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AI: Summary © The importance of remembering Allah's words and actions during the time of war is emphasized, as it is crucial to everyone. The success of Islam is discussed, including the use of the word "has" to describe actions of Allah. Prayer is noted as a means of packing and giving time for one's health and family. The importance of praying for Islam is emphasized, as it is a means of achieving profit and helping people live their dreams. The importance of praying for Islam is emphasized, as it is crucial for evolution and growth.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. What are we going to look at? What are the water in our body? What should we

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love? Our leader will actually read. What should one know Mohammed Abu rasuluh led us to the solid water medicine. And underlying that he had macoun Molina de la la la. My brothers and sisters in Islam sulamani como la de over a castle. This is the picture Audrey, giving you this webinar all the way from Gold Coast in Australia, my brothers and sisters in Islam. No doubt, each and every one of us has multiple responsibilities on this earth. Allah subhana wa tada sent us on this earth, with number of responsibilities and duties upon us. We are all shepherds. And we are all responsible over our sheep. So we are all people. We are people that are multiple responsibilities, whether it be our

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families, whether it be our friends, whether it be our parents, or work wherever it may be, but Allah we all have multiple responsibilities. And when we are engrossed in these responsibilities, whether it be at work or at home, it is very easy to forget the greatest reason why we have been sent on this earth. It is very easy to be really engrossed in the work that we do. Very, very busy in the work that we do, earning our daily livelihood and going about our day and forgetting the greatest reason why we actually woke up that day. And why Allah subhanho wa Taala actually created that day. It is Allah Hassan diversity from Allah had said, well, to the people of this world, they

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have passed through it and they were so busy, they had passed through it and did it and they failed to taste the sweetest thing in it. And when he was asked, What is that thing? Or has some adversity he said, Remember to Allah and Allah, how much do we remember a lot every day? We pass through this earth, and we spend our day and nights and a lot so busy doing so much of things, whether it be good or bad. And but law we forget the most important thing in our lives, which is Allah subhana wa Aparna, but rather, it's just as Islam, would you agree that our need for water is far more than a need for food, and a need for air is of course far more than a need for water. However, anyone with

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an iota of wisdom in their heads will definitely agree with us. And indeed, our need for remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala and the peace and the tranquility that that gives us is far more than a need for any air. Because but love we can all hold our breath for a few moments, but can you But look, can you hold your breath? And can you spend a single moment of your time away from believing the last panel data and its members, when but even our own bodies, and our own limbs and our own minds, every single thing that has its own own understand, but a lot of members on this panel at every point in time. We know that at this point in time of course our body has only one body that is our

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brain. However Allah subhanho wa Taala on the day of judgment will give the ability to each and every part of our body to speak on their own. Because ultimately Allah subhanho wa Taala explains to us that each and every one of these body parts of our body has its own mind. And although it is subservient to our mind today on the day of Germany will not be so and indeed today we see at things around us these inanimate objects around us we think that they do not have any intelligence at all. However, Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us that they all have a level of intelligence that we don't understand. Indeed everything around us the trees, the plants, the animals, the stones, the walls,

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the floors, the clothes, every single thing around us. remember Allah subhanho wa Taala constantly. This is why Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us what in ministry in electricity from behind the wall, a lot of communities Be humble. When it is not a single thing around you, my friends, except that it constantly remembers Allah, but you do not understand all human beings you do not understand how they remember him. And of course, even even the thunder when it strikes Allah says that it remembers Allah. Allah says in Surah he says when you submit, to be humble, even mother equal to infinity, and indeed the thunder strikes from his remembrance, and the angels from his fear. So my brother and

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sister in snapped every single thing around us, constantly is praising or remembering Allah. Allah says in the Quran again he says Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Memphis, Mr. watty What are the what are your soft coup de la masala who was the speaker? Well, not one, even if I do not know human beings, that indeed everything in the heavens and the earth praises and glorifies and praise to Allah. And even though the birds with the wings outstretched, every one of the creation knows how to pray to Allah. And Allah is well aware about what they do. So my brothers and sisters in Islam every single thing

