah wills, you understand that even if things don't go your way, there is some clarity that there's some benefit in that you understand even if the Muslims lose, that is part of the word of Allah. And there may be some benefit in that in the long run that we don't understand. And there are many stories in the Quran, that drive home this point that we should have the workbook. The most

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famous of these stories is the story of use of Elisa, use of Annie salah, look at his journey, why he is thrown in a well, he sold into slavery, he is slandered and thrown into prison.

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But throughout all of this, he remains committed to Allah. He keeps his Tawakoni Allah, you understand all of this is part of the broader plan of Allah. At the end, he emerged victorious as the leader of Egypt. But all of these things had to happen for him to get there. We see the workload in the story of Ibrahim alayhi salam, when he's thrown into the fire.

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And he certainly puts his trust in Allah, and Allah makes the fire food for him. That right till that last moment, a moment the other people would despair, a moment where the average person would fall apart, is simply trusting Allah Subhana Allah, that the workbook is there in every prophets lives, we see in the story of each and every prophet when Musa alayhis salam goes to the court of Allah, to convey the message to him, he walks in with the wall, because he knows very well that Pharaoh could immediately have Him executed not just for the message, but for the reason that he ran away, right? That he was, he had killed a man by by mistake. And he was he was wanted for murder,

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right. And Pharaoh does bring it up, but he doesn't take action against him. It takes the worker to stand up, and to say this knowing that something could happen to you, knowing that you could be killed. This is the way we see the world throughout the lives of the sahaba. We see this in the story again in Toronto. But the story is mentioned as an example of the story of during the Hijra Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam in Abu Bakr, they are in the cave. And

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the people are coming nearby and if they spot them, it's over that moment, is it Allah is with us? Don't worry, Allah is with us. Again, this is mentioned in the same surah. You see why is the suit of the worker, suit a worker is a mindset. It's a mindset we need to have in every aspect of our life. When you start a business, you start a business with the workbook, I'm going to do my best effort, I'm going to work my hardest, I'm going to do everything in my power to make this business profitable. But at the end of the day, whatever I earn or don't earn is the bother of Allah. At the end of each day, I will accept what have earned for that day, I will be satisfied we will have

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another race for the day. And I understand that this is part of the product and of Allah. So it may be that you start the business and you work your hardest, but the business doesn't work out. And he goes bankrupt. Keep it the walkway, Allah understand that wasn't meant for you, maybe there's something better for you. Right? Maybe you working a job and you worked really, really hard at that job, and you get fired.

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To walk the walk well in this situation, is to understand that Allah knows what's best for me, perhaps there's something better for me out in this job. And Allah is directing me towards that. And if I didn't get fired, I wouldn't even think about that. So Tawakkol itself is a mindset. It's a way of thinking it's a way of looking at the world. And it means looking at the world from the perspective that Allah is in control.

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And Allah being in control doesn't mean we always go into Allah in being in control means that whatever happens, whether it's for us or against us in terms of dunya in the long run, it is part of the broader plan of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And this is how we need to approach not just in the international events that are happening, but even the child in our own life. It may be that someone you love passes away

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Put into work. It may be that you lose a job to get the workload in Allah, it may be that your business you're not doing well could get the workload in Allah, the workflow doesn't mean you stop your efforts. But it simply means you trust the broader plan of Allah, and you keep trying, and you keep working to earn Allah's help. And if you feel that something is not working out at all, perhaps Allah is pushing you in a different direction, for something that may be better for you.

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The benefit of the worker is it keeps you safe.

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It keeps you safe. It keeps you

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optimistic. It prevents you from disappearing and and becoming anxious and losing hope in this world. Because Can you imagine if someone out there doesn't believe in Allah, they don't believe in Allah. They don't believe in Tawakkol they don't believe in God. How do they process grief? How do they process all of the bad things happening in the world. If you don't have this connection with Allah, you can literally go mad and suicidal from the bad things that happen in this world. The work will keep you grounded.

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It keeps you going through the most difficult of situations. You know, like with the sahaba. Whenever someone they love passed away, they put the workload in Allah and accepted this is the father of Allah, nothing bad will happen except what Allah will Allah will for this person to pass away. And we see this today. Also, if you want to understand the workload today, if you want to see a model of the world today, look at the people of Gaza. That is our model today of the workforce. They fully live by this concept that nothing will happen to us except what Allah has.

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Nothing will happen to us except for Allah as well. And they put the workload in Allah. And when someone passes away, they handle it with that the worker with that firm, imagine that Allah knows what is best for us. And they don't lose hope in the broader goal. They don't lose hope in the broader mission. They don't lose hope that one day victory from Allah will come.

