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The speakers recite various songs and discuss the importance of rewarding one's actions and staying true to Islam. They stress the need for people to practice Islam, be prepared for death, and recognize the presence of God. The segment also touches on celebrities and their appearance in media events. The origin of the "medicals of the stars" title is discussed, and the "medicals of the stars" title is mentioned as a potential source of confusion.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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brothers and sisters Subhanallah this morning as we were walking into Masjid Sultan Salahuddin insha Allah. This is a beautiful machine as you can see one of Acharya Masha Allah. And what made it even more beautiful that we heard Imam was reciting of surah. Select, I will lie. I didn't want you to finish that. So we came to me the showhome also met yesterday with the Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim but for Anwar Ibrahim and the family she had been Karim allow me to see Abdul Karim and McKeague because Masha Allah He is born in Mecca and the beautiful mo as an amazing as an Sheikh Mohammed check and I'm a Parisian so I'm going to kindly request she have been very interested this beautiful

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idea to sort of facilitate in and Medina Paulo buena Allah who must have come again and what have your brother's work with him we have also moved to Maine so group has shed some light if you don't mind in a few minutes so that the owner can benefit out of that this is a gathering which is surrounded by the injuries Alhamdulillah and there's so much psyche

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descended on us since you started there citation mashallah Bismillah Shabbat curry

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I'm Eli machete

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they stand up to also call Moylan goofy

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Allah knows zulum

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for the award me

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yo how Lee now we are so long. One

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gummy no shave on Enos. Whoa fests dive below

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or semi KNEE OF Masha Allah shahada Kareem, this is amazing. I have a few questions to ask you. But allow me to record move to me to give us the general meaning English beginning from Aya in Marina Khan who are born Allah Who to Mr. Karma one era I have time or in what the stake in Alladhina collarbone Allahu Mustafa, and the following two areas will have unity in the hundreds.

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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Hamdulillah he

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Washougal wa sallahu wa salam ala Milena via badger, who either early or sign yourself. These verses are by far some of the most important verses regarding the st karma, you know to straighten oneself and to walk upon the path of steadfastness. Where Allah Subhana Allah, Allah says in the medina Carlu, urban Allah those who say that our Lord is Allah from Mr. Karma and then they are steadfast steadfast upon the path it's a very vast meaning inshallah we may go into some of it. The Tennessee Valley him will Mala it, can the angels descend upon them a lot of Hafele that they have no fear, they have no reason to fear Walter has no they have no reason to be sad and they will not be

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saddled. Let the half a wallet has no ambition will will Jana and they are being given glad tidings of paradise.

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Rejoice with the news of paradise and let you continue to adorn that which you have been promised. And Allah Almighty even says, No Alia oh come fill hieratic dunya or fill akhira we are your protectors, we are your protectors. The term Willie and Alia refers to the protection. We are the protectors

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in this world. And the next while I configure my tester here and also Kampala configure matter down for you is what ever your soul desires. And this is because of the karma, because of the steadfastness that happened during their lives. This is their recompense at the point of death. They are already given good and glad tidings. And Allah says, Allah configure martyred their own Missoula and mineral foodie Rahim what a wonderful place given to them by the one who is the Most Merciful and the Most Forgiving, the Most forgiving and the Most Merciful. So, this inshallah is just the gist of what was read and we will inshallah hear further explanation.

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Basically, this blood piling and The Good News will be delivered by the angels of death at the time of death. When they say you know,

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I will come when they come to the person who is expiring to crown his life which was full of his arm as they pass this and which leads and now it is time to be rewarded. So the assured latter half who concerning what you're approaching, you're approaching Jeanette, are approaching forgiveness. Well, that has no don't really read, concerning what you're leaving behind what you are about your family members, your children, or your wives because Allah will go is going to take care of all of that, let the harpoon wallet us and do not be afraid of the future and do not grieve concerning what you're leaving behind. Then the third one, I wish you revision Atilla T according to this is the

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Beshara at the time, which is needed most and that's why we see brother while some people at the time of death, they're smiling, because they see what we cannot see in sudo through a PR Almighty Allah says, We're not up for our ILA human, well, I can let go so our angels of mercy or otherwise, are nearer to the person who's dying, then even his family members who are surrounding him, what you cannot see them, only him or her at the time of exploring the sea. So the other issue is for the will be frightened. So in sha Allah may Allah make among those from Allah, we've seen the angels of mercy to say the latter half of Walter has no whatever issue will be generated let equal to two

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others one question for you while Ibrahim I just want to make a comment before the questions as follows.