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arounds, whether they animate or inanimate, whether they have intelligence or they lack intelligence, they are constantly praising the last part of all time, except for the human being of the gene for but they are far more important things to worry about, it seems, it seems that their business or their trade, or their work or their profession, or their families are far more important. When Allah subhanho wa Taala has created these things as mere distractions for us. But Allah, they were created as mere distractions. Think about the fact that the prophets of Allah went over to the highest heavens. And he was told to pray 50 times a day, if you were to be asked to pray

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50 times a day, my friends now you know how many times you'd be praying in a particular hour. If you have 24 hours in a day of which eight hours you see. So in 16 hours, you're being asked to pray how many times you've been asked to pray, but look nearly three times or a bit more than three times. And if you were to then add time for you will do and for your son enough, or before or after, or even if you didn't pray enough for before, but just time for will do but Allah, you will pray, one prayer mate will do for prayer, pray the prayer. And then 10 minutes later will be time for the next prayer. And then 10 minutes later will become the next prayer. And then 10 minutes later, we'll be

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fine for the next prayer. So but Allah, when Allah subhanho wa Taala authentically prayers, this really indicates to us something and that indicates to us that Allah did not create us for any other purpose other than to worship Him. And how better to worship him for the best way which is,

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however, a lone star these days we find people finding every excuse to forget Allah subhana wa tada and Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that this is not the time to forget Allah. This is the time to remember him. Allah tells us as soon as he tells us, and let me let me let me catch up Hulu medical.

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As the time not come for the people who say they believe in Allah, for the hearts to be afraid, and for the hearts to remember Allah and that which has come down to the truth. So has the time not come my friends for your hearts to tremble a dimension of Allah? Has the time not come for you to think about the fact that you will be meeting very soon as the time not come to think about the fact that angels around you, the billions of creation around you are all praising the lights for you. Has the time not come for you to remember that the most important reason why you woke up today was to praise a lot of great employees. Has the time not come to remember gentlemen, Jan, has the time have come

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to remember the first night in the grave has the time not come to remember that but love with this fleeting life for 50 or 60 or 70 years, you will be purchasing your eternity in hereafter has the time not come to remember the person who called on our last panel what Allah tells us the greatest blessing remember him is that he will remember us to himself. Allah says what guru, Guru, Guru guru, remember me and I will remember you. So how great is a reward remembering a love, as it will tell him a lot. He said that beautiful book of his. He says one of them you can physically in Harvey wash the halakhah Mashallah. But Allah if there was not for remembrance of Allah, any benefit except for

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this benefit, which is that alone, remember us to himself, that it would have been sufficient and enough, no doubt, it would have been sufficient enough, my friends, because Allah, Allah, with all of his looking after creation and looking after its affairs, for him to have time to remember us to himself, but Allah that is tremendously amazing, and tremendously special. However, how many excuses Do you hear you hear people giving today and these days, some of them say I'm sorry, I'm a little bit busy at the moment. So now I'll do it a little bit late. Others say you know what, I've seen this, these excuses. They say My clothes are not clean. So I want to pray. Now my clothes are not

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not clear at the moment. Or they say I don't have a place to pray. They forget the fact that they have every legal right to go to the place and their and their boss and say I am a Muslim I need to pray. But what they have every legal right in any jurisdiction in the world, to have the right to pray about law, except perhaps, except perhaps in the worst in the worst places in the most harshest of areas where someone cannot even identify themselves as a Muslim. However, the vast majority of the areas where Muslims are today, and they have no excuse, they can very easily go to their bosses and say, You know what, I'm Muslim, and I need to pray. And but Allah, how much better is a Muslim,

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the one who prays The one who can clear his mind from all the worries and trials and tribulations and come back, renewed after a 15 minute prayer, renewed to his job renewed to his work thinking about how to focus, focus better on the work at hand. But let some people say, yeah, give the excuse. You know what? I'm not pure at the moment. I'm sure. I don't want to pray. now. I'll go home and pray. Others say you know what, you know what, it's better

