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You can be whatever you want to be. You can follow whatever you want to follow. You can call yourself whatever you want to call yourself. But I say to you that you have a choice to govern your life, you have a choice to make the right choice or the wrong choice, you have a right to submit, you have a right to determine you have a right to say that I'm willing to follow the condition. Do you have a right to do that? Oh, you can just say, I'm rebellious. I don't care. I'm gonna do whatever I want to do. I'm gonna live my life and I'm gonna have fun. I'll tell you what living your life and having fun is gonna lead you to

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today. The people that seem like they're having the greatest time having all the fun

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is these entertainers.

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These blank blank people.

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Like Britney Spears, like Destiny's Child uses to know who I'm talking about. He will bring gray horse

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now, she wasn't a blank blank Hall, but she started out. She was a little girl with blond hair hanging around skipping around. She was she was at that time innocent. Her mother and father was letting her dance and sing and you know, she got on the radio and the TV and she got some awards and she was still a virgin at 13 but by 15 She was a prostitute.

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And now she's 19 she's 20

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and she a prostitute herself in about 19 different countries.

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19 years old. Can you imagine a young girl started out innocent at 13 years old and she is the hero she is the model. She is the she is the poster child for all of these women. And she's nothing but a bling bling haul. And all these other bling bling criminals

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that our sons and daughters are wearing their shirts when their coats when the jackets wearing that hat. Eminem

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50 cent

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when they're when they're all the shirts, these out here of putting up their posters. What are they? They're bling bling criminals.

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Don't sell us fornicators liars, dealers cursing God cursing their parents,

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killing people selling drugs. And these become our heroes. These movies, they become movie stars. They become television stars, hip hop, they call them new generation, hip hop. They are going to be hip and hip hop and

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they're going to be hip and and happen. They're going to be snap crackle and poppin in the hellfire.

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Yes, they will be hip and hopping.

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Because that is the final consequence for corruption. Allah subhanaw taala said in the Quran helps us out.

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Is there any other reward for good other than good?

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If you don't do good, how you think you're gonna expect good. So as a result, Allah subhanaw taala has shown us that all of these people who seem to be having fun, who had become the heroes, the television, the movie stars, the poster stars, the magazine stars, looking like they all happy and proud and big homes and big money so far. They are the most miserable people.

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They die early.

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They are diseased. They live with despair. They wind up lonely and living in dark places. They are the most frustrated people. And when they die, they have no legacy whatsoever.

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Why? Because

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everything that the Creator told us not to do when we do it. It winds up with disease, you name it. If the Creator told us not to drink alcohol, what is one of the greatest diseases in the world today.

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And the Creator told us not to use drugs. What is one of the greatest diseases in the world today.

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The Creator told us not to form the cake, not to commit adultery. What is the greatest disease in the world today? Sexually transmitted diseases. Its creator told us to be fair, don't take interest. What is the greatest source of stress in the world today get

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everything to create a set don't do.

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If you do it because you have the will to do it. It ends up with disease. Everything to create a said to do

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if you do it, it winds up as a gift.

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It winds up as a refinement. It right winds up as an acquired habit. It

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winds up is something that you can leave as a legacy and to create a set, do good actions. A person that tells the truth, he builds around them and insulates around themselves, children, society,

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corporation, business government that is built upon truth. Truth only leads to truth lies only need to lies. When the Creator said to us perform worship, recognize, pay tribute, complete the terms. When you see that a person is driven by faith. When you see that a person's life falls within the parameters of faith. A person's conscious is driven by faith. When a person it brings about honor, it brings about integrity, it brings about strength, support reputation.

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Today, as a result of the fact that creator has said to us respect each other,

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we have no more family values. And what is the loss of family values lead to again, disease, I'm saying to you, that you have a personal responsibility. Your personal responsibility is to make the choice to bear witness to accept, to declare,

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to put yourself on a path where you recognize your Creator.

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And secondly, not only that you recognize your Creator, but you're willing to make some kind of tribute towards your Creator by either praising or by following or adhering. And finally, you have a choice. You have a responsibility

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to not only accept and to recognize, but to conform. Conform means submit