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And perhaps this viewer Allah chose them to me than them. So they are the models for the rest of the world of real EMA and real Tawakkol and real acceptance of God while still making your efforts to do what is necessary.

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And ask Allah to grant us and everyone else amongst the module the work goes on to help us to understand things and to accept things and to have patience and to have have to have strength and we ask Allah to put our victory to the people of Palestine 200 Rebecca Robin is the is the one who said Celine will hamdulillah

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salatu salam ala Milani. We have an inner circle tabula Wilfredo howdy howdy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sure to have a pull up to pull up the pin Dolla dolla

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How do you increase your Tawakkol? Maybe that you know this concept. You read about it you hear about in the lectures, you don't know how to do it. How do you have the word? I want us to just go over three ways three practical ways of increasing the workload. Number one, learn about the names and attributes of Allah. Learn about the names and attributes of Allah, the better you understand Allah, the mortar worker you have when you understand that Allah is all knowing, it increases your Tawakkol when you understand that Allah is Most just it increases your Tawakkol. When you understand that Allah Subhana Allah is the one who controls everything. He's already written it down in

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November foods, it increases your Tawakkol

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when you understand nothing happens except for Allah wills increases you in

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every one of us should take time to study the names and attributes of Allah to internalize these concepts and to use them to increase our power. So step number one, learn the names and attributes of Allah. The more you understand the names, the attributes of Allah, the more concrete the Tawakkol in your heart to read.

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Number two, learn the undercard. Learn the words to say for the sake of for having the workbook right I mentioned the one to radova has to be Allahu Allah. Allahu alayhi the workout do what will Raghu urgency right learn this tool to the other one the more famous one has when Allah when you walk you learn in a car when you feel anxiety so it has been alone in my work you when something goes wrong see husband Allah when Mr. Lucky when things aren't going your way when things aren't going right in the in the broader political scene say husband Allah when Inverlochy

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these are God these Vickers these remembrance of Allah. They are directly linked to Tawakkol

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And the impact of these statements when you reflect on them and recite them often is that they will increase your connection with Allah, they will reduce your anxiety, and they will help you to realize this is all part of the broader fan of Allah and to accept it.

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Right? This is the second step to increasing our workflow. So step number one is that you understand who Allah is you learn his name to attributes, step number two is increasing your ASVAB increasing physical learning this equals specifically linked to Tawakkol. And step number three, is to take actions. Take action, if you are working towards the goal, take action,

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to take action but knowing full well that you are only accountable for your actions, not for the results. And this is something that we all need to realize, in Islam. What Allah asks of us, whether it's in terms of doing Dawa, whether it's terms of organizing Islamic events, whether it's in terms of politics, all Allah Our service is to try our best

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to results and Allah says, the results are in Allah's head, you just have to try your best, and Allah will reward you actions. So part of the workflow is that we take action, that we do what is necessary from our side, and we leave the results to Allah.

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A misunderstanding of the work goal is that you sit at home and you expect money to pour from the sky. Right, that is a misunderstanding. Rather Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that we will end with this hadith

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or should Allah Azza wa know Some said that if you truly understood Allah, if you truly understood this concept, then you will be like the birds. They leave home in the morning and they come back with

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me meaning if you truly understood the workbook, you will live your life like the birds, what did the birds do? They go out looking for food, and they come back. Right? This is the workbook that you do what's necessary to earn your risk. But you trust Allah is the one that provides not the means. Right? And studies show both sides on one hand, internally, the birds trust Allah, but externally, they are taking the actions leaving the nest, they're not staying at home expecting things to happen. Right? So the main parts of the workflow to help us increase number one, study the name and attributes of Allah. Number two, learn the scar, see the statements often. Number three, make sure

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that you are doing what you can make sure you are taking action. Don't just sit back and say oh, we put our trust in Allah nothing we can do about it. No, there are things you can do about it. Right, especially now with the broader political issue. There are things we can do about boycotts, protests, spreading the church, countering propaganda, there are things we can do about it, to what is within your capabilities, but for the ultimate result, the end result to check the workload in Allah Allah knows best, Allah knows best in the long run, what is best for this coma and sometimes that is victory. Sometimes it is not fixed. But we still have to do what is within our means for the

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sake of Allah and that is part of the work. That is part of having to ask Allah to grant victory to people that Palestine, you ask Allah to end their trials, and to remove all titles from the Middle East and to replace them or righteous rulership. We asked for Washington Hannah with the other

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to allow this woman to rise up once again and to become an ummah of glory and power, and a model for the rest of the world of truth. Probably not enough Virginia Huseynov will have an hour and a half dynamic as watching reality.

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TV should have superhard Ramadan Robin, these are the number one

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