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I love this as you moved us online, so much, love this.

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This is one of the most comforting idea and for me, because sometimes we we we need support from people need help. And sometimes we feel alone. So Allah subhanaw taala is promising here for those who affirmed the faith and Allah subhanaw taala and remain upon that path until the end, there will be no supporter other than Allah Subhana Allah and His angels so it's absolutely in the most critical time of our existence. Allah is giving us those, this goodness assurance. So that means not every one we get to hear the same

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conditions. People who say I'm going to say La Ilaha illa Allah at the time of death because the prophets Allah Allah this lmsc also emos last statement before expiring de la ilaha illallah they shall go straight to heaven. But in Surah Abraham Allah says you said before love and Medina and not everyone, can you shed some light on that place? So this is this is what I was actually talking last night about this common the man who came to the province

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and he sought after an advice then he said, like, give me an advice that we never asked anyone after you like the best

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So the prophets arsenal, summarize this area by saying all of the Allah who must have some form of stalking. So first you believe in Allah subhanaw taala First you say and acknowledge that there is no God worthy of worship of Allah subhanaw taala then remain firm upon that. I remember some of them as I was saying ally Brawley said demand sub ally problem and Sabbath. So Allah was not determined your destiny whether in Jannah or what I added below the opposite destination just before just because you began to practice Islam before others rather level others being steadfast upon the straight path should have been carried my experience with the masjid so far and Salahuddin goes back

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to maybe 10 years ago, we will drive in on the highway they will show me around and say this area's Porsche Harlem then on the highway or you heard the sound of shift alpha sorry, it was after us. And between us I'm not so sunset I heard the sound of shooting closer he was equal and everywhere in the hallway so I asked the driver to stop and I got on the car and I said well, the sound is coming from the side. Normally they play shift for sorry, in Michigan, so consolidate a sec Can you take me there? And when I came here, every time I come to Malaysia, even if I'm staying in Putrajaya as in can you bring me to sha Allah machine? There's a lot of federal here is amazing. And one of the

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luckiest people to meet the person behind this amazing and beautiful

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I'm not sure whether he actually lay shift or sorry, actually because I think it was cheaper. Okay, do you guys play a shuffle passare at certain times here

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lottery number look in that agenda but out of the a lot of oh, okay, now, and I put a whole Jonnie mentioned or the National Cinema to analog.

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The loud show compulsory for Bolton is

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so damning in column meshi the Sultan Salahuddin read and

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I didn't know Michel de Lune, a chef prosody Yanni, cobbler guru, banal lasagna, Samir to slaughter Lucia for passare will FL

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and then Baraka logical so I appreciate

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you acknowledge me and

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later bye Burnham

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in the second year,

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that Hola, Elijah Manhattan

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later this year with the

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barbarian masjid so Peninsula Hardeen yum sopin Salahuddin worried. So bad Holly and

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Ken diamond public.

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We have slashed the theater had the GMR of Holden and mercy and salata, Mallory hadn't been nearly we

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won my general offer and then I'm out of business she has

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an animals a server that

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she had in her household in Maya and then added up to

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Canada. Harry is an estimate for Ana

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de Silva. Is Anakin habit tracker to share her story.

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How did the homeless who was a settler will earn that money and

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then no one would clean up a treasury roof element errata and the Quran because we setting is them in a chef

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Kareem is saying basically 15 minutes before the event they play chef passare because he's the best party and his sound his voice it was everywhere and people enjoy this business citation because he is the most proficient recycler and people love him here in Malaysia, Masha, Allah.

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I know that you have been Kareem is graduated from King's Howard University. And you're born and raised in Makkah. So why are you wearing as hairy outfit? Only Intel avicel mm okay cool.

