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The transcript describes a person who became a smokingman and eventually became a smokingman. They discuss various topics related to Islam, including the importance of acceptance of new ways of doing things, the use of cream sauce, and the use of a trench to prevent enemy attacks. They also mention a single incident where a man was a simple person and killed himself, but do not provide context for the cause of the incident.

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah May Allah be Avada a mavado favela, Tony Rajim smilla rahmanir rahim while Pooja was gotten in about

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sort of colonialism,

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idea respected elders and brothers from time to time we speak about various how Vikram did one

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with the intention of gaining lessons from the life and today I would like to speak to you about a very amazing Sahabi whose life is full of lessons and it is an extra ordinary life and there is at salmaan FRC raviolo Farsi means he comes from Persia. So, Sal mundo de la Toronto was from Persia, and he came from a span. His father was a very well known and wealthy personality. And he had a great amount of love for salamander the ultra because of that love, he kept him like a prisoner in his house. He never allowed him to go anywhere. And they were fire worshippers they used to worship the fire and do because of worshipping the fire salamander, the ultra who was the one who used to

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look after the fire that people used to worship

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as miracle Sushant Sahaba kabara monkey Zindagi or sama cassava milta Escobar ma Bianca, nottoway, Samana, Farsi, Farsi Kamala ba kale forest Karina, or what is pancetta on Cujo Walid hora, Medusa Yata K. Artist cada disco posted a discovery by the karate war on key Scimitar on Kissimmee direita, or monkey Wallace October a Mashhad meter, or mohabbat ki wajah, se Wasserman cookie by Johnny data, one cookie cutter.

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Now salamander, the ultimate was in that particular way. He was a fire worshiper, he was all the time because his father loved him, kept him like a prisoner didn't allow him to go anywhere one day, for some reason he went out, right because of a reason his father sent him he went out, he passed by a Christian church, when he passed by a Christian citizen if we go and see what's happening, so he saw that they were worshipping, and he liked the way of worshipping. Now, undoubtedly, at that time before Islam, that was the revealed religion, if people were following it, according to the Salah salat wa salam, and he liked the way of worship. So he started saying that this is a very beautiful

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way of worshipping it is better than our way of worshipping. So he became impressed. And when his father came to know about it, his father tied him up, kept him more as a prisoner didn't allow him to go anywhere, tied his leg up and didn't allow him to go anyway, started, you know, persecuting him in salmaan kisi come to sinceramente si Girija Mitchell area or on k tariqah Baraka person for Maya for best possible Santa Clara. Yay hamara must have said Dr. Bob Pooja pata chala God started persecuting. Now I'm trying to get the two together English. Mashallah. So let's see if we get the right formula. So now when salamander the Allahu anhu came to know that the headquarters of

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Christianity at that time was Philistine, Sham, the greater area of Sham, so he decided and he told the people there and anyone is going to Sham anyone who's going to Palestine tell me I will join them. I will somehow or the other make my way out from that particular being a president I will join him. They gave him the message someone is going to shout someone who's going to Palestine, someone who's been to Jerusalem. So Samantha Viola who joined him, he somehow the other freed himself from his father's prisoner being a prisoner, and he joined them. And now he started going and he came to sham. So in this way, he immediately came to where the center of Christianity was at that time, it

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was nearby Jerusalem, that they will say, yeah, Salamanca, Pataki, Sayaka, Marcus, chama Toki cetera, gets a nickel Kershaw, Mangia. Now when he came there, he first went to the most famous Bishop, the famous famous famous priest, and he said that let me go there. So he went to this one particular priest, and we came to him he stayed with him.

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He stayed with him. But then he realized that this particular priest is corrupt.

