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Are we live in Michigan, Illinois, James Miller Manor human family law horribly alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah. mousseline, syedna Mohammed Ali, he was

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a beloved brothers and sister Mr. Malik, Mohammed library casual, just like a hater. Thank you so much for joining us. This is episode number 30 of our series The blood of women around the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Alhamdulillah we praise Allah for allowing us to reach this milestone for being together for these 30 episodes. And we hope and we pray that Allah subhanaw taala accepts from us the efforts from our sides, and forgive us for the shortcomings. And then it was of benefit to those who have received it. We thank you for your support. We'll hamdulillah and the entire team in Islam that put so much effort into bringing this material across Allah subhanaw

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taala reward you and your families as well at hamdulillah. I mean, we were talking about our mother God yet bintan Hadith. And by now we've reached eight personalities or eight wives the prophets of Salaam and we've got to go. And again, the last to recap all the time. We began with Khadija and then we spoke about soda. I mean, we had Ayesha would have saw we had zaner been hoceima we had on selama. We had Xena vintage ash. And now we have Julia, our mother Julia beetle Holly, we mentioned last week how she was a princess. She was the daughter of the chieftain of the monometallic. And he was an enemy to Islam. He wanted to attack the Muslims, but the prophets of Salaam became aware of

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his plans and the provinces gave a preemptive strike of attack the bananas phallic first, and she became a prisoner of war and the process of negotiated with her that instead of she had a choice to either be set free, or to marry the prophets of Salaam, and she accepted to be his wife. And when she did that her entire tribe was it free, but Sahaba her father then comes forward and he embraces Islam as well. And he is made the chief of of his tribe once again. I mean, just so we sit through this marriage funnel, as I just said, that our mother Sophia, mother, God or other that just that she was of most benefit to a tribe, but this marriage between her and the Prophet Salaam, turning

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the entire time, that was an enemy of Islam, they became the allies of the Muslims and they became supporters Obviously, I'm and of course, they were saved from the fight of Gangnam. We sit in terms of a personality, I share the military saw our mother Julia is is the minute I saw her, I saw the sweetness, he used the word, he was sweet. He was cute. She was adorable. Basically, she carried herself in this manner. And at the minute that he saw he said I hated her because I knew the processor number also see in her these good qualities. So Alhamdulillah we got to speaking about our mother Julia, and we'll talk more about perhaps in this episode or next week, but today we want to

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discuss a side note and a very controversial area. In this discussion. Of course, in this topic, we speaking about about jihad, we find that the Muslims attacks a tribe, the Muslims defeat the tribe, and the people and the property is taken as prisoner of war, even the children are taken as as captives. And for us as Muslims is a very awkward kind of discussion. Why would Allah subhanho wa Taala was most merciful allowed us why would the prophets of Salaam permit this what do we say about this? So to begin, and this is of course, just an introduction or small comments with regards to much broader topic in terms of jihad. Jihad of course means to struggle or to strive. And we are

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always in the state of jihad, meaning we are always struggling against our enough's against ourselves, this internal jihad, the battle between truth and falsehood between doing the right thing of being truthful, being good in your business to as a husband as a father staying away from temptations, this is all part of the Jihad the struggle of enough's. Of course, the is a physical type of jihad a, the wolfi, the qatal, the Jihad of fighting, which is, of course legislated in the Sharia. So let's talk a little bit about that. To understand jihad, we always need to remember and Allah subhanaw taala mentioned this in the Quran in surah, Medina surah, number 16, verses eight and

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nine, we Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that is always preferable as Islam where religion of peace, and we always prefer peace, jihad or physical warfare is the last option. We never ever go to warfare unless it's unavoidable. And this is basically every country on Earth has an army. If we can tear on Earth, no matter how peaceful they are. We understand that in the world, they are dangerous, they are threats, and you have to prepare yourself for this inevitability. And if you are threatened and you are attacked, then it is only responsible, it's the right thing to do to defend yourself. A father will have to defend this family if they're being attacked. A country has to defend its

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citizens and Islam is the same but if you're being attacked or you undertake, then of course then you have physical recourse or physical warfare to defend yourself. So last month is lion How come a lion letting a lamb your quality lucam with Dini, welcome up to come Mindy ericom and room to cozy to allow him to very clearly says he does not forbid you. From those meetings. He does not forbid you from having alliances.

