Tawakul And Self-Confidence

Ismail Kamdar


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The speaker discusses the concept of the worker, which is the one who trusts the person and takes care of them. The worker is not a reward, but rather a way of earning risk. The worker is not a person who wants to work harder, but rather a way of earning money to live a life of satisfaction.

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Link to color is the concept of the worker, the worker means to trust Allah. And again, some people have the wrong understanding of the worker, they think that I can sit back, do nothing, and Allah will take care of me. Maybe he will. But there's no reward in that, right? If somebody sits back does nothing. And Allah takes care of them by sending charity in a way, the person giving the charity is rewarded by Allah, and the person receiving the charity and being lazy, is sinful for not fulfilling the obligation of earning risk. Right. So what is the correct understanding of the worker to correct understanding of tawakkol is that it is my responsibility to work hard, it is my

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responsibility to go out there and earn my risk. And then if I do that, Allah will take care of me and my family, and I will be rewarded for my hard work right in this world and the next. And so the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said,

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that we should be like the birds, they leave in the morning, and they return home with their food, meaning we should wake up in the morning and go to work. And then we come back home, Allah will give us our rescue, give us what we need for that day. And so believe in tawakkol. And this whole concept of work, it builds your confidence, because you are now not worried about society, you're not worried about money, you're not worried about poverty, you're not worried about where I'm going to get one secure my family from, rather, you have firm belief, that because I work hard, because I do my best, because I am someone who is trying my best to unwell, Allah will take care of me and my

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family. And this belief, it creates a sense of contentment and peace in the heart. And so we go to work every day, feeling peaceful and content, knowing that because I am working hard, Allah is going to take care of me. And when you have this concept of tawakkol, you will find yourself experiencing miracles from Allah subhanho wa Taala. You know, Allah will provide you with what you need when you need it, even if you did not expect to get it in a certain way. Right? So for example, you may need a car, but you're working hard, and you're just unable to save up enough money to get that car. And I don't know where you know, some you inherit some money, which is exactly enough to buy that car.

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Where does this come from? This is Allah's gift to you for working hard, right? And so we must have the sense of the worker, and it will lead to miracles, it will lead to do as being answered, it will lead to us living a life where our needs are always met. So again, what is the worker, the worker means to work hard, while trusting that Allah is going to take care of you and your family, because you are making the effort because you are working hard, right? And if we do this, then we can be confident in the fact that Allah is taking care of us. And this will help us to work even harder to do even better in our jobs, and to be people of Assam, people of excellence and perfection, whatever

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we do, knowing that the harder I work, the more you're going to be want me in this world and the next