Instilling Confidence in the Youth

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The lack of certainty among young people leads to negative consequences, including negative impact on personal and professional lives. It's important to take responsibility and grow rather than giving up, as it is a result of weakness and loss of success. It's crucial to persevere and find a good companion, and to avoid giving up. It's also important to work towards change and find a good partner, avoiding distraction, and not give up.

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Hua was the Ramadan Latino stuffer Susana Allah say he did also they were hard to Milan via la early hilus. Kia was having to clear my bed.

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earlier in the talk show The Nasir was speaking about the confidence and the resolve of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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I'm assuming maybe one of the reasons why shahada Nasir brought this up is because in our community, this is a trait that is almost absent among young folks. There's no certainty there's no direction.

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Earlier today I went to my kids, that little Quran madrasa where they go to memorize the Quran. And the chef asked me to share a few words with the students. They're all young kids 10 years old, or something like this. And I share something with him that I I've shared a few times today. And since my kids have been with me all day, they've been hurt. They've been hearing me say this, but why not share it again, because I think there might be light in it.

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I explained to these kids that there is a difference between being young being a child and being an adult.

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When a child is still young before they reach adulthood, they live a life where everyone does everything for them.

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When it's solo time, someone has to come and tell them it's not our time. When it's food time, the parents will shout it's time for a meal. So they'll come down for food. The parents will have to remind them Did you take a shower this week? So go take a shower, did you cut your nails, okay, go cut your nails. Did you apply some fragrance? Okay, apply some fragrance.

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Someone has to wake the child up in the morning the child or generally won't wake up on its own. Similarly, after the child wakes up, the parents have to remind the child that you brush your teeth today. And then after that, when it comes time for food, someone has to prepare the food. When it comes time to put their clothes on, someone has to wash those clothes and prepare them. Someone has to take them to the school or Mother Teresa, and so on. There are people around them that keep them on track and take care of them a part of adulthood is relieving all of those people and taking your own responsibility for everything.

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We're not no one is responsible of waking you up anymore. No one's responsible of washing your clothes and ironing them that's on you.

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If you are 20 years old, and your mother is still ironing your clothes, it's a shame. You should be doing that by now on your own. You should have the skill set and the ability to prepare food for yourself. If you're a 20 year old young man, even though your mother may choose to cook for you.

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This is a part of maturity, it's a part of growing up that you learn to let go of all of those people that are pushing you all those people that are guiding you.

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The downside to having people continuously providing for you

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is that it's easy to take them for granted.

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And when someone takes something for granted, they become entitled to it. So I'll notice with my kids that when they'll come back from Mother Teresa, because their mom packs the lunch for them. They'll say mama, you didn't put enough jam or you didn't put enough peanut butter or you gave him the sandwich, you didn't give me the sandwich a lot of complaints. Because they feel that that's their right. They've forgotten to realize that this meal that was prepared for them and pack for them was purely that out of kindness of their mother. Are you guys following what I'm saying here? So now we have a whole generation of young men and women but since I'm talking to young guys, why

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not right?

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Who haven't taken control of their own lives and taking on the responsibilities that are due on them.

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They're waiting for someone else to come and take care of their needs. Someone else will come and motivate me to come to the masjid. Someone else will teach me and guide me the harms of you know, being intoxicated or being high, someone else will motivate me that I should go and do my homework, someone else will come and teach me how to be a good friend or a good son. We're waiting for other people to do everything without realizing that that onus now that we are adults lies on who

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lies on us. It lies on us. And if a person doesn't, then they are accountable with Allah subhanahu wa Tada. Right, you don't get to blame other people. Yes, when a young man comes and says that I've you know, someone comes and says I had a friend that left Islam. So there's obviously a part of internal reflection that that sucks. What could the Muslim community have done to, you know, do better with retaining the emaan of younger folks, but then there's a second side of the story, which is that that was all on you. I didn't tell you to become confident. Did anyone in the measure tell you to leave Islam, that anyone promote gopher in your life? So all the cool free influences that

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existed minus maybe the last push, we're all you're doing? So you don't get to stick that that that sticky pad on my forehead and walk away that I'm the cause of your confidence.

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Every person is accountable.

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their own doings. And this is chronic. This is as chronic as it gets when I tell you to watch it

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now I'm going to close with a hadith Sahih Muslim, Narrated by Abu Huraira the Allah one. It's a very concise narration that it's packed with so much wisdom and guidance. And also the loss of Allahu alayhi wa sallam says, I will move me to avi Hieron wa Hubbell it Allah him in a minute life, that a strong believer is superior and more beloved to Allah than a weak believer. And the reason is because strength is a result of perseverance. A weak person has to endure and go through difficulty continue to persevere for strength to exist, is that right guys? You have to continue to persevere you have to grow. Work on that skill and, and not give up and keep pushing yourself to be a better

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version of yourself. That's how you become superior and you become stronger. However, a suit allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam then continues and says what fee coulomb higher however, in both groups, whether someone is weak or strong, there's good in them there's potential in them because, again, the Hadith identified both as movement and mineral coffee while movement of life that both of them are believers. So there's potential and both of them

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continues in the Hadith and he says, It is Allah MA and Fabrika was staying below Allah dodges three things. Number one, is Allah Mayan folk. Figure out what in life benefits you. Stop waiting for people to come for you. No one needs to invite you to the masjid if you believe in Allah and you believe in standing before Allah, that needs to become a priority on your list. If you understand that you have a body and that body has a right on you and you need to stay healthy. No one needs to come and tell you to go do some cardio and cut back on the doughnuts and go and work out. You got to do all that yourself.