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That I actually go home and pray rather than here in the office or work, because but Allah, I'm very busy here and in the business and the hustle and bustle, I cannot concentrate on the prayer. And I'd rather go home and actually sit there and just pray or my prayers, yet others say, you know what if others are a bit more truthful than that, and they're truthful to what's in their heart, and they say, you know what, Allah guide me, I don't want to pray now or My heart doesn't feel like it may go out to Allah that guides me and makes me pray. But Allah, how many excuses do we find people giving these days and but Allah, how futile these excuses are? Those people who make make these excuses,

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I'd like them to ask themselves a few questions. And the questions I want you to ask them is that, you know, the way that people behave when you tell them about Salah is that it's that Salah is almost like a tax that they have to pay. Well, it's like a fine that we hate paying, you know, the way that they treat the Salah, it's like, you know what, there's a religious tax, let's not have to pay five times a day. So they act like you know what, I don't want to pay the tax next time. For example, when you park your car in the in the airport, and just for waiting for your friend for 15 minutes to an hour to charge you 10 pounds or five pounds. And you say how ridiculous how ridiculous

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10 pounds, five pounds. And so when we're going through the door and paying for that for the ticket, we say you know what, this is just this outrageous pricing for no real benefit, or no real reason are just there to pick up my friend for 15 minutes. So they treat the prayer like that. They treat the prayer, like this thing that is like a tax or a file or a ticket that they actually have to pay. But Allah is the prayer, the like that is the prayer like a tax or a ticket or a fine, rather, but a lot of prayer is a means of love for his amazing lessons. Is that is that is it not in the nature of human beings to thank the people that are good to them. But Allah I remember, you know, at work, for

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example, when I go to go to hospital, and I go to work, by law, we just opened the door for somebody and they say thank you to you. We just hold the door for somebody when they're getting the elevator and they say thank you. And then and then someone says can you press number three on the elevator and someone says thank you to you. But it's in the nature of human beings to be polite, and say thank you to each other. And when we just give someone someone away when we are stopping at the at one of the roads and we give someone ways that they can join into our lane, they raise their hands as you're saying thank you to you. It's in the nature human beings to say thank you and but even

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when we buy something, when we go to the to the fast food store, and we buy something and they give it to you and we give them the money and they give you the product, what do we say we say thank you, but like is it not in the nature human beings to say thank you to each other? If this is the case, then why not find a loved one who gave us everything that we have the one who gave us absolutely everything that we have. So why do we treat the prayer like a tax? Why do we not treat the prayer like this thank you that we have to give a lot of panels for indeed every one of us but love every single moment in our life. We are in some in some blessing of the of Allah subhanho wa Taala or

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another you know what, at work I work in the sometimes work in the respiratory Ward which is which is a ward where people with respiratory problems are admitted. And in this respiratory Ward, which is in the medical medical unit. In the respiratory Ward people who have lung cancer people who have very bad asthma, people who have very bad COPD and emphysema, people who are having having parts of the lung chopped off etc, etc. These people are the ambala you go to them. And you see that they are gasping for air and they are fighting for a single gasp of air you go to this person and say what is the blessing of one breath of air and that person will look at you and say I would give the world

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for it. I'll give the world to be able to breathe in and out just like you are a doctor. But Allah he would give the world to me if you could simply stay away from a single man if he could go to sleep a single night not having to wake up gasping for air because his lungs are giving away but a lot and this blessing we are having at every moment in time not to mention the other multitude of blessings. You know what we go into a store we want to eat chicken and this chicken to our left we want to eat bread this bread to our right we want to have some cakes in this case in front of us. We want to have some ice cream There you go. Would you like some some cream with that, but every

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blessing that we have every blessing that we want, whether it be food or whether that be in any other form is is in front of us but a lot of the qualifiers have a button and at the attendance of any shopping center, but Alo where is the fangfang Where is the thanking of Allah subhanho wa Taala after all of this, where is the Where are the human beings that Allah subhana wa Taala rather are the haltian pride. They say How can I not punish like that? If Allah is true as true to God, how does Allah punish me like that? How does Allah take my child away? How does Allah give us value? How does Allah make people orphans and people are unbelievably arrogant in the

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vigils, they become absolutely arrogant individuals and they forget the fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala is blessing them at every single moment in time. They look at things by way of arrogance rather than a way of humility, and humbleness and meekness but love. This is the status of a slave of Allah. This is the status of a human being a merely a slave of Allah, how is it possible for us to be anything else? My friends, it is time to thank Allah. So the prayer is a means of packing. For those who make excuses, ask themselves, let them ask themselves is the prayer, an activity that wastes our time and takes us away from something more productive, but a lot of time, not at all.

