Assim Al-Hakeem – A Lesson from the Life of Nuh

Assim Al-Hakeem
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the issue of people not being aware of their weight and the need to change their behavior. They also mention the success of Islam in reaching people who want it, but the speaker notes that people are not being informed of their weight and are using the media to get around. The speaker also mentions the importance of weighing the pros and cons of Islam and the need for people to be aware of their weight.
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achieving that he will provide for you if you have to talk one on one as well. And no peace be upon him had never gave had never given up on these people. They said, Oh, no, you've disputed with us as much have you prolong the dispute with us? their complaints, he did not remind us once or twice, 950 years, this is too long. And this gives us a lesson that we may advise a brother come into salon, when we advise a brother he the people you're being with their Akita is corrupt. And you have to try and choose better brothers, and they tell you harass you but but just move on. You shouldn't give up you should continue with try in a different way. A wife should always strive to advise her husband

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though husbands usually don't listen to their wives. So they should try and change the ways if direct naziha advises doesn't work, try indirect try to come to him through his stomach. Maybe you cook something, make him happy. This might help try to please Him through looking at you looking good at you. And the husband does the same with his wife You have to change and value your means of that when

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it is not an indication how many follow you as a dying.

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deviant scholars and daddies have millions of followers suddenly dies maybe? Or scholars have 100 or 1000. Does this mean this is an indicator of how true is a signal? There is? No.

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Yeah, as I stated yesterday, Justin Bieber has like 25 million followers on Twitter, how much? How many does she have?

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How many ways so it's not that quantity that counts down is the quality. And that is where the profits of the nations were displayed in front of me. And I've seen the profit with a great nation. And I've seen the profit with few men following him and I saw a profit with a matter of June I saw a profit with no followers at home. Now this is a profitable guy, he doesn't have a single follower. So this is the same thing. No, I did not have a lot of followers. Not only that

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those closer to the diary are usually those who reject his debt loans. And that is why no ex wife, no son died has captured

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regardless of the amount of time he invested in calling them and

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our profits or the La Jolla center. He wanted it so eagerly, that is Uncle obatala would accept Islam until he was under his nine bed yet. Allah did not open his heart to accept Islam and he died as a Catholic. So always look at the quality and don't care about the numbers because the numbers do not count. They do not give you a true indication And finally, Ibrahim alayhi salatu wa sallam he was one of

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he was the true example of perseverance of adhering to Allah's commandments without any questions asked, and this is something we need in our lives. Now with the internet and with the possibility of reaching knowledge from here and there, you find people justifying their sense, you find people collecting what serves the desires and whims without adhering to the Quran and the Sunnah. And this is a problem. You find people using the four schools of thought as a methodology as a bridge to cross the Quran and Sunnah and reach what they want. So whenever you tell someone that was rolling on this, if you say Allah, tala Rasul tsongkhapa, right when you said that they say yes, but there

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must have been Hanbury says else, something else and I follow him a mentor. And he's not quitting for 700. When it comes to another issue, it becomes Maliki because it serves his

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needs. Well, the perseverance of Ibrahim peace be upon him was

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Allah azza wa jal said about him. And remember when Abraham was tried by Allah, and when Allah tries you, then this is the ultimate test. He was tested by a lot with

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Certain commands which he fulfilled, full stop. He fulfilled each and every command. None of us can say that hamdulillah fulfilled each and every command, Ibrahim did that. And I've also said about him and and Rahim who fulfilled his commitments, all of them. And if you look in his car and his biography, which the Prophet told us about his son, it's astonishing. In the hagie, Allah azzawajal ordered him to circumcise when he was 80 years of age.

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Imagine eight years of age and he circumstances himself with an axe.

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Nowadays, you get people say, Gosh, can we find a solution? Can we find this or that? What's the different opinion of scholars who do it? Do it and have to open a lot yeah.

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