Mohamad Baajour – 5 Divine Keys for Victory – Isha Khatira

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The history and importance of Islam have been discussed, including the use of the Quran and the importance of remaining firm in deeds. Prayer, fasting, and patient witnessing are emphasized, along with the use of images and the lack of discomfort in people's behavior. The upcoming return of the northern and the arrival of the northern are also discussed, along with the success of Islam. The importance of patientism, staying true to Islam, and bringing out the physical image is emphasized, along with the use of images and discomfort in people's behavior.
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My main talk today, Allah Subhana Allah Allah in the Quran and look at this it could not come from a better source. He is the one who gave us

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keys for victory

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from the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala said yeah he you

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know, either lucky tongue

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or who you believe when you are in Jihad when you are fighting and you met the army, what should we do Allah? Number one, first go to

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first go to with Kumar Hi Cathy. Come to flee. Hoan Wautier Allah rasool Allah Tannaz FATF shallow, what are the Habari? How come was Biru was beer Biru in Allah Hanau saw beauty in five things for victory number one, but there's a point before number one, yeah, you Alladhina amanu either la ke Tong fear.

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You did something you actually did something you're not sitting from here and screaming and yelling you actually did go and do something when you meet the enemy. What should we do Yola. Number one.

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Be steadfast. Do not run no matter how bad things get, do not run and leave the battlefield.

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And the Sabbath. being steadfast is only from Allah. Only notice in every battle in the Quran, the people of Talmud when they were asking when they met Giroud and they saw the huge army, whether the DUA that they made Rob Danna as three RYLA you now Sauerbrunn wash with a bit after Domina when sunnah Adam Coleman Catherine in early Emraan Robina

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will Catherine say attina With a bit of Domina when sunnah Adam Coleman caffeine, always the sublet only comes from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. Even though it's a bet on the deen for us to stay mostly mean for us to stay firm in our deen we have to constantly beg Allah azza wa jal to keep us steadfast.

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The next thing Allah subhanaw taala orders us to do while even Subhan Allah even in the battlefield was kulula a little bit No Cathy Iran Lala come to flee Han while you are in the battlefield.

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We always hear the Sahaba stories that their Allahu Akbar used to scare the enemy because they're remembering Allah azza wa jal, allah says remember Allah abundantly was Cotulla Catherine yalla was fighting Yes, Allahu Akbar Subhan Allah and hamdulillah constantly remember Allah make dua of Tibet was good Allah cathedra La La come to flee home you will be successful. Third, WA T or Muhammad Rasul.

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Obey Allah Almighty This is not only in the battlefield, if you think about those five things they are for the community, they are for your and my family. Every time we need success in any matter, these are the five things be firm. Second, remember Allah constantly there are sort of loss I sent them. A man came to me he said, Yeah rasool Allah the matters of the deen are immense are too many scam this that this what should they tell me something easy to do? He said keep your tongue busy with remembering ALLAH SubhanA wa wa T Allah rasool and this is one of the biggest problem. This is what led us to where we are right now. Because there is no more obedience to Allah and His

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messenger. We are very weak or maybe we just do the obligation and we are forgetting about the prohibition. We still you see, I've mentioned this so many times that we have narrowed the deen only to praying and fasting if I pray and fast I'm done. That's it. This is the Dean praying and fasting my weddings on Islamic my funeral on Islamic my treatment with others on Islamic my business on Islamic but I pray and I fast. This is Islam or to Allah and everything to the best of your ability on Atacama Rasool for kazoo Romana Hackman who Finto whatever Rasulillah Salam o did you do do as much as you can and whatever He prohibited you stay away from it while to Allah rasool and then

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comes Subhanallah well that and

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and this is exactly why we are here

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and do not dispute amongst each other. Do not fight

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what was the Khalifa Oh is he going to be a Pakistani or a Bengali or r&b No no no no we want to add a bit heading for okay let's delay the field if you get you're gonna keep fighting and arguing about everything and that fighting and arguing only. It will lead

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To the tough, shallow fashion, you will lose who's saying this Allah when you start arguing and disputing constantly, this is what's happening in our Muslim Ummah right now all the leaders fighting and arguing

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that have shallow waters have very hokum and all your energy, all your courage, all your bravery is gone.