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Because a prayer is simply an activity that gives us time to stay away from the dunya for us to have a moment of time with our beloved Allah subhanho wa Taala for us to rejuvenate that energy that has been lost in us because of that two or three hours of work. But Allah human beings a week, and we need time, and we need opportunity to clear our minds and our hearts. And a lot of prayer gives us ample opportunity. You go to many places these days, that are the cutting edge of helping the employees becoming productive, and they have times where they allow their employees to have a 10 or 15 minute nap. There are other places that allows employees to do other things other than their work

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so that they can focus on their work in the times otherwise, and but allow the prayer is a constant constant escape that Allah has given us so that we may escape from this world and enter the hereafter thinking about Allah and a meeting with him in our grave. And but Allah This is exactly what the prayer is. It's an escape. It's a cleansing of our heart and our mind so that we may rejuvenate our energies and go back to our our activities far more productive than we have ever been. To those people who make excuses let them ask themselves another question. Is a prayer simply a permissible act? It is simply a permissible act like like eating and drinking or driving a car or

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sleeping that we are not rewarded for if we do it, nor are we harm if we leave it is a prayer as simple as that when they're treating it like that. Like Would you like some coffee? And they say No, thank you. I've had enough all for example, would you like sugar with that? And they say, you know what, thank you. That's okay. I don't need any more. They're treating prayer, like that cup of coffee, they preach in prayer like that, that permissible V, which if you do, you're not rewarded for and if you don't do you're not harmful. But a lot of prayer is absolutely different from that. It is totally different. If you reward if you if you do pray, if you pray and you prostrate to

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Allah, you are rewarded with a weapon that is the expanse of the heavens and the earth. And if you do not pray about law, you're rewarded with a fire that has been burning for 70 years waiting to sell the skin. But Allah How can you treat the prayer like a cup of coffee? How can you treat the prayer like that? Like the text message which you don't want to answer now from that friend that has been nagging you? How do you treat your your prayer in that manner? My friends, how can we be the base the prayer and make it important, as silly as simple as that, but allow the prayer is far more important, but allow one prostration can give us something which we cannot ever imagine something

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better than the world and all that contains and a single lack of a prostration but Allah can send the 70,000 years into jahannam something that we would all read but Allah even to enter for a single second. But Allah How is it possible? How is it possible that a logical human being fits the prayer with such with such amazing carelessness, but Allah, when by law, the prayer is so important that those people who make excuses let them ask themselves? This question, and this is the last question I would ask them to ask themselves and that is, is the prayer something that Allah needs? Or is it something that really we need and benefits us? It is something that a lot that we need to do for

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Allah? Because Allah needs our prayer, and Allah needs our worship, or is something that we really need for our own selves in our own life and our own body and our own good, but Allah, Allah, a human being, but he pondered on the meekness of himself, when he simply stands in the face of the wind and the wind blows a single grain of sand into his eyes. His eyes grow red, and he cannot bear himself rubbing his eyes. He has to get that grain out, but allow me to is this human being Butler? He doesn't need. He doesn't need an army to defeat him. a grain of sand is enough. But Allah, a single app that bites him gives him a red, red blister, but Allah is enough for him to have temperatures

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from enough for him to have an infection from enough for him to sometimes die from Allah. As simple and what Allah How many have I seen? Have I seen what Allah from a simple add a person having an infection from a simple app by law, that a person cannot take it anymore? Or a simple mosquito that bites him as an answer?

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takes a bit of blood from him but Allah, He closes red blisters how weak is the human being? And Allah tells us Allah is the king and we have slaves. Yeah, you have nice and tall.

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Allah, what love what what do you mean? All Mankind You are the one who is in need of Allah. And Allah is the one who is free, free of all ones. My friends, we are the ones who are the skin. We are the ones who are beggars. We are the slaves. We are the ones who have nothing. We are the ones who are in danger of destroying ourselves, we are the ones who alized promised that we are destroyed, lest we come back to lobbies unless we come back to Allah and Allah is the king free of all ones. Allah subhanho wa Taala created us to worship in not needing that worship, but in being desiring it because he is the king. And but Allah and but Allah we own slaves. So let us come back to this

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worship. And is the prayer not something benefits us absolutely does. But Allah anyone who prays any one of us It keeps away from the bad things, the one who prays but Allah, the One who keeps himself away from from from filthy and evil deeds, how noble and how intelligent and how fantastic is that person is far more productive is far more focused. He has far more wealth and money because he hasn't spent it in frivolous ways, and in wrong, wrong ways. He has far more contentment with his time, such as the prayer but Allah that it keeps it keeps us away from the harmful and evil things and takes us to the good things. So but Allah, if the prayer is something that we need to protect

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ourselves, and it's something that Allah does not need, how do we treat the prayer as if Allah needs from us as if Allah is asking us for an Allah is asking us for a favor. rather let us treat the prayer, something we desperately crave for something that we desire is something that we miss deeply in our life. When we stay away from a law This is exactly how the prayer should be. My friends, let me give you an example of the process of us and how he prayed to Allah subhanho wa Taala when the Prophet says, Allah was made a prophet, he went to the job of your loved one, and said, some loony coming up being afraid for what had just happened. So what did the Prophet sallallahu wasallam do?

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He started shaking, he was covered up in a in a cloak. And there upon at that situation and state came down a verse from Allah subhanho wa Taala. What was that verse? It was the verse for prayer. Yeah, you have Muslim male coming later in life kalila this Muslim Whoa, kalila how's he the

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killer in us a nuclear league owner,

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or the one who was covered up in a garment, stand up the night in prayer except for a little bit, half of it or less less than a half of it, or more than half of it and, and recite the Quran with a beautiful citation. Indeed, when you do this, I will send upon you a tremendous responsibility in nucleolus code and it is for this reason, and it is because of this the process and I was able to rise to the challenge for 13 years without proper sleep or rest, calling to Allah. He gave he slammed his sweat gave Islam his blood, his time, his money, his day, and his night Butler. But you see, Allah had given him something in replacement Allah had given him an escape from his trials and

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tribulations from his hunger and his worries, and from his people being killed and his and his family dying in front of him. And from all the harm and and all the sorrows that ever touched him. But Allah he was given an escape and that was called the prayer as the prophets I send them send an authentic honey the prayer was made my rest and enjoyment. Giuliana COVID-19 Salas promises and so he had no rest and no sleep. Yeah, beloved, where are you get the call to prayer. He had no food to eat, and no provisions at home. Yeah, I saw that difficulty and sort of touched him What would he say? Oh, Bella, whereas you get a call to prayer. And the mean front and one afternoon in the back?

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What did you say? I don't know. Yeah. Because this Allah, oh, Allah give the call to prayer. His wife and his children and his companions all died and were killed and what did you say? Oh, beloved, give a call to prayer. My friends, my friends, my brothers and sisters Islam. Man, Hakuna Matata, Juneteenth Lacuna Coil, what is wrong with you, my friends and what is wrong with me and what is wrong with us all?

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that we do not seek a near miss and coming closer to Allah. Why is it that we seek the prayer we think about the prayer as an obligation. Rather, we should think about the prayer as a blessing and an escape Allah as a blessing and a gift from Allah and so thankful, Avi for for giving us an escape and a blessing so many times a day by friends let me give you the example of the prophets prayer. He prayed with the highest level of cashew I believe that Shaquille he said I entered apostle was a solemn whilst he was praying and his chest was dripping wet as dripping from a bucket from his tears and from crying and from from from his tears, from crying from the fear of Allah in prayer, but look

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at how the process is simple.