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He is corrupt, he is taking people's money and is keeping it for himself. He's telling people give for the church and keep for the poor. And while they are giving, he's keeping it for himself. He's not giving out to the poor, but he still remained there. And this is a very important lesson I will come to it, I will tell you. So when you when the people when he passed away, the people came to give him an honorable barrier. So Selman said what honorable burial given this man he is a tour, he is a thief. He said, What do you mean? He said, come and show you. He took them where he kept all the gold and silver in the wealth. And when they saw that, they became disgusted, they didn't even

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give him a proper funeral. Right now What lesson do we learn from you? Very important lesson. I've heard many people say, look at the religious class of people. Look at how they carry one. Look at this Mufti, look at this molana. But if you are sincere, someone else's wrong mustn't deter you from seeking the truth. He wanted the truth. It didn't deter him. He continued looking for the truth. And you'd be surprised when where he went after that. He didn't say that this particular religious person is corrupt. Therefore, why must I go and follow the truth? Why must I go and follow righteousness? He continued. He started looking further and he went where and where to go look for

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the truth to see what went away.

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Patrick a pacifier or bottle a little bit but kita Luca Sokka Kahoot Laila Tata changed into a car what are some of the allowed on booster Chugga chugga hockey talaash or hockey just to do math? He said me Yeah, but that'll

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suck up. kisi ko come kartha Hua decade ferebee hockey talaash Jerry Rocky, cabana curry

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or Allah tala damiana. App haco aka telesco JIRA. So then he went to various different places. What an amazing journey yet. You know better historians have made mentioned that sermon FRC rarely allowed to reach the age of 250 years.

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And that's all in volume. So he went to this particular person. And he said, Show me another person. So he went to another person. And there he is met a person who was very pious. And the words of Selma is this.

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Anyone who didn't read five times daily salad, I never saw a person more nobler than this person who didn't read five times. He said that he was not a Muslim. He was not reading five times salad. But according to his religion, he was a noble person. I stayed with him until when he was on his deathbed. I said now where must I go? He said go to Mosul. Now ways Mosul ways. That time way, Syria ways. Mosul. Mosul is now in northern Iraq. He went to a person stayed there. When that person passed away, was about on his deathbed. He said, Tell me another place where I must go. He said go to Mississippi, where is a CPA in Yemen? This is how you look for the truth. If you are sincerely

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looking for the truth, this is how you will go about it. You won't say that this particular Mawlana gave me this but why he's like this or he's like that. You will continue looking for the truth. Will you find it? And so he went to

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that person was also on his deathbed. He said tell me to go somewhere else. Where is another person I might go? He told him go to Maria. Maria was part of the Roman Empire. It was near. You know, it is where today is turkey near the Roman near Rome. He went to Maria. So where he went from his home in in Persia is fine. He went to Syria from Syria. He went to Mosul, from Mosul in Iraq, he went to Yemen from Yemen he went to the northern buy to the Bicentennial province near Nero in the India Turkey. In this is was his whole particular way of how we're up near the deal, didn't give me or hockey juice to zoom in Mosul. Iraq was in the CB was Maria or putnika, hockey sfakia. Bill after

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Maria concha he immediately came to Maria this person also was a very pious person, when he was about to pass away someone said tell me where must I go now for the truth. So he told him he said there is nowhere else in the world I can refer you to a pious person. All of them have gone however it is a time of the last name of allah tala to come. The last maybe of Allah Allah is gonna come, he is going to color a city which will have date pumps, there will be between two volcanic rocks and mountains and there are a few signs of ease, he will have very good luck. He will have very good conduct and he will not accept Sarika but you will accept hadiya gift and they will be the Son and

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the seal of prophethood between his two shoulder blades. Right so this one he told him to build after Memorial a pawn shop to a room to the Caribbean to take part

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on commercial radio ads dounia Miko shocks Tessa back in a just a minute. Just a minute to come

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up maybe after Samantha worked well

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or Dina Ibrahim

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Allah Mata Houma Salama, Kalamata Kaku, Kaku,

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Kaku, carita, Allah la comida or shanaka darmian Marina moto.

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To he when he heard this, he said, I'm gonna go now to Arabia. So some of the other he had money he paid money to say take me to Arabia on the way. They took the money and they sold him in slavery. They sold him in slavery. When they sold him in slavery. He that person who bought him purchased him sold him to his nephew, that nephew, he was staying in Madina munawwara

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so salmaan FRC reveal Otto comes into Madina munawwara when he sees Medina, he sees the dead pump. He said this is perhaps the place which I have been searching for the truth for so long. Right But the person who had purchased him, he was a very great tyrant and an oppressive master. He made him work tremendously. But so far Cynthia Loughton, who stays with him for some time, Bill after

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a bola Monica aka houdek he had Madeira Pecha Kucha Decker kokeshi you humans dilemma.

