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This is a short interview with Ustādh Abu Eesa on the benefits and etiquettes of I’tikāf, recorded in Ramadhan 1428 (October 2007) at the CMA in Cheshire.

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The speakers stress the importance of understanding the process of oneself and avoiding violence in order to achieve a positive experience. They also emphasize the need for individuals to practice these practices and avoid mistakes. Online classes are recommended for new Muslims to learn and make good intentions, and individuals should practice their own interests and values in order to achieve success. The importance of focusing on one's own values and values in order to achieve success is emphasized.

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view on it to calf. And obviously a more scholarly perspective we have the views yesterday from all the people doing as a Catholic children last year. So the first thing really what we say is what is it? Okay?

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is an Arabic word which is referring to one's retreating into the masjid isolation of oneself purely for the sake of

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the purpose of life. And it was assumed that it was it's been established by a number of authentic hadith. And the practice continuously

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the process of inhibit or violence, sometimes he would actually do 20 days, which is narrated in the authentic directions and also actually it's not even restricted to Ramadan, but it to the scholars. So it's a sharp a point of view, you have a technical definition, which is one isolates oneself in the masjid. Okay.

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Without going outside and wasting any time purely for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. Is that scanning the technical nature for that? Okay, thank you, I'm picking up on the fact that you can do outside rather than what's your advice for those who maybe can't do the whole 10 day because they're working? Because some brothers say, I think that's a good point, because a lot of people get kind of scared off by that, and then they see 10 days, and they think, well, I can't do that. So, you know, we've got to be realistic, we live in a time where, where, where it's difficult to do some of the things, of course, for people that might sweat, then people can take holiday, and it's better to do

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it for the proper time.

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But there are different with a minimum length of time, and some even said that between prayers in three days or two days, but inshallah the majority period, the correct position, inshallah is that one complete day, is the minimum length of time for ethics.

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And that's precisely the position that I hold.

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But anyway, even the position of some of the minority that between two press, the points that are raised the same one Yanni, just utilizing the rest of that environment, and

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I say to myself, putting myself to one side and making it a spiritual retreat, you know, even between some of the prayers, that's possible. And one year, just to clarify, when you're saying one complete day, you specify more groups and more group. Yeah, that's the, that's the general understanding you come at us on our time, when we leave office, a lot of time, I would have been the one because that is the start of our nights, and at the end of our day, according to the sharing economy. So that's the best best sort of work. And certainly, that's what we encourage people, you know, and it's good idea, I think, we were discussing this before, like, that's most of the Muslims,

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they should try to use to try and do it outside of Ramadan. So they can get into it, learn the mistakes, because a lot of people make a lot of mistakes during

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they do a lot of chatting and wasting time. And that's only because they've never experienced being with other Muslims, you know, alone. And once you put people who who are together in such a strange circumstances, then they become closer to each other anyway, that's all you have as you speak, and so on. And that's great, but not at this time. Because we've got far greater things to be doing. So it's an idea that other Muslims should try and do it and arrange it for themselves throughout the year. So they get used to it. So when it comes to online, it's a pure and a clean, clean option. And then for those people who wants to enroll them for the extra balaka, we say to them, do what you

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can, we can three days four days, make good intention and benefits from it. Along that basis in terms of obviously people who are new to it, has done it for the first time. So that makes some of those mistakes he just mentioned. Is there a specific type of ibadah or specific do as it should be said that john is not necessarily not necessarily there's no specific desire, there's not even a specific reward for it. There's not so

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that there's no like specific heavy for the lesson and I said the one who says anticalculus like this business, and there is no door which has been erected for the process of that he did this. What we know though, is that he would push his pants and he would isolate himself and he would only ever come out

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make yourself available to the public, for real meat for something like food or to wash or to clean. Other than that he was busy reciting Quran and making the cup and the whole point of the isolation to start is to think about what's being said or being done is the is the system of studying that is

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That's what he loved. That's what he did. And that isn't stopping either. And especially when it's advisable Madonna and we know that the person likes himself. And it said that the one who started the nice online

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for him was written the entire night as it was impressed. So that's one of the key aspects of course in etica.

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Second to last question, which I think a lot of officers will want to know. Cuz some messages let allow women and some don't. What's the actual moving on for the Yeah, the majority of the majority of the scholars agree there is there are some opinions from some some of their enemies, I guess you could do it at home. But the majority of scholars and certainly the position that I hold that I advanced, is that it has to be done in the mystery. For eternity attacker food for three ettercap, then has to that must be and we have precedents from the wives of the personalized set of doing that. And we certainly welcome that in here, in Cheeto mustard, except that the certainly this year

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has been very, very difficult lots of people have, and with the with the temporary ness of our wash facilities and so on, it has not been possible to offer it this year for the system. But we definitely encourage that we encourage it that other massages have assisted to take advantage. But again, again, again, again, really emphasizing the fact that when you enter into the car, it's a great experience and a new expense for other people, and they get carried away with it. And they don't really take as much benefit as they should. So one personal before they committed to cap, the most important thing is to really be focused, very, very focused on what they need to do.

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The last question would just be really, from your point, what what have you derived from what you like, for me personally, for me, personally, I have to tell you that, as I said, I don't think there's any specific rewards, right? Other than that I expected to be rewarded for for

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but for me is the most important time of the year for me absolutely without shadow of a doubt. And I tried to do it every single year, Wherever I am, whether I'm in London, or here or this much in that atmosphere that I tried to do every day simply because it is the one time in the day where I can recharge myself focus, again, we get my four posts together, while I'm thinking about what to put on, try and regain my link with the Pura with almost pronta Island, for me is vital if I didn't sit here to have in a year. And this is from personal experience, because I do see that in the south, I suffer for the entire as if I suffer from that for the entire year. And I really, it really is

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really as bad for me and what I'm able to cover up and focus on

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in etica you know, for me, how can I I can't I can't say anything other than it is the most single important greatest experience any Muslims life, to isolate oneself, oneself for the worship of Allah with the intention to try to get closer to him in the life that we live in. The style that we live in, in the society that we live in is the single most important anything that can for me personally. So it's an absolute must and I really advise the brothers and sisters to after they focused and make sure that no got wasted time. Please go ahead and do it.