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Having friendship having good relationships, intimate relationships with those who do not fight you because of your deen, they don't hate you because you're Muslim, and they don't take you out of your land, they don't take you, your rights, your property, your wealth. So Allah says, For people who are peaceful with you, they live in peace with you, then we should have a room that you be righteous, you'll be good. You give them kind treatment, what to say to him, and you treat them justly and fairly. So whatever the religion, whoever they worship, what they do, so long as they are peaceful people, then you reciprocate that as a Muslim, you live peacefully with him. And I'll

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continue to enjoy him one more thing that Allah loves those who are just and those who are fleeing. So this is the default basis in Islam, any nation, any tribe, any group of people, that does not hate us for our religion, and they don't take our land and our property and our family and they don't harm us. And we don't have our dounia that we live peacefully with him, this might be your neighbor, you might find yourself in a non Muslim country, surrounded by non Muslims, the people that live in by and large 99.9% of the people, they live really and peacefully with us, we as Muslims are required, yes, I in the Quran, to treat those non Muslims around us with equal kind,

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just respectful treatment, irrespective of the religion, then Allah continues. However, Allah forbids us from having close alliances and close relationships with those that caught our lucuma they kill you, they fight you, because of your religion, they replace you with regards to your faith, and what you can do that they push you out of your lands, they take your homes, they take your properties, they harm your family, and drive you from your homes and support in driving you out and they help others, they give weapons and they support others against you. So if you have a country or a tribe, so we talked back in the day in time, the person, they were tribes who lived

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peacefully with the Muslims, the Muslims live peacefully with them. You had those tribes who were at war with the Muslims that any opportunity they got, they try to invade Medina, they tried to harm the Muslims, they tried to kill the Muslims simply because they said La Ilaha Illa, Allah says these kind of people, you cannot have relationships with them, and also those who support them. So you have any allies who support our enemies, we should not have a relationship with him, either. So this is our default position. We are at peace, unless you attack us. And then we defend ourselves. And this is a very reasonable thing. Then once if peace wanna life peace is not possible. So we have

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like the kurush, it was impossible to live with him in peace. You have certain regimes in the world, our brothers in Burma, mala make it easy for them, no matter how much they die, there is no way that they can live in peace with an oppressive regime like that. So what do we do? If it comes to an ultimately it leads to the state of warfare that now Jihad becomes a requirement now you have to defend yourself. Of course, if someone is going to attack you, as a Muslim, you need to defend yourself. So now there are specific rules of jihad. And it's a very technical area of jihad, jihad is not something for you. Or for me, it is something for the leadership for them to decide and

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determine when is the appropriate time to declare jihad. And as we said, very, very strict rules and regulations. Once Jihad has become now compulsory, once we are now at war, so we said we try to live in peace and we try to negotiate peacefully, if that's not possible. And now Jihad comes about the rules of engagement, even in warfare, even when we fighting, we have to be the base of people the prophets of Salaam says that when you sloten animal or when you fight jihad, when you're fighting the enemy, you have to practice as an SI means the highest level of etiquette and respect. So the property is telling you some of those lm in everything you do, even when you fighting the enemy, you

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must as a Muslim default is that of a sign, most respect, and key and kindness and gentleness even in fighting, we, as Muslims have to remember those attributes. And this was very beautifully articulated by signal microbiologic. When the Muslim armies had left Medina, he gave them very strict rules, very strict rules and SubhanAllah. Even today, the most peaceful, and the most respectable armies on earth don't have rules like this abubaker attempt to advise the companions of Sahaba when they went out in jihad, that we as Muslims, when we fight the enemy, even though they want to kill us, even if they want to harm us and our families, and they will want to completely

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massacre us. When we have the upper hand. We do not kill old people. We do not kill children. We do not kill women, any person who does not want to fight, we don't harm them, anyone who's in their homes, we leave them, even the churches, the places of worship, we do not harm the churches of all places. You don't harm the churches, the temples, the synagogues, you don't destroy these places. So then obviously, by extension, any other homes and factories and these kind of things, businesses, we don't harm the society.

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We don't damage these places for unnecessary reasons, not even the animals, not even the trees are allowed to be cut down as vanilla. I don't think there's a single country on Earth, that when they drop a bomb, leave something written down, but to the best of their ability, we should avoid these being, being harmed animals being harmed, misusing our Sharia, even the dead. We know from our Sharia, that is haram. We as Muslims, we do not mutilate the dead bodies that if our enemies who came to attack us, we kill them, they died in the middle of the warfare, we give that dead body the respect it deserves, we return the body to the families without any mutilation. Even though they do

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this to us, we don't reciprocate. This is Han Allah, the way in which a Muslim practices this Jihad and a consequence of warfare, so I had a discussion with somebody. And they were saying, You know what? Islam, you say that is a religion of peace. But in reality, if you look at it in the back in the day, the Romans they would fight and conquer areas, and they would conquer lands, and they would oppress people. And then when the Romans were weak, it was the Persians turn, and the Chinese and the Muslims, and then the Europeans colonial power, the Dutch, the Spanish, and so on and so forth in America is basically powers of today, the Soviets in the United States, they basically following