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Look at how lengthy his prayers was one of the Skoll, one of the one of the companions of the Prophet says that under the name of Eva, he said that he prayed with with the province of needs to pray with baccata with suitable Quran Surah Nisa as soon as uninvited, and you would stop at each Ayah for punishment seeking mercy and mercy from Allah, and with each if agenda and your profit would start at noon seek the good pleasure of Allah and with each Ayah praise, and then you would praise Allah copiously. But Allah 67 hours of the hatchet after fighting of the day, fasting, the heat struggling with his heart and soul for the oma and having no food to eat. Is this how the

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profit was? How amazing is that? six to seven hours? How long does it take you to pay back our admin grant and sue me sir, but Allah try. And then on top of that, this prostration would be as long as it's standing up. And then his record would be as long as he's standing about six to seven hours of this after fighting after fasting after struggling after the after having no food to eat. But Allah it can only happen from a person who love this Allah and the Sunnah, loved him back, and the Salah was an escape for him. But why did he do this? What would he say but love should not be a faithful slave, that's all he said, should not be a faithful slave. She cannot thank Allah for the amazing

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blessings he has given us for Allah. And Allah, I believe that those people with lung cancer who are gasping for their last breath, as I saw them, yes, yesterday, and when I was in the hospital, in the respiratory Ward, but Allah they will do the same. If I said, this is what you have to do to get to get back to your lungs, and to get back that ability to breathe again. But Allah they will also stand up tahajjud prayer, and they will also fight the day and fasting the heat and struggling the night and, and have no food to eat but live they could only read because out there understood the value of a single brick. So the Prophet says, What would you say should not be thanklessly? Should I

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not be a thankful state? My friends, the Prophet says, I used to pray without his family finding out I should have

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said I woke up one night and I searched around for the messenger and attached his foot and he was prostrating to Allah and cry and you're saying What was he saying but LA, he was saying a lahoma in the out of the park I mean Sahaja will be more alpha t coming or robotic will be coming. That was the finale. And

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what a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, he said Oh Allah, Allah home in the out of you the dark, or Allah I seek protection in your good pleasure means suffering from your punishment and your anger will be more athletic and from you and in your forgiveness and robotic from your trials and tribulations will be coming and from you and in you from your level of knowledge. I cannot praise you adequately. And as you are, as you have praised yourself, for a lot of work. This is how the Prophet system was in his prayer. When he was prostrating without his family knowing when he was crying in St. Jude, and he was saying Oh Allah, I seek protection in your, in your good favor from

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your anger and in your forgiveness, from your punishment. And in you from you. And I cannot truly praise you love. Truly you are as you have praised yourself as a lover. This is exactly exactly how the prophecy someone's and another authentic happy. Another authentically, even the best said that he prayed once with the processor. And the professor will tell them he called out in the middle of the night and amazing. Let me tell you the app because it really shows the concentration of the Prophet prophet in his prayer and shows you the value of the prayer to this man he said law, the law there is no God but Allah, Allah whom Allah Alhamdulillah for you is all praise under notice or my

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work you will or woman You are the light of the heavens and the earth and that which is in a wonderful hand and for you is praise and the follow through somehow it will be woman to him. You are the Originator of the heavens and the earth and that which is in it. And under Malika sama, what are the woman feed him and you are the king of the heavens and the earth of that which is until you are the truth or agriculture. And your promise is true will all look unhappy. And you're saying and you statement is true. What agenda and indeed genda is true when not to have amplifiers true. Whenever you're not happy and the profits are true. Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Mohammed made

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the Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him is the truth true? Allahu Allah, Islam or Allah knew I have. I have submitted what I meant and he knew I believe why they called our cause and effect upon you. I put my trust what you like and that to you I have I have sought forgiveness will be awesome and with you, I have argued

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What you like and in and and for you? What do you like to hack up until you have such judgment for film Lima got down to earth, Oh Allah therefore Forgive me that which I have passed back in before, and that which I have left and I've yet to do mama a strong woman Ireland and that which I've done in secret and that which I've done in public well and Allah will be human at that which you are most aware of it than me or not because I've forgotten my own sense and the look at them until you are the one who is the beginning. And you are the one who is at the end.

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There is no god but you my brothers and sisters, Islam, have you ever heard of any speech, more beautiful after the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala than this? Have you heard of any any speech that is far more beautiful? After the words of Allah the greater than this than these words of Rasulullah Salah about Allah and praising him in his prayer, show me and after about show me a time in your life when you can come close to Allah with this. Why is it that our hearts are so touched by these words manifests? Why is it that there is not a single human being said that it's hard to be touched by these words but Allah because truly but Allah, that prayer is something we've all been

00:31:20 --> 00:31:58

missing in our lives. We've been missing the chance to come back to Allah we've all been missing that sweetness of Eman in our hearts right so my friends, my brothers and my sisters in Islam, come back to the Salah, and don't give any more excuses. Come back to the salah and just go do it my friends. Come back to the salah and come back to your prayer and come back to your peace and tranquility and contentment because that is what the prayer is. My friends remember that the prayer is a direct link between the slave and his Lord and it's an act which Allah answers directly and an on the spot. As soon as you say and humbly line up with animating your father answers your back. As

00:31:58 --> 00:32:27

soon as you say rush manner, Rahim Allah answers you back. Even after looking after all of creation in the universe, Allah has the time for you, my friends are more important to him. So he answers you back. And he answers you back to Panama. My friends the prayer is an app which Allah places directly after his unity and ordered his messenger moussaka Salaam to to do speaking to indirectly we find Allah telling masala Salaam Surah Taha in any anila houda

00:32:28 --> 00:33:07

for Houdini optimist, so that I mean weekly, verily, I am Allah there is no god but I so worship Me and establish the prayer in my remembrance. So right after the unity of Allah, the most important thing is this honor, my friend, is the prayer is the first thing to be judged on the Day of Judgment. But a lot of sounds of the prayers will dictate the soundness of all our deeds to worry about dishonor before anything else. The Prayer is more important than the charity more important than is more important than you looking after the orphan more important than you that will work when important than anything else but Allah to look after your prayer. The Prayer is so important for

00:33:07 --> 00:33:46

Allah, that Allah subhanho wa Taala did not even see it fit to leave it away and stop it even on the battlefield. But Allah on the battlefield, we don't have to give the cut on the battlefield we don't have to fast but but a lot of prayer is something we cannot leave even with the enemy in front of us but Allah So how important is the prayer prayer in the eyes of Allah Subhana Allah and the Prophet says in love the prayer so much my friends, that he even made go out to Allah to fill the graves of those mushrikeen that once made him misses us a prayer. Once in the in the Battle of observed in the Battle of the Confederates, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was was unable to pray his

00:33:46 --> 00:34:27

answer prayer and that was because the mushrikeen were all surrounding Medina and he had was so busy defending Medina that he simply have no time to pray. So the prophet SAW Selim said, may Allah fill the graves of those mushrikeen with fire for indeed they had made me miss Massa prayer. Yes, sir. Now do we make this though? When we miss our supper, when someone makes us musasa pray Is this how much we love us a prayer that we made this much though and this much anger flows through our veins with this as a prayer or are we of those people that treat the answer prayer like a cup of coffee but love it became cold and we could not finish? Yet Allah how, how indifferent outreach to the

00:34:27 --> 00:34:59

prayer. My friends, the prophets are seldom pray until you speak would bleed. Who does that? Who does that? But Allah when this prayer is not obligatory on him. His only prayer is despite daily prayers that is obligatory and all the other tahajud prayers wasn't obligatory. Why would he prayer to speak would believe that Allah would only do so because he was in such lovely prayer. And he could not control this everybody would be completely lost, because but a lot he was with his meeting with Allah subhanho wa Taala Yes, Anna

00:35:00 --> 00:35:37

Sometimes when we can't concentrate an apprentice, I feel that that on that day when Allah will be in front of us, we cannot concentrate on law. It will be like we'll be fidgeting with our phones, we'll be thinking about the business deal. We'll be thinking about our families and going back home or the dinner that we have coming up, but Allah is Allah, are we going to be like that? Why are we so indifferent by law? Why are we so indifferent must be the man is too weak, but it must be that we need to renew our Eman, come back to Allah. Come back to Allah, my friends, a prayer so important that the Muslims would fight a city, they would fight a city that did not pray, they waited in the

00:35:37 --> 00:35:53

morning to hear the call for prayer. And if they heard it, they will not fight. And if they didn't hear it, then they would go ahead and fight because they knew that they weren't Muslims in there. And this is of course in the time of battle. So the prayer was a difference between Islam and Eman. The prayer was the difference between Islam and the man and disbelief.

