Surah Takaathur – A Warning about Distraction

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The fourth category are those people who believe in God.

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Muslim or non Muslim, you do exist in both groups. You have people who believe they say we believe, but he doesn't impact the actions in any way.

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Maybe they have a few cultural practices amongst the Muslims, maybe the three Juma maybe the three or Edy, they might fast in Ramadan. But in the daily life, they forget about Allah, and they just live the lives chasing after this dunya chasing after the world.

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Such people have been distracted. Both the third and fourth category, they have been distracted. Because that's the nature of this worldly life. It's all about money. It's all about power. It's all about fame. It's all about getting what you want. And we spend so much time chasing this we forget about Allah. And so Allah sends a very severe and stern warning to such people in Surah takashima when he says, I'll have fun with

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the competition, to pile up the things of this world has distracted you

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had the jewel toombul macabeo until you visit the greeves meaning until you die

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until you die, you are distracted by the competition to try and get the good things of this world colosso Fatah Allah moon, but then you will come to know su McCullough so Fatah moon, definitely then you will come to know

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you will come to know with certain knowledge, whether I will nurture him and you will see the Hellfire with your own eyes.

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And on that day, Allah will ask you about the good things he gave you in this world. What did you do with it?

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It's a very stern and severe warning. Allah is telling us if we allow this world to distract us in the grave, we will see the Hellfire and allow will tell us he gave you so much in this world. What did you do in return?

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So to those brothers and sisters who are distracted by this world, think about this one from your Creator before it is too late.