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You hate Mexicans, lm? Absolutely. So then one day he was sitting and working on the date farm, he was working on a date palm when this his master's other nephew or his relative came and said, I don't know what has gone wrong with the people of Medina,

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Medina Morocco kiya hoga what has gone wrong with the people of Medina, they have become obsessed and they have loved the person who says his

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hand salmaan said I was sitting on the day three picking up dates and I realized this this is the reason for which I made so much of suffer this all my my effort was for this and when he saw this he said I nearly fell down from the tree. This is the reason why I was I struggled so far and wide. So he said I came down and as a person who is a person

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he said my master gave me one hard slip and said you can continue doing your work What are you worried with regard to Allah C'mon Zurich as a caribou alum said Allahu Allah Silla Medina testify the next day as a Samana Farsi went to novia cream sauce put in front of him certain cuckoo and he said this is set up your people are hungry they're poor have the silica I brought the senator maybe a cream sauce into the people who eat I would eat salmon cashew paste Yeah, he said okay, maybe a cream sauce lemon savoca Apple Smith and our for my mini conda first first sign of number. The next day he brought the door and he said yeah, maybe a cream sauce lamb Nadia Coca Cola.

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He started eating from the second sign of the word. The after salmaan FRC used to follow nebia cream sauce. One day nebia cream salsa was intended for but it wasn't the other bucket. Right? So he went behind maybe a cream sauce. So when he went behind the cream sauce and lemon sauce them realize you're looking for something, sir man, what are you looking for? Are you looking for more? So maybe a cream sauce them to cut his quota and he saw it.

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And he fell down? And he cried in front of the vehicle himself. And himself sort of told him stand up. We don't do these type of things. Tell me your story. He told a story he said come and tell us about your story. How far you went in search of truth. And eventually he came

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he came in front of Nova Crimson Allahu Allah wa sallam and he accepted Islam. And when he accepted Islam, he was still now he was still asleep. So maybe a cream sauce and I'm told him going by your freedom for him by your freedom from your slave master. So the Master said I will give you your freedom. If you plan 300 date trees and it starts growing and you give me 40 ounces of gold.

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So now this was no easy thing. Firstly, when you plant the trees the ratio of every take three getting the date is very slim. The ratio is very slim, maybe a cream sauce I'm told a Sahaba go and help you go and dig 300 trees or 300 trees go and plant and everyone brings seedlings for the date palm some bought 10 some for 15 sometimes 20 got 380,000 said No one must plant an icon.

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So let me a cream sauce lemon to plant the 300 trees. Some years back people who used to go for Sierra they used to Quincy rose trees. It was still it was still on its place some 50 years back

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So, then when they planted it in a very short period of time it started coming out. So the one aspect with regard to gaining freedom was depth. So he was looking for the goal one day some goal came to

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him so some sideways your question friend call him giving this. He purchases freedom. Now what it tells us, Cajun Navy Crimson lawless alumna, once a khaki volante, Kiana apne aka como How is that Decker as a de hassle Chrome team so kajioka Dora are Charlie's opia sonepar mom lattakia Muslim Sahaba Crimean community who secure patata musalman washery no Muslim ko ferrata delizia

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Jessie Sahaba Kramnik, Mancha Azadi Kenya

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What do we learn from you? If a new Muslim comes into our our society? We don't keep him away from him. We help him the way the Sahaba helps a man when he became free. I challenge you How do we how do we help the people who have become reverts? Do we give them that support that Sahaba Trump gives up support to Selma FRC? here to here for the sake of his freedom here to climb 300 trees Sahaba all of them put their shoulder to the wheel and they help him put up the 300 trees. If a non Muslim comes into our society, we are supposed to help him. We are supposed to try and get him to become settled. This is the lesson I'm not only speaking about sermons great work, we need to learn need to

