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Gems of Quranic Wisdom: Light Upon Light – Shaikh Abdullah Hakim Quick, July 2, 2015, Islamic Institute of Toronto. Highlights and lessons from Surah An-Nur.


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The importance of understanding the language and social dynamics in Islam is highlighted, along with the Battle of the stomach and the difficulty of finding women in the caravan. A disturbing and depressing story involving a woman experiencing sexual abuse is also discussed, with punishment and punishment of her mother. The importance of empowerment is emphasized, and everyone should be empowered with their own values.

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Peace and blessings, because in the shower,

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his family and his companions.

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And beloved brothers and sisters are scrambling, to

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hunker down. As we move in another day about moving toward the middle of the month. Last apartment, Allah has blessed us again, to be able to listen to the words of Allah azza wa jal.

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And the great scholars have shown us that in order to really understand the content,

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we need to have three levels of movement. The first is deceit.

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And then

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what's the dumper iottie. And finally,

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so the first is to seek novelty. And that is the beautification of the recitation.

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The second level of really understanding the chromatic stuff really benefiting from his work.

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And that is to reflect upon, gets versus. And finally, it's about our ability when we implement, or we follow its commands. And so in order to fully benefit from the COVID, we have to have some sort of a background as to whether it was revealed because the verses in the paragraph are actually in for the most part, revealed

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in specific situations. And this is this understanding a spa but the zoo,

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is what helped Obama developed grade books of Tafseer.

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To understand what the language meant, and then the conditions at the time of divination. Tonight, we are looking at swords and more

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from verse 19, and zero to four the power and sort of show off show.

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And these are three important jobs of the three sorts and nor, of course, is considered to be one of the primary challenges in the book of philosophy,

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a very crucial chapter in which many important aspects of Islam are revealed. And this chapter is betania, which means it was revealed in Medina.

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And it is in Medina that the aka that the rules of Islamic lifestyle, were actually coalified. During that period of time, this particular chapter

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gives us

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a beautiful look at what they would call today, social empowerment. And we're looking for empowerment in the different chapters of the Quran. This is one of the themes that goes throughout the book of Allah because Allah subhanaw taala is empowering a small group of people, that they would be the vanguard to impact upon their nation, and the world, and people to the Day of Resurrection. And so it's sort of nor

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it is a type of social empowerment, but this empowerment is done through morality.

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So this chapter breaks a lot in the relationship of male and female, in developing families, in maintaining Islamic purity, and also developing the limits that establish our relationships, our families, our communities, and ultimately, our relationship with Allah subhanaw taala. And so, in the heart of this chapter, and the verses are part of the verses that we will be reading today, verses 11, to around 26.

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And these particular verses were revealed in a very crucial time period. And that was a great puzzle.

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A great battle that happened, a confrontation with a group called the Battle of the stomach, and the venerable startup had threatened the Muslims. The prophet SAW Selim took his companions out in order to stop this threat, and to help the young community develop in its early stages.

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This is like five years after the hinge

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was completed. And by the mercy of a lot.

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The confrontation was not a major one. And Benjamin Stoller putting out a lot of negative propaganda against Islam, they took to the heels and they ran on what is so important about this confrontation is not what happened between the Muslims and non Muslims. But what happened as a result of being in that place.

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The prophet SAW someone who was in the habit of taking one of his wives with him on many of his journeys. And in this case, I issue the law one how I was chosen to come on the journey.

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And after the confrontation was over, and the caravan left, there were special people who are assigned to the Capitol, and the compartment, this hole that the compartment where he would stay on the top of the cabinet. And she was a woman, a very light body. And it was sometimes difficult to even know whether she was inside of this compartment count. And so as other willed just before they were about to leave, she looked and realized that her necklace, which was made for beads of suffering, this is a special beach necklace, it was lost. So she left out of the camp, the camp, and she went a little bit away into the desert area, where she thought she may have left these necklace,

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this necklace, and she was looking at

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when she returned to the caravan, it was gone. Now imagine this situation, the wife of the prophet SAW the mother of the believers is alone in the desert. She wrapped herself up in her apartment. And she waited, believing strongly that a loss of pinata would protect her and would set somebody would help her back to safe. Lo and behold, one of the believing scouts have one even more after

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he was sweeping the area. And he saw from a distance he saw he was alone. And he had known her even before the first of the job were revealed. And so he knew that that was an issue. And as he came closer, he said Mother of the believers, and she said yes. And so having the enterpreneurs he then set his capital down,

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she got into them on the camera. And they made their way back to Medina hoping that they will reach the caravan before they reach too deep. But they never did. And so

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the scenario is set for the revealing of these verses in sort of

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soft one is coming into the city, pulling the camel is rescued the mother of the believers, but she's there and the two of them are low.