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this is how the game goes, the power that is in charge, they will extend that power, and through warfare, they will conquer lands, and they will take resources. So Islam is basically the same as Muslims, you also had an empire. And in fact, in realities we did, we had an empire panela that was from Spain and Portugal, in the West, from the Atlantic Ocean in the West, that sticks all the way to China, Indonesia, Philippines in the east of the Pacific Ocean. This was a Muslim state and a Muslim, not really an empire because we don't have a concept of an emperor. But this was the Muslim Caliphate, if we will that extend it to this this level. And my response was that, yes, well, you

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had a large Empire. Our objective was not the same objective like the colonizer or the empires of old. The objective was to conquer land, and to control resources for us as Muslims. It is never about taking land and resources. Rasulullah Solomon's objective was not to expand his empire. It was to really conquer the hearts of the people on that land, that when Islam went to a new country, we didn't care about the resources and the land of that area. Our objective is to win over the hearts of people. The colonizer. On the other hand, he sees the people on the continent, the people, the Native Americans, they are an obstacle, we want to get rid of them, so that we can enjoy the

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resources. Our objective is different. We want to see the hearts of the people of that land and bring them to Islam. And of course, you cannot force a heart into submission to Allah La Ilaha Deen, you can't force somebody to worship Allah. So therefore we need to win those hearts over through love through mercy. This is the objective really, why Islam sweet? Why should the objective why Islam spreads. In fact, the prophets of Salaam as we know, very early in his mission, the Quraysh offered him, you know, offered him power, money, kingship, they said, you know, Mohammed, we don't have a king. But if this religion, you've invented this division, so that you can become the king

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for power, then we will make you the king, we the Arabs, we will make you our king, we don't have to, but you will be the first king of all of us, and you will rule over us. If you want money, then we will put all our money together and give it to you. If you want women, maybe you want women, then you look at all our wives, you take whichever woman you want, she will be used even our children's panela. They said maybe you want children look at the our sons we will give you our sons and our daughters and you can have them for you. The prophets of Salaam Of course, like what was his response, he said, even if you gave me the sun in my right hand, the moon in my left hand, who will

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defend me against Allah subhanaw taala, I will not give up this religion. This is not me looking to acquire dounia rewards. All I'm doing is conveying a message of Allah, our job as Muslims not to conquer the world, or to impose our religion on anyone else at all it is to share our religion. And it is for that person we invite and we call and it's for that person to accept or not to accept, as for land and power as the prophecy to say lemma and can the Muslim or the liar who say Lama was invited to Islam. And he said to the prophet SAW Selim, how will you accept outcome a Muslim and my tribe will follow me, but we divide the world in half. So you take off of the world, the half of

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Arabia, I take the other half. So in his mind, he saw religion as a means of power, he's going to use the religion to take power. So he said it also later and he said from Mashallah the prophet of a liability as a prophet, Muhammad, the prophet of Allah leads divide the spoils of equally and we've come in, we become allies, you take your house, I take my house, and let's be like that. So the prophet of Islam responded to him.

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From Mohammed, the prophet of Allah toamasina, Meghalaya, verily all of the world belongs to Allah and he gives it to him he wants, he will Allah gives it to the Muslims today, Allah gives it to someone else tomorrow. This has nothing to do with me and you this is everything, wealth and power belongs to Allah and our religion, spreading our religion is something totally different from that. Our religion, we said, is not about expanding the Muslim Empire. But it's to expand the hearts and to bring more people to the worship of Allah subhanaw taala in a manner in a manner through love, and cooling and invitation. So this is, this is what the difference is, I said, between the Islamic

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empire, inverted commas, and the old empires and the colonizers of the past, naturally, with Jihad with warfare, people will die. Naturally, some people will be taken prisoner, there'll be taken captives. And in the past, when a tribe was defeated, now they didn't have countries, you basically were protected by your tribe. in Arabia. If you think of the Arabian situation 1400 years ago, it was, it was like the Wild West, you had a family, a tribe and they defended each other. One time we try to attack and take the wealth from the animals and the people. And if we didn't have a tribe to defend you, basically you were eaten up and swallowed by a bigger tribe. It was like gang warfare

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toughs. So in one tribe was defeated, the entire property got absorbed and taken in by the winner. This was the norm. This was what the Romans, the Persians, everyone did, that the Christians, the Jews, every single group of people did that. Now with Islam. War has now become legitimate has become legislated in certain instances, as we said, what do we do with the prisoners of war? What do we do with those that have been taken as captive? Again, Islam gives very, very strict regulations in how we treat prisoners of war. Islam, perhaps, is the very first system on earth that actually put down a set of rules, how you treat the prisoners of war, Allah subhanaw taala actually revealed