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learn lessons from you. This is how you know somani facility LaDonna became part of the Muslim community. Then at a time came into entire tribes of Arabia came to attack Madina munawwara via cream sauce them didn't have enough force to to to to repel them. So said What must we do? Sir manifest sera de la toma said dig a trench. dig a trench and the Sahaba cram in Libya cream sauce them except that it now what we learned from here two very important lessons, innovation and pragmatism. Something that we don't have today. One is something new comes up you don't as rejected. This is not our way. When I was soufiane came in he saw the trench he said this is not the way our

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way out of spite. Yeah. Yeah, to Hana. He said Neela. But maybe a cream sauce them accepted it maybe saw some Delta trench. So if there's something new that comes in, it is beneficial. You accept it, you don't become stagnant. No, we won't accept it. This is the way of the worker himself. And the second aspect is pragmatism, you didn't have enough force to repel the enemy, you took defensive measures. Now there's one particular aspect of being idealistic, maybe a cream sauce that was pragmatic. He turns in a hopper head to hammering, he knew that he was outnumbered he took a defensive mechanism. So we learn these type of things. That's why I have men up in a majority attack

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yonder codegen or he has a killer corner subak data, Ki hum jumuah code toward a well near theological

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Jamaat question. We don't only become stagnant, we accept new ways. We accept new inventions. And then while they were digging the trench, because now salmaan gave this particular type of mushara and he gave this view. So everyone said sermon is part of a smarter and said here Mr. sermon Mr. Mohan hiromasa are on 70 kaya ancyra Mr. Tony via Karim Salalah nica Selma, Selma Mina Mina Helene Beit Selma up Messina here Atmos in a bit messy, he's part of my family, this is the way segmanta the ultimate became in in in searching the truth what a very great person he became. I have so many incidents Now, time has already elapsed. Let me make mention of one incident he was a very simple

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person. So simple nasm made him the governor of meridian in Iraq. He eventually passed away in Midian. Right, in one day because he was so simple. He was outside some visitors and travelers were coming they saw him he was so you know, simply dressed. They said come in help us we know you've perhaps you look like a porter come and help us with our goods. So he started carrying the goods. When he came into material. Everyone said

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Mr. Governor, Mr. Governor, this person felt a shame. He said Did I give the goods to pick up to a governor? He said Why didn't you tell me you are the governor.

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Governor is picking up the today we become local but someone we feel we can do anything. A governor is picking up and helping people. But despite that, and I will conclude with this one incident and that is that one day salamander the ultimate Buddha was very close. So one day he came to

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his house with maybe a cream sauce limit paid them together and they were very close. So you saw the wife was dressed so cheveley not worried the house was not clean nothing. So So man said What is this omega? Why are you so shepley and look at how

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The house is looking so much better.

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So man, what must I do to beautify the house or myself? Your brother a Buddha has gotten no love for this dunya he has got no love for this dunya he doesn't care about this dunya he's got no inclination towards me or towards anything Salma be allowed to know when, when a Buddha came, he wanted to he said, he told him you eat, I bought rose. I said, No, you're gonna eat with me. I'm not gonna eat till you eat. So he started eating. Then after a time of research and he said, No, you're not gonna make a budget first you will first look after your wife. Then you sleep then you get up in the latter portion of the morning. So then they went to maybe a cream sauce. Whenever your cream

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sauce lamb hurt both sides of the argument. What did he tell? How did he tell me?

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In the manikarnika College, sad colic aqualisa colloca. Your wealth is right upon you. Your wife has a right upon you. Your environment is right upon you. Your wealth is going fulfill all of this right? I would never be allowed

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to say amen. Yes, sir Quinta de nordonia met tawassul tawassul Bruckner Casa de de de the dean Dean or dunya Mehta was on ravnica about the time Islam gives us the lesson of keeping a balance between Deen and dunya doesn't mean you become Tyndale you forget your responsibilities.

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As a manufacturer, they allow travel and he continued and he passed away in May Allah subhanho wa Taala

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May Allah tala he was a topic of taking lessons from his Mubarak and bless his life.