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Abdur-Raheem McCarthy
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An amazing story of a sheikh who read the entire Quran with his wife 156 times cover to cover complete hokhmah. And when he explained how he did it, he said, we first got married and made the commitment, we want the Quran to be the foundation of our life, the foundation of our household. And like many things in life, sometimes if we get too excited in the beginning, we make no big big goals, big objective and do this, this amount, this amount, sometimes it's too much, we do it for a little bit, and then we leave. So they made the amount not too much, which is two robbers a day and took us five, six pages, not too much. So we're going to be consistent with it. And sure enough,

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they were consistent. If they're reading like that, that means every four days, they're going to read a doozy. That means they're going to finish the Quran every 120 days, every 30 every three months, they're gonna finish the Quran, they'll finish the Quran four times each year. And if you reflect on the numbers now 156 Customers read the Quran 156 times that mean it took them about 39 years. But imagine the impact now of this consistency. And we look at the great reward the great Azure, you know, the great accomplishment and no doubt that something amazing, but even greater than that the impact that has on yourself, when you're done the pranayam if you if you and your 156 times

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with your wife, and that's gonna have a huge impact on you, it's gonna have a huge impact on your household, and it's going to have an impact on your children. Every time they see mom and Baba sitting together, they're reading their daily word, the daily portion of the Quran together, it's gonna have a huge impact on when as they're being raised in a household household was established and built upon the Quran. And this reminds us of the beautiful hadith of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam where he said, I have a lot of men and a lot of dwama one of the most beloved actions to Allah are the ones that are consistent even if they're small in number. And

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that's how we accomplish big goals like this. We don't put big targets make a small target but we're consistent and like this, we see what the chef was able to do with his wife mashallah Tabata Cola, they read the Quran together. Cover the cover, cover to cover 156 times

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