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Monica luxury from say a resume. Ah huh. In the lips. ls hurry. I can tell but oil ambition

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rockin and lip service Muziris mill Mrs. A counselor her Dean was a

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hurry. Now. Just that Mahara has not give him an optical Moloch in Morocco plus a man and I don't think Jimmy Oh, can I also Leon and then you saw Salam Shia

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her shell parameter will lie he can sawed Jimmy

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Salalah now let me just say it in English the we heard earlier some of the the alanda salawat and so on absolutely amazing voice perhaps if he doesn't mind, we can ask him for the viewers just to listen to this the beauty of it and inshallah with that we will also say the Salawa tishanna Baraka fish

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long masa Liana

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Shama felt another solid

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alone model him or

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wow oh man alone

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I mean Roman was seen

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by Lynn when he

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was super

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Nene Nene

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John moon and

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along now son suddenly I

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say the more him the name NaVi on me

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he was watching me he was like all along suddenly I say the more hum the nappy on me.

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Daddy was he was heavily along suddenly I'd say the more HammondI being NaVi alone me why

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G. B He was in Georgia law. Hi, Ron. Yeah, he meant before we leave one thing, how can we ever leave without shedding some light on the beautiful element XML Poland medmen that in Allah He Who am in a solid work Allah in any minute Muslimeen every single one of us is duty bound to convey the message of the deen of Allah, every single one of us. It is part of our faith that we convey. So Allah Almighty is saying who can there be better in statement in utterances than the one who says woman acid or cola amendment they are the one who calls towards Allah. Allah, the One who calls to what they can be no one better in statement and someone who's inviting others towards Allah, the reward

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of that invitation alone whether the people are guided or not, is already registered. And if they are guided, it is multiplied. And yeah, the Allahu Bukhara Jhulan Wahida viral look, I'm in Hungarian and if Allah uses you to guide a single person, it's better for you then the most expensive of the, of the cameras of the RED camera, the convenience of the time worker in many menial Muslimeen and the person says I I am from among the Muslim in that part. The end is probably the most interesting for me as we witnessed what's happening today on the globe. Each person says I belong here I belong where I belong where I belong. This this is what in any minute Muslim in the

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condition of you being the best of those who say things and who invite towards Allah is that you identify as a Muslim member of the Ummah shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa shadow anna Muhammadan rasul Allah. And there is no harm in teaching that which we believe is the most correct, but to divide the Ummah into pieces and segments and fragments and destroy them completely, is very dangerous.

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There is another condition of demand, which is why me lasagna, yes, you know it is not sufficient to be the greatest speaker you yourself have to practice what you preach and you have to do good deeds you have to do the best. You know the previous verse where Allah says in the medina call Rob Boone, Allah Who musta come and he, yes, it is the deeds and he ends it by saying New Zealand mineral for Rahim that this abode in Paradise is given to you by the one who is there for Rahim, that was the full Rahim those two qualities are amazing qualities of Allah subhanho wa taala. He's saying the one who is forgiving Why does He say the one who's forgiving so that a sinful slave has hope in the

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Mercy of Allah? Yeah. Because if if we didn't have a Lord who was forgiving the minute you made one mistake it's over you feel despondent, Allah says don't feel despondent Missoula. Min Min Min affording Rahim, the one who loves you, He has mercy on you. And he is very forgiving. So as much as we must practice to the best of our abilities, whatever we are supposed to, if you have faltered, dilly dally don't let yourself lose hope. Keep going. And Allah will bless you may Allah I'm really willing to sit here for hours still listening to the beautiful citation and the solar Island maybe you saw Selim and explanation but we don't want to make it long for you brothers and sisters we

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shall meet again in sha Allah by the leave of the Almighty Allah so conclude by asking the Almighty Allah to harden us all and forgive us all our sins. Allah homophobia opinion as a no brainer okay run

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abroad alone the Hungarian embassy in Russia or the London IV because Sweida llama filan Anna put them on a

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movie in India and tell them about the moment and more fuller in the husband our normal rocky or Nirmal Mola when Yamanashi have a better have learned as well as you know the React inner product they are using or journaling machina in Urbana at in academia has an autonomous vehicle it has an auto machina rather than not a normal until your mind I heard that there's a more and more home watch out for rockin and embodies the Huracan musoma Well as a female Amendola international Korean oil and Mahoma Asheville Dhawan and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salam ala Masurian masala Allahu Allah. So you already know Afreen and Avena Muhammad in early he was