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Because you constantly dispute you constantly argue similarly, also on a family level.

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What was the main problem in the families is the constant argument with the wife, constant argument, all of a sudden chef we want to we want to divorce

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was beautiful. And the last advice from Allah be patient Subhan Allah was beautiful, all that needs patient f1 We are all upset and we are seeing all these images and we are very upset and we are we want to do something

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when for our own

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was slaughtering the babies

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it was four years Right?

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Where their mothers crying when they're seeing their babies being slaughtered.

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Just like we are crying right now, that Allah stopped around instantly.

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he made Musa to be born and he made Musa to grow in the house of his biggest enemy until Musa became hot Bella should until he became 40 and he became a messenger and then after that frown last 40 years

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so this is where the southern come be patient. Victory needs sacrifice. Unfortunately, we are not the one sacrificing. They are the one sacrificing but definitely the victory is coming. Right and it needs sacrifice. They are sacrificing it's coming. Frown did not die the next day he slaughtered the baby.

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It came after a very long time was Viru in Allah ma Sabreen. Allah told us and I will end with this pan Allah. Now this is all in Surah glenfarne a a 45 and 46 are those two five things they are in those two sodas? Listen to that. Like as if you're watching a movie. Allah is telling us what happened in sort of

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where it will come in for

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women as for them income, what is absorbed with alacrity localu 100 What was a Munna Billa has done on Hoonah Anika ever Tony le Muslim?

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Was Zeilen Chedid Allahu Akbar. Look first he gave us the physical atmosphere. They are coming from above you they are coming from below you and then he gave us the if you look at me from the outside what happened? What exaggerated upside you see me my eyes are going wild. What's happening inside the Allah Noble Energy first outside second external appearance third inside what's happening the hearts became as far as the throat and then what am I thinking about what was unknown Abdullah he's the owner and you start doubting Allah.

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Look, everything was covered in this area. Everything Wow Nanika that time the believers were shaking violently. And in Surah Al Baqarah had Akula rasuluh well Latina am and Alma Mater Rasul Allah. Imagine, the messenger is saying when Allah has helped was going to come.

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In a nutshell, Allah has carried the victory from Allah is near. We always keep reminding himself ourselves and giving ourselves hope. And because this is the way of Rasulullah Salam, we're not support. We are Juan Carlos, we are done. We are doomed. Rasulillah Salam said, Whosoever say that the Muslims are doomed. He's the first one was doomed.

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We will be victorious living Allah just be patient. And if you notice, I will enter this.

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Look at look at the five

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keys from Allah. Did you notice something?

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Oh all five.

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About you.

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You be steadfast. You remember ALLAH, you obey Allah and His Prophet you. Do not fight with your brothers you be patient. Nothing mentioned about the power and the strength of the shadow of the enemy.

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All Allah is ordering us you want victory. You change you.

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It's all about us change.

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Yes and this is where we having a problem. We don't want to change

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we do not want to change we want to see change. I saw a beautiful picture yesterday man standing in a huge crowd in front of him who wants change everybody raised his hand who wants to change

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to so meaningful who wants change?

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Who wants to change? See tomorrow?

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Fisher is very hot

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I can fast on Mondays 535 30 Maghrib when becomes three o'clock I'll fast and short

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on February 11 called

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Have you been we have to change change on a personal level? And then one more here you will see the change coming from Allah azza wa jal see you at 615 Tomorrow treasure in sha Allah Zakon la calle salam ala cannot log

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in metal Mussolini now almost Lima D one meaning I mean it will quantity now look on it the more slowly been I was saw the bond the one saw the Rena was sabe a lot the one before she you know

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what unfortunately no one was watching I think one downside BP now one downside the party was on me now was all in

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one heavy Lena photo gentleman one half a watt the was that good enough? Guess

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what's going on? I don't know who

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what and gentlemen now Lena

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