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And this is where the weakness of human beings comes in. And those with disease of their heart, or weakness in their personalities, looked up along with the hypocrites. And they said this post suffered a lot and an issue. So immediately the evil came in their mind. And they started to spread rumors. I was very sick back to this journey. And she went into her her house and stayed almost 20 days in the state of Illinois. But the word was now spreading around at this even affected the province or seldom, he was not sure. And there were certain people

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who found the weakness of their hearts. were leading the scandal against Alicia Roddy along with

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the scandal rolls in its strength. And finally the profits also came to her and said if you have done something wrong, just admitted, alone will receive your repentance. She was and that really made him because he felt how could you even

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or considered that this would happen.

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And so her father of a walker or their loved one and believe is in her inner family protective. But she began to cry.

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And her mother was crying and they continue to cry for a period of time. The scandal continued around until finally Allah subhanaw taala revealed these verses. They go from about the first 11 to 26 we're on 19th so we're going to begin right in the middle of these verses. It begins in the lovely the tower with us baton minko that those who have come

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With the scandal, our group from

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then on law said, I'll read the part of the translation because of time, verily,

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do not take it is evil name, it is good for you. Every one of them has earned a sin.

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And so Allah subhanaw taala revealed this first the prophet SAW seldom when revelation was coming to him, and he would start to sweat heavy, they would sit him down in a chair, sit him down, and they wrapped him up, and beads of sweat pouring off his head, and the revelation that came to him. And then he came out of this state that he would go into when the revelation would come and wiped off the sweat. And he called Alicia and he said, bushwa, he said good news, because of loss upon what Allah has revealed your innocence, that you are innocent. And with the same verse, it confirmed that those who have the disease in their heart that they will have a punishment in this life in the

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And so when certain Nord is confirmed, that people who scandalize Muslim women, and who do not bring for witnesses are witnesses to that, that they should receive a punishment of them and in agenda at lashes. And so, three individuals in particular, who stood up in the scandal for one day Mr. And then has said even debit, and Honda with Josh was the sister of the wife of the proposers. These people were heavily involved in the scandal. And so they received a punishments that are you sure what the last one Huh, she was relieved at this point what this did, it set a precedent in Islamic law, and also in relationship again, to protect the believing women from any negativity that might

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fall in verse 35. of sorts of law, as you will hear, this is the beautiful theme verse a lot, notice somehow it will add a lot just in light of the heavens and the earth. And you will see the beautiful light that is in a lamp, the lamp in the glass, this is in a niche, and this is it gives a distant like this niche with a lab and the light, you know, which is lit with, say to a type of olive oil, it is not easy, it is not West, it is really the light of the last monitor. And so this brings up in a beautiful metaphoric way, the light of

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the light of guidance that comes into the hearts of the believers. And it also brings out the beautiful light of Allah subhanaw taala, which is not fluorescent or electricity. This is the light of the Creator of the heavens of the earth. It is the very light of faith and the light of knowledge and the light of guidance, and the light of the essence of life itself. So these this particular verse, is one that the scholars have pondered over for centuries, trying to understand more and more light upon light, that a person can have light inside of their being a good person. And when faith comes, it is light upon light.

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A person can be a believer when knowledge comes, gets light upon light, a family a society can gain this beautiful light, or loss of power to Allah. And this is a certain goal, the first of the light, which empowers the Muslims, with morality, with strong families, and circles. Lacan continues in its discussion of empowerment. This is the chapter of evaton roadmap. And here we see we are empowered with character with menace and the battle roadmap. This shows us some very crucial qualities. In conclusion, we want to look at some of the qualities of the better and better. Other thing that you have shown a lot of the harnam very famous versus humility.

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They give silabs to peace, even ignorant people. They're steady in prayer is steady in this spending in the path of Allah. Things will not commit shirk. polytheism they do not commit murder. They do not commit adultery and fornication they protect themselves. And if they make a mistake, then they turn into a law in total in repentance. This is the beautiful rebel of men. It's an empowerment for us and empowerment to character to Americans. And we need today to be empowered with this. It is one of the greatest shields that we have against

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The evil that is surrounding us. It is the beautiful character of Islam and the light of the last part of our Northern

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Light apartment. I leave you with these thoughts and I asked Allah azzawajal take mercy on me any more so that they can be brought to light