Ismail Kamdar – Summary of Juz 27 – Surah al-Waqiyah

Ismail Kamdar
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the characteristics of the book Surah Ar 85%, which describes the afterlife of the people of the the afterlife. The book describes various aspects of the culture, including surah rock man and whether or not the afterlife is a common theme. The speaker also discusses the definition of gender and how it should be used to be the best that one can be.
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I'm going to meet with someone who will sit down with Kareem while he was heavier trying to massage as we come towards the end of the rally, we had filled just three more nights 2728 and 29 remaining Jews of the Quran the 27/28 2019 did you observe these four sections of the Quran are made up primarily of surahs that discuss the afterlife, you will find the common theme running through the remainder of the recitation. Starting from last night's recitation actually also runs dealing with Jenna jahannam, or the Day of Judgment, the end of the world. These are the shooters focus on the afterlife. And tomorrow, I'll go into more detail as to why this was such a common theme in early

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market revelation, about three on to focus on two sutras from the 27th choose to sutra I think most of us are familiar with and most of us have some love for that we something that we recite often or we listen to often. And those are surah rock man and Sula. I'll walk you through a rough man

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place one after the other in the Quran, and they are in pain. You mentioned towards the beginning of Ramadan that throughout the Quran, you will find certain pairs of students like how you mentioned to other foreigners and Shura Toba are here to discuss Jihad sutra and walk you man have a very unique theme that unites these two students just not found anywhere else in the Quran. And that is the discussion of multiple levels of Chinese. And any other place in the Quran, where Allah subhana wa Taala speaks about Jenna is described in general is described as as if like one gender right, this is Jana, and this is what you're going to get. But in these two sutras in Surah Ar Rahman Allah

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subhanho wa Taala describes the gender of the people of taqwa. And then after that is what men do, and imagine that are lower than that other genders. And then he describes those genders as well.

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Here again, I'm not sure but Canada describes the sub before the first those who are closest to Allah, and he describes the agenda. And then he describes the people of the right hand, and then he describes the agenda as well. So what we have in these two sutras is a unique categorization of people that gender is not on one level, what we see in these two sutras is two broad levels of gender, the gender of the pious, and the gender of the average Muslim. But in reality, when you break it down, you look at the many Hadees on this topic, there are many, many levels of gender, all depending on the person's levels of piety, the Quran, summarizes it into two broad categories. And

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these breaks it down into many more categories. So what are these two broad categories? They are mentioned in the beginning of surah. Anwar, here, the unless you had mentioned two types of people who go to general, he mentioned, I will call Lagoon, those who approach

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meaning the pious The only. And then you mentioned, leave us How do you mean, those who received the book of deeds in your right hand, mean those who just passed the test of life. So this is all of the Muslims, all of the believers, all of those who managed to get into China, and what's unique in this Surah Surah awatea, something that you won't find anywhere else in the Quran is that Allah Subhana, Allah gives a different description to both when talking about the pious, unless you have a handle that describes it as similar to meet all over the world, Kali luminal offering that from the past, there will be many of the pious, but towards the end of time, they will be very few. As we were

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talking about the people agenda, the average person who gets into gender a lot. Sooner terminal overeem will show a terminal after him, it will be many of the people of the past, and many of the people of the future. So why is it this distinction? This distinction is because in the past, in general, if someone became a believer, the majority of them would become righteous, as we see with the followers of a Saudi Salaam, and and the Sahaba. And the web is that the majority the righteous, and so it was similar to winner a winner over the that many of the early ones were righteous. But towards the end of time, this actually the prediction, a prediction? Yeah, that was the end of time,

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there will be many believers, but very few righteous, towards the end of time, they'll be many people who get into agenda, but very few who reach the highest levels of Canada. So this is actually simple prediction that Muslims will grow in number, but may not grow in terms of the piety. And you know, nowadays, 100 of Muslims are more in this world than they've ever been before. But hamdulillah we are closing in on a quarter of the world's population be Muslim, right, this is the most at every meal, but the amount of righteous amount of pious people, the amount of people you can look up to and say these are the only idea that the economy these are the ones who we take in our role models,

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they are very few. Now these two descriptions of gender should actually give us hope. They should give us hope.

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should give us a goal, unless you have devices that many of the people of the future will get into agenda that should give us hope that inshallah we'll be part of them then. I mean, unless it's few of the people of the future will reach the highest level of the agenda, that should give us a goal that should give us motivation, that should give us aspiration that we want to be from amongst that field. So when we send when we make mistakes, when we slip up, we remind ourselves inshallah we still part of the menu, we'll get into agenda for the Muslims, but we're going to try again. And when we try again, and we try to be righteous, our goal should be to be part of those few who get to

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the higher levels of Canada. So this is some of the beautiful descriptions found in the 27 years about gender. And you'll find more description in the training Adrian, especially the 29 Jews with Surah dahar has a very, very beautiful description of gender. I highly recommend everyone later on to go home, open up a translation, read the translation of surah my neither translation Surah wachee up read the translation to read the description of gender issue and let it motivate you to do to be the best that you can be superhydrophobic is

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what Salah moosonee will have to do.

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