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the verses to the prisoners of what Allah says, Yeah, you will never be Oh messenger of Allah. Say to those captives who you have taken in your hands, they came and they fought you. They've lost. Now they are your prisoner. say to them, what does Allah say to them? If Allah finds in your hearts, goodness, if there's any goodness in your heart, oh, captives, they know Allah will give you something better than what you have lost. And Allah will also forgive you. Now, who are these people? These are the people that came to attack the Muslims came to kill the children of the Muslims came to kill Rasulullah saw Salah they lost and now they are in jail. Allah says to them,

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what has been taken from you, if you are good people, Allah will give you better and Allah will also forgive you for Allah is oft forgiving, Most Merciful even to you, oh, enemies of Islam or enemies, even to you. Allah says, Most Merciful. So now that we have prisoners of war, what do we do? In reality, you know, in the modern world that we live in, there's this thing called the third Geneva Convention. Now, mankind sadly, we've been killing each other for 1000s and 1000s of years. And may Allah grant us to stop fighting and killing one another. As we sit as a default Islam. War is not what we want. We don't want warfare, and if we can live peacefully, this is what Allah subhanho wa

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Taala. Once we were not created to kill one another and shed blood, as the angels mentioned, nucleating a people will shed blood, this is not what we should do. And as warfare has continued, and mankind found more evil ways to kill one another, people realized, look, there should be some rules in how we treat our prisoners. We can't torture them, and kill them. So in 1949, this is only 69 years ago, so not even 70 years ago, the world leaders came together after World War Two, and they said, you know what we've seen how bad war is, let's set some rules. And so 70 years ago, the best of people came together, and they said, we'll set certain rules. Number one, if you have a

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prisoner of war, you have to give them basic food, basic clothing, basic water, medical treatment, they need to live in basic human conditions, they can't be harmed or tortured in a way that will cause them to die. So this is what the third Geneva Convention says. This is sort of the pinnacle of recent kindness that we as Western minds have come, have come and put down. Let's look at Islam laws. Islam says to us, that if we take a prisoner that has come to fight us, he's the prisoner, a prisoner of war, that Allah has forbidden us from forcing this person to leave his religion. We cannot force anyone into Islam, that they may continue on the religion and in fact, we need to give

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them the full rights to practice their religion freely even as prisoners. It is haram for us to torture a prisoner during the Battle of better Sahaba captured some Scouts of the crush and to get certain information out of him. They began torturing these scouts the prophets of Salaam when he found that he was extremely

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upset. And he said this basically, you are this is not what Islam Islam is. And the information in fact that while they were torturing him, then the people obviously said whatever information, he said, they are lying and the only they're only saying these things because you're torturing them. It's the information is even incorrect. So we as Muslims, we don't torture our prisoners of war, this is haram. We said the bodies might not be mutilated. When it comes to feeding them and housing them and clothing them. The Sharia doesn't only say that we should close them and feed them and give them house that is reasonable or that is humanly reasonable as the third Geneva Convention says,

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Islam says you need to give them food and clothing and shelter equal to the status. So Subhan Allah, when the chief is taken captive, he would stay in the house of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam the wives of the Rama Salaam would basically prepare food for this man Savonarola. I don't know of any system on earth way, the chief enemy, that one would come to kill you. When he's captured. He comes in, he lives in a house of the king. Beyond that Allah Subhana Allah even says, of the qualities of the believer, youth a moon upon Allah who became skeena, we're teaming with a Syrah that the believer that he gives food, even though he needs it, and he wants it the food that he has the

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little that he has, instead of eating it, he gives it to him, the me scheme, the the team, the orphan was zero and the prisoner of war, meaning the believer gives food first to his prisoner of war before he eats. And they say Allah says the believers, they say when we give this, we feed you only for the pleasure of Allah, we don't want any reward from you, and you don't want you to pay us back. We don't even want to get it you don't even think as we prefer you over us for the sake of Allah. And that's why in the Battle of butter, for example, when some of the prisoners during the battle, the clothes got broken off, the profits are seldom total Sahaba you take your shirt off, and

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you give the prisoners of war, give them clothing, they should not be naked. When the when the people were taken captive, the Sahaba would have, you know, food enough for one or two, they would make sure they prisoners of war ate first, and they would eat what was left. Now there is again no system on earth that gives this kind of treatment to the prisoners of war and with many, many examples from the Sunnah from the Sharia, in how the province of Ireland treated the prisoners, the prisoners of war. Unfortunately, of course, our time is up. So we'll continue discussion with regards to the prisoners of war and the rules with regards to Jihad and how we as Muslims, when we

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have to do this issue of fighting, we do it with ease and with the best and utmost respect, and care and even kindness and mercy. This is what our Sharia teaches us. So we'll continue next week discussing further some stories from prisoners of war. And we'll conclude with our mother Julia in sha Allah sokola Hey, thank you so much for joining us for any questions, concerns or comments with [email protected] Allah hi Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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