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Al-Ahzab 28-35 Translation 28-35


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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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below him in a shade while virgin Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim. Lesson number 220 surah. Two Zeb is number 28 to 35 translation. Yeah, are you here? Oh, and maybe you the profit goal say, Lee as where do you go to your wives in his container, you all were to the dinner, you will intend you all desire

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and hire the the life of dunya of the world was enough to her and its adornment. Further Elena, then you all come to Merthyr con, I will provide you or I will benefit you or what will serve the corner and I will release you all.

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Salahuddin a release jameelah gracious, beautiful, walk in and if container you all were to read dinner, you will desire Allah, Allah, what are soula who and His messenger with delta and the home? Alas hero of the hereafter for innner. Then Indeed, Allah, Allah, or he has prepared a little more sinner. For those women who do good men corner among you all Aijalon, a reward are Lima, great year or Nisa, women, and the big of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, man, whoever, yet she comes, men corner among you before he shuttin with indecency. mobian attain one that is clear, you are, it will be multiplied, let her for her other other boo, the punishment there Fany twice double what can

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and is ever there Lika that Allah upon Allah He Allah give sila very easy woman and whoever Jaco is devoutly obedient men come from among you all delay for Allah, wa su Lee and His Messenger what thermal and she does solly han righteous nuit de her, we shall give her a jello her her reward, Martini twice for Erica dinner and we have prepared her for her risk on a provision. Karima noble

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Yeah, oh, Nisa, women, wives and IBG of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam less than you all are not get ahead in like anyone main from a Nisa the women in it the kaituna you all fear fella so do not learn Ubisoft will code in the speech for your tomorrow. So he will hope a lady who fee in lb he his heart model don't they disease walkin and you all say oh learn a word mariahilfer one that is appropriate. Walk on and you all stay fi in boo Tikun your homes while and do not double Rajan you will display double Raja display lg helliya of the ignorance Ola the former working and he will establish a salata de Sala Tina, and you all give as the character does it will appear in it and you

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all obey Allah Allah will Sula who and His Messenger in number indeed not but you read he wants Allahu Allah Leo's Heba so he takes away unkown from you as religious in the field, a healer people elbaite of the house where you're the hero come and he purifies you. That's a hero. A complete purification

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was Grosvenor and you all remember, man, what Utila it is recited. See in blue Tichenor. your home's main front is vs. Allah of Allah while hikma and the wisdom in Allaha Indeed Allah Gannon he is ever luckily found. One who is subtle, one who is very kind hubiera one who

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is always all aware in Indeed, Allah Muslim in the Muslim men while Muslim and the Muslim women while me Nina, and the believing men, well movement and the believing women. Well Connie Tina and the obedient men world are knitted and the obedient women. Also the cleaner and the truthful men was the court and the truthful women was Sabina and the patient men was saw the rod and the patient women, while harsh shereena and the humble men while harsher and the humble women. Well, Mutasa Divina and the charitable men, the generous men, one would assert decart and the generous women will saw a meaner, and the men who fast will slowly emerge, and the women who fast

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while Harefield leaner, and the men who protect Farrugia home, their private parts, one half

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and the women who protect what they're Kadena and the men who remember Allah, Allah casilda much was there curate and the women who remember

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that he has prepared. Allahu Allah, La home for them. mouthfeel rotten forgiveness will add urine and a reward or Lima one great.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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