00:35:54 --> 00:36:36

And then and this is how important prayer was, my friends, the prayer is so important that Allah has called it the man in the end, it is the only actor in the Alliance called Emmanuel Macron. Allah who up it Monaco, in the lobby, NASA got indeed a lesson soon. avacado Allah will never let you imagine many prayers go to waste. And indeed, Allah is always merciful with humanity. My friends, the one who turns away from the prayer that Allah has promised him a difficult, difficult life. And he has promised that he will raise up line with the Day of Judgment. The next time you miss your Salah, and your club wait slot for pleasure. And you switch it off when you turn away and you wrap yourself up

00:36:36 --> 00:37:17

in your one one close. But remember about love that you are now turned away from the center. So you are liable to raise the blind of the Day of Judgment. Do you know what is worse than seeing your hand in front of you? What is worse than that is not seeing it at all. And then being thrown into it. But Allah but a lot the one you know the one who cannot see jahannam in front of him and has been been thrown into it is like the one who is like the blind man in the middle of the road and in a Russian truck honking it's all the way rushing towards him. He doesn't know whether to turn left or to the right. doesn't know how he can save himself because he cannot see. And the one who turns

00:37:17 --> 00:37:56

away from the prayer Allah has promised promised him a difficult life and in the blindness video judgment. And this is a surah Tahoma says woman another victory for in the lahoma Chicken bunker one actually Rubio mafia mafia Hama and also ever turns away from my remembrance indeed for him was a difficult life and we will raise him a blind the Day of Judgment. My brothers and sisters in Islam the Prophet says sellers last and final and dying advice was the prayer the prayer. He said Asana, Asana, and these were the last advice the Prophet gave. But the most important advice was the last advice of the Prophet system. And then my friend, my brother is this man, the companions the Prophet

00:37:56 --> 00:38:39

says Allah was so aware that the prayer was so important that they all agreed that leaving the prayer would be disbelief until any drama has been quoted about the level of heat in an authentic narration property with the companions of the Prophet. Some all agree that anyone who leaves a solid and is displeased by brothers, sisters, Islam, the closest that a person can ever get to Allah isn't the prayer isn't the prayer. So let us ask Allah whatever we want in our Salah. For indeed we as as close as we can ever mainly be my brother's Islam, if a person does not pray, then is fasting and is a cat and his Hajj and his charity, and is looking after an orphan and he's been good to his family

00:38:39 --> 00:38:47

and has been good to his parents. All of these are not accepted by law. If a person does not pray, nothing is acceptable for most of

00:38:48 --> 00:39:26

my friends. Remember that the places our personal prospects on will never be touched by the fire. And the angles recognize a person on the Day of Judgment by the signs of his evolution. So ask yourself, are you preparing your body to be a body that is not going to be touched by the fire? Or are you going to be one of those people who the angels cannot distinguish for anyone else because you never prayed and so you never did evolution? by friends. If a person were to pray attentively, and after perfecting his will do that notice that Allah would forgive all his sins. But Allah How amazing is that? Who is there amongst us who doesn't mean this person and the prayer offers to us

00:39:26 --> 00:39:34

five times a day. My friends, the prayer is the most important factor for bringing under HIPAA law. Unless of Hannah Madonna says

00:39:35 --> 00:39:42

that the image can never fill up. If you are the akarma Sonata or Apple's Mr. Obi

00:39:43 --> 00:39:43

Wan curry.

00:39:46 --> 00:39:58

In this verse, Allah has promised help for those people who when Allah establishes them on the earth, they establish the prayer they give us a card and they have the command the good and the forbidden evil and for Indeed, Allah is

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