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And figure out what benefits you the Muslim perspective, though is that when you figure out what when you're looking for what benefits you you don't only look at the worldly impact. Rather you look at the impact to that how does this play off in the long run? How does this friendship or how does this relationship how does this interaction impact the day that I stand in front of Allah and there is no veil between myself and Allah. It's just a moment of intimacy between you and your Lord. That is Allah myInfo figured out what benefits you be wise, be intelligent, be observant, vigilant. What benefits me was Stein Villa and then when you take that path, ask Allah to help you. Because the

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human being can only go so far on their own. At the end of the day, we all need to feel in divine guidance from Allah subhana wa Tada. Well, I tell Jasmine when you're on the path Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam says don't give up. Don't quit, don't walk out.

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Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says wait a Saba shaken, fanatical, lonely fall to Kanika waka well I can call other Allah Hua Masha file for in the load after Homina shaytaan. Raja home Muslim. If he said Allahu alayhi wa sallam says enough on the path once you've committed to something, if something happens that you weren't expecting, for example, let's start with the hopeless follow the scenario, right? You were looking for something that benefits you as a young person, you realize that marriage is something that's going to benefit me. Otherwise, I'm putting myself at too much risk spiritually and otherwise, I need someone to confine an endo companion in

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life. So I know this is good for me was Stein Biller, you ask Allah for help? Well, I just you don't give up you keep looking for a good companion, and you find a companion. Now what's very much possible is that after you get married to that person, the marriage may not work out.

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And it's at moments like that, that people begin to question themselves, and they lose confidence in themselves. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is saying that along the way, if something happens, that's very different from what you had originally planned. Don't lose hope in yourself, don't say no any file to Canada that if I had done this, instead of that, that would have been the outcome, where you start playing the if game. Well, I can call rather say that Allah who Mr. Shah file that Allah subhanho wa taala, destined, whatever he willed came true. That's what manifested, right, I can only try in my life and never be shy of trying for in loads of the Who am and the

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shaytaan. Because saying if opens the doors to shaytaan. And that's all that I have to say for today. If I can summarize what I shared with you, take responsibility for yourself.

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If you believe that you can do with improvement, you have to hold yourself accountable. Change won't come until you desire change until you walk towards change. It's very easy for human beings to hide within the shade of other human beings and kind of just go under the radar. But it takes great courage to shut off all the noise and stand in front of the mirror and have a true critical, analytical deep look into your own heart and say, This is where change needs to happen. This is where I need to work. Because at the end of the day, every person sitting here I don't know when it might hit you or if it's honor to hit you or not. Every person here

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including myself. We will stand before our Lord on her own and no one's going to be there. So there really isn't any benefit in hiding us hiding out in someone else's shade. You're going to have to take control of yourself. And change happens best.

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When you initiate it, when you desire it when you seek it, that's when change happens. I'll finish with one last statement and also the loss of a lot of Saddam refers to a heart covered in darkness. There's one famous How do you think that will fit that in Muscat? We're gonna be sort of loves them talks about there are two types of hearts. There are those hearts that repel fitna and then there are those that accept fitna like when shaitan whispers to them there are those that openly fight against and every time they openly fight against it. Allah blesses that

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that that heart with nude with light and as a result of that nude method or coffee cup method is suffer maybe it's also says that person's heart becomes like sofa sofa refers to a shiny and very slippery surface stone kind of like

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what's the counter?

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Marble? Yeah, marble, like marble, you know, either use marble and countertops is because if something falls on there, what do they do guys? Swan soup and it's clean again. That's how that person's heart becomes that no fitness sticks. No fitna claims it just goes off. And then maybe some talks about the other person whose heart is susceptible to fit and then opened up, their heart becomes very dark and ashy. Right? And then at the end of it, and if you saw some compares that heart to methanol, Calbuco, methanol cuse? Me, Julian, Julian, both readings of it may be so subtle talks about their heart being like a cruise a container, which is flipped upside down. When you have

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a person's heart that's flipped upside down. And you try to pour water into it. What's gonna happen to that water folks?

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That's the problem. Everyone comes in says that, you know, oh, I have so and so friend that's on drugs, or he's got a bad problem. And he's disrespectful. He's abusive. How do I fix him. And the truth is, you can't fix them, unless they want to be fixed. If they don't want it, you can't do anything. They're examples like a container that's upside down. All you can do is keep nudging them and ask them and turn the container over, trying to open open it up. Let us pour something in there. But if they don't want it, like I was talking about the atheists example earlier on, then there's nothing that could be done.

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And that's why many Allah ma they say that Gopher, in reality is

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a result of enormous amount of gibberish

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that it's a lot of pride that builds up and it builds up and it builds up. And hence, it's one of the right one of the source sins that we must be able to that must that we must avoid. hideway Allah subhanho wa Taala except it was a pleasure being here. I'm really happy to see all the folks from all over the state and outside of the state.

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Hopefully we all benefit from Sheldon OSERS session and our dear beloved Imam and staff Murad and others that have put this together may Allah smile that acceptance in places and your views on Asana well said Allah when I say that Mohammed ceremony in

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he wants to label this NEMA

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in Allah Nina you know Allah.

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Allah will feed through Nia or laughing or auntie

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mother movie.

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What levena You do? Meanie now? Mina TV a while at MCC this phone call.

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